Teammates who talk too much in Tarkov - Over Communicator

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    Some teammates are a little too specific...
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    1. Ashley Kidd

      I'm dying of laughter

    2. KSE KSE

      That ending as he approached his dead teammates was hilarious!!

    3. form24us

      rotating 45 degrees. yeah, but which side? if you're gonna be specific then be fucking specific!

    4. 신림동비둘기

      Alan walker

    5. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    6. NightHawk J30

      I like this its speaks the truth about some shitty games are being made.

    7. BattleGnome 23

      good trigger discipline and I want the flip ups on the SKAR

    8. BIG CAT

      Alan is my buddy

    9. Mike Mike

      Very funny sketch :) oh and AK safety on P

    10. kyle finck

      im 100% that guy

    11. LivNGain

      Hahaha my buddy and I were playing remnant from the ashes on apoc difficulty with new characters/first ever time playing and I got to a point of a mental breakdown where I'd narrate everything that was happening

    12. Marcelo Baez

      Is this a reference to Karmakut? xD

    13. Aaron James

      Trigger discipline is solid on 50% of these fellas.

    14. Lucas Rühl

      its like in cs .... mute all and your win rate raise hard

    15. Brian Prior

      So cold, what a savage, utter legend, roasted, insert other empty and vacuous buzz word here.

    16. yoster77

      Allen's been watching too much stonemountain64

    17. Rick K

      I just watched a 3 minute The Walking Dead Aron tribute add for you guys. Keep up the great work!

    18. Amir

      I don't comment often, but DAMN this was funny. Props to VLDL!

    19. Carrie Hale

      1:48 A reference to the Bored shaming sketch perhaps?

    20. Vishegor

      How vital =)))

    21. OoieGooie

      Thats 2 funny skits in a row! Keep it up. Maybe you'll get lucky with a 3rd.

    22. Trevor Blair

      Alan was savage! Lol you guys make me laugh lolol

    23. Trevor Blair

      Communication is the key!

    24. Elin Diamond

      lol where the hell did you get these sweaters? they look like the exact same sweaters girls wear in my army haha

    25. Hamza Qureshi

      They playing tarcov by using pubg guns nice 🤣🤣

    26. drblacko

      Take their tags to laugh at later!! I'm excited for the "Woods on my own" episode... That's a skit!!

    27. NEKO MIKO

      Alan: Approaching dead idiot teammate number one. Shame wish he listened, approaching him arrogant asshole who is very aggressive, and~ passing him self rightous prick. Shame... alittle bitch. Wow alan hahaha 😂

    28. Sedatus

      This is my experience in Hunt Showdown too

    29. PurpleRouge

      more of this plzz hahaha

    30. Koli

      breathing breathing blinking in a few secs blinking right now walking walking

    31. Scott Martinis

      I'm not gonna lie the first thing I noticed was that the guy has a scar and tarkov doesn't have a scar yet

    32. No Pity

      Am I the only person who was expecting the silent person to be following behind them and watching them get picked off in front of him without the others noticing themselves getting picked off one by one or him being taken down first???

    33. Blue Gaming

      Hahahahahha Alan!!!

    34. MonkofAu

      dude i cant stop laughing

    35. Fugas 2.0

      'you lil bixxh' at the end destroyed me :D

    36. Lunar Strike

      Ump and scar l

    37. Killerbrandt

      This was WAY too accurate!!!! Literally happened to my squad yesterday!

    38. tudy000

      Is tarkov really that shit?

    39. Ole Cranky Gamer

      Are we Suuuuurre Alan was acting in the end?

    40. EX E

      Lol i was hoping to see a 5man show up behind them as someone was narrating I hear gunshots across the map, or giving a three sentence+ explanation to 'im at north end of building'. Like 'im at the uh hmm uh the side of the building by the uh metsl structure thingy by the tree, you know the tree its the one tree by that tree, its kind of where those gunshots were 20 games ago but a little to the right.

    41. Semi Beautifstron


    42. Sore thumbs

      Yup I talk way way too much

    43. Reagan Bui

      Why is youtube saying that this was uploaded today

    44. mikrobixmikrobix

      OMG 1:04 so f.. true hahahahahahahahahahha

    45. Herman Wong

      YES alan you show them

    46. America Best country ever

      Did this get taken down ? Why was it uploaded an Hour ago ? Saw It last week.

