The fear of public speaking - Presentation

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    The fear of public speaking is something that runs deeply through all of us. Making a presentation at work is not easy.
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    1. Animal Cartoon Channel

      Im glad they took the other Adam for the public presentation. The first Adam just shit himself.

    2. M.D. Customs

      How did you guys not piss your pants laughing?

    3. Tristram Allen

      That was intensely funny 😆

    4. Monty Mont

      No lie I was expecting Rowan to be saying in "Presentation" on loop next to Adam for real.

    5. Exemplar Gaming

      i relate so much to this im TERRIFIED of public speaking lol

    6. Michael McKeay

      Anxiety really be hitting like that... I feel this in my soul

    7. Joshua Dixon

      This gave me anxiety.

    8. Adam

      I can relate


      Great way to start the new year! This is still my favorite channel

    10. DR.NEGA

      same tick and toc song from Interstellar...No time For Caution gets fast during ending...but its necessary

    11. DR.NEGA

      besides ...i always lied to my manager every other day...i always use assistant manager as escape goat in case my answer is wrong...well she told me

    12. DR.NEGA

      could follow what others plan to say...i got nothing

    13. iGentle Boy

      This gave me anxiety...

    14. Paulius Baliavicius

      Nice HD

    15. Seanzoz VR

      Mornin’ Nice day for shittin ain’t it, HuHa

    16. Jestre, Lord of Fools

      Everyone else: This is totally relatable Me: I should probably question why they need bomb disposal. Must be for the Macs

    17. Sreenandan RJ#007

      Omg Adam is so much of a good actor

    18. balamuralikrishnan m

      Can we have a hour long video of Adam writhing bon the floor. For training and quality purposes.

    19. Kenneth Verhoeven

      those sound effects XD XD XD

    20. UnstoppaPaul

      Adam's mind-team are assholes.

    21. SCARFACE

      Thats sooo mee

    22. Shadow Creature

      I hate public speaking sm

    23. Savas Kara

      LOL, you guys are awesome. Hahahaha...


      wat about 0:59 did anyone got goosebumps...or laughter?

    25. Chris P

      3 people is public speaking?

    26. Travis Webb

      Oh snap that was funny.

    27. Loom Born

      Sorry, wait, are there retail jobs in which people are forced to make presentations? That’s horrific. That would be a deal breaker for me.

    28. RVecscus

      Give that man's ass an Oscar !

    29. hkyplyr621

      That is the most disgusting sounding poop I've ever heard

    30. A N

      I identify with this too much😆

    31. BerryMaid

      Honestly, I couldn’t get through this one. It was too graphic. Too intense. I actually stopped watching and had to skip to the end to make sure it was just in his head. Adam if that’s what your imagination is like, I’m soooo sad for you. Please, no more like this guys. 😭

    32. joshuasy10

      Those sounds will haunt me

    33. M

      very childish. unfortunately still made me laugh. honestly thought they were going to turn another direction and let Adam die on the ground...

    34. Cragmortis

      EOD? Edge of Darkness..? MORE TARKOV SKITS!?


      he had a case of the poos and we all know you can't do poos at work 😉

    36. Abdullah Taha Özçilingir

      bu videoyu tuvalette izlemek ayrı bir komikti , l watch this video in toilet and do more funny

    37. E4 G

      Whos the editor? I only want to say "its so very very good edit. So appreciated. Amen!!! ".

    38. Jerry Padilla

      3 people.....cute. Once had to do a presentation in front of 100 people, including the vice-president of the corporation, and top department heads!! So, this would be a sunny walk in the park, with puppies and kittens, by comparison.

    39. Crensh

      to much

    40. Assassin05

      I felt that.

    41. Nikola Petrović

      I totally understand him, i have social anxiety and severe stuttering problem.

    42. Michael59197

      I honestly thought an alien would burst out of Adam.

    43. squeaiker

      Every introvert's or shy persons worst nightmare summed up in one video. What to take away when done laughing, is that just like in the video, it's usually much less dramatic or negative than what the mind can conjure up. Usually it's one of those regards in life where people tend to be nicer than you expect instead of the opposite (probably because almost no one including extroverts, are completely comfortable holding presentations and therefor everyone can sympathize with someone shaking like a leaf).

    44. Nikolay Savov

      The crushing moment when you realize you’ve watched all of the Bored series videos ;( Love these guys, they need to make more videos!

    45. CptObvious

      I'll admit they had me in the fist half

    46. hydrogen336

      I imagined the shot slowly widen and Rowan going "Presentation, presentation, presentation...." right next to Adam`s face

    47. im SANAholic

      i thought it was real. i want to give adam a warm hug

    48. Marius Merchiers

      Poor Adam 😓

    49. mark loren cate

      Oh my God. Im currently eating my meal. Bhahahaha

    50. Emrys0211 Gamers

      Aw man reminds me of the time when I was in high school doing presentations for my class. It was a nightmare. I even had a dream about me doing presentations with no pants on. It was a horror.

