The Strange NPCs in Souls Games - Strange NPCs

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    Some NPCs in Souls games are... unsettling
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    1. marcellXcatalyst

      The mother's womb line has my sides hurting.

    2. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    3. Chris L

      That's actually the MAIN thing that I HATE about Dark Souls and whay has stopped me from playing them, not knowing what the hell I'm suppose to do or where the fuck im suppose to go. They SERIOUSLY need to change that in Dark Souls. Or at least add an option to turn on waypoints or some kind of navigation.

    4. moutsounas14

      I wanna meet this person in reality he seems psycho hilarious

    5. shibe. chr

      he added the laughing im so happy

    6. Aldo Santin

      Oh i just kill him.

    7. Mahendren Vathanan

      Patches wating to kick someone over th cliff.....

    8. Bloodborne

      Alright, I now feel like starting my 12th character and 100th play through.

    9. Diego Nei de Brito Santos

      Best Soulsborne NPC ever.

    10. Alex Lala

      The guy got me when he was laughing🤣🤣

    11. Ronaldo Natali

      He was better than me. I tried to kill that Crestfallen prick and he parried me good. "Now that was embarrassing..."

    12. Morgan Lemon

      Im. Dying dafaq hamish 🤣

    13. Cody Stegemueller

      1:24 prince johns laugh from robin hood

    14. Christopher Baffy

      Should have taught you some mundane character emote.

    15. Gustavo Mendoza

      Real tough for a guy who got dumped in the woods ..

    16. Emperor Palpatine

      I like how that’s essentially firelink shrine from ds1 but at the first episode of souls logic you look to have started at the graveyard in ds3

    17. White T-Shirt

      This has a Monty Python feel to it

    18. Chrisfragger1

      Why was Andre the only one who's mouth moved while talking?

    19. Solaireofastora 599

      Dark souls 1 direction:"Ring the bell in the undead church above and in the treacherous blight town below then proceed through the fortress known as Sen's fortress to reach Anor Londo" Dark Souls 3 Directions:"Go Ashen one, your path is a f***ing straight line" Bloodborne:"You turn here, you turn there. It's technically a straight line yet it's not." Dark Souls 2:"Right down the road! Can't miss it!"

    20. Sergei Dynko

      Wearing chain hood over bare head? No wonder he is strange. All these head blows took a toll

    21. Banana_Pancake

      Parrying is easy.

    22. majid jafari

      I am dissapointed. I was waiting for the NPC to actually repeat the whole nonesense all over again.

    23. Patrick Bendig

      Nothing like the first five hours of gameplay

    24. kfsdk8

      Kill the grin, he's the main evil

    25. Daniel Knight

      I literally deleted this game since I dont need a game in my life that gets me this angry. Life does that fine by itself and I dont need a literal fake game to add to it.

    26. Daniel Knight

      Ahhh a very over hyped game with zero story, major anger causer, and and will punish you for being online

    27. Mark Kelly

      I love this series....apart from this episode. Needs to be more melancholy in the NPC voice. Hamish is far too positive

    28. Nab Zero

      His laugh is the best

    29. Samuel Carter

      **hits "talk" button one time too many** **boss health bar appears**

    30. Khang Duy


    31. worm skull

      “Where do I go??” *goes straight to cemetery

    32. Leone Dos Reis Frauches

      kkkkkkkkkkkkkk assim mesmo

    33. Nine Tails

      I saw this before actually playing the game. When I found this NPC I was so disappointed because Hamish did it WAY better.

    34. nethrelm

      Alright, at some point he has to find Andre and wonder why his lips ARE moving.

    35. Necrophite78

      "That's just what we need! Another Inquisitive soul!" Yes I imagine everyone came to ask for directions after they went to the Catacombs or New Londo Ruins first.

    36. Sol Zaer

      Some real Clavious Vile vibes here

    37. Honk Donk Podcast

      It must be really hard to keep composure behind scenes because one of them is screaming at the other who's justㅤ: )

    38. Määde

      First time I killed some the NPCs because I didn't recognized them as NPCs.

    39. Metal Spork

      One of my all time favorites lol

    40. filipe matheus Cezar

      A bonfire! And Someone!! Yeah, socializing scares me too

    41. MrLuna098

      Hamish trying to be the crestfallen warrior while not being crestfallen is the best

    42. Алекс Габр


    43. Thomas Hughes

      This is the weakest of your Souls videos.

    44. Treevis Berkhart

      "oh repeat all that? thats just what we need another inquisitive soul!"

    45. Marietta

      Haven't seen this one yet and it explains A LOT. Ifinally understand everything else now😂👍

    46. All for All


    47. Virgo Heart

      Ben is so handsome!

    48. Jack Duke

      This was brilliant we need to see more of the strange souls NPC videos !!

