Realising all the players in PUBG are bots - Bots

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    Bots are everywhere... EVERYWHERE
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    1. Nam Plaa Angry Joer

      You can have Tarkov Bots "Ai", but the one that is good. Really good, Headshot only good, across the map.

    2. Chinedu Opara

      Casual murder is casual.

    3. All0Mighty0Power

      So bots were added to supposedly add an entire level difficulty opponent for new players. Let be honest though game's losing players lobby wait times were through the roof this shit was done to bring an illusion that the game isn't dying. Why do developers lie to their community when we can see through their BS?

    4. Polar l3E4R

      Bots in PC r getting worse while bots in mobile r 100%times getting better

    5. Definitely Not Skynet

      Rowan as a bot with his mugger face

    6. Carolyn Broccardo

      In the famous words of Jeremy Clarkson : People could bully them better yet they could heard them

    7. shamsur rahman babu

      Why have you killed Rowan 30 times

    8. Christopher BB100

      Wow this is sad pubg was the best and my favorite battle royal

    9. Lee G

      "Surprisingly accurate panic shooting". Yep, that's me

    10. Abe Kebal

      *Online class* " Everyone understand? " Me with closed camera: 1:03

    11. Assh Ole

      Who plays Pubg Still?

    12. J D

      Damn... that’s real as it gets

    13. Ильяс Н

      ROWEN , Bot🤣🤣🤣

    14. İsmail Ege Turan

      Rowan is bot

    15. HexJK

      Fun fact, a PUBG game will never be 100% bots. But in many cases, there will be games where you'll never see a real player, because all the real players killed each other, killed themselves, died to zone, disconnected, or somehow managed to die to a bot.

      1. Abe Kebal

        Plausible, but i played one bot match, watched the kill feed and every kill was very slow.. like they take 20 secs after knock to finish off the enemy

    16. Lents Fercilien

      PUBG is bad? I've only stop playing it for a year or a half

    17. Muninn Myrkvi

      RIP PUBG.

    18. strandalx

      Actually looks lots more fun with bots that don't kill you all the time 😄

    19. tankista_filipek



      I like all the gun flash looks so real .good job guys👍🏻

    21. trevor jaster

      Is it actually like this now? I was downloading it rn when I am away for the night but sounds like it is probably a waste of time

    22. Boomify

      1:44 "with a skateboard" LMAO

    23. Диана Хуршудова

      Почему нет субтитров на русском языке ???

    24. avinash kumar

      their are bots all where because of the indian stopped playing this game so pubg had to fill it with bots. jai india.

      1. илья баланоv

        Thank ur 6 head elephant god u stop playing this game

      2. Sunita Arvind

        Abe wo pubg PC hai pubg mobile nhi.

    25. Zakaya 55

      XDDDDDDD lol

    26. Geronimo

      This happened to me a month ago. I didn't know there were bots in the game since I made a long break from playing it, and I actually got like 9 kills and chicken dinner on my first go and I was feeling same as Adam and then... Then I read it somewhere that there are bots now... And.. I still felt good, fuck it!

    27. Just ice

      I'm always the adam of the group in pubg

    28. david ross

      welcome to profit over art...

    29. Snoopy Gamer

      no no no thats not right, all player has become hackers and only 25% of bots in classic. Except livik it has 55% bots

    30. Тигр Соблезубый

      Угарный бот ха 😂

    31. Suryakesh Yadav

      Love for INDIA

    32. Nora And Dogmeat

      1:03 lol

    33. Nicolò De Vita


    34. Master JAVZ

      Tnx for the TOP FAN BADGE on fb guys #GAMINGPC

    35. ball stank

      Lmao u cant stop laughing....this happened to me

    36. Steve Sheppard

      Well you guys sure changed your mind.

    37. Clinton Elliott

      So true

    38. Dok ZLO

      Почему у Роуна так хорошо получается играть дебилов?)))

    39. Deathy Kat

      It's just sad to see the game for slowly

    40. John Chinn

      This is what pubg mobile has been

    41. Antonio Tenchavez

      With bots: Yay :( With no bots: Yes we did it! wooooooh!

