When your character never speaks - Silent Hero

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    It's amazing the things your character can achieve by not ever saying a word
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    1. Kharmazov

      No, no. You need fully enclosed helmet for complete effect.

    2. Penees Longchamp

      The hero looks like Patrick the starfish

    3. dont need to know

      Is he a bard?

    4. Vladislav Korovine

      Nah guys, it actually works, tried that in high-school, the less you talk the more you attract XD

    5. IZ S

      Basically Red from the Pokémon games 😂

    6. Boba Fett

      with that expression in his face,i hoped until the end that Rowan would say: "WhAt ArE yOu DoInG hEre?" xD

    7. Allistar


    8. Fajrul Naufal

      honestly didn't expect the twist 🤣🤣🤣

    9. TheHolyKnight501

      The underbite makes it so much better

    10. 07jaworski07

      That's what skyrim feels sometimes after completing every quest possible and make all npcs like you.

    11. Tastit

      He is just holding his fart from beginning of game.

    12. ScionStorm

      The actual reason Red is legendary as one of the best pokemon Champions.

    13. Michael R-A

      The hand at 2:23 omfg lol!

    14. IT WAS I, DIO!!!

      Everyone: (loves the silent protag, as a friend, romantically, or just for what they do) Protag: (derpy stare) NPC Man: (confusion, as always)

    15. XeaKon

      Celebrations by Andres Cantu is the name of the music at the end.

    16. lhouvi Pienyu

      Wtf!! 😂😂😂

    17. Bruh

      He's actually doing an option of dialogues but there wasn't any voice actor to voice him

    18. Andreas Oliver

      Womn are actually like that. That´s why if you´re single no womn cares about you. But if you´re in a relationship, you´ll get the attention from other womn because one womn recognize you as a valuable man.

      1. Andreas Oliver

        YT don´t want you to read that comment. It was automatically moderated. That´s why I made some mistakes typing.

    19. IcedFate

      so. . .Fable mechanics I see. . . . . . . . later he's gonna fart in the epic npc man's face to lower his reputation

    20. Big John

      "'sides, now's one of those times....pays to be the strong, silent type." -Dutch. Halo 3 ODST.

    21. Travis Smith

      " "

    22. Mohammed Ayoub Bouhzam

      I highly respect them for looking at rowan face without laughing

    23. Commissar Nonna

      God Eater and Persona be like

    24. Bootleg SiR

      Greg’s face at 2:50 is fucking priceless

    25. Cheeks2184

      This reminds me of Dragon's Dogma.

      1. RECRUTA R6

        The silent heroes are best ones. After the anti heroes

    26. Yalmaz Khan

      The moment he looked towards the two men, i knew one of them is going to be attracted to him

    27. Evander Mursh

      I love how Greg keeps getting more and more sentient

    28. Jean-Luc Martel

      Adventurer: ARE YOU A ROBOT?

    29. kArasu

      Is Rowan standing on a chair or something, he is so tall xD

    30. sir spectre

      I never really got it like the main character doesn't say shit but will have at least one character go "I love you I want to give you children"

    31. Uchiha Will


    32. Kwstas Delipeleas

      dragon age origins jumped on my mind

    33. defmanwalking

      The song playing at the end is called "Celebrations" by Andrés Cantú for anyone else wondering.

    34. colin8696908

      Rowen spent their bonus money on this.

    35. Rudy Roughknight

      Interessting! I have the complete opposite effect on people! Saying nothing and they still run away XD

    36. Florian Savoie

      the last OH got me

    37. scottpilgrim920

      Rowan's facial expressions never fail to amuse me every time I watch this

    38. Finn200 Gaming

      Harem in the medival ages huh. Preety cewl.

    39. OvieDoovie

      I’m getting monster Hunter vibes

    40. Crimson Sea

      Chad "Okay"

    41. Ralph Harrison

      Years ago when I played table top rpgs, I had made a douchebag paladin that is pretty much like this

    42. nathanixslade

      Just Like Phantom Pain Metal Gear

    43. J N

      this was definitely Rowan's idea xD

    44. aquilesriffo

      The ladies speeches are so from a Latin telenovela ( Soap Opera)

    45. Andika P

      when mic disable, spinn the head using mouse to answer " yes " or " no "

    46. Just Bull

      I do not know where they found this person, but the fact that she could go through this scene without laughing her ass off amazes me entirely XD

    47. Divya Gupta

      Just one word😂😂 in the whole skit. It's unbelievable from Rowan😂😂


      2.47, i got choked while eating

      1. Curtison Cuffy

        I know right lol😂😂😂😂

    49. Michael Anthony

      This man needs to win an Oscar for Best Stupid Face.

