Delivering a USB - Overpackaged

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    Sometimes online orders are just a little too overpackaged... delivered in a MASSIVE box
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    1. Erdinç

      At least they remember your name Byron remember your last birthday party?

    2. B.Anantha Narayanan

      This is exactly how Amazon packages the customer orders 😂😂😂

    3. Jake lol

      This has happened to me when ordering from Amazon. A small object they put it into a box and then into another box! It's very rare but whoever did it to me that day it was a pain in the ass to open both lol.

    4. Vulpes Inculta

      Pfffft, where is the tier 3 armor plated box?

    5. Art Aizen

      I'll feel so bad and cancel it saying, okay tomorrow is still okay, sorry okay, sorry

    6. ExTerMINater267

      I mean its just going to the trash anyway.

    7. Remiel S

      Two seconds before I beat u up

    8. TheBigH

      HAH! I hit the like button BEFORE he said to hit it. ...I have no soul, please release me from my mortal coil. Because I work in a shipping centre.

    9. CPT. SOAPS

      When your pay is by hour not by efficiency!

    10. Jason Kaler

      Happened to me before, after boxing the product: So where's the delivery address? On the paper attached to the back of the item.

    11. Jean-Luc Martel


    12. Alexander Maier.

      "hey honey did my two usb arrived" "yea and something else" "Waht else?" "a head"

    13. Janluke Ceballos


    14. Tony

      This is extra fun for me as we do get packages like this from time to time at work.

    15. dean hyde

      Should have ended it with the box going into a shipping container lol..

    16. 老菜玩游戲

      waste so many material to package a USB :)

    17. SmolTaco

      Byron reminds me a lot of Zach Galifianakis

    18. GlacierBlue

      He went postal after this.

    19. geoffrey wong

      3:55 a serial killer is born at that moment

    20. Grant Pflum

      You know, suddenly I don't feel so bad about the skit where Byron tried to take an entire train of packages on a bike.

    21. Sandy Jenkins

      Every Amazon package ever.

    22. Jason Newman

      Plot twist, the 2 USB sticks were ordered by hamish

    23. christian camilo maldonado contreras

      2:48 When did Byron put the small box into de big one?

    24. William Bergeron

      My son is watching Power Rangers and Byron is in the episode right Now , a same moment im watching this video. WTF xD what is the chances

    25. kayastor

      I think he either killed everybody or just walked away without saying anything

    26. Tarif Adib

      My airpods came in like this from Costco 😂

    27. Theo Camacho

      yes! missed Byron!!! 💯

    28. SCIZOR 713

      I think he single handedly destroyed the environment with plastic boxes over the course of a week.

    29. SeveredWolf 57

      Awesomeness I had a day like that today 🤣🤣🤣

    30. leugimrc

      It probably is ending in the neer dumpster.

    31. Chandler Langford

      Hey congrats Byron on the new movie Shadow in the Cloud. I can always spot you. Just watched it last night.

    32. matt Hinton

      The gangs all here!

    33. Krise9939

      0:20 i got a mousepad once that came in a package equal to the one in the middle of those he's holding. It wasn't even a big mousepad.

    34. TheInsomniaddict

      This explains about half the shipments I receive.

    35. Margarito Trevino

      What was in the smaller boxes if he had to do all that for a USB? Sd card?

    36. Legends-of Matty

      Ahh byron is one of the best characters

      1. Legends-of Matty

        Click faster when I see its a byron episode

    37. killian

      Hahahaha I hope to see more of this guy

    38. Edward Maumbauer


    39. Dakota Johnston

      He never placed the other box in the big box

    40. Quality Of Life

      Byron, you are definitely amazon certified. They would be so proud.

    41. William Grimes

      I ordered a 10tb hard drive that was maybe 6 inches long and a inch thick and it came in a box making me think I ordered another PC with it by accident.

    42. Khono

      Jesus, dude, put a little more effort into your work or those packages will be damaged in transit. You know how the customers love to have their boxes arrive in tip top condition.

    43. yunafires

      r/maliciouscompliance in action.

    44. Brandon Boss

      Could you imagine that customer complaint?

    45. Lucas Muraro

      Really missed Byron, best deliver ever ahahahahah!

    46. Christian Pönopp

      Bet this was the last episode ever...Tomorrows head line " HUgetsr killed by storage employee!!"

    47. Stefan Emanuel

      hes my fav xd

    48. Inthe Flow

      REAL QUESTION HERE: Do these guys actually have a store? Can we go and buy some headphones and flat-clicker from 'em?

      1. Francesco Buffoli

        It's not _their_ store, but it's real

    49. Vagabond820

      I see Byron moon lights at Amazon.

    50. samtherat6

      I need so much more Byron in my life

    51. Maxy Silver


    52. Balanced


    53. TheOneAboveAll

      At this moment they knew they f'd up

    54. Kyle Lindstrand

      He is my favorite character!!

    55. Daniel Anderson

      Whenever I need a box now, I say it just like Byron.

    56. felixantoinetremblay

      You know it's not real because he didn't close the first two boxes with tape :S

    57. ForgeProgrammer

      I hope they actually sent that to someone 🤣

    58. Qasmoc YT

      I love this delivery man theme cause i use online shopping often

    59. Taylor Heninger

      Subscribed because of the fear I have of the wrath of a patient man.

