Does Size Matter? - Bigger

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    Rowan and Alan are convinced that each others is bigger. But does size matter?
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    1. Calvin Bento

      can anyone pls tell me which song was that at the end of this video?

    2. R-yan Manalaysay

      That's a really big Flat Clicker

    3. shadowspirit93

      I bought a steel series keyboard cuz of y’all xD fuckin love you guys

    4. TheFunesto

      That's the biggest Flat Clicker I have ever seen...

    5. Up YourAlley

      look at the acting beggars

    6. Atom Smasher

      I don't have a table big enough for that fucking mousepad, holy shit...

    7. Secret Name

      All jokes aside, what is the purpose of having such a large mouse pad?

    8. Craig Slade

      he is not lying i have seen hers to

    9. NaturalOne

      Michael Scott would have a hay day with this.

    10. Master JAVZ

      Tnx for the TOP FAN BADGE on fb guys #GAMINGPC

    11. Kevin Smith

      lol Alan: "Yeah but to be fair I have seen her's and it is massive" Rowan: "Oh wow."

    12. Deathy Kat

      Pewdiepie's mousepad: you dare challenge me mortal?

    13. House Sanity

      “Yeah but to be fair I have seen hers and it it’s massive” was a personal highlight 😂

    14. Alex Leffel

      imagine a mouse pad being bigger than your desk... no...noo...couldnt be me

    15. JakestJake

      You got me

    16. Subscribing to everyone who subscribed to me!

      This whole video is just a giant sponsor

    17. Cupit

      What's the point in a mousepad that's longer than my arm??

    18. Alfiya & Umme

      Size is not important, stamina is

    19. Panophobia

      But ut us buggar.

    20. Erik Hedlund

      “It’s not all about the size, it’s about how you use it…” 🙃😜

    21. Pratham N U M B


    22. Rijki Septyanto

      that flat clicker on carpet size !

    23. krtek055

      the worst thing you can hear is when a woman tells you - I have him bigger than you

    24. TC Gamer

      That’s not a mouse pad. That’s a table cloth.

    25. Ryan Maki

      I am proud to say that as I write this comment I have have seen every current episode of bored.

    26. Rami Emad

      THE BEST HUgets Ad EVER!

    27. JRK_SHIELD

      Viva pubg

    28. Vegard Johnsen

      Wtf is the point of having a massive mousepad

    29. Markinator 9000

      I thought they were talking about their quest exclamation mark

    30. wings of despair

      But... Ut us bigger...

    31. Charles Calvin

      Thoughtugh they was talking about desk size lol

    32. Hylian LZ

      I miss when Rowan would run away.

    33. the king

      Hi 👋

    34. Former Auror

      But......why though? I mean I'm all for pad space but...63 inches? I mean I'm definitely getting one but still why?

    35. MegF

      Yoga mat

    36. Demir Uzun

      oh...they are mousepads,ok

    37. The White Jarl - Chosen of Odin

      That mouse pad is the most redicolous i've ever seen 🤣

    38. Sidhu

      Are they talking about flatclicker??

    39. Marius Desu

      would have been funnier if Rowan was actually talking about 'that' and Alan was just misunderstanding that he meant a mouse pad.

    40. Radosław Dębiec

      It's a FLATCLICKER!

    41. Cave Johnson

      I thought they were talking about graphics cards tbh

    42. Zemo Shade

      An argument that has passed through the dimensional barrier from Azerim to our world and was then purchased Steelseries for advertisement purchases.

    43. Filipe Lourenço

      Mouse pad? You mean Big Flat Clicker...

    44. danochez

      Yep, That's the biggest flat clicker I've ever seen.

    45. ramiro garay

      Not only is it bigger but it's longer and wider

    46. Chucky McNubbin

      My girlfriend used to tell me that size is important and does indeed matter. I felt like less than a man whenever she'd say it......right up until the point when i realised she was actually talking about her steel series mouse pad. Whew, ego saved.😁

    47. Amiko Nakashidze

      Do among us!!

    48. Dani Bentley

      I had an advert before this for Wotsits Giants and their tag line is “because size matters when it comes to snacks” suuuper fitting advert 😂

    49. Keisuke Takahashi YT

      "Mine is bigger than yours.."

