Souls Logic Teaser

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    Souls Logic is dropping next week!
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    1. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    2. Alex

      "Morning! Nice day for ganking, ain't it? Hehehehehehehehehehehehe!"

    3. Rodrigo Silva

      The best series on HUgets now, for sure.

    4. Baracuda

      I unsubscribed after years of subscription and right after you decide to get interesting...

    5. Vasiliy Feofanov

      Good news, thanks guys ✊

    6. Shane Norwood

      you guis are top 5 favorit youtubers and im so exited

    7. Shane Norwood

      this looks sick

    8. Néstor Enrique Leiva

      Pling pling plong

    9. Psychopomp115

      How they present games in trailers: This How it actually looks like: The next souls logic video.

    10. Glenn Cox

      "Bizarre strangers.." *shows Bodger the Blacksmith Smh

    11. ertsi

      I absolutely love souls, cant wait!

    12. Isaac Paulin

      Good choice

    13. Justin Baker

      I wonder how many Americans thought “ there’s not 30 months”

    14. Anonymous Libertarian

      Sabbaton should totally do a Dark Souls song!

    15. Anonymous Libertarian

      That was an OP advert for Dark Souls if I ever saw it!

    16. Nikolaos Boukouvalas

      That Deprived is gonna destroy him.

    17. Wincent Ivan

      At least show me the fire keeper.

    18. Jesse Ellert

      Yes more Souls Logic Please!!

    19. Lucas Hoffmann

      U know u are fuc*** when u see someone wearing nothin and only holding a knife xD

    20. Eloy Mateo III Flores

      I really thought this was going to be a serious dark series

    21. RWina GangGang

      Aaah the flame finally enlightens

    22. Kate

      I'm so used to having to 'translate' American dating, that seeing a date the 'right' way around actually confused me for a bit

    23. Little Gaming

      Please do genshin impact logic

    24. yakuto - Belajar Ngedit

      This!!! I am waiting for tgis

    25. Edgar Herrera

      Maaaaaaaaaaaaan hype is real. This is high quality content!

    26. Herman Wong

      very much looking forward to this series. can't believe you guys haven't touched this topic before

    27. MysticDragonWolf

      Rowan being Rowan, throwing off his clothes

    28. Hans von Mor

      Great theme! Thanks!

    29. Zachariah Mousa

      Holy shit! I am subscribing right now! This is going to be epic!

    30. Farael Willdabeast

      Naked knife man. You have my attention.

    31. Tom Sommer

      And Hoooow looong do you praising the sun ?

    32. Shade Keigar Blacksky

      For a very long time, nice!

    33. fred grig

      What boss music is in the video? I don't remember

    34. Senpath

      Please include Solaire from Dark Souls 1. It’ll be amazing

    35. K A P I G S A A N

      ahaha.. Now i found my favorite Game in VLDL --

    36. JOEMface

      The desperate dive forward of some scrub with a dagger in a loin cloth had me laughing.

    37. Bored Space Marine

      0:46 is that a reference to puri puri prisoner's angel rush? xDDD

    38. Airwolf39

      woohoo my favorite game ever!!

    39. blazen710420 blazen710420

      They forgot about the garlic farmers though 🤣😂 and before you say that all no garlic farmers there's always a garlic farmer lol

    40. Christian Wind

      Finally something epic!

    41. Hardcore Bunny

      Do they still think it is 2011?

    42. Bradret Evelake


    43. Hawk Toole

      BRO YES

    44. Furkan Efe Türeç

      *Waiting for it.*

    45. Chris Hamilton

      Yay Ben gets a main role this time :)

    46. Stifled Gaming

      If they don’t have giant dad. Lol

    47. Danny Van den Berg

      This was even beter then the real dark souls trailer damn I call a real life action movie 😍😍😍😍

    48. Steven Quirós

      I’ll love this

    49. Nezalu

      Cant wait !

    50. Lucas Inocenti

      For a second here i tought Shadowlands cinematic was playing in some other window. this intro voice sounds alot like Sylvannas.

    51. Joshua Herring

      I wants this so bad...Can't wait!

