Realising all the players in PUBG are bots - Bots

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    Bots are everywhere... EVERYWHERE
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    1. pakidood

      damn i wish i hadn't seen this. I got a new phone a won a game of pubg then won another and then downloaded cod and won quite a few games on that as well. I thought i was actually good but its all bots and lies!

    2. Bailey Trout

      1:56 is that a Tobuscus reference?

    3. Adrian silver

      Just move to free fire

    4. God ops

      So many rowan bots haha

    5. Grogi Mando

      Lol exactly me when I played pubg after months away not realizing they added bots and confused why people sucked so bad

    6. Mr Hotdog

      1:56 the chat anyone else get the reference

    7. Stefan

      So this is why I managed to get a chicken dinner with literally 20 minutes playtime.

    8. JCK 01

      This is how a zombie apocalypse whould be if the zombie had guns

    9. Karl Matrix

      Some of the New AI for the bots nowadays have incredible accuracy, hitting a headshot with a pistol with no scope at a range of 500 meters and above,, which is ridiculously stupid,,

    10. Півоваров Гліб Гееоргій 7-A

      Omg I don’t knew that bots were added a few months ago in pubg

    11. Blame USA

      most games are like this now... and they think you cant tell

    12. Kiyan Bray

      This is why all the players stand still while shooting me, it makes since

    13. Yorick Nicholls

      Missed opportunity of getting too comfortable in a bot-infested game that you fail to take down that one real team 😂

    14. Vyxel OP

      Oddly satisfying watching this after binge watching Bored.

    15. apenas um nome de canal

      This game was so fun in beta, I miss that time! Also I bougth RS6 playing it :)

    16. Invictus the Lone Challenger

      I was not mad, but I was not happy when they added bots to PUBG. It was just depressing. Like that sad "yay".

    17. Aaron Jones

      I feel like the bot

    18. Mr Flybacker

      Worse than an unkillable enemy can only be an enemy that does not resist.

    19. Kiloechovictor

      Riley_bourke killed van lier for saying his name wrong 😄

    20. Daire Bulson

      “Oh shit!” *Adam killed Bandito_fro with some surprisingly accurate panic shooting*

    21. Markinator 9000

      The ol bullet on the face trick, a classic, never gets old

    22. harun yiğit

      Lütfen türkçe altyazı ekleyin videolarınıza sizi çok seviyoruz♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷

    23. harun yiğit

      Lütfen türkçe altyazı ekleyin videolarınıza sizi çok seviyoruz♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷

    24. harun yiğit

      Lütfen türkçe altyazı ekleyin videolarınıza sizi çok seviyoruz♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷

    25. harun yiğit

      Lütfen türkçe altyazı ekleyin videolarınıza sizi çok seviyoruz♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷

    26. harun yiğit

      Lütfen türkçe altyazı ekleyin videolarınıza sizi çok seviyoruz♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷

    27. Christopher Slade

      Until you get aimbotted by a bot. My brother had a bot run past and away then snap-turn and insta headshot him. He sent me the deathcam. It was like the bot was the XBox incarnation of Choco.

    28. W1ATR

      i love how at one time shit doesnt get censored but fuck does

    29. Laxmi Devi


    30. Destroyanad

      Pubg mobile bots are so bad i won a game with a frying pan

    31. Roblox potato

      I think the bang bang bang thing was a G36

    32. pesidas kyth

      Poor rowan is the one who gets killed

    33. Human Just

      Gotta say, it was somewhat satisfying watching Rowan getting shot for 3 minutes straight

    34. Rahul Chauhan

      atleast you can have a good KD .

    35. AceDevil's Den

      Change the caption to: Matches in bronze tier pubgm.

    36. SykkeX

      Still you can find some idiots, who are using cheats and still get killed by bots 😂😂

    37. Denver Espinosa

      alan duped

    38. Gabriella Gadfly

      Great video!! Just one thing - you shouldn’t censor subtitles if the audio isn’t censored - it’s only fair for the viewing experience to be equal whether you can hear the video or not!

    39. Andrew McKay

      Filmed at kingseat mental hospital 😀 down the road from me

    40. THE_NOVA_GUY Gaming

      The story of pubg pc lite . NOW

    41. panos chronos

      When he said oh come on man put it out of his misery i died XD

    42. Karthik sk

      🤣 🤣 🤣

    43. Moritz Rossbroich

      So true

    44. Neko Ninja

      I thought it would end with a real player killing all of them

    45. Dolkar Gurung

      2:42 there's still shooting

    46. Villiam Hansen

      This isn't anything new. Sadly, it has been a thing since bots first came out on any game. But hey, kids still pay.

    47. Ranger Shake

      When you get 20 kills and realize 19 are bots

    48. sleepy snoring puppy

      Proof all Rowans are bots

    49. Peter Zerfass

      The ol' bullet in the face trick ...people fall for it every time.

    50. Onadio Leonardho

      They ruined they own game, well more bots less players, dawnfall.

