When someone offers you a milky tea - Bad Tea

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    Adam seems to be the worst person in the world. He likes milky tea.
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    1. brandon witten

      Who puts milk in there fuckin tea ? I only drink sweet tea can't drink it any other way wtf

    2. nirmal banik

      If u cant make tea u don't deserve to live . Sorry but that's universal law

    3. rizky alfatih

      Elly is 100% a british

    4. Khair

      In Indonesia it's called teh susu, and I like it 😋

    5. Matt The FakeDragon

      I make tea like that...

    6. Dan H

      Did Rowan possess Her? Lol

    7. Dan H

      Thats how my tea in Ireland looked. Miss ireland.

    8. Kuwabatake Sanjuro

      Man, Alan's 'wait a minute' moment is insane.

    9. growandgame

      "I asked for tea, not a tea flavored milkshake " I'm sorry, but was that supposed to be funny?

    10. Hanzooffical pubg ml

      Lol I have been watching so many times when I'm sad watching this me make me happy and it makes me laugh I love this video

    11. Dark Arched Dawn

      I feel so bad for Adam all the time. I love the guy.

    12. Isaac Ho


    13. Dendup Chogyal

      They didn't even taste it

    14. Fat Li

      I never thought anyone could be more angry than uncle iroh about bad tea

    15. Lustrals

      wait a minute who tf made this fking tea, LMAO

    16. daniel rabinowitz

      My favorite part was when Ellie said "bleep"

    17. Soviet Amir

      dude i feel so bad for adam

    18. Tom Galonska

      Is there an uncensored version somewhere? :D

    19. Jason Paul

      shame 🔔

    20. Caleb O'Brien

      Do uncensored versions exist?

    21. jake sutton


    22. Patrick Predella

      Pathetic cry in 3.. 2.. 1..

    23. Tomas Soejakto

      Yuck yuck yuck yuckyuckyuckyuck YUCK! 😅😅😅

    24. Yaz Khan

      hahaha that was a harsh roast! Poor Adam! :D

    25. RevolverOcelot2008

      I never knew people put milk in tea before this video. I figured a twist of lemon, sugar and maybe something like a cinnamon stick//mint leaf were the only thing people put in tea. Milk and tea just don't seem like things that go together

    26. Kooxpi Games

      When i feel bored i watch this :)

    27. mathews valdez

      no one literally no one Me when my friend vomits and swallowed it back: 0:58

    28. Snoozy Mammal

      How to properly make tea: Step 1 bake tea bag in oven on low for 10 mins Step 2 take out and let it cool off Step 3 start a fire by hand using 3 day old wood. Step 4 gather water from the nearest river ( pond water will work ) Step 4 boiler water in kettle from the 80’s ( gives it rich flavor ) Step 5 pour water in mug and then dip tea bag for 5mins Step 6 get milk from a 2% cow and add two tea spoons Step 7 hold pinky out for best experience

    29. Eustitia Archive

      No no they are good friend making a mood and situation where its perfect to drink that kind of "tea"

    30. Watch dogs spy

      God sometimes I feel like Adam when all I do is give my friends some damn tea with the whole thing of milk like it’s only a little

    31. Andy 5V

      You know the worst thing about all this wasn't the milk. He took a fresh tea bag and just double dipped it in each cup. That's not tea that is bag flavored hot water and after that it's drowned in milk.

    32. Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

      If he did that crap here in The South in the USA we'd hang him from a tree by his ankles and turn him into a Piñata. :-P

    33. Jaqba


    34. GeorGe JLY


    35. GeorGe JLY

      F in the chat for Adam...

    36. Shelby Thebes

      Well Adam I like your tea and I would like some thank you

    37. Kian Darrel

      Im sorry but im disliking this vid...i almost cry

    38. Ragical the Unhallowed Knight

      And here I thought the British were anal about their tea. You decks take the cake😯

    39. Joe Chip

      U know there are people like this at workplaces

    40. shad0w0fgh0st

      tea with milk is best tea

    41. MysticDragonWolf

      Thumbnail: bunch of birds bullying Adam Me: Yeah sure, CLICKBAIT, as if they are going to have tha- *reaches end* *BUNCH OF FUCKING BIRDS BULLYING ADAM AND HIS DUCKING TEA* *Hysterical laughter at the fact they kept it*

    42. MpunktAtze Vodes

      Seems like 1416 drink their „tea“ this way. Otherwise no one wouöd dislike this vid YOU SICK BA*****S!!!!!

      1. MpunktAtze Vodes

        *1416 people

    43. Diladinhu

      i miss the point... what the problem here?

    44. V N

      I don't drink tee so what was all that about? 🙄

    45. Terstock Derus

      F*ck off! from Adam I like tea with milk!