    52. Wenca CZ

      Give me give me!!! 😍😍😍😍

    53. Michael Smith

      Mandolorian and dark souls on the same day.

    54. jadedragon21

      Don't forget your pan or ladle.


      "Amazing chest ahead" Waiting for this one 👆

    56. RockKng

      I better see a glitchy backstab!!!

    57. C T

      DarkSouls~ OP + overHitPoint enemies ~Player=under powered defense Now play find the weakspot.

    58. JonnyTeronni


    59. wiji yono


    60. abigfavor


    61. Martin Butterworth

      All we need now is Among us logic

    62. Jovany Covarrubias

      That isn't Rowan acting, they just picked up a camera and filmed him in the woods.

    63. Tobs W

      So so so so so excited for this

    64. Neptune_Child

      If there is no backstabs in this I will boycott your channel understand ?

    65. J. C.

      But will it be funny?

    66. nate mercier

      VLDL Dark Souls on 10-30-2020 im super excited for this! Happy Birthday to me (Literally)

    67. Elusive Pizza

      This is gonna be good, I can’t wait!

    68. Treajean Taumbo


    69. Terry Davies

      Can you please make a full on movie? Like an hour long proper movie

    70. Patryk Kamiński

      This trailer looks great. I can't wait! :) After watching this I started to think that I would love to see everyone of you in the serious movie based on Dark souls games, with your acting skills it would be amazing.

    71. PhilChill

      Can't wait for these Dark Souls is an amazing game!!

    72. Cerothel

      Is Karen doing this voice over?

    73. Cyb0Schlauch

      So this day has finally come... I think this will be my favorite logic series of u guys

    74. Jocose Sonata

      If you see a naked man in Dark Souls, they're probably going to kick your ass without even taking a single hit.

    75. Querantino

      you make it possible that 'The Chosen Undead' , 'The Bearer of the Curse' and 'The Ashen One' will finally meet each other

    76. Khoa Nguyễn

      imagine the face of Ben when he meet nameless king :))))))

    77. Zarni Maung

      The Souls Series is already quite MENTAL. These guys are gonna crank it up to past 10 and...........then immediately down to the minus

    78. Sans the skeleton

      dont forget to spam roll, estus flask, and most importantly PRAISE THE SUN!

    79. Audius _

      Hell yes baby!!!

    80. Thành Trung

      I wonder how they will look like when they go hollow

    81. Gabriel Pedro

      Alguém brazuca aqui?

    82. SheyD78

      Can't wait for it, but this doesn't look like the protagonist's first play through, not nearly enough deaths. A quick listen to Miracle of sound's Dark Souls : you died will put you in the right mindframe. Its gonna be good though, the memes dear god THE MEMES! (With plenty of space for fashion souls)

    83. Jerremiah Penaflorida

      Dark Souls 4?

    84. Robert Adams

      yaya :D

    85. MrXshot

      I can't remember the last time I was this hyped, probably Halo 2 release.

    86. Kali Evermore

      That's cool and all, but what about Baelins quest? I have been eager to see everyone's favourite town fisherman embark on the ultimate quest

    87. ZerFrost

      No giant onion.

    88. Xavierspanic

      Holy shit I am hyped

    89. Nayster

      I waited for this moment the whole my life

    90. Chris Stark

      No way! Can't wait for this 😃

    91. Ja Jsem

      Love Dark souls. Ben looks so cool in this one. Also not enough rolling...

    92. ConquerThaFuture

      Can not wait any longer. I've been waiting for toooo long!

    93. Marcos Ciani

      The reason to live that I was looking for

    94. Whiskey Weekly

      "Bored" has me hating Ben but this series.....well my my, when did he get so handsome. 😆

    95. Wraith540

      Is this a Sky Craft expansion?

    96. Payne

      OH, HELL YES! Right when i thought i couldn't love you guys more, you do Dark Souls :D

    97. Yves Jakob

      YES 😍

    98. Саша Кулешов

      Sup guys, hello from Russia! Finally some new logic! GGWP mate's. Waiting new series!

    99. Makujah


    100. Jesse W.

      Why aren't they making FPS logic anymore?