Lazy one word therapist - Hard Therapist

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    Rowan is a very lazy therapist, and all Alan wants is help... hard
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    1. GamesJ

      I feel like rowan is just a god at this point

    2. ruffiØ

      This hits home damn hah

    3. David Jessen

      The power of suggestion: Allan: i feel my life is.. Rowan: Hard. Allan: No that’s not it, more like.. Rowan: HaRD. Allan: You are so right.

    4. Alvaro García

      With an I heard you, or an I understand, i think it would have make more sense.

    5. The AViator

      Are you ok Alan?

    6. CzernestPL

      Morning! Nice day to get HAAARD innit?

    7. Silver Fortress

      Morning! Nice day for hard ain’t it? Hu ha!

    8. Emrie


    9. Anton S


    10. Fists United

      Baseballs are 0:12

    11. ExaltedGoat299

      yo the beat in the background go hard

    12. Arnel Arboleda

      wow, self therapy.

    13. Gwendal MAILLET

      And his name was "Hodor" ? Uh... Excuse me. His name was "Hard" doesn't he?

    14. WildCannon


    15. Cowta Playz

      Can’t really relate to this since I don’t go to therapy

    16. Lukas S.


    17. Beary White Bear

      Now i think about it, it seems having a family and children is equal happiness. Who set this standard?

    18. Alvinator 520

      Unhappy because he lost his white playtech shirt.

    19. Mark R

      I like the subtle background talking blended with the music ... ""hard"

    20. Michael Irish

      Let's mug hard!

    21. Benjamin Hackett

      Reminds me of Groot.

    22. Sve Tomov

      Ngl, this if profound & hits deep - thank you :)

    23. PKMN Trainer Mark

      These is deeper than I expected.

    24. Anova321

      I think he wants that "hard"

    25. JAJ Sentina

      Morning, nice day for fishing aint it. Hard

    26. Valentin Bidard

      "How did you find this video ?" "Hard"

    27. Keith Hays

      Thanks! I needed that laugh today! The hysterical part of this to me is that it's a perfectly valid therapeutic technique to offer a non-invasive, open-ended, validating response as the client works toward insight. I likely need to get out more--as do we all right now--but I haven't laughed out loud this hard in weeks.

    28. Call Me BoBB


    29. Zombie Killer

      Everyone: Hard Me: That's what she said Hard

    30. Gambino1

      Anyone know the tune? Having a very "hard" time finding it

    31. LeViking Barbu

      Makes you realise shit aye

    32. Gage Stovall

      That moment when you get depressed because you aren't depressed

    33. Wooden Nugget

      As a wise man once said:"HARD"

    34. James Santiago

      *world at tragedy* Rowan: “Hard” *world peace*

    35. Mr Gringo

      Is this quoted word for word from bojack horseman?

    36. Deweq

      Maybe go fishing

    37. hs0003

      Rowan sat with his legs crossed, in the video, cause he was hard during the entirety of the recording.

    38. Timothy Reynolds

      “All he says is, hard” “Wasn’t it difficult interacting with a therapist who only says one word?” “Nah mate, it was super easy, barely an inconvenience.” Later in an interview: James Ryan George News Broadcaster “You’re the most successful therapist in history!” “Hard.” “I noticed you only said one word, isn’t it difficult getting to the root of someone’s problem only saying, “hard”?” (Shakes head) “Hard (Super easy, barely an inconvenience)” Super popular Ryan George actor guy, “WHAT AN INSPIRATION! I’m going to make a movie about you!” Even Later: “SO! You have a movie for me?” Pitch Meeting Guy (Nods) “Hard!” “Oh really?!?! That’s amazing!”

      1. Timothy Reynolds


    39. Kiwi


    40. ablethreefourbravo

      I'm a counselor. I'm trying this on Monday.

    41. Get De_Rekt


    42. Corentin Deredec

      Hard. This video is really relaxing. I mean it. Next one with the psy naked?

    43. CXhero

      Why this channel is so awesome

    44. Ярослав Курганский

      If Hodor was a therapist

    45. L.T.M

      "Man every night before i sleep i feel like im..." "Hard"

    46. x Seds x

      Cash or hard

    47. Andreas Stenlund

      So true. It took me many years to realise that it's ok to be feeling blue every once in a while. Embracing it somehow makes it less "hard". Good stuff, keep it up!

