Overwhelming video game tutorials - Combat Tips

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    When a game tries to give you all the tutorials at once
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    1. Fatih Cevik

      Me in a nutshell...

    2. Annansa Wijaya

      I feel it when i play persona 5

    3. Farrel Gamerzzz

      That's not a tips, that's a virus XD

    4. SoullessMadness

      it would've been funnier if the "player" gets killed for skipping the remaining tutorial windows.

    5. Film Fan 1234

      You can't parry, so deal with it lol

    6. Tim Sviridov

      I must say, I was really hoping that he would lose to a green level 1 because he did not read and follow the tips.

    7. Okacino

      You need to go setting first to turn off battle tips

    8. Aeroldoth3

      90s devs: here's a manual about the whole game. 10s devs: We know you have ADD so here's everything one tip at a time for everything you need to know and no you can't skip this skipping means you restart tips from the very beginning , [ hit enter to skip ]

    9. Neon Anderson

      "Access your inventory with QUICK CLICK, plus HOLD CLICK while swiping up on your associated mobile device." alright then.... easy to play game then :P "When fighting an enemy with any type of FIRE enchantment, STOP, DROP and ROLL after each landed hit." The worst tutorials though are when you start a game and you get a video tutorial, ugh that is the absolute worst. Black Ops 4 used that for example among many other crappy games. It tends to be a bad sign though.

    10. Eric Selva

      Me trying to play Witcher 1 for the 100th time.

    11. CruddyZebra The Gamer

      Dark souls

    12. Artifex Histori

      Should've had him stay on low health but not actually die since the enemy is an essential part of the tutorial and you're getting too far ahead

    13. Aphotep

      This needs a follow up for these times when you need some obscure mechanic that was buried under all that tutorial at the beginning to finish a main quest. You know, these 'I'm supposed to do what now? That's a thing? OK, let's search the game wiki because the tutorial is conveniently not properly archived.' moments I'm sure we've all had.

    14. Mr. Latrei

      Please just do one thing after the other and don't teach the entire game in a single tutorial lmao

    15. Darth Zayexeet

      „You can’t parry - So just deal with it“

    16. benjamin_ losu

      "Skip Tutorial by pressing ALT + F4!"

    17. Dracula

      Is a mobile mmorpg normal moment xD

    18. Tregeta

      Tip: To conserve health, avoid getting hit.

    19. Mitlandir


    20. Molandria

      I am shocked they didn't have the Monster Or Beasts attack him only for a pop up to interrupt him, but not his attacker.

    21. Super Duper

      You should just kill the boss while having a tip that’s op

    22. Šutr NoŠutr


    23. Inside Nathan's Head

      Xenoblade Chronicles 2 👍

    24. llVIU

      a good game is self explanatory

    25. The Potato

      i thought he's gonna lose the fight because he doesnt know how to attack

    26. RangaRiis

      6 hours in and it's still teaching you things!

    27. Elin Ambrosiani

      I believe characters in mmorpgs jump alot for no reason, would be fun to see a skit about that :)

    28. Banana_Pancake

      Then having zero idea of the mechanics.

    29. Hofty

      i feel bad for the poor soul who had to write all these tips

    30. Silent Hawk

      "you cant parry, just deal with it" LOL

    31. Vio Flor

      Your computer have been infected with tutorial.exe virus

    32. Blixir

      The detail! 1:22 Look at the enemy hud. He changed to a defensive stance when he got attacked. Bravo!

    33. Smith Wesson

      Are these tutorials getting in the way of your mayhem?

    34. Jiayi LI

      The Witcher is watching you

    35. pryme studio

      This video makes all lazy skippers uncomfortable.

    36. ariana petrova

      The combat tutorial looks so complicated I wouldn’t play

    37. fake Chilled

      Who else stopped to read everything

    38. Olivier Pelletier

      In all honesty, I totally skipped and refunded a couple GOTY and other highly loved ones because of that kind of shit. Im at a point in my life that I dont want to waste time on having to read a whole friggen book to learn to play a ....GAME. That and the fact that, like in the vid, I wont remember half of it anyway with their shit control combination. So, I totally relate!

    39. Bryant Alcantara

      Click many times to skip, Click once to read the tutorial Do- Ki- Get- fu- You've readed the Tutorial Click many times to Redo tutorial , Click once to continue

    40. rgderen88

      And here we have the revenge of Greg The Garlic Farmer, the NPC who got so sick of getting skipped that he made a combat system so complicated no gamer would ever understand it.

    41. Danny Owens

      I wish he would have said... "now how do you loot?"

    42. Wolf Demon


    43. sychrov81

      I was waiting for how the white bar will change the situation cause he skipped the tip so quickly :D

    44. Last Call

      Now that you mention it, it would be neat being able to hit a dead enemy ad nauseam in any Souls game X) With blood all the time.

    45. Kuro Yuki

      And then you accidentally hit skip one too many times and it starts over

    46. Jagath AK XV

      ahh, far cry 3 blood dragon's tutorial

    47. Curry Karee

      this is literally me playing Cyberpunk for first 2 hours

    48. Por Choua Lee

      This couldn't be more true. This is exactly why i don't play video games anymore. The tutorial is basically the whole damn game....

    49. Wyatt Beito

      Just watched cyberpunk gameplay and it reminded me exactly of this. Unironically too much tutorial bullshit

    50. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    51. Jellal 1337


    52. Juggled Lotus

      The amount of time you've made me laugh out loud ✋ you guys are the best

    53. Steve Jackson

      Ronan I never realized you played a bad guy in avatar, lol FYI everyone sitting in that room was playing a bad guy

    54. Kristjan Peil

      This is why I played Deus Ex for like 3 min...

