My first day playing Overwatch

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    1. DaEggie

      Basically "fuck around and find out"

    2. David Jett

      My first day, which was also my last day, playing Overwatch went like this: "Huh, this is just like (insert WoW bg)." "Well, this one is just like (Insert WoW bg)." "Holy freakin' christ, do they have any maps NOT like a WoW bg???" "F this, if I wanted to play WoW, I'd just play WoW." *trades in Overwatch for another game*

    3. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng‌

    4. Honk Donk Podcast

      I love how BALL just drops on him every time

    5. Brian Mardiney

      Glad I never even considered playing this game. Not only is Blizzard evil, this looks miserable.

    6. Jay Kay

      Your...very first animated collab with Mukpuddy? Did you post them out of order, or did I hallucinate the previous ones?

    7. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for animatin', ain't it? Hu ha

    8. Calvin Jones

      U should try tf2

    9. Peter

      Not realistic, Anno would never hit genji

    10. something huang

      where's you e and shift dash??

    11. cheap account

      I have subtitles in this vid :)

    12. Vittorio P.

      I see you're doing a Dark Souls live action series, but also a "My first Day Playing Dark Souls" animated video would be great! I bet you can already think of lots of crazy ideas for it xD Think about it!

    13. Kayra Gürses

      Hammond is a constant annoyance on any character.

    14. Raging Buddha

      Never go Genji on your first try.

    15. wombat ramshenie

      You got what you deserve for playing genji ^^

    16. Channel Name

      Always a gold player, forced to carry every team I'm on, because of the terrible broken matchmaking, I lose 98/100 games. Idk how, but my teams are full of brain dead no thumbed babies Doesnt help there's an obscene amount of hackers

    17. Tristan Ritland

      As a hammond main H A M S T E R that is all

    18. Call me Zelda ONE moar time

      Uh... payload on Ilios?

    19. MahrCheen

      Don't worry my friends, I am your shield!

    20. Berk Karataş

      1:25 it is funny but real. I killed a lot of Genji with bastion with same way :D

    21. Ghost Hunter

      Play Team Fortress 2 next

    22. Kristína Brtková

      ♪*It's gonna be Mei!*♪

    23. Sea of Blood Red Roses

      It's really awesome that you guys are doing animations. Maybe you should do some World of Tanks videos.

    24. Nemezis

      Love this video :D

    25. FRash Gaming

      he never used his Sword while doing his Ult XD

    26. DDC ll

      Please do a parody on "First day playing Starcraft 2"

    27. Ozymandias2x

      *[IMPACT AREA]*

    28. Charles Kendall

      This was great lol.

    29. Automne 123456789

      It’s m after one moth on overwatch

    30. corygibson15

      This is exactly true

    31. beclet

      I LOV

    32. Sandy


    33. RIFARO

      Fricking hanzo

    34. x Chaleur

      Where is that Mccree stun Right click?

    35. Reiner Stein

      Illios is Not an escort map...

    36. Gruul

      Glad stoped playing Overwatch long time ago

    37. SaTollX

      Лайк ёпт

    38. Nam Plaa Angry Joer

      Yep, me as Hanzo laughing at this youngling.

    39. Apple Jucie


    40. Pietro Roberto

      That's what you get for playing Genji!!!

    41. Piotr

      As a healer main i find this kinda satisfying

    42. The Bearded

      Lovely! Thats pretty much how it is with the exception of some salt, rage, healing emotes and just rage in general. You need someone playing mercy telling him to swap of over and over thou. Just text chat thou. Voice chat is for normies. Also as a hamster player in GM i approve of this video.

    43. ZOXXY gaming

      Love it

    44. Nightmare Blade

      Man I love how smooth the animation is!

      1. Mike Glasswell

        thanks, we had a great time making it

    45. Alloniya

      Is it advertising? Still funny, i was paying overwatch for 2years, but now i dont

    46. Okasih

      Get gud bro

    47. Thomashko

      Can you make My first day playing CS GO?

    48. Lord Grim

      0:47 Totally inaccurate it should have been *“Justice rains from-ugggh”*

    49. Vixx Celacea

      First rule of OW. Don't play Genji or Windowmaker if you are new. The latter is okay if you are stupid good at first person shooters. Genji is a special whom takes time to master. Just kidding Gengooble is fun to just jump around on and naruto run to the payload.

    50. Maini çalınan Adam

      Please realy life pubg videos

    51. MR CONİ


    52. Veraliot

      That how i really did my first game ecept i was with chopper soo... I killed everyones in the most cancerous and most stupid way saying this game is easy and then a bastion came i was LIKE WTF IS THAT A A10 WARHOG ?

    53. Eric Mironov

      Good job on 2 mil! Your channel is awesome!

    54. The White Jarl - Chosen of Odin

      Lmao This is Me... Liturally played OW one day n gave up the next 😂

    55. JokeR JokeR

      Selling the NPC's stuff with higher price than you bought would be great xD

    56. Jodhi William


    57. Bredodo 2020

      *Поставьте лайк комментарию те у кого в имени есть буква D* *Гляньте мой канал если будет время пожалуйста:)*

    58. ThatW33bGuy

      I still wonder how you came up with he name to your channel

      1. Shawn Marran

        They started out making parody music videos of starcraft. "Dirt League" is a fictional rank in Starcraft ranked games, which sits below the lowest rank of Bronze. Dirt league is often used to describe someone being very bad at a game.