    60. Julian Camu

      Byron should go to Hollywood. I am rooting for this guy

    61. Leavethebuilding

      In a Galaxy far far away: "The dark side getting much stronger I sense".

    62. Alex Bishop

      Someone put the bell towers on high alert -_-

    63. Aurélie

      It's exactly what happens when I orders new headphones... Why the box was so big?

    64. Robert Rosenthal

      The rest of the crew had better start watching their backs, I'm sure Byron will have some way to even things up.

    65. Devlin Fernaldy

      Does anyone know the ending song??

      1. Francesco Buffoli

        Arc de Soleil - Trying to escape

    66. Dean N

      The guy playing Byron is funny! You guys should have him more in your videos! 😁

    67. Renee Garafola

      I’m sitting here watching HUgets with my girlfriend and she casually points out that Alan looks like Jaskier from The Witcher and I literally can’t unsee it now.

    68. Troy Smith


    69. Slog Nog

      Meanwhile, in the United States, if you order a motherboard it comes in a box with no padding and visible signs of shock damage to the armor against the board. All companies seem to package multi-hundred dollar components in a box that’s flush with height but with only one strip of padding to only one side...nothing for the other side, top, or bottom...and most of the time there’s a gap in the single sided padding which defeats the purpose of padding altogether! I wish my motherboards and other expensive components came with as much care and protection as this USB stick Edit: I would GLADLY experience even a full week delay if it meant my stuff was packaged with care. Side note, I always choose the longest shipping time in hopes it gives more time for packaging, but still always the same experience. This world needs more Byrons

    70. Sknera Konieczny

      Just, whyy?

    71. Khang Logan

      3:48 the moment that he felt dead inside 🥺

    72. controal

      Love it, classic Mr. Bean in Love Actually.

    73. Nine Breaker

      Mornin'! Nice day for fishin ain't it? Hua hua

    74. Stephen Bien

      I see Byron, I click... simple 😁

    75. Videorebus

      I don't understand this... joke, sorry.

    76. Wolflordy

      I can't believe Byron would package a USB stick this way. The National Delivery Managers Union (NDMU) has rules to protect the saftey of their members and the integrity of the packages they deliver. This USB stick is way too underpackaged. There is not nearly enough package stuffing to protect the product! Not only that, but did you see how much he exerted himself packaging that? He needs to slow down or he might hurt himself. And to top it off he picks up that package by himself. That is clearly a two person lift. I'm afraid we'll have to revoke Byron's membership in the NDMU. We have rules for a reason, and Byron is clearly not a team player.

    77. Stephen Dias

      Easiest way to fire Byron.

    78. MR.BOWSER

      I am literally the head of a shipping department, my sales guys ask me for little last second changes on tricky international shipments that just. Really make my day fun!

    79. LONEWOLF -4LFE

      He'll be fine

    80. a coop

      As a delivery guy I do not find this funny....

    81. Qwerty

      one day byron will lose all of his patience lol

    82. Ash Charlie

      Byron looks like a chubby balder from the new god of war game

    83. WizzyTrippy

      Working as a Doordash driver:

    84. MsSaltyGiggles

      I work in a warehouse so all that packaging for the USB stick is not needed. However, it’s not about whether it’s needed or not, it’s about last minute request. Too many people take shipping departments for granted. Always with the last minute orders cutting it close to the pickup or drop off time. The over packaging wasn’t needed, but the point was. Byron made a point today, he was our hero, our packaging hero. Thank you Byron 🙏, you are the hero of all shipment departments, the packaging king. We will forever be in your gratitude, and will hoist up monuments in your honor. Byron has showed us the light, the way, here forward we will follow his path, the path of the enlightened one 👼!

    85. jhaas68865

      My work does this. We have software for a piece of medical equipment that comes on a usb. It was in a small box bubble wrapped in a box big enough to hold a pair of combat boots.

    86. Radiation King

      When Amazon workers get overworked...

    87. Tim Macdonald

      That's how Mightyape packs their small stuff

    88. SinisterShift

      Was hoping he'd tape it between two of the bubbles before he put in the first box and put the other bubble wrap in it

    89. Inthe Flow

      I really thought a murder was going to happen....

    90. eyesscream051

      Seriously we need Byron to star on the next Death Stranding game by Kojima hahaha. He really loves his job as a delivery man

    91. filiberto2014

      Hurray, byron is back (Hurray means hurra o me equivoco?)

    92. jtcbrown

      "And then the murders began..." :D

    93. bloxrocks

      Shoulda packed two boxes with two layers of boxes in them in a box for a red hearing Box

    94. Iron Industries

      Byron is so close to having a mental breakdown and Killing them all

    95. Orloph

      I suppose Byron is still in purgatory for gaming with an Apple PC.

    96. Ziron2008

      The death stranding one was pure gold 😂😂😂😂😂

    97. GreatBriton

      I don't get the motive

    98. Logan Reed

      He never put any bubblewrap on top of the USB though. It was always on the bottom. Not to mention such inefficient use of the bubblewrap, with the amount he used, could have easily wrapped it in multiple layers and covered with tape before putting it in boxes.

    99. IguanaFur Gaming

      Byron is the Best! Love his acting!