    55. KahNabiz

      Name song?

    56. whichDude

      This is why I love Dead Space 2. The only instruction it gives you at the start of the game is the run button.

    57. VanquishedAgain

      This is like starwars jedi fallen order

    58. Allen Stutzman

      When u make a new cod mobile account

    59. Ikmalreza 1998

      Need to read them

    60. Scheneighnay

      looks like someone has been playing Kingdom Come

    61. Werewolwes were washed

      *You didn't do the required mechanics, try again*

    62. BehindTheMask

      Watched once with subtitles then a second time without subtitles so I could pause every other second to read the tip. Lol 😆

    63. Midlife Crisis Incarnate

      Most of that could've been loading screen fodder.

    64. Charaykee Shilla

      I have felt this pain too.

    65. JJKpeaches

      Can we make this into an actual MMO?? I would love to help!!!

    66. Sand Wich


    67. Sebastian Schmidt

      You can become the stuff of netherwinds... Or the breastplate.... SKIP!

    68. Lore

      There is 128 attacks, 25 stances, 89 moves, and 985 other combat magic or non-magic abilities that affect combat. You can´t parry.

    69. Jessie G. Daken

      I love the name you picked.

    70. Салават Абашев

      Kinda felt that in Sekiro but when Genichiro comes up with his lightning bs, you better read pal.

    71. Kevin Harrelson

      Yeah, I am behind. I started trying to play Witcher 2 (better late than never). This is exactly how I felt in the tutorial battle.

    72. xZEROx

      I was watching my brother when this came on and thought it was Gordon Ramsay

    73. Bart azar

      So many hits. The enemy's health scale should be negative. -1000%

    74. Noname6589

      So you started a new Monster Hunter World game? Nice video :D

    75. Юра Пуха

      Videos from your channel was stolen: hugets.info/show/xn2SjNDOs5edo34/vide.html

    76. Adam White

      Haha y’all should’ve thrown in some practice moves in too like: “hit the enemy with 5 quick attacks. Now perform 5 power attacks.”

    77. Soundphile

      You should make an Epic NPC man video where The NPC glitches out during the Interaction, glitches like the famous 360° headspin in Fallout new vegas, or the face is suddenly only reduced to Eyes, Hair and Mouth like in Assassins creed, or the NPC suddenly starts doing a a task during the conversation, like lifting a bucket that isn't even there, or just walking away while he keeps talking lol

    78. Soundphile

      You should make an Epic NPC man video about how the NPC Animation keeps doing whatever it does or glitching completely out while awkwardly still conversing with the player as if everything is normal.

    79. Henry de Jongh

      Modern game design. It's why I like the old approach better, just let players explore and figure it out, make your game more obvious and less convoluted with math.

    80. Evil Reiko

      Victory! 3 stars! You gained: XP points, items, legendary items, more items, level up, stat points, power points, area cleared, new talent, 1up, skill booster, booster, power booster, super booster, skip rope, cloth, iron, ore... after skipping all that.. Congrats! You completed challenge "my first fight", challenge "my first victory", challenge "gain items"...

    81. Luke Dufresne

      Everybody gangsta until you fight someone who actually read the tips and combos yo ass.

    82. Rosemary Kaye

      That is awesome and hilarious! So funny!

    83. Jebus INRI

      playing fallout 4 as a character with 1 endurance, lvl 16 and I am still getting the (your health is low! use a stimpak . yadda yadda) because when my health is that low it's because I'm about to die. sometimes it skips the message entirely.

    84. harry 7

      Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Ski. Sk.. S... ..... Is there any end of this skip ?🤣

    85. Vasyl Votsko

      The moral is: ALWAYS! ☝ Always print manuals to avoid those annoyable boxes. 🐟 Morning. Hu-ha!

    86. BBR

      Mmmm Ubisoft

    87. Matheus Vaz

      Love the VLDL keys easter egg

    88. REDRUM GMV

      Rage 2 in a nutshell

    89. Kindlesmith80

      Started Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and yes, those help prompts are not very well placed. One shot a guy from stealth and the game decides I should learn how to fight in combat. The NPC is already dead, how is this useful info now? There were other pop-ups too for guys I decided to stealth around, concerning more combat. It has the same case of information bombardment as this video, just not as hilarious.

    90. Михаил Балсанов

      Сначала люди пропускают обучение, а потом не умеют играть и в чате вечно спрашивают что-да-как.

    91. Michael Johnson

      I expected a final one to tell him to kill the guy to complete the tutorial.

    92. Beartooth18

      "You can't parry - so just deal with it."

    93. bruh

      Im literally triggered that the icons pop up even though i know the pop ups come

    94. malrats

      Every Korean MMO ever.

    95. Karl Mac

      Me in every game that has a tutorial. If you need to meticulously explain everything, you've failed 😁

    96. Nickthegamingnerd

      Skip, skip, skip. Me later, oh ffs how do I reload?? Nooooo dont chuck a grenade.. Looks up the controls on Google.. Literally me every game...

    97. Luke McNamara

      1:08 it’s like he saying “oh skip!” to avoid cursing

    98. Daniel Knapp

      Did anyone else read all or most of the tips the first way through? According to one of the tips, the only way to defeat this enemy was by coating your blade in (balmwood?) Oil 3 times.

    99. Mint Blancmanche

      I have deleted games before finishing tutorials, they are that fucking annoying, especially the ones that don't let you skip the tutorial.