That friend who gets all the women - You're a Boy

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    David has a magical power over women, and Ellie has been caught in the headlights.
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    1. Viva La Dirt League

      Want to see all the bloopers from this where Adam and Alan couldn’t keep a straight face?

      1. VaginaBooB 420

        @Navaneethan Naikar agree. And a ping pc? Man only in my dreams. I only got a lame pc

      2. VaginaBooB 420

        @Jay Patel STFU. This is hilarious!

      3. Skull Bardics

        We’ve been tricked we’ve been backstabbed and we have been quite possibly bamboozled

      4. Navaneethan Naikar

        Viva La Dirt League do u guys giveaway free gamming laptops for pubg?? I would really appreciate it 👍😉by the u guys are very professional on ur contents why dont u guys make a short flim!!

      5. 898spike

        What is the cartoon get taken down it was really funny

    2. Shelby Thebes

      But what about lesbians

    3. KelvinOfTheShen

      1:45 The way Adam looked when he heard "penis" is priceless

    4. mahothir rahman riddho

      Ellie: "you're a boy" Rowan: "Uh oh uh oh, unbelievable, Ellie, don't steal my dialogue. " David: "How you going?" Meanwhile Joey: *laughs*

    5. Josh Wood

      The whispered “this is you” slayed me

    6. David Stockdale

      How many take did this require holy shit

    7. Kaktus Kaktusiak


    8. Nomad

      Player player 😎

    9. Gilbert Quero

      O sh#t

    10. Rose C

      I think it would've been funnier if she wouldn't of kept say "you're a boy" and "boy" over and over again. Maybe if he would've acted more like an over the top Persian King Xerxes from 300 where he turns from a nerdy guy into this super hypnotic charmer dude and everytime the camera was on her, she'd go from office clothes to night-time make-up, then she's in a sequined party dress, etc. etc. like she's being seduced.

    11. subscribe this channel as a joke

      Omg he’s a *BOY*

    12. Zemo Shade

      So what exactly happened to the thing between Adam and Ellie's characters?

    13. christian elgin

      Do we have any extra bloopers for this clip? Hahah super funny

    14. Zakaria BOUDERRA

      I'm a boy too.

    15. Jason Lowe

      OH... MY... EFFING... GOD. Too hilarious. How'd i miss this last month?

    16. EBFilmsMan

      I am a David, and I approve this message.

    17. H M S A _JD

      Whats the Track ID in the backround ??? 🤤

    18. charli Reyno

      But his fattt and weird faceeee

    19. Bobby Shek

      What happened to Ellie’s under chin?

    20. bandira1000

      2:33 that’s geh

    21. The plague Dr

      Ellie : you're boy Kratos : a BOY! Where?

    22. Muhammed Zafarullah

      0:44 🤣🤣

    23. Nocturnal Rites

      Well, fwiw, I fail to see his attraction. Like, utterly. No offense to the actor. :)

    24. Kuro Ken

      Just wondering how many cuts they took to finish the whole video.

    25. mirrorsedgy


    26. Rus Lan

      This was hard to watch 😁

    27. LowerSpider4725 PR

      Well his initial attraction stat was 1, but after a girl rejected him it was deducted 2 points. Since negatives clearly don't exist in the real world, his attraction was set to 250, so now he's just become a sex machine. That woman has no idea what she's let loose.

    28. Hobo Bobo

      Do not force his hand!

    29. Rohan Chaudhary

      He is Ben....not david/...

    30. Khallek


    31. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    32. Aiel

      Well, that was disturbing yet hilarious at the same time.

    33. ian atun

      oh my lord great stuff xD

    34. Swizii

      Love your videos however this one was just stupid

    35. Maxime Houle

      I died at 1:23

    36. Captain Rodgers

      Are the bloopers worth it ?

    37. Alberto Do

      I feel my life is safe NO MORE!! you hurt my eyes. Please let it be the last time. I will find my way to rewind to unseen this terrible internet sin. No, no, stay away!!!!

    38. Thang Choollast

      daddy's got some lemons for you baby. what meaning, I don't understand what it means, please explain it to me

    39. Jarskagamer 5428

      He is not hot

    40. csn69 Gaming

      All we needed was Ben and Rowan in the video to complete the real PUBG team

    41. mz crazy

      It's somehow so uncomfortable yet so funny.

    42. Chris Klugh

      Girls don't do this. They have many to choice from.

    43. Rocky Balboa

      I tought she was gonna say "I dont like boys" :DDD

      1. Kristopher Prime

        at least SOMETHING twisty like that (simutaneously breaking adam's heart) or snapping and giving him some kind of karma-driven punishment for his actions would have made this skit even remotely funny.