    51. Offtothenorthforwarmth

      Finally, well, that was the most boring 3 monthes of my life withouth VLDL

    52. droid34

      Fear of public speaking is the #1 fear of people worldwide, #2 is death. That means that people would rather be the corpse at a funeral than deliver the eulogy. Now those are old facts and I certainly didn't come up with it myself, so don't @ me.

    53. Paul Renfer

      Adam should of just done the head shoulders knees and toes song and dance.

    54. eriveragt r

      Laughed so hard, I cried 😂😂😂

    55. BayLord Yama

      Yea happens everytime

    56. Justin Orton

      Live action South Park, hilarious :-)

    57. John Bäckstrand

      Actually, i believe 3 people is not enough to trigger this fear, normally.... ?

    58. Numba_2

      Ahh...poop humor. Always funny

    59. Mr.


    60. sweepy sniper squirrel

      Admaston great acting

    61. Сергей Дворжецкий

      Adam is so me in my younger days...Then I became numb to this fear.

    62. I Will Never Grow Up Games

      I feel this way too hard ..

    63. Amrendra Srivastava

      Just keep wierd things aside but after having this much blassoff won't your tummy feel so relieved? it's a feeling like the world has suddenly become much beutiful?

    64. JessiHarm

      Poor Adam... he always gets the shitty roles... lol....

    65. Alexander Carter

      Man Adam has some really bad workplace ptsd. You know a fun video would be seeing everything from his eyes, then what’s really going on

    66. Seet GZ

      damn, this is so relatable...

    67. Paoztv

      I liked the part when they say "MATE"

    68. salah salah


    69. ST productions


    70. Nicholas Karalus

      Love you Adam

    71. Geckuno

      Damn the whole team's acting is great.

    72. Phil Johnson

      Adams greatest skill is that he always looks sweaty and nervous. It has done him well.

    73. 1

      10000000% accurate. Like every single fuckin time i had to present a stupid "project" in school. Like even when i did know my shit i still couldnt do it. On front 1 person, no problem. But on front of a classroom of about 30 ppl...yeah, no lol.

    74. El Reino ArKadico

      Tf did I just watch

    75. Tiaan Venter

      I have a real stutter and have to say Adams fake stutter is probably better then my real one😂😂😂

    76. Jenny Sangster

      Thank god you're back 😭. That was a rough couple of weeks.

    77. Darth Zayexeet

      „No, the other Adam“ He should have just taken his glasses off...

      1. Svetozar Marjanovic

        If your vision is bad enough, it can really help you get less anxious. So you stare into the void rather than at people.

      2. David Fellner

        It worked once. It mighta worked again.

    78. bloodfuneral

      Talk about toilet humour...:)

    79. tombocai

      I wasn't ready to see epic npc man not being happy and jolly.

    80. Antediluvian Atheist

      Wow. I so don't feel this. I just don't care.

      1. pyxice

        Why not?

    81. Harris Y Fernandez

      The actual science is we can't pee or poo in times of these stress situations.

    82. Lance Tonkin

      Man I really missed your Playtech office videos😂, thanks for making my day 😎

    83. Amal George

      I have to be honest here. That sh*t scene was so realistic both from audio and video perspective

    84. Senku Ishigami

      Adam at 2021: * thinking about how to get through the presentation. Me at 2021: * wondering if Hamish already received his gaming PC

    85. Abdan Syakuro

      The Truth has Spoken !!

    86. Sod White

      Has anyone broken the news to Rowan how tragically he resembles Chris Roberts?

    87. Arka Azizul

      MATE 💥💥

    88. Altair

      Daam. I feel so attacked. This is too accurate. And now Im getting vietnam flashbacks now..... Fuck me

    89. Lele Coliandro

      Oh I have missed VLDL videos!

    90. mostafa mostafa

      i thought an alien coming out from his butt

    91. andimax1030


    92. Swarovski River

      I didn't think it was just going to be a daydream! I would have peed instead of pooped...

    93. kaehns

      *visceral poo noises* That had me cracking up! By the way, being an introvert as well, my public speaking opportunities as a child were pretty close to this. Now, having forced myself into public speaking opportunities, things are way better. Facing your fears makes you stronger.

    94. Raven Dawn

      I'd call that a happy ending

    95. Will Kepler ケプラー・ウィル

      This hits way too close to home. This is what it feels like to have social anxiety.

    96. Louis Alant

      Amazing camara work btw

    97. gonor silvershot

      We need more Playtech videos!

    98. CrowDog Studio

      Good to have ya’s back. I was getting bored.

    99. TheMellowMinded

      Under rated.

    100. Marc Adams

      Hilarious! 😂