Friends who spoil movies for you - Spoiler

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    Alan is finally catching up on Avengers Endgame... however everyone knows at least 1 person who is a spoiler machine.
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    1. Ahs Oei

      I kind of spoiled my friend by saying, "Someone is still worthy!" XD

    2. Shadman Sudipto

      I always lie, pretend to spoil.

    3. SWO_Woodsman_945

      That has been my life playing RDR2, 2 years after the release.

    4. Grizzy TP

      If this Video was released on the first day of released Avengers Endgame, Everybody would eventually get spoiled out because every Drama deaths is being spoiled!!

    5. Jô Suares

      these are actually the biggest spoilers of the movie.

    6. IcedFate

      just to be fair. . . there should be an official statute of limitations on spoilers. like when a certain amount of time has passed, it should be fair game. like, dude, if you haven't watched it yet, it's not my fault, i should be allowed to talk about it. like spoiler alert. . . . .it's been 40 years . . we should all know . . . Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father . .

    7. Illuminate

      I would just snap his neck if I spent all that time stating spoiler free and he just spoiled it all

    8. Renex


    9. mayakayahawah park

      Wtf is wrong with him Well that doesnt really happened right?

    10. The White House OFFICAL

      end game sucked way too dramatic

    11. CyberPrime 956

      Marvel! Star Wars! I love that you guys talk about them.

    12. Venuka Hansana

      Trust me i know exactly how it geels

    13. K

      Spoilers . . . . . . . . . . . Dumbledore dies

    14. John Daniels

      So, everyone has seen the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian, right? Didn't you love the part where...

    15. Grant Pflum

      And then you see the note and realize it was all on purpose. Rowan, your a dick!

    16. Calekoflight

      IMO....not a spoiler if it's in the first act of a movie or first episode of a tv show.

    17. Viktor Kolev

      Should've spoiled about Hulk dabbing. The biggest moment in the movie

    18. Tony Baggett

      Rowan being an ass is inevitable.

    19. Starky Pearce

      That last one hurts whether you've seen it or not 😭

    20. Emperor Kellanved

      Only complete losers hate spoilers.

    21. Glave Anus

      This hurt me for Alan:(((

    22. Grim Revan

      I have a friend like that. He just wants to talk about what he saw and doesn't understand that spoiling things for others is a problem despite everyone yelling at him for it.

    23. Faris S-3

      lmfao XD

    24. Zach The Gay

      If I hadn't seen endgame by now I would be furious as fuck

    25. MK Cha

      This thumbnail explains well. 🤣

    26. Dean Richards

      I legit would have punched Rowan the minute he started saying spoilers if I was Alan.

    27. Son of Sanguinius

      "Not a spoiler but black widow dies" LMAO got a friend thats totally like that

    28. krepak maguire

      alan i have to tell you that is iron man is starving

    29. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for spoilin', ain't it? Hu huh No. It isn't.

    30. Sydney Van

      cinemas are open in NZ????? ;-;

    31. mehmet soylu

      niye türkçe yok kanka.

    32. krepak maguire

      GOD!!! that happend to me everytime with my friends

    33. IndigoGollum

      I'm watching every MCU movie in order and just watched Captain America: Civil War. I'm a bit behind.

    34. Hellseeker

      I hate superhero movies, even if they die they can just make up some bullshit to bring them back and every movie is the same, cheap quick buck with tons of CGI and mediocre writing.

    35. Stéphane Mallette


    36. Mitchell Zwiers

      Funny enough i havnt seen it still

    37. Anomen1010

      Lol 1:29

    38. ytdlder


    39. Lauren

      I was annoyed that he was spoiling Endgame but then I remembered that I’ve seen it

    40. arzo

      Who's just closing their ears and say something repeatedly at the same time just to try avoid the spoilers becuz you didnt even watch it

    41. Seth Moran

      The Spoilers are pretty spot on

    42. Shade Keigar Blacksky

      Oh my ghadness, my ears!

    43. shadowcreeperrex

      Same reason I didn't bother watching it.

    44. Hugo Cardenas

      Spoilers don't matter

    45. AuUndertale

      Alan grab your golf club

    46. David Hanzlik

      i promise to god i would kill him on place than go home take Adam as hostage finish the movie and than surrender to the police

    47. Kindlesmith80

      If you are late to the party, it is expected. I generally don't care about spoilers unless I am watching it and really getting into it. Not the end of the world knowing stuff you want to experience.

    48. Yoder023

      Yeah.... I've lost friends for this. Wasn't Endgame tho, it was Star Wars. Literally an hour away from starting it and my "friend" messaged me on Kylo & Solo Haven't seen him since

    49. WeirdCrazyPeople

      I really appreciated the warning at the start. I managed to stay spoiler free because of that... at least until a completely different site managed to spoil it😠. Anyway thanks for the warning 🙃

    50. Anton Gavrilov

      Damn! I haven’t seen it! Okay, it’s alright I’m not gonna watch it, I don’t like the franchise :)

    51. Mitchowski

      Rowan play such a good a**hole, it's amazing

    52. Josh F

      Reddit when you click on any thread

    53. Dexx TV

      Did anyone else see the sign at the back round its says Sonos. Like Thanos I don't know if It was a coincidence or not. But it was epic

    54. FurthestBen

      I have one of those friends that go "No spoilers BUUUUUT" and usual proceeds to give a huge spoiler in a game we are playing. He hasn't even reached that part of the game yet, but he always goes online to spoil himself and then spoil everyone's day by saying this stuff. Whenever he goes like this, we always chant "Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up. NO SPOILERS OR ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE GAME" repeatedly until he stops talking. I know this seems rude, but this guy can sometimes be as daft as a brick. He does not know when "no" means "no". You have to say something repeatedly to him for him to get what you are saying.