    44. Deni Pallas

      I’ve never wanted to buy a shirt with lemons on it before I heard that line 😂

    45. Kelly is fine AF

      I am Alan in this situation every fucking day.

    46. joetabasco

      One of my fav lol

    47. YourOldPal Jake

      Kratos: BOYYY!

    48. Матвей Мисюра

      Revenge of the sith

    49. ShuanTheCritic

      That was her best video

    50. Mustafa Akbari

    51. ALMA GORO

      Dork souls logic : When you have maximum Sex appeal.

    52. GameRobo

      You're a Boy!

    53. Metal tak

      But, if he's a boy, then what are Adam and Alan according to her?

    54. Gideon ProkillerGG

      the new god of war 5 game is looking good

    55. julian5956


    56. Psycho Werekitsune

      This feels like an alternate take on the "Turn Down For What" music video.

    57. Ar Mørck

      I too am suffering from success.

    58. Filip Barac

      Make a model Rowan vs dolled up Ellie or Britt video. They could be posing to each other and do a classy sensual take on you're a boy/girl.

    59. Kiha Akui

      I really hope you guys realize you ALWAYS use your darkest, most Polynesian friend for the skeviest roles and what that might look like...

    60. Rafasky83

      This is the "ugly bastard" logic irl

    61. SAIGA

      Rtx was on so it doesn't count

    62. Sir taco the first

      What the fu-

    63. Tao_Fiex zuffers


    64. Benjamin Dare

      Hands down guys this is one for the ages. In a millennium they'll still be laughing about this.

    65. A2d333

      *womens can't resist me as well... in the back of my car*

    66. Toni Serra

      I love this is a reference to bored episode 44, gosh, so meta.... so meta...

    67. Evan Daar

      1:46 that moment when the class clown and the teacher talk to eachother

    68. Sun Sakelly

      This make me sick LoL

    69. Math Magician

      Like that old episode where she gets hired and Rowan just keeps repeating "You're a girl" XD

    70. ẓαɢяєԀ •

      Wth did i just witnessed

    71. Agnostos Theos

      Demmet Ben...

    72. VincentA10

      I never laught so much to the Bloopers at the end XD

    73. Orathai Winton


    74. johandre Swanepoel

      Kratos : BOI Ellie : BOY Kratos : BOIII Ellie : BOYYYY

    75. some guy

      If only it was that easy in real life.

    76. TubeNut Nuttington

      Don't do that again, ever.

    77. Orion the Defender

      I threw up...a lot. Like verywhere. This is also why aliens won't speak to us.

    78. BERASTIS

      Wtf lol

    79. Arneil Ona

      I laughed so hard, you guys are my favorite HUgets channel now! Love the throwback to the interview vid

    80. Stefan Walicord


    81. Jordan Abendroth

      You're a girl...

    82. Stefanos Christodoulou

      Wtf am i watching?!

    83. Ricky Ticky

      Lol wtf!

    84. Chris Bridges

      My god his back neck hump is so severe.

    85. cody tallboy

      LMFAO!! 😂😂😂😂

    86. PALAÐIN

      Might be the first video of yours I didn’t like lol maybe that’s what you were going for

    87. Brendan Rickey

      I currently have no more brain cells.

    88. Vixey Teh

      1:02 Alan holding his hand over hos mouth to not laugh. Hahaha.

    89. Xay Xay

      Oh boy... what the hell I just saw!! 😂

    90. Ashura-Kyata

      That's totally me for sure :,D xDDDD

    91. Roland G

      I usually like the videos haha and guess that made me kind of appreciate this one but it is disturbing and awkward. I think the idea was good but I didn't catch most of the jokes? Like there are many ways of showing an unexplainable way of attracting females by a man who's out of the stereotype... Whatever.

    92. elgatomiau 04

      My mom came into my room so I switched to porn. It's easier to explain

    93. Limbu Sanam

      After Rowan, I really hate this guy.

    94. JayEm187

      This is you.

    95. Simon S

      My first dislike, that was genuinely disturbing.

    96. Ean Smith

      I showed this clip to my wife a week ago, I haven’t seen her since, she’s left a note on the fridge saying she’s left for David. Please take this down to avoid any further pain and suffering of husbands that have no chance. Thank you.

      1. Mr. Crowley


      2. DarkRageWarrior

        You're a boy.

    97. Sapphire The Alpha

      He's a boy🤤

    98. Hap Attack

      That's what alan gets for being shallow. Though to be fair he has to deal with his evil boss, who is most definitely a model...

    99. rekm8

      1:36 RTX. IT'S ON. LOL