    48. Kiddo Playz

      At first, I thought it's "The Rapist"

    49. Kevlar88


    50. xavanezos


    51. Radosław Badurski


    52. Alv11

      Vldl first Ted talk.

    53. Klaes Regis

      Matt DAAMON!

    54. Moka Chinho

      That's not what depression is. Lack of good mood is not the same thing as bad mood. And depression comes with inability to find pleasure in whatever used to do it for you, high psychogenic fatigue etc. on top of that

    55. EBFilmsMan

      This skit was "hard" to follow.

    56. Izram Izzy

      In case anyone’s wondering, the song that was played at 00:37 was called Discover by Hosini & Jones! Enjoy!

    57. Shico

      Well done! It makes me think of Joel Haver "Sir ! What are your order?"

    58. House Sanity

      Wtf was that

      1. House Sanity

        @Eric Cartman982 literally dead as f

      2. Eric Cartman982

        A video, why?

    59. Ghost _hunter


    60. alepp

      alan just need someone to talk

    61. Stefan


    62. Andrew Musgrove

      Lmao. hard. 😅🤣 truly therapeutic rowan

    63. Wallace Wallaby

      So hard.

    64. Josh Lies

      No one gonna talk about how Alan has a wife and 2 kids!?!!?

      1. Eric Cartman982


    65. IguanaFur Gaming


    66. ElWrobel

      Dunno if it's just me, but he's putting in way too much energy into this, his body language requires way more energy than speaking out lots of general, beating-around-the-bush gibberish without lifting a finger. Aside from that, he at least looks like he's genuinely interested. He's way busier than the usual lazy therapist.

    67. Super dragon animations

      I wish I was that actor he’s the only line was hard

      1. Eric Cartman982

        He actually said “hard bro” atleast once

    68. bman101 drun

      My therapist would never let me speak that long without interpreting with a personal anecdote

    69. Eau de Nuit

      I came here to laugh, not to feel.

    70. Dakota West

      Rodney cleaned up good. Went to school and look at him now!!

    71. Exotic Hacker

      I think I see something when I wake up but there's nothing Hard I'm so afraid Hard Thank u so much for giving me a way to solve my problem HARD

    72. Elidrys

      Groot as a therapist

    73. Gints

      I thought the word was going to be “elaborate.”

    74. Gregga J. Johnn

      I hate to be that creepy, middle-aged overweight woman in denial... but, is Rowan single? 😉

    75. Swaraj Dangwal

      A Pokemon named Hard , nice

    76. jesse baker

      I legitimately want a TV show

    77. Emphyrio Hazzl

      "How much do I owe you?" "200 bucks" "Hard!"

    78. Liyan A

      Watching this feels like Micheal talking to Friedlander

    79. Xavier Pendragon

      Rolled it right into the end scene. The only thing I can says is.... Hard.

    80. Bob Drooples


    81. Captain Pålegg

      Part of me was waiting for Alan to snap at Rowan--but honestly the fact that it all worked out in the end is even funnier.

    82. Will ofone

      This must be the ancestor of the "hold" guy

    83. Irishlad 99

      What music is that in the background

    84. NinjaManTask


    85. Владислав Гагай

      Can someone explain me why do Rowan use word "hard" as "agree". Is that thing only for psychologists?

    86. Nikorek_pl

      just imagine if the therapist pointed at his private place and said "hard"

    87. NextGeneration9501

      rowan as the therapist is like the therapist from gta v lol.

    88. Cookie Hunter

      The reason it works is that both are men xD (just a joke)

    89. ArmandPeanuts | Pinou〈3

      400$ to hear a dude say hard over and over? hell I'll pay for that

    90. FlightSG Gaming

      Wait, how much did Vin Diesel get paid?

    91. Katt Hasklaws

      Ngl. This video hit me hard...

    92. MeMezar the Reviewer


    93. LuridFTW Gaming

      As Hopsin once said. “Cause living's naturally hell, you have to work to put a smile on ”

    94. H F

      That smug look Rowan pulls at 1:52 is everything.

    95. Britasha

      "hard"... "okay now give me $50.000 Dollars for your session today"

    96. bop beep bop


    97. Kei Namu PHVtuber Ch.


    98. neowolf09

      When he comes in the next week: "You'll never guess I finally got!" "Hard" "WhT?"

    99. Kyuhne Thane

      I went to a therapist and cured myself

    100. Cheemsy

      Villager be like: Hard HARD HARD HARDD