Tarkov Logic Supercut

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    All the Tarkov you can handle
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    1. CptObvious

      But what if you die, are you dead already in the next game?

    2. Calvin M.

      I must say, his Russian was very very accurate)))

    3. Kevin Thibodeau

      Explains why I’ve never understood the game

    4. Z4gam3R

      This will be the Honest review for Escape from Tarkov 😂 I loved it ❤

    5. Sinathalas

      Ben shot first

    6. Играю По Кайфу

      Кто куплинова позвал? 13:54

    7. Johnny Schroeder

      Anyone know where to buy those sweatshirts?

    8. Ta Tha

      0:11 xx

    9. Trư Thuy

      1:40 dog: help my please

    10. Anton Lavrentiev

      I think the trader (Fence) is the best character

    11. Metter

      cool game

    12. xxBad_Acidxx 007

      Has everyone forgot that America’s Army was the first to not have tags to tell who was your teammates? You had a position report button and the camouflage was different, those were your only ways to identify. Also there was no map.

    13. Dann Bosh

      Great video. Hope, this is not the least for this game)

    14. Dan

      2 mins in and I'm in stiches!!!!

    15. paromzergut2011

      Чтобы это был абсолютный "punched in the dick", весь интерфейс должен быть на китайском (для китайцев - на суахили), ну и никаких воскрешений - только покупка нового аккаунта, только хардкор!!! P.S. Давно забросил этот унылый симулятор СНГ бомжа

    16. LosLangkos

      I played it for 1 late wipe and now first 3 weeks of a new wipe. The video nails it. This is no game and no fun, its work and pain. On top of the videos content you have to take into account that there are enemies who are 1. Far more experienced 2. because of 1. they are far better equipped than you 3. you have to play around 2 months like this until it gets ANY better. And ofc as in every online game, there are hackers and 1 is enough to ruin your complete investment for a raid, equipment and time. This game is for pure masochists. I am disappointed, this was such a waste of time and money.

    17. GunfighterAlpha

      I've been playing EFT since day 1 post NDA and this is hands down the best, most accurate parody I've ever seen. Bravo gents.

    18. Bo Nho

      Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment


      After spending over 100 hours in this shitshow, I am confident EFT is worse than, well, there really isn't an FPS remotely as bad as EFT. The devs and the community are extremely toxic. I honestly smile when I see they have a dead game no one plays anymore becasue of how shit their broken tech demo really is.

    20. Figit

      16:55 That is real gold right there

    21. J. Rec

      i feel like i relate to Ben the best. If the shits too difficult to figure out or stupid, fck it, i'm out. hahahaha

    22. 에러리언.

      Important thing: UMP is on Tarkov in End of 2020 And in even in 2021 there is no SCAR in this game. You know what? Never mind. You can't use this guns.Cuz you have no money to buy this.

    23. Kevin Peeples

      Just seems like a sniper fest tbh

    24. NoVaGaming


    25. Ergün Namaz


    26. Leonidas Daemon

      I'm so jealous of you guys..and I'm wiggling...

    27. Aaron Whipple

      Ya I aint gonna play this.

    28. solid snake

      The dev meetings episode is so true ben is the person high in the office who knows how people want to play the game and the other 3 are just wanting money and releasing a few updates horrible ones if that

    29. le PRAiZE

      mans really got a hospital bed and all for the making of this video XD

    30. Павел Овсянников


    31. donald12998

      Is ... is jump check not common knowledge?

    32. ashton Wills

      I thoght the black out effect on items were cool

    33. Clark Lewis

      I gave this about 3 minutes and then it was never opened again.. Pure crap!

    34. Jirik Smutny Junior

      someone send this to nikita XD

    35. Nick Tolbert

      I like how there wearing rolley pulleys

    36. Obsidianflame

      Ben survived the last round with 1HP.

    37. Jonathan Campbell

      I gotta say, Ben's "OUTRAGEEEEOOOOUS" is pretty cool 👌 He sounds like he could pull off a good illidan stormrage impression :P

    38. Jackson Martin-Lyon

      The last one was the best imo

    39. Twink MCgink


    40. Lappalainen

      bet these all are based on real events

    41. Gaa Ddd

      Tarkovs fun

    42. Entity

      The "punched in the dick" skit is iconic

    43. Iam Nobody

      To be fair, Tarkov DOES have in game menu options to filter for certain items, including what items are compatible with others AND if you have those items in your stash... Very very helpful! Look up a HUgets vid about it. Dunno if this is a newerish feature from a past update but it seems a lot of ppl don’t know about it

    44. Bruh Burrito

      That Fence scene is top quality right there

    45. Apple


    46. João Praun

      Look tarkov hits you in the dick but when you get that kill you fill like a god

    47. Your Mindless Monster

      Never even heard of tarkov but this is great. New sub here

    48. Alex :v

      3:30 it's so funny I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂

    49. jacksuntrie

      Loot shit thats what your suppose to do

    50. Maraks _15

      As the Tarkov EOD owner, i can say that this is completly true.