    46. muhammad fakhry azzakly

      Kasihan banget si Adam 😂😂😂

      1. Khair

        Wah ada orang indonesia juga 😂

    47. Yeks

      I reaaaallyyy wanted rowan to go ‘ aarrgghhh i wanna punch you, i wanna punch you but i cant, you’re an employee”

    48. Boardgames India

      That's called a rich Tea in India, we also add spices to our Tea like Ginger, Cinnamon, etc.

    49. Runaway Riot

      This makes me sad

    50. Grahalt Mills

      Too many beep🤣🤣🤣

    51. Katja

      I feel so bad for Adam :(

    52. Jake The Dog

      I think Ur surroundings are fill up with mental peoples


      hugets.info/show/rXV3fdav0Gh6z6Q/vide.html *New video .....belajar2 editing☺️*

    54. Percy Fieldsten Gaming Channel

      Viva la Dirt League there’s an actual beverage called milk tea. Come to Singapore and you can easily find it. It’s nice and sweet. I grew up drinking it.

    55. Fred Cmo

      I'm actually disapointed there is no "10h loop" of that "yak yak yak yak yak" :v

    56. Matthew Freeman-Rose

      The girl=me adam=Red tea= amoung us but red doesnt report the body. when i get killed

    57. ArchAngel121996

      fuck you adam

    58. The Warriors Productions

      Milk tea is very delicious.

    59. Der Bender

      Even a „Friesen Tee“ is not made like that, .... and the excessive milk use is not even the worst, the same Teabag ....that’s it for me.

    60. Kaung satt hein

      But I like milky tea

    61. Parvik Seth

      Is she from Roman's blood line...?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    62. Arsino Meteor

      Don't know how english ppl see it, but here in lower saxony - especially the coast region "Ostfriesland", in germany, we have a distinct tea tradition aswell and .... WELLLLLLLLLLL

    63. Vetra Otsu

      it also make me feel sad, cause milk tea was kind of my everyday shit

    64. BlindSide NZ


    65. GypsyEnigma

      What’s funny is it’s actually really good tea lol.

    66. Fhaeron Valenzuela

      Poor adam

    67. Dragon Essence

      My mom gets the from Tim Hortons like this and I used to make it with milk till one day my dad had a problem and forever ruined my thoughts about it. It used to be hot tea with a bit of sugar and milk, cold tea was sweet tea so just sugar of course.....

    68. ExcELLEnT -

      Sad that I'm the Adam of life... Just trying to be nice and everyone hates me

    69. Weaboo Senpai

      I feel sad for him 😂😂😂

    70. Braidoxx

      What the heck the boys are supposed to back him. Not let his bro down 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

    71. Macek 775

      Poor adam

    72. Hunters s

      i need this on netflix.

    73. LanticFishy ΖΟφξε

      Lmao Adam is so good at making us feel bad

    74. Cerberus 91

      but i like milky tea

    75. Drummaboy


    76. FunnelPlays

      not gonna lie but I sometimes drink milk in tea i know it seems weird but it actually kinda taste good

    77. Wayne Taylor

      Being British - I approve 👌🏻

    78. Swapnil Soni

      Shame!!! Shame!!! Adam... Shame!!!


      I am sad for Adam😢

    80. Abdullah khan

      This is how many times Ellie said ************* ****** *******⬇️ and the others

    81. Mitchell Zwiers

      The fucking shit she gives him XD

    82. MAD-_-BLACK

      best video ever

    83. Chompz

      As someone who lives in the South East US i didnt know people put milk into tea at all. The thought of that is just horrible to me. I thought the yankees were bad with their unsweet tea. But to each their own I guess. I will take mine with sugar and a good bit of it

    84. Kushal Biswas

      I'm feeling sad for adam😢

    85. Bas25710Gamer

      British people be like:

    86. Kami No Yami

      0:54 She almost laughed

    87. MR_voska84 sovl


    88. silverblade357

      I like to think they spent a couple hours brainstorming this abomination. I don't want to believe anyone would call that tea.

    89. Giovanni Rodriguez

      Allen coming in that way made this so much better!

    90. Kaktus Kaktusiak

      Like for Adam

    91. Ryan Maki

      The funny part is that in a previous episode Ellie used to love Adam and wrote a love poem.

    92. h-3 -00-0


    93. BossIvan

      I make my tea and my coffee like that. I think it’s really good. Yes, I don’t have any friends.

    94. Gary Shaw

      This is my fave episode by far lmao!

    95. Arohk

      all the beeping sound made this really annoying to watch, if you can't say fuck , then don't write fuck in your script.

    96. Propertive

      Adam. Love you bro but Fuck you. I won't hold it against you but Fuck you.

    97. popoyok 18

      Sometimes this happen to me when my mom have a bad mood.

    98. Koto Foxchild

      I totally agree. But I feel sooo bad for Adam! 😂

    99. Leon Zibin

      This is they're best video so far

    100. Starlight Gaming

      See, this is why we threw that shit in the harbor. If they can’t accept the way Adam makes it, they don’t deserve any kind of it.