Getting drunk in games - Alcohol

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    When you're out of options for heals...
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    1. D A F

      Would love to see VLDL doing Yakuza series skits :D

    2. Shini Baku

      I love you guys thank you so much for making me happy

    3. steven carter

      Instead of drunk in game, How about gaming while drunk.

    4. gabriel albright

      Fable III.

    5. Sie Jac

      Dobry kechup, ketchup dobry, dobry ketchup!

    6. Wan K

      This, i can relate 😂

    7. Dean Williams

      Litteraly RDR2 when you run out of food

    8. Hit Man

      When i drink alcohol in games it normally only has an effect for about 30 seconds.

    9. TheJECNova

      Best part this: Orc dogpile-beatdown.

    10. Bartosz Chrząstkowski

      Because none epic (npc) adventure strats from glass of milk

    11. ImperVas5

      Who watched this while drunk? I am for sure!

    12. Will Van Rooy

      1:09 damn Alan really zinged that cork!

    13. Frederico Pagotto

      Alcohol can´t heal a lot but it can certainly gives you LOTS of courage !!! LOL

    14. MrSpankyTank

      Good thing you can’t get alcohol poisoning in games... wait, can you??🤔

    15. Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

      RDR2 is the only game where I noticed booze heals...good luck using your dead eye when you're shitfaced :)))

    16. Ajeesh philip John

      laughed out loud for minutes...


      nice vid fam

    18. Oleksandra Bakun

      This one was hilarious

    19. Of Science And Swords

      We've lived this scene IRL thanks to bar service at festival LARP events... >_>

    20. Esther the ForestSmurf

      Try drinking in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It will be fun.

    21. İET

      Owww you will be go back to the town

    22. Akemi Homura

      Still better in fable.

    23. Nathan Chalmers

      “You know what does heal? ALCOHOL!” Everyone in Lockdown

    24. Максим Павленко

      Жаль нет русских субтитров, сложно))

    25. V1K175U RØDR1

      Not sure what I expected but it was really funny

    26. Cottonmouth ASMR

      Lol the orcs drop their weapons

    27. Barnabás Nagy

      So what was the stuff in the bottle? Hopefully not paint or something poisonous.

    28. Kain Brennend

      The answer is obvious. One waits in place to keep enemies from spawning while one goes back to town to restock potions. Tf is this amateur hour?

    29. 12 Trung

      any ideas what's the music guys :((( ?

    30. LOL 2.0

      those are potion of getting drunk

    31. Angel Kitteh

      If this was an ad for a brand of alcohol I bet the sales will soar through the roof.

    32. Rave Central

      Guys I love the end blooper, there is stuff lol!

    33. Nine Breaker

      Mornin'! Nice day for fishin ain't it? Hua hua

    34. Jean Donnel

      Maybe they should just have offered the Orcs something to drink and they would all be drunk.

    35. Videorebus

      Level your joke, very very down... Sorry guys.

    36. corey jones

      I didn’t find this channel, it found me..

    37. Csongor Andras

      That orc looks like Rowan.

    38. عبد القادر الصديق ابراهيم

      Lenny oh fuck do you see my buddy lenny

    39. Anthony Stone

      Drunkin sword fighting is a think like drunkin boxing.

    40. JoiDK

      all i can say about this is; FUNKY

    41. Kendo Langga

      Got genuinely dizzy watching this

    42. Gray Fox

      lol, but I still was waiting for the affects to wear off. Because every time I got drunk it last for like 30 seconds? XD I figured they’d be like: wait, your sober? How?! We drank a lot of beer?!

    43. Francisco Aquino

      They didn't know the drunk fist.

    44. Christian Azuero

      they should wait to stop the effects of the alcohol.

    45. Tim Suetens

      The orcs are also drunk?

    46. olaf le flibustier

      ^^ Great !! 🤘

    47. PrinceVegeta728

      That 1 time summon a merchant spell would be real helpful now... If someone didn't forget them on the journey into the cave 😆


      Can anyone give me some names of good games of this style that arent warcraft or diablp? I used to play Fate (the dungeon game) when I was younger and I really enjoyed it

    49. North7able

      1:05 "Alot of it"

    50. Anthony


    51. I am trash

      "We'll have to drink a lot of it" "How much do you have?" "...A lot of it" Let's just appreciate the writing for a moment

    52. Songket Lepcha

      You should make a game called epic npc man

    53. nova infinity

      That dive by the orc was beautiful

    54. Jeremiah Hmung

      Bro imagine drunk rock lee

    55. b242

      that blooper though >_

    56. Quantum Rain

      Ah yes, Nord Mead;)

    57. RECRUTA R6

      He spend all gold on drinks instead of health potions or food. Just like elder scrolls players.😂🥴🍻🍺

    58. TwistedJester98

      How my homie and I felt two days ago lol.