    51. adam barsanti

      I love that Rowan is a dick throughout all the videos

    52. Spartamerican

      Dudes, this shit is golden. I laughed so hard at some of this, well done people, well done indeed.

    53. Obito UCHIHA

      Блять, надеюсь в ыпоймëте что я написал

    54. Robert Harris

      13:59 call of duty... fun. Now thats a good joke.

    55. dkw_ squish

      omg they live in the future bc the said they have a ump and i got addded in 12.9

    56. Mirana142

      on the first game why not have the other players do something to know its them. like jump twice crouch 3 times and jump 2 times

    57. Vialgabravo

      11:38 SEA OF THIEVES

    58. Ethan Stark

      Loved that Fence trading scene.

    59. CarrionSmile

      Nikita please!

    60. Johannes Koponen

      What if the trader is just blind?

    61. Jacob Fischer

      This ain't no game.....

    62. archerer98

      Mornin! Nice day for fishing aint it? Huha! I dunno.

    63. Buuam

      "I'm fitter then this in real life" That's honestly god damn hilarious Edit: god damn the ending 😂🤣😂👍

    64. Abdul wahab

      plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make video on cs go

    65. Krypton Kr

      Why does he look so like Eminem (I have just been recommended these vids/channel)?

    66. Rasa Sinkeviciute

      Russia rowan

    67. Testikills

      Oh man so bag on, well done boys!

    68. Thomas Perkins

      The Fence one was spot on LOL

    69. Rick Astley

      That actually sounds like an amazing game, really realistic, tbh, im not lieing, i would wanna play that game

    70. FelixKSS

      But a UMP isn't a assault rifle!

    71. Rusty musty

      2:31 I died 😂

    72. Mike Madden

      Funny shit

    73. Keyondre Athaullah

      First logic: no names Me: you should tell what your name

    74. Vaughn Zimmerman

      These guys need to do a dayz video

    75. Bernardo Dias

      Rowan screaming in Russian its the best moment xD

    76. T W


    77. xXPORTALXx

      "Non-consensual second language" lmfao

    78. Potassium K

      Did you guys realize that the trader looks like fence

    79. Satyris

      5:10 adam's ragdoll was accurate lol and cool

    80. Mr Pig

      16:32 funny,word

    81. flower the flowey


    82. Hardcore Stalker

      это лучшее видео что я видел ))))

    83. BLuJiNX

      hahaah the LOTR omg i love these guys!! been here for years

    84. SAINT 2#4600

      Tarkov is actually really fun

    85. Norbert Őszi

      AR section?He asked for an assault rifle and at 19:02 He got an SMG.

    86. Katuli LOL


    87. GhostShadowGaming

      Do sea of thieves!

    88. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng‌

    89. Nebosvod gonzalez

      There's drugs in the shampoo bottle.

    90. sleepy snoring puppy

      Lessons this has taught me about Tarkov. No one can tell who is who, merchants do opioids, no one knows what the games about and what is going on, designed to confuse all new players, may or may not feel like being shot only more confusing.

    91. sleepy snoring puppy

      Do you ever watch these videos and just think "damn having friends looks great".

    92. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      Fun fact tarkov roughly translates to the demon

    93. Kronos Krypton

      I don't play Tarkov but I really feel sad for Bean😂

    94. Xeno Saiyan

      Rowen suddenly speaking Russian had me dieing on the floor 😂

    95. MoonchildLive

      I will forever describe a loot-laden body in the road as the Ring of Sauron's seductive whispers, from now on.

    96. E P

      Ingenious! With Love from Ukraine!

    97. Alice Liddell

      Rowan really strange guy...

    98. Andrius Tevelionis

      When will be more of tarkov, it's awesome.

    99. Ray Anthony

      The Russian part is my favorite... lmfao 😂😂😂😂

    100. T C

      Worse part about this is that it doesn't even represent the game, anyone watching this that doesn't know what Tarkov is, please know this is just an ignorant take on a super in depth game (with 3 published storyline books)