Loading into Tarkov for the first time - Tarkov Logic (re-uploaded)

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    Apologies! We had to re-upload as the original upload was a low resolution. Enjoy this snazzy enhanced definitive remastered edition of the first episode of Tarkov Logic!
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    1. The Doctor

      its not games fault they are dumb lol

    2. Евгений Романов

      Тарков Тарков Тарков, ещё

    3. Kiri 改2

    4. Neormaltik

      Put the гандон 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    5. borla exhaust

      Эшкрэйт форм краков, какой это катч?

    6. 東方ファン軍事物好き


    7. BEAMISHdocd

      been playing tarkov since it came out. this scene is all too real.

    8. Mordka009

      HAHAHA everyone casual streamer of CS,LOL,Valorant or any FPS in tarkov is like this video

    9. fireblade boost

      Thats sums it up

    10. TheYknurts

      should have jump checked

    11. ВредныЙ ЛисЬ


    12. Morozheno


    13. Shawn John

      That is literally borderlands,you guys remember those quests?

    14. Arjen Fortuin

      So.. you guys are gonna re-publish this in a few years as 'Legendary Edition'? Then maybe a 'Complete' edition? :|

    15. Semi Beautifstron


    16. LOLOL veryfun258

      Them: first point guns at each other Me and my cousin: If that's you then jump twice

    17. Traitor Guardsman


    18. hanzo plschange

      The office.

    19. Mitchell Earley

      .... tells friend I’m inside the blue container... friend goes to blue container and yells someone is here and shoots and kills me

    20. michaelgamer60

      Me watching in the distance watching 4 newbies play tarkov

    21. Vsevolod Borisov

      When Tarkov came out, me and two of my mates went to a night raid on Shoreline. We entered some small dark room together and started looting it. After like 2 minutes, we realised that there were 4 of us in the room. One of us yelled "Omg, there's enemy!" and headshotted our another teammate. Then he continued "Shit! I made a mistake! Sorry!" and immediately killed me. The next thing I heard from him was "Fuck, this guy has just killed me". This is the sad story of 3v1 wipe.

    22. Flagsitta

      Jumping would have been wiser. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    23. Lex Luther S

      Bruh gotta call corporate for that one 2 grand jesus my head hurts

    24. berdana


    25. Spek Fox


    26. Y 10HK29

      They forgot the international sign for peace..... *Click*

    27. Nick Gurr

      I can't believe they can't recognize each other who's been playing with them for 4 years (re-upload)

    28. Fernando Lecaros

      If you would´ve invited Hamish none of that would´ve happended. The reason would be that 3 stooges and Ben would´ve aimed at Hamish no matter what. That´s what you call VLDL Logic.

    29. Gavin Powell

      Would have been funny if they just started head tilting side to side for 20 seconds asking if the others could see it :D

    30. canton7180

      we always ask each other to jump or do the side lean

    31. TheShamansQuestion

      How and when did you get into tarkov?

    32. TechsArcana


    33. Luis Carvalho


    34. LethiuxX

      You guys are all my favourite

    35. Yalkın ÇIRAK

      That is why there is a jump and crouch key

    36. Anthony Daniels


    37. Боря Дорохин

      it's funny to see their guns on safe or uncocked

    38. douchbagat

      gamers are too dependent on huds

    39. Max Tumanov


    40. Mhokii

      Really love your videos, guys :D especially EFT Vids..

    41. Austin Mackey

      I've already seen and liked the video but HUgets is doing this thing where they'll remove the like from videos and I think my view never counted.

    42. Cool Dragon


    43. Nate Yes That's it -Zephyr-

      "T-bag so I can see you".. *T-bags*, *dies*, "this game sucks, let's get in again, scav run"

    44. Kaiser Soze

      We want more Tarkov videos !!

    45. odins1337

      that has never happened

    46. Abysswalker


    47. Logic Monkey

      jump check

    48. William Jefferson Clinton

      That was whatcha call a Mexican Standoff, minus the chorizo and donkeeeeeeh.

    49. Komediant

      Последний должен был выжить на последних хп, и начать пить энергетик и удивляться почему не помогает.....

    50. Scott Campbell

      Did Ben shoot first?

    51. Sug Madic it that pronouns

      And knowing is half the battle

    52. Vade Nummela

      More EFT videos

    53. Sadom

      Что тарков слишком сложен для вас?