    55. John Ree

      What's the marvel universe

    56. Ghost EndGame

      the note was beautiful

    57. Vai Valen

      Rowan just warming up for another encounter with karens

    58. MackrelPill

      I don't know why some people hated hearing spoilers. We all read, watched, and seen so many things and we tend to anticipated them all to a point where we can predict what can and can't happen in a movie. So why when hearing spoilers some people tend to be upset about it?

    59. Vytas

      Marvel is piss. VLDL is great tho

    60. J4kuZZi

      Look Rowan has done some things in the past, I know. But I think this justifies murder.

    61. ꧁꧂

      Spoiler? The spoilers are on cars...

    62. Lord Bloodraven

      Good morning, Agent 47. Your target is a New Zealand Playtech manager who has been spoiling movies for others. The clients are his employees, Alan, Adam, Ellie and a ghost named Rodney. Good luck, Agent 47.

    63. Eagle Eye

      Rowan, I know this is a sketch and you're a great actor. you're so good that this is the first time I actually want to punch you...

    64. Lunatic fringe

      Alan is very generous and kind guy . If I even said this to my frnds that I watched Endgame before them then they would have eaten me alive.

    65. Ramesh Saxena

      Can you make a call of duty skit

    66. IamTheFword Gaming

      Wow anyone who still havent watch endgame and claim as marvel fan must be live under a rock or maybe just plain psycopath.

    67. DJ Batman

      I love Spoilers

    68. madzapple

      That was just the best

    69. Stephen Dias

      I actually wonder what Rowan thinks spoils the movie?

    70. Aleksei Khudiakov

      I... haven't... watched it... yet... But I wanted to watch this episode more than Endgame so I went past the warning anyway

    71. The Reveiw

      This is by far the biggest troll for ppl not having seen the movie. The genius in this video is off the charts 👏

    72. Terry Dirks

      This video came out 5 days ago. Endgame came out over a year ago. If Alan wouldn't have mentioned watching Endgame soon, I'm pretty sure no one would've brought it up given that they hadn't mentioned anything about the movie until now. Alan wanted it spoiled, or he would've kept his mouth shut.

    73. Teo Shrubs

      That's me

    74. Mitsukai

      I’d have killed Rowan for this, and I know I would have gotten friends to help me hide the body!

    75. Andrew J

      Spoilers are almost impossible to avoid if you watch HUgets often, I remember 2 days after endgame came out I saw a video titled "captian America wields thors hammer" then like 2 or 3 videos under that one with the title "Spiderman Flys on thors hammer" by far the best parts in that fight and were ruined from douchebag youtubers

    76. Corance Chandler

      you know I haven't watched Avengers yet and now I don't need to!

    77. Godsforce

      im triggered. lol

    78. Cherryl May

      Love it.. hahaha

    79. alehzanderh

      phew. it was about a film i do not care about.

    80. Carlo Munoz

      Is Playtech even a real store? They seem to have lots of expensive stock for being just a set

    81. Xeclar

      I almost remained spoiler free up until I saw it in theaters. Then 2 days before some asshole in the youtube comments wrote that Tony Stark dies.

    82. Its Just Me


    83. Its Just Me

      I don’t mind Spoilers XD *Guess I’m The Only One*

    84. LazyDanMW Warzone

      Shit hits the fan when Rowan comes in

    85. WATCH THIS

      my best friend spoiled endgame to me 2 days before I was going to watch it... we are literally no longer friends. what a relief XD

    86. test run

      and i actually never watched it, this video just spoiled it

    87. Anette Juni Pedersen

      My brother spoiled the 6th sense for me when it had come out on dvd, he told me the important part about Bruce Willis' character. I was so angry that I yelled at him. So to this day I refuse to say anything about movies (or books) unless they have seen it. I might prepare them to bring tissues or a something to squeeze out of anger, but that's it. I hate spoilers.

    88. Kotoucak

      And then was Rowan mysteriously murdered...

    89. Keegan KH

      Tony was my favorite character

    90. Viriatus PC

      Honestly i went to see Endgame at the theater because of spoilers . Because i knew the internet would spoil it for me if i didn't lol .

    91. Mohammed Jakhir Hussain mVUCKphyWL

      *It was so painfully hard and frustrating to watch* 😭😭😭 *why would people spoil movies are they retarded* 😤

    92. Robert Rosenthal

      Sounds like a valid case of Justifiable Homicide ;)

    93. Carl Joseffe Gupo

      Rowan is inevitable

    94. Khajar

      It should be OK to kill a person who does that on the spot.

    95. Junaid Keraan

      I want to work at playtech with rowan ad my boss lol

    96. Weston Byerly

      PLEASEE do behind the scenes bloopers hahaha XD

    97. 十三Francis

      Alan: I havent seen Endgame yet... Rowan: *What's going on?*

    98. Le La

      Every guy who thinks he’s funny: “nO SpOiLeRs bUt” *vague comment that is absolutely a spoiler*

    99. DrKhan Gaming

      Nice vedio