    50. BlackSouLII

      From the 400k views 500k are guys 😂

    51. John Smith

      Mine is 4 x 6 feet

    52. Ansonridesfast

      I loved thiz

    53. Lostpause Jr

      For the next episode an idea we're one of the red shirts gets promoted to Manger

    54. Артем Булич

      Hello, VLDL. I'm not asking you. I'm telling you! (Don't. Open. It) Please, back.. Bbb..Bryron?, no-no, Brian? No-no, sorry.. BYRON! to the one of the next episodes. He is really cool actor, I think everybody loves him and want to see again.

    55. Patrick Star

      Hold up, is Alan going a bit grey on the sides? The question is, is it the 30 plus syndrom or is it a side effect of Rowan constantly being a Rowan.

    56. Devin Ashpole

      That's not a mousepad! That's a FLATCLICKER!

    57. rubick aghanim

      *F L A T C L I C K E R*

    58. özcan ertaş

      its just a flat clicker

    59. Гріша Ставинога

      Ех якби ще була руска озвучка або українська то було топ

    60. CHO cho

      so they're talking about *Flat Clicker* ?

    61. Riadh Kabani

      But... Mine is bigger

    62. Alex Mort

      i have rugs smaller than that. Guess i need a bigger desk.

    63. Villian Fadhilah Areksa

      a flatclicker?

    64. Bender Rodriguez

      So we had to watch ads just to watch an ad? Not really a fan of that. If it wasn't a covert ad I might've enjoyed the skit.

    65. Christopher smith

      Pin me

    66. Tajakstan Mapping

      She liked that.

    67. J. C.

      At this point, that is no longer a mouse pad.

    68. Doppelkammertoaster

      I don't know, that video kinda missed the end joke and seems to be only made to sell us Steelseries stuff. Which, btw, I like their designs but will never buy again because their mouses break like 1-2 years in.

    69. Chris Robinson

      This had the most perfect advert. “New GIANT Wotsits, now 2x bigger”. oh, and the video was good too 🙄

    70. hasib reza

      Thanks for the clarification at the end, i was really confused up until then :P

    71. Rayhan Tech

      Finally, enough space for dragging AKM's recoil down.

    72. Ahnaf Huq

      Wait, is Playtech an ACTUAL store in New Zealand?

    73. deadspeedv

      Whenever I go back to NZ going and buying something from the Play Tech store will be on the list :D

    74. derHutschi

      :-D awesome!

    75. CaptnAro

      "Yeah but to be fair I have seen hers and it is massive" Well. It seems you didn't see mine yet… I'm using a blanket as a mousepad dude.

    76. Nicholas Plesko

      I thought Alan was going to come in and say something inappropriate.

    77. Jan Nekvapil

      Yoga mat for mouse? :D

    78. Philip Ballerstein

      Thats a Crown RC 5500 in the background 🤣

    79. Graham Seiler

      I expected a punchline that made us realize that they were talking about something else besides "that"

    80. RelentlessSpork

      Id like one of those extra big flat clickers please!

    81. free real memstate

      Listen boys let's stop lying mine is Waaaay bigger then u to together

    82. Bavo Knol

      Steelseries just released a rug

    83. Dragonzld 1

      When it is about food especially food I like size definitely matter

    84. DJ HADEX 92

      I hate my mind🤣🤣🤣 what the shoot 🤣🤣🤣

    85. Dion Anderson

      Ellie is right hers is bigger 😂😂

    86. Phoenix HUN

      Ellie: Mine is bigger than both of yours. Me: EXCUSE ME! WTF?!

    87. Asterope

      you mean a 63 inch flat clicker

    88. Tomáš Breník

      :D i mean it was still a good one, but I am starting to smell some unpleasant product placement vibes

    89. Genesis Project

      Longest flat clicker i ever see

    90. Kevin Tenuta

      why would someone need a huge mouse pad??? have you also got a really big mouse? then you're gonna need a big cat.. and a big dog.. it will never end...

    91. Adam Cadag

      Ellie: Mine is bigger that both yours Me: Hold up

    92. Smootykins

      12% off, I see what you did there.

    93. Jenny

      Far canal!!!! I DO NOT wanna see the mouse that sits on that sucker!!

    94. MQ

      I think the only way a mousepad that big would be useful is if you are buying for your friends and cutting it up into correct mousepad sizes. But for that, you would need a lot of friends.

    95. Terre Alexander

      I forget. Are these guys a real store or a t.v. show? YES

    96. Ginger Snaps

      No... That's obviously a 5XL Flat Clicker!

    97. Adarsh

      My 22 inch isn’t big enough, im getting a 27 inch one

    98. Dornor

      But why tho

    99. bobert2112

      Oh...... They are talking about mouse pads

    100. Sukhdev Singh

      That's a yoga mat