    50. Hugh the Contrarian

      Adol Christine in YS series prior to 6

    51. Raymond Parent

      Videogame unfairness. Epic npc man is logic. Game bullcrackery can be a bit more… involved(?) on the players side. I yearn for the game where you play as epic npc man.…

    52. Camille Martinez

      Omg the end 😂😂😂 thanks for that

    53. lumiose gaming

      He looks like bob

    54. Jessica T

      I never understood the love for a silent protagonist. Though psychologically speaking, I assume they love how easy it is for them to project their idealized version of a man, if he never says anything.

    55. Soloplayer komoshi

      Link at witcher world

    56. Daniel rogers

      It worked with Mr Darcy in Pride and prejudice

    57. mittri1990

      Funny story. This happened to me in D&D while my character could talk. He married the princess and had a lover on the side. XD

    58. Henry Del Rosario

      You're a guuurl

    59. Gxal35

      monster hunter be like..

    60. Tanya Leander

      i can't help laughing

    61. the jux09

      Litterally undertale

    62. AC Nine-ball

      Dragon's Dogma is this, but the suprmee irony is when you attract a real woman by ignoring her because you wanted to play video games.


      omelette du fromage

    64. Matthew Yeh

      when you roll a 150 in suduction

    65. gallopinggoose6

      Gordon Freeman vs. Alyx

    66. Farren Amarah

      Reminds me of my fallout 4 character... lucky bastard he is.

    67. RJLbwb

      Well, women always tell me guys talk to much so looks like Rowan found the right touch.

    68. Woody Ridenour

      Sticking his lower jaw out like he’s collecting rainwater

    69. Khyler Rodriguez

      This is Skyrim love except your Wifus don't give a shit if you cheat on them.

    70. Saul Newman

      is this a MMORPG or a dating sim?

    71. RECRUTA R6

      Darksouls main protagonist.

    72. kriss3d

      Whos their escort ? she looks extremely familiar.

    73. Ryan Nobil

      The silent hero is Claude

    74. Ricardo Poleo

      What's the name of the song at the end? (I went into their Soundtracks and couldn't find it)

    75. Александр Власов

      You are the best, guys!

    76. JP Rheeder

      What is the song at the end?

    77. Josiah Riojas

      This is called: telepathic character

    78. Chris Daniels

      At least he can easily be replaced with a look a like doll when Lavos zaps his ass...

    79. Michael Anthony

      Looks like he's trying to portray both definitions of dumb.

    80. Jelly Jr.

      “The look of a dumbass 🥴”

    81. Sheep Studios

      0:30 all part of the master plan

    82. Millan Tronni

      This is what guys dreaming of when entering a pub on Friday night

    83. Noah Stricklin

      Best channel ever

    84. Rob Hill

      Oh, Gawd that is hilarious. You are the best.

    85. Sam Dean

      Dr.pepper out of my nose! Thanks for tge video

    86. Austin Spruill

      Why does he look like Sam Smith

    87. IamtheJiminator!

      Greg's self awareness is only climbing

    88. Loon 李迪倫

      Rowan being the 'charismatic' silent model here... At least he's not naked.

    89. Ратко Войник


    90. Taylor kazemba

      That ending though

    91. Alpha Unknow

      That face

    92. MrRushSkies

      Thats Rodney

    93. Eduardo Pizarro Pérez

      Anna: Artyom! Artyom! Where are you? Answer the radio, please. Artyom: ... Anna: Okay. We are waiting for you at the Aurora.

      1. Narms

        lmao i just finished exodus and there were so many points where if this fucker actually talked and explained his situation there would be no worry

      2. TheOptimizer

        ahaha metro.....

    94. wer wer

      destiny 2

    95. david42na


    96. WarpRulez

      The quiet ones get all the chicks. They are so mysterious and exotic.

    97. D. Satyagraha

      life is tough 😂

    98. [23] ThunderSky


    99. Grigeral

      haven't seen new ones of these for a while and 'immediately' off with a bang