That friend who gets all the women - You're a Boy

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    David has a magical power over women, and Ellie has been caught in the headlights.
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    1. Viva La Dirt League

      Want to see all the bloopers from this where Adam and Alan couldn’t keep a straight face?

      1. Brainy Capri

        Does this man David is on IG, i want to follow him, whats his IG name???

      2. Adrian Mei

        2:39 Alan is covering his face

      3. VaginaBooB 420

        @Navaneethan Naikar agree. And a ping pc? Man only in my dreams. I only got a lame pc

      4. VaginaBooB 420

        @Jay Patel STFU. This is hilarious!

      5. Skull Bardics

        We’ve been tricked we’ve been backstabbed and we have been quite possibly bamboozled

    2. Darkers87

      Ellie got fat.... ;(

    3. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    4. 彭健豪15 David

      You're a boy

    5. Ahmad Yuly Firmansah

      He like Senor Pink (One Piece), he so hot event we thought he was rudiculous.

    6. jordy Clauwaert

      I love the thattoo I want to have the tattoo to

    7. Marc Vincent Klitgaard

      Pancake Day is on Sunday.

    8. Zack Campbell

      I spit my drink at "hey girl"

    9. Kevin May

      This is definitely the most sexual vldl video I have ever seen.

    10. Peter Morgan

      This is the cringiest episode

    11. Serge Aboutayeh


    12. itsme Emma

      All the thumbs down are the worthless feminazis

    13. Nico Zavala

      Rowan: you're a girl

    14. Specules Gorgoth

      Beat boys. Beat girls. Superstar dj's HERE WE GO!!! " -CHEMICAL brothers-

    15. Dylan Sabulsky

      Sadly I knew a guy in high school that wasn't quite a David, but close. Couldn't believe the women he was getting .

    16. Ho Kwong Ngan

      He is Ben. Not David!

    17. csn69 Gaming

      The bloopers were the best 🤣🤣🤣

    18. Andrew Burnes


    19. Yuu

      Can we also have more of Ben I mean Dave in future videos? It would be fun to see him

    20. Saturni

      so after watching bored 1-100 i understand this video now XD i was confused till i saw the you're a girl episode

    21. jabberwockythemonkey

      This video was definitely a send up of this one:

    22. Garrett Thacher

      How Did I Not See This The First Time?!?!?! God Damn HUgets!!!

    23. Romil Ahmad

      We all remember when Elle's was new, and Rowan kept on saying "YOUR A GIRL"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. Tommy Chaos

      UtweeThe first to write you an opportunity.

    25. Nerdacus

      He is a guy who is not attractive and get the ladies I do Renaissance fairs a lot and I have seen this happen so many times it could be a female or male and they can charm the hell out of some people which makes me scratch my head and they are my friends I just keep quiet it is always how did she or he get that person me I don't know?

    26. Ryuzaki

      Kratos: Quiet Boy.

    27. rahimgamerx

      who the hell is david that they are talking about i only see ben

    28. PacoG.

      Whats the song?

    29. Clementine Schälchen

      Pretty gross lmao

    30. Ahmed Osman


    31. Draliseth

      This is what my girlfriend thinks I'm capable of. 🤦‍♂️

    32. Frances Ponce

      I love you guys!

    33. Mbc Nomads

      Oh my God that's a weird video

    34. Michael Pennett


    35. John Ree

      No wonder my packages always looking beat up.

    36. Daniel Braga

      that was hard to watch...

    37. Carlos Saroufim

      1:34 Alan trying hard not to lose it :D

    38. Nivra Gaming

      Lucky for Adam he was not at the trip with his girlfriend. Btw that girl at the bike scene with adam, that was his gf right?

    39. Tholgrim Stonebeard

      This is probably the worst video you've ever made. This was extremely dumb.

    40. M W

      I would say playing David’s voice on Loop during intimate moments with my wife has saved my marriage....but it’s also destroyed my self esteem.

    41. NJ Studio

      Ohhhh boyyy

    42. Camaro ss 455


    43. Arafat Nehan

      Man i dont know but i just find this guy so annoying :3 he was in an episode of pubg logic I couldn't even finish that episode :3 idk why but just lookin at him gets me pissed off :3

    44. Archdemon


    45. Seb Bles

      Daddies got some lemons for ya Bebe. 😂😂😂

    46. Lustrals

      You are a boy You are correct!

    47. Clutch1986

      We need more bloopers like this

    48. Nuclear Nadal

      Well after seeing this I should be straight again.