    59. Zanimations

      drunk faces running towards the camera in slowmo were gold

    60. Rob_208

      I like how in Kingdom Come: Deliverance that all potions were basically alcohol or some other type of drug; including the item you consumed to save your game. So excessively healing yourself or save scumming made your character virtually impossible to control. Also how time cycles and stealth planed into the game it wasn't feasible to just wait for your drunkenness to pass.

    61. Germano Michelon Santos

      Hey, guys! If you're ever in need of a colorist for your videos, I would totally be honored to work with you! The portfolio page I'm still working on: The IG page that is a lot more um to date: (I'm from Brazil, so don't mind the language)

    62. Godzilla

      This is highly unrealistic!!!! there intelligence stats would have bin lowered but their Strength gains would have pummeled those orcs!!!!! cuz we all know alcohol gives you str and damage deduction for a loss to agi and int....... gosh get games right!!!!! lol

    63. Theo I

      If you have a mage, you can dispell the hungover... But all the noobs choose the strong way.

    64. Xaius

      The attack buff is nice, but that accuracy debuff is concerning.

    65. llVIU

      alcohol is technically poison so why would it heal you? Game logic...

    66. DonPewsky

      Wiedzmin no have problem with this :D

    67. James Steele

      "How much do you have" "A lot of it" Let's goooo!!

    68. honilock

      Nah, in a real game you'd drink two barrels of alcohol and it would make your vision fuzzy and extend your FOV to a Twitch streamer level for a minute. Then you're good

    69. Alkis05

      Reminds me of Kingdom come deliverance.

    70. BaskoSMP

      Это Эпично ! Это лучшее что я видел , особенно когда начинается эпическая музыка =)) 1:43

    71. JaxterSmith

      Imagine a game where going unarmed into a fight would promt all the enemies also putting away their weapons to make it an honorable fight

    72. Qasmoc YT

      Is that black briar mead or honningbrew mead??

    73. Gon Khoasteau

      Witcher 3, yeah alcohol help a your dead :)))

    74. krashdown102

      LENNY! Lenny my boy! LNENY?

    75. Alex Sadeghi

      Bro, the way Alan shoulder checks that tree is priceless 🌳 🤣 🤣

    76. Osama Rawwagah

      Was I the only one who thought they were drunk from the beginning?

    77. Michael Archer

      Hey Ben, what was in the bottle?

    78. James LaFayette

      Romans 6:23 esv For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. #TurnToChristAndLive

    79. Tim Lienau

      Lol. Thats a flashback to 20 years ago. Oh and reminds me of getting drunk,in EQ too.

    80. Calsius

      Drinking sucks.

    81. I couldn’t really Think of a name

      GUYS on their shorts there was some black or green liquid in one of the bottles and Ben I think ingested it any theory’s on what it was because they haven’t said anything about it.

    82. Wretched Egg

      Those are the same orcs they slew at the start of the video. They also consumed lots of alcohol to heal themselves.

    83. Ally4Gamer

      Did they make it?

    84. Luis Gustavo Ferreira


    85. Raka Pratama

      anyone know what music are they using, it sounds so familiar to me yet I can't remember what it is

    86. VityZero

      in skyrim i have a alot of drinks hahahahahaha

    87. paddotk

      Cool orc masks!

    88. Nico Bones


    89. JCdragon81

      Holy sh&$ that made my damn day. LMFAO

    90. Breadfan93

      *guzzles 100 bottles of Sujamma* "Vivec you a bitch, fight me bro"

    91. Vicious Faye

      You guys.. Need to checkout the scene from Kingdom Come Deliverance where the MC gets drunk with a monk. Please let me know what you think about it @viva la dirt league

    92. PewJihDun

      After the orc saw they hitting the woods and the ground orc throw the sword and said all in clear hands lol

    93. ArifaniME

      Did they sould wait for the effect gone first !??

    94. fiksal

      is Ben alive!?

    95. Weaver

      Why didn't they just the rub the alchohol on their wounds?

    96. Mateus Magaldi

      Alcohol in gaming should fill the health bar but don't actually give any health points, this way you would think you're healed but you only be drunk. Like in real life!

    97. A White

      Apparently sleep isn't a thing?!

    98. Malthizar

      Meh. In most games, it's blurry for like 10-20 seconds and then everything is back to normal.

    99. Fluffy Dango

      Should've just waited for the buzz to finish. Doesn't take long in games 😂

    100. Vash Pendraegon

      I was kind of annoyed with this one. Like, if you got all of that room for alcohol surely you'd have filled it up with loot or had a couple extra health options swimming around in there. Maybe it's just me but whenever I play skyrim I never touch food or alcohol. Always stock up on potions and quite literally pick up every single potion that I come across for later on.