    51. AMIT 9th V

      2:44 they got chicken but why gun sound is in background serously

    52. Matias Fermandois

      "surprinsinly accurate panic shooting" lol

    53. Hugo Burton

      0:44. This is exactly what happened to me. I stopped playing. Then when I came back, my first game, I got 9 kills.

    54. Bryan Jackson

      Good ole Buttjuggler, I shall miss him.....

    55. Simply Tom

      Lol. It’s so true.

    56. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng‌

    57. pfguo87

      I like the bots though LOL

    58. roblox duel show

      no wonder mobile battle royale so terrible pub g type games had literal bots.

    59. Jica Gamer

      Are you playing the LITE version..?

    60. Bored.In.California

      Rowan bots are called Robots

    61. T BZ

      1:03 Lobotomized Rowan getting killed over and over? I could watch that all day 😂😂

    62. Mac P

      LOL Rowan dying animaions are pure gold :D

    63. BlueDude1998

      My day feels ruined realizing they added bots. Dammit. Wow guys why

      1. l337pwnage

        not enough players. it does make it less boring, and bots will bait out other players.

    64. Watching Shows

      Judgement Day, but Rowan as the programming base and skin template

    65. Chloe

      I really wanna play pubg just to see how they changed but the game is so bad that i can't even run it (on a badass PC)

    66. LOGØUT _ 101

      I think there's over 50 Rowan we're shot when making this video

    67. kitsune04 -

      So there are bots running around in the game now, and I'm still getting killed first. Am I the bot?

    68. Los Santos Police Department

      For just a penny a day you can help save bots and provide them love and care. Call now and we'll send you a save the bots t shirt.

    69. The Nomad

      They are paying rowan back for being a horrible boss

    70. Saskamon

      Bots everywhere?! Maybe now is my chance to receive some chicken afterall.

    71. Y eah

      Please make world of tanks videos sometimes, a very material rich environment full of animals

    72. The Rubber Ducky

      Why do they do this? Are there not enough players? I can't play PUBG on a count of my laptop being shit, but i play the mobile vversion which is going to hell.

    73. Max Damage

      Rowan bot uhhhh


      Rowan had to fall 97 times in the making of this Video

    75. Jay Kay

      It's the only way I'd ever get a chicken anything, let alone a chicken dinner. In fact, with me playing and all the opponents as bots, it's not even guaranteed I'd be able to pull out a win. I'd find some way to get myself killed.

    76. Dan Privat

      Funny. My mate just told me PUBG is dead cause of the bots and then suddenly this video is introduced in my feed. Coincidence? I think not! Google is always listening. Im of to Area 51 to protest!

    77. Fre Sch

      Yesterday I played a round of cod warzone and all I wanted was collect the last halloween special containers. I had 10 kills, like it was the best round I ever played and I didnt even try. Got into top 5. After this video I wonder if they have bots in warzone, because usally I get like 1 kill.

    78. Osaias Fontanez

      It’s so true all they do is shot u then run away

    79. Franco Mauro

      This is sad :(

    80. Nam Plaa Angry Joer

      You can have Tarkov Bots "Ai", but the one that is good. Really good, Headshot only good, across the map.

    81. Chinedu Opara

      Casual murder is casual.

    82. All0Mighty0Power

      So bots were added to supposedly add an entire level difficulty opponent for new players. Let be honest though game's losing players lobby wait times were through the roof this shit was done to bring an illusion that the game isn't dying. Why do developers lie to their community when we can see through their BS?

    83. Polar l3E4R

      Bots in PC r getting worse while bots in mobile r 100%times getting better

    84. Carolyn Broccardo

      In the famous words of Jeremy Clarkson : People could bully them better yet they could heard them

    85. shamsur rahman babu

      Why have you killed Rowan 30 times

    86. Christopher BB100

      Wow this is sad pubg was the best and my favorite battle royal

    87. Lee G

      "Surprisingly accurate panic shooting". Yep, that's me

    88. Abe Kebal

      *Online class* " Everyone understand? " Me with closed camera: 1:03

    89. J D

      Damn... that’s real as it gets

    90. Ильяс Н

      ROWEN , Bot🤣🤣🤣

    91. pratik bilgiler

      Rowan is bot

    92. HexJK

      Fun fact, a PUBG game will never be 100% bots. But in many cases, there will be games where you'll never see a real player, because all the real players killed each other, killed themselves, died to zone, disconnected, or somehow managed to die to a bot.

      1. Abe Kebal

        Plausible, but i played one bot match, watched the kill feed and every kill was very slow.. like they take 20 secs after knock to finish off the enemy

    93. LK 203

      PUBG is bad? I've only stop playing it for a year or a half

    94. Muninn Myrkvi

      RIP PUBG.

    95. strandalx

      Actually looks lots more fun with bots that don't kill you all the time 😄

    96. Fejloup



      I like all the gun flash looks so real .good job guys👍🏻

    98. trevor jaster

      Is it actually like this now? I was downloading it rn when I am away for the night but sounds like it is probably a waste of time

    99. Boomify

      1:44 "with a skateboard" LMAO

    100. Диана Хуршудова

      Почему нет субтитров на русском языке ???