    59. Reinhardt Wilhelm

      Is this an animation of how you felt what Overwatch is like? 😂

    60. Cato_Ja

      Was this an intentional upload or did somebody accidentally make this public 😶

    61. MrEkco ockErM

      Can you guys please please PLEASE do one on DOOM Eternal!!!! That would be epic asf!!

    62. Yugi3844 - Overwatch Highlights

      A crossover of my favorite channel and favorite game? I must be dreaming...

    63. ISEGaming

      I am going to get downvoted for this, but I really love VLDL and I hope they realize that I say this as a fan. I did generally enjoy the animation and I hope to see more, but I do have two concerns that I hope are unfounded. First, Many animation channels on HUgets (except for the well established and long running) struggle to stay afloat because of the time needed to make consistent quality content so I hope VLDL guys have the numbers to back up your audience's expectations and to keep the channel from sinking too much funds if this is the route you want to check out. Secondly, Overwatch while technically popular, it's kind off old hat now (4 Years old). Many popular and big OW animation HUgets channels have already moved on (Look up: To Binge, dillongoo, dopatwo, etc) to other games or their own creative stories. Is VLDL willing to tread the same worn path with the same jokes that were already told when they were fresh and relevant? It just feels weird to be behind the curve and it doesn't add anything new or unique to VLDL. Now, I realize this was probably done in partnership to promote a channel or an artist. But certainly there's money changing hands or revenue share that the audience need not concern themselves with. But ya it just seems like a sharp pivot from the brand VLDL has already established. Anyhow I hope you prove me wrong as I love ya guys. Best wishes.

    64. Trần Tường

      Overwatch got TONS of funny things to make a clip out of. I hope you guys make more clips of it. It's a very fun game with all kinds of creative strategies.

    65. Jay Cab

      Where was the “I NEED HEALING” Voice Line Spam?! Lol 😂

    66. DekuTea

      Now that I think of it, Overwatch can only make sense to veteran players since the tutorial doesn't tell you much.

      1. DekuTea

        ​@SatanicCereal​ I meant objective-wise.

      2. SatanicCereal

        **follow tracer**

    67. Robin Sunshine

      Me, a Healer main about to watch this: Aww, I bet someones going to have a rough first time... [First thing they pick Genji] Me: You're gonna get what you deserve...

      1. Angry Chicken


      2. SatanicCereal

        Please tell your healer peoples to nano me :)

    68. savannah p

      bruh since when was there a payload on ilios tf

    69. Péter Rumi

      Sorry guys but...what is this shit?

    70. Ally4Gamer

      stupid.... dont post those anymore

    71. Victoria N

      This is me trying to watch

    72. Kevin B

      Animated probably takes y’all a lot of work, and I appreciate that, but I’d personally rather get a skit vid

    73. Joshua Guy

      Lol these are some funny videos.

      1. Mike Glasswell

        Thanks. We had fun making them

    74. TJ Booker

      It really do be like that sometimes.

    75. Deroxus

      Heey! You made it! 2 Million! ;D

    76. Two Mouse

      Despair- Despair- Despair

    77. Brain Lock

      76 is totally Jack Flag!! (Bucky wannabe, Cap stan.)

    78. Mark Hettenbach

      Thank you for highlighting why I would never play this type of game 😁😁

    79. Psycho peoples


    80. Stephen Wood

      Love these videos! Best one so far

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    82. Toketildeath

      that one was fucking good guys. Most of your shits been a little bland and I wasnt sure about this animation but this is FUCKING FUNNY!

      1. Mike Glasswell

        Thanks man. The team had fun making this animation. Glad you liked it

    83. Jen Park

      You can tell it is his first day playing because he wasnt spamming "I need healing"

      1. Mike Glasswell

        Here is a little "healing" easter egg inside genjis helmet. Have a look

    84. MrYuriTambor

      For someone who never played Overwatch, I would say this one was very hard to understand, mainly because there was little to no dialog.

    85. Andy Last Name

      More amusing watching this then playing.

    86. Dogs Cats

      That was sick 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

    87. ChillSpartan187

      Git gud

    88. Tyler Kokoro

      Highly accurate: me in every pvp game. forever xD

    89. Tru Maverick


    90. Keith I

      So how many throwers, leavers, smurfs and hackers did you come across?

    91. DemonBattleAxe

      We need another

    92. LunarWolf101

      ...... Maybe uhh switch up

    93. Mjølnir

      Since he is Genji he deserves everything hes getting and more

      1. SatanicCereal

        I abuse others in deathmatch as a genji one trick :)

    94. Azune Yukirito


    95. Doran Martell

      Two thigs to say. Tracer has an awfully thick jawline here. 0:39 First pick Genji, you asked for it.

      1. SatanicCereal

        Genji is like a new pair of shoes... Except the leather is made of iron, you have to get used to it to get good at it

    96. Graham S

      Gosh would of loved to see the in game chat

    97. Izzy Lood

      Adam's the cutest guy out there

    98. Roberto Solano

      Payload on Ilios?

    99. Sean Johnson

      Is this quarantine edition lol

      1. Mike Glasswell

        Funny you said this. We actually had finished animation well before quarantine. The wanted to experiment with animation

    100. gHoMIk

      Кто любит маму Лайк на видео - да Игнор - нет Подписка-плюс 100 лет к жизни