    42. vj


    43. Austin Cook

      How I felt when I tried out Realm Royale

    44. Raix

      1:11 OMG SO COOL

    45. It's Gr0za

      When You Realize that The UMP45 use the old UMP9 Sound

    46. New Gadget Store

      That why i've uninstall the game from LAST MONTH ...... seem i already the game for 2000+ hours , time to say goodbye ........................ you gave me some memorize ,tq

    47. David Phillips

      Is a lamp bought to be put under a basket or under a bed? Is it not to be set on a lamp stand? For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light. If anyone has ears to hear let him hear

    48. HolyToledo

      Ba. bahahahjajajajajajja

    49. Kamal Seehra


    50. Kamal Seehra

      Really funny guys

    51. Hamstel

      Wauw Roman has it tough with employees like that poor guy

    52. Pratham N U M B


    53. Samraden 87

      Indonesian subtittle?

    54. José Souza

      Actually the bots are smarters since the last update. Take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55. Diablo 666

      I counted 31 kills not 30

    56. Shirsendu Mazumdar

      riley_bourke killed Van Lier for saying his name wrong

    57. Zk Gamer

      Pheinox beware? is that valorant

    58. Francesco Chang

      next bot game, every bot share the same experience, after a kill the other one will level up

    59. Subhan Epic

      Please check Habi Omer channel please support

    60. Mark Smith

      They should make a Tarkov bot (scav) video, those unholy AI are insanely accurate and creepy at times...but still bots

    61. Sheena Kids Channel im experiecing this...wwcd 18 kill.... Alll bots

    62. Chris Robinson

      This video makes me glad that I have never played this game.

    63. ABL Nkp

      Are the guns real

    64. vegetaIntelectual

      Exactly how I fell about those bots in the game... Like pubg lite before realise the global version that had no bots... I played this shit with vpn a lot... 400ms...

    65. Chris fbi100k

      lit video

    66. Jeroen Honingh

      PUBG bots, fall down and roll over!

    67. shenlong919

      Rowan clones!

    68. Stickman Productions

      The sad “Yay!” at the end.

    69. Art Sensitive

      This is so sad :( I wish bots weren’t in the game

    70. M Nathan

      Rowan's derp face is so perfect.

    71. Wolf Night

      When I saw the *Exit to Loby* I instinctively almost tapped it because I play Pubg on my phone. I haven't played for months though and only recently played a few matches. It recently started a new season so I want to get back into it. I have a nice computer but I don't play on it.

    72. TheKinoTrailer

      Among us ? 🤔😁

    73. Rama Kudo


    74. Lokesh Kumar

      Bot are not allowed in Asia server 😄😝

    75. Funny

      Ben sure had gone apathetic on killing ever since his traumatic chicken dinner from back then..

    76. Jason

      Sad but true. PUBG was my favorite game. Now haven’t played in months. Why bother?

    77. BiasedGrunt1998

      Lmao Rowans "uuuuhhhhhh" got me good

    78. Suhas Kiran

      Killed with a skateboard...,😂😂😂😂😂

    79. johan lindberg

      lmao :) realy good

    80. Afroza Chauhan

      Lol i don’t have much time to talk is that is bor or not my teammates killed them ASAP 😂🤣

    81. SpOtTiE YT

    82. Chris Thomas

      I stopped playing PUBG the day Bots were added. Game ruined

    83. TylerAndToast

      First day of the cold war alpha before sbmm kicked in.

    84. Ergy Sabna

      Fortnite to

    85. Rasmus Thomsen

      You guys are just f*cking epic!

    86. Den

      Literally PUBG in 2020

    87. Yatish Seeboruth

      Bot only in pubgm

    88. station992

      Gg pubshit from a ln ugly copy and paste to a boring copy and paste.

    89. Bry Guy

      I love Adam, he's so fucking wholesome, I can barely stand it.


      VLDL makes alot of gold but this is one of the platinum comedies. perfect. rowan was just hilarious lololol

    91. Xen0Starkiller Gaming

      It's 50/50 not all bots whennyou run into a real player its just bad news

    92. garrnk

      So satisfying watching Rowan die over and over again

    93. Jason Hembree

      What do I do when I have 175,000 bp

    94. RainbowDeath

      how about counter strike expert bot harder than real player

    95. Chal P

      I really wish everyone would stop doing "plot twist:" posts. Its not original. For the betterment of humanity please stop.. Also, poor Rowan bot :(.

      1. TylerAndToast

        Plot twist: they are original

    96. TechaNinja

      5 days later that Rowan bot noise still kills me LOL

    97. Koi Jaxk

      Surprisingly accurate panic shooting lmfaoo

    98. The Non Smoker

      PUBG Mobile in a Nutshell.

    99. Jack Bellows

      the kill notifications are hilarious :..with a skateboard" etc "BanginDudes killed so and so"

    100. Jurassic Dano

      Ben’s kill feed reminds me of Ben getting more and more angry each time it’s repeated lol