    54. YİĞİT Çağlak

      Türkler +1

    55. Splash

      They couldve just said everyone take 1 step back

    56. c Nox

      нормальная логика, думаете в реале над вами какие то значки будут?

      1. Абзал Агибаев

        Tarkov на опирается на сверхреализм

    57. Life Simulator

      Do crosshairs next. Insurgency doesn’t have any crosshairs (don’t know about Tarkov yet) You can also do videos on mods that allow you to cheat in hardcore shooters by easily spotting enemies bcuz the mod gives them overly colorful armor. For Insurgency, modders made very bright blue armor in the dessert.

    58. TheWorldLuvsABastard

      Omg, those sweaters made you all look incredibly sexy!

    59. Spider King

      Should have done a wiggle check... plus it wouldve been hilarious to watch

    60. Łukasz Piasek

      finally my favorite game

    61. Cauthon

      So happy that you've started making Tarkov skits.

    62. Sirius ADM_in

      Фил!!! Я тебя узнал!!! Сейчас приедет доктор быков и увезет тебя обратно в интерны😃😃😃😈😈😈

    63. Regulator

      There always one guy who gets shot with the group i play with

    64. DeeVee

      As a Tarkov player, this is just unrealistic. 5 seconds into the game, a fully geared player would sprint into you guys at 25 miles per second, jumping around in full assault gear, and gun you all down in less than a second, smh.

    65. Badbentham

      C´Mon Guys! Nobody wants This! We`re s`pposed to be f`ckin` professionals! :P

    66. viajeroastralx

      hahhahhahha xD

    67. Yvette Szentesi

      There was a time where over excited guys shot each other for wearing the wrong uniform. These days over excited guys shoot each other because .. there are no names floating above their heads. Humanity is SO doomed :)

    68. Avengers Channel - Team Fight Tactics TFT

      AK GUY is scared Usp guys :v lol

    69. amirreza es

      i did the fucking same XD

    70. Kyle Gregory

      What even is tarkov?

    71. George Bonta

      More please more.

    72. mojarra rabiosa

      more tarkov logic videos plzzz

    73. Walter Melon

      You should of checked yourselves before you wrecked yourselves, that's the problem.

    74. Станислав Родин

      Парни, красавчики так держать))

    75. m4axsssS

      Когда рус. субтитры?

    76. FatRefrigerator

      So glad y'all are doing Tarkov videos finally

    77. Yuray Bobniuk

      Alan number one!

    78. Pavel Tůma

      Second time? It's still perfect :-D

    79. iNoor

      Но игра то классная)

    80. Austin Theng

      Anyone on a Viva la dirt league rewatch marathon of all the videos during this stay home lockdown? like literally every single video...

    81. Kvin Tas

      Нужно... Больше... ТАРКОВА! а так же хотелось бы знать чего они нового для себя найдут

    82. garyskippracing

      VLDL: Sorry we uploaded in LoQ, here’s a HiQ upload! HUgets: Plays the new video in 480p Thanks HUgets.

    83. Видео Наоборот

      Где перевод?

    84. Firestar4041

      Why don't we just wave, and say it's us doing? "That's PHYSICALLY, IMPOSSIBLE." Gfdi....

    85. Daniel Dupont Jr

      Please keep the Tarkov videos coming! So many funny querks to make into skits for this game!

    86. RPG迷

      Can you make Call of duty?hahahaha

    87. Wanderinpaladin

      Watching again, why the reupload? algorithm problems? Love you guys keep up the good work

    88. Gabriel Cuneta

      Player tag: KingGVC I wanna have a chance for my gamertag to be included in your next skit

    89. Tim Doherty

      Here is my comment, now remastered in HD

    90. Сергей

      Суровая русская игра. Не для всех.

    91. Dusty090

      Has one of you been a extra in Avatar

    92. Qwkdraw

      when they all died I half expected Kotten to come out from the woods "did you see their heads go"......

    93. Katsu Maximus

      no apex parody? :(

    94. Seti69

      That's why you jump check...

    95. bladesedge2

      More tarkov!!!

    96. Joe LeRoy

      Really...same one again...jesh

    97. Mango Less

      QE Spam pls 😂😂

    98. Sean O'Brien

      Noobs, just pwned yourselves.

    99. Dylan Boyle

      Social distancing done right, be like VLDL