    47. Sir bon Bon

      This is me at times

    48. Miffidurf Gaming

      I hope you boys enjoy wearing those itchy as hell, army drill jumpers

    49. Wolfred Lightwind

      Shame 🔔

    50. Brian Fordham

      Was waiting for hay bro can you throw my stuff in a bush for insurance.

    51. david day

      Do more apex videos

    52. Sorrontis Games

      Sounds like Alan is snapping. I'm waiting for it.

    53. MorningStar • _

      Wiggling could've saved them only if they did it first.

    54. walao walaoeh

      atleast two guy is already preparing to shoot that guy

    55. Rose • Bounty

      “I am now tea bagging their bodies “

    56. Darma


    57. Nerds Playhouse


    58. Ben

      Let's be honest he would still dump his teammates gear

    59. Kiddo 280

      “Shame... little bitch.” - haha 🤣

    60. Derp!

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I communicate like this but on Deadside.

    61. StarMan 1337

      Shame! Shame....Shame....

    62. Divided We-Fall

      Got to give it up to this bunch. Longest running beg-a-thon on HUgets. Love the live action parodies of video game adverts and other ideas like that classic office space knock "something something red shirt" simply amazing. So much talent, so much drive, so much passion. And a movie too boot, well it is a nice day to go fishing isn't it. Wait.... Merch.....omgomgomg. :'/

    63. Gaming Made Simple

      How many attempts did it take to do those insults with a straight face, would have lost it just trying to say those walking over the bodies

    64. Kadar God

      несмешной американцки юмар фу.

    65. Dyl With It

      NO you should have said sarcastically “yeah I’ll just ditch these assholes gear real quick” wink

    66. Peter Taylor

      LOL this is totally me

    67. WARDADDY

      The way of him saying "Told ya" doe...🤣🤣

    68. sequoi jones

      Alan are you doing a give way on Facebook?


      I know someone like that in cod MW I always mute him 😂

    70. joshua suchy

      ENEMY! ENEMY!! ENEMY!!! Killed me! XD

    71. binod yumnam

      I thought rowan would kill all of them 🤣

    72. James R

      I wanna see a speedrunner in honeywood lol

    73. FPV Adventures

      Where's Brit?

    74. The Fennec Fox

      I don't remember that EFT have FN SCAR

    75. Maciej Czujak

      sry my english not complette guds writhings understunds not super speack

    76. Maciej Czujak

      hi gays nice videos lovly as you to funny yem from poland meny lock al yours videos gud jobs

    77. George Stewart

      you had the safety on you AK on the whole time lol

    78. VinXP

      I'm still thinking about " Whos behind the person that replying people's comment

    79. Michael Montgomery

      Nice shirts, what are they?

    80. Taladin 101

      whats the music in the first 21 seconds

    81. Johan Karlsson

      Congrats on all ur sucess guys! Love u!!

    82. Best CSGO


    83. Nar Whale

      It's hurts that you were using a scar and an ump 😂 Nice vids tho

    84. tigerheart6

      Absolutely brilliant 👌🏻

    85. Hyisham Emberga

      Next vid: "when u get wiped by a solo- pubg"

    86. Jack Blade

      Pls do a minecraft logic

    87. S.R.G.

      *I need a russian subtitles*

    88. Jimmy H

      Are these guys in NZ or Oz? I thought that kinda hardware was a little rare over there. I'm not judging, Texas here my neighborhood has better... just curious.

    89. The NightScythe

      I love the Duct Tape on the shoulders

    90. Magnaniman

      It looks like Alan is learning to enjoy Tarkov.

    91. Leudwig vonshwartsenhelm

      Can you move on to a different game please......

    92. PizzaBert_

      I wish there was a SCAR in tarkov :(


      I too like to leave the safety on while in a hostile environment!

    94. cannibalbananas

      I think it's smart that Alan narrates everything. This way they know who he is and don't shoot him for not wiggling 😂😂

    95. IrishRepoMan


    96. Rob Towell

      This asked to be one your best videos in a while

    97. Mastadon King

      So communications is more vital to avoid team killing than anything else.

    98. Nunya Dambidness

      Y'all should do just as much tarkov as you did pubg you guys are fun to watch. Except Ben. He seems to be hiding great sadness and I don't like that. Reminds me of life too much. Get help ben. You deserve it.

    99. Vegan Space Scientist

      This is my squad.

    100. Vince Phoenix

      Actually, I am not sure to understand what is this game x)