    49. Dinu G

      Ahhahaha what the...faaaaakkkkk 😂

    50. Shelby Thebes

      But what about lesbians

    51. KelvinOfTheShen

      1:45 The way Adam looked when he heard "penis" is priceless

    52. mahothir rahman riddho

      Ellie: "you're a boy" Rowan: "Uh oh uh oh, unbelievable, Ellie, don't steal my dialogue. " David: "How you going?" Meanwhile Joey: *laughs*

    53. Josh Wood

      The whispered “this is you” slayed me

    54. David Stockdale

      How many take did this require holy shit

    55. Polish Player


    56. Brotha00

      Player player 😎

    57. Gilbert Quero

      O sh#t

    58. Rose C

      I think it would've been funnier if she wouldn't of kept say "you're a boy" and "boy" over and over again. Maybe if he would've acted more like an over the top Persian King Xerxes from 300 where he turns from a nerdy guy into this super hypnotic charmer dude and everytime the camera was on her, she'd go from office clothes to night-time make-up, then she's in a sequined party dress, etc. etc. like she's being seduced.

    59. subscribe this channel as a joke

      Omg he’s a *BOY*

    60. Zemo Shade

      So what exactly happened to the thing between Adam and Ellie's characters?

    61. christian elgin

      Do we have any extra bloopers for this clip? Hahah super funny

    62. Zakaria BOUDERRA

      I'm a boy too.

    63. Jason Lowe

      OH... MY... EFFING... GOD. Too hilarious. How'd i miss this last month?

    64. EBFilmsMan

      I am a David, and I approve this message.

    65. H M S A _JD

      Whats the Track ID in the backround ??? 🤤

    66. charli Reyno

      But his fattt and weird faceeee

    67. Bobby Shek

      What happened to Ellie’s under chin?

    68. bandira1000

      2:33 that’s geh

    69. The plague Dr

      Ellie : you're boy Kratos : a BOY! Where?

    70. Muhammed Zafarullah

      0:44 🤣🤣

    71. Nocturnal Rites

      Well, fwiw, I fail to see his attraction. Like, utterly. No offense to the actor. :)

    72. Kuro Ken

      Just wondering how many cuts they took to finish the whole video.

    73. mirrorsedgy


    74. Rus Lan

      This was hard to watch 😁

    75. LowerSpider4725 PR

      Well his initial attraction stat was 1, but after a girl rejected him it was deducted 2 points. Since negatives clearly don't exist in the real world, his attraction was set to 250, so now he's just become a sex machine. That woman has no idea what she's let loose.

    76. Hobo Bobo

      Do not force his hand!

    77. Rohan Chaudhary

      He is Ben....not david/...

    78. Khallek


    79. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    80. Aiel

      Well, that was disturbing yet hilarious at the same time.

    81. ian atun

      oh my lord great stuff xD

    82. Swizii

      Love your videos however this one was just stupid

    83. Maxime Houle

      I died at 1:23

    84. Captain Rodgers

      Are the bloopers worth it ?

    85. Alberto Do

      I feel my life is safe NO MORE!! you hurt my eyes. Please let it be the last time. I will find my way to rewind to unseen this terrible internet sin. No, no, stay away!!!!

    86. Thang Choollast

      daddy's got some lemons for you baby. what meaning, I don't understand what it means, please explain it to me

    87. Jarskagamer 5428

      He is not hot

    88. csn69 Gaming

      All we needed was Ben and Rowan in the video to complete the real PUBG team

    89. mz crazy

      It's somehow so uncomfortable yet so funny.

    90. Chris Klugh

      Girls don't do this. They have many to choice from.

    91. Rocky Balboa

      I tought she was gonna say "I dont like boys" :DDD

      1. Kristopher Prime

        at least SOMETHING twisty like that (simutaneously breaking adam's heart) or snapping and giving him some kind of karma-driven punishment for his actions would have made this skit even remotely funny.

    92. Deni Pallas

      I’ve never wanted to buy a shirt with lemons on it before I heard that line 😂

    93. Drunk Tom Cruise

      I am Alan in this situation every fucking day.

    94. joetabasco

      One of my fav lol

    95. YourOldPal Jake

      Kratos: BOYYY!

    96. Матвей Мисюра

      Revenge of the sith

    97. ShuanTheCritic

      That was her best video

    98. Mustafa Akbari

    99. ALMA GORO

      Dork souls logic : When you have maximum Sex appeal.