    49. Vincent Productions

      When you hollow your soul speaks while your body suffers.

    50. JagoFettNZ


    51. manuel maßmann

      and into the graveyard.

    52. Snipingtamale

      I like that ben is the main for souls logic

    53. Hellrais3r

      Every NPC after talking: HahahaHahaHaHaHAHA

    54. Aotearoa_Goose

      I think that only undead don't move their mouths when they speak.

    55. Полина Ковалева

      “Read my f*king lips” Really why he didn’t? That type of players is so annoying 😒😬

    56. T Ha

      "Get outta here you hollow little bitch." lol

    57. Raven Skyblaze

      off you pop lol

    58. David Peterson

      Lol lol, spot on.

    59. Tomas Matejka

      My friend was so scared of NPCs he killed them all :)

    60. Mat O'Neill

      Good god these are SOOO well made!! :) bravo, hollow chap.

    61. Malkamok

      Hamis is inheritor of Frampt #confirmed. That smile...

    62. SocraTeS

      Oh I hate this "Embarrassing" guy He spawn killed me around 20 times

    63. Alen Fora

      This is so great

    64. Alen Fora

      Thats a great fucking actor

    65. Parhel1on

      Hamish, you glorious barstud! I saw you in "Hunt for the Wilderpeople!" Awesome film, and that epic crouch you did... dynamite!

    66. ShWeePs

      Is that not the dude who used to be the vocal base for Pentatonix? Benjamin or something?

    67. Ashen One

      souls NPC laughs are incredible

    68. DelayAndMentlegen

      yeah i wish they're like this

    69. Robin Andblom

      Really though why didnt they make at least simple lip animations? It looks ridicolous in the dark souls games with stone faces

    70. Adolseph Hitlin

      Great production quality

    71. Trent H. Dragon Tamer

      Imagine wearing a maille coif without padding under it. Could not be me. . .

    72. Gian Marco Albanesi

      Appreciate the crestfallen from ds1 but wrong music

    73. Monsieur Clean

      Guy looks like the male version of kristen schaal

    74. Liam Hollands

      Legit a little bit agitated that they used this guy specifically as an example for this considering that he's the best NPC in the series when it comes to telling you where to go. He tells you where the bells are, and where to find other NPCs. Along with a bunch of other off-the main path stuff. All his dialogue tells you where to find something useful.

    75. IVA

      that is hilarious - seriously

    76. James Cool

      He did not light the bonfire.

    77. Cristiano Lissone

      Brilliant! this is brilliant!

    78. Kaze Kaz

      Why is this so accurate hahahaha

    79. JohnathanLeeSprite

      My first mistake in Souls games (DS1), attacking Crestfallen Warrior for the lulz.

    80. Isaac Garcia

      I love how all the music and effects are from DS3 but the story is DS1😂

    81. J B

      It would have been great if Ben would've attacked and got caught in that loop of the npc never losing agro. We all did it and had to start a new game from it!

    82. Riccardo Mori

      Probably the best Hamish video so far.

    83. Black Cloud

      I hope they bring onion bro snd sunbro in haha

    84. Tyiriel

      In the accursed land of future honeywood, the vengeful spirit of Hamish lives on.

    85. werewolf873

      i really want to see a Lord of the Rings where Hamish plays gollum

    86. shadwo xii

      the NPC should die as i killed most of them on my first run

    87. Misbachul Munir

      Well Miyazaki always making weird npc😅 but.. actually most all this NPC have tragic Story behind...😥

    88. Gregory M


    89. REDFIEND

      Andrew the blacksmith is the only NPC who's mouth moves when he talks. It's even creepier than the whole ceramic mask thing.

    90. garbage binny

      The good thing about being undead is that no one can kill you twice.

    91. Mihir Lavande

      You couldn't see the lips moving because his true self is that of a hollow. Humanity is just another illusion of the gods. At least that's what I think. Hollow lips don't move either lol.

    92. Mihir Lavande

      Where in the fuck is this filmed? Actual Firelink Shrine?

    93. Big Moe

      "Fine! Guess I'll go explore or something" Honestly...that makes me respect the NPC even more.

    94. Sami Abid

      Dark Souls: Scholars of the BIN LADIN.

    95. E Ab


    96. Mad Mox

      Не знаю, как вам удалось затащить в ролик Мелхарукоса, но сыграл он великолепно

    97. music for life

      Get out

    98. Roman Abanin

      had no problems with that back in the days. No quest marks, no help except floor massages. Seems okay to me

    99. Harl Windwolf

      That's almost literally the way I imagined my first encounters with these guys would go off if they were actual persons (or just very realistic holograms/androids).

    100. Unheard

      i got a question for VLDL: How do you guys feel about the fact that your videos are posted and re-dubbed by other channels for the sake of monetization? I mean, it's very easy to understand the original English voice acting.