Items magically teleport from one bag to another - Gear Swap

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    What are you even talking about?? Items can't magically teleport from one backpack to another backpack. ARE YOU INSANE!?
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    1. pkpdpkpkdpd pkpdpkpkdpkp

      Me first time playing pubg is same as rowan: i drop all the item inside my lvl1 backpack then i pickup lvl 3 backpack and pick all of my item in the ground that i just drop off.

    2. Robin Müller

      2.19 Dementia killed scooopskipotato with uh...I can't remember xD

    3. Dragonknight JD

      Tarkov players be like..

    4. KomradeMikhail

      Let me tell you kids a backpack story about Arma II: DayZ Mod... Backpacks falling through the floor is still a problem, ten years later.

    5. webv2

      "Haha shame i'm doing the subtitles" those small little details that makes this wholesome.

    6. jjk olp

      using my filangess ha ha

    7. Peter Pacheco

      Ben and Rowan's arguments so hilarious. Lol

    8. GAME B.O.Y

      I wonder who is that person who keeps on shooting throughout the whole conversation and he shoots like a literal bot

    9. Rodel Riniopa

      Just put the level 1 bag in level 3 bag

    10. Vemoparker

      0:38 I don't think that after twenty minutes there's still 80 people alive

    11. Павел Горковский

      )))))))))))))) вот всё-таки прав!!! Волшебный ПУБГ!!!

    12. Marcus Black

      Ben and Rowan together always makes me laugh

    13. Ian Simon

      Love the ben rowan series

    14. Teaya Brown

      Well, I clearly need to learn this for day to day

    15. Mohammed Sahad


    16. Alex Jagt

      I can watch these clips all week

    17. San dro

      Whenever Ben says "Like a normal person" with anger I give a like. You know it is gonna be good.

    18. Mr.Magnetix

      Im not even concerned about rowans sanity, but the person that randomly left their lvl 3 backpack in the woods

    19. iRregular91

      Ah no, not another one of these clips. Lmao.

    20. Javier Justiansah

      How did you find lv 3 backpack in the midle of nowhere?

    21. Vidhya Shakya

      I'm officially baffled 😆😂😂

    22. MbKaYa

      I Am Spending My Most of Time in "Recording", "Gameplay","Editing" And "Uploading". I Need All My Brothers And Friends Support New video to evening♥️😊💪

    23. lets beta

      Look at the kill feed it's more funny 😂

    24. Feko Kéké

      I was already laughing before they start talking :'D

    25. Mahendhar Srisailam

    26. Jason Smith

      You ever notice how Rowan and Ben have the exact same argument in like 20 different videos...?

      1. Jason Smith

        And it somehow never gets old...

    27. Goli Rana

    28. Seth Blanc

      80 people after 20 minutes? No way

    29. Ankur Giri

      Pubgm ban in india 😭

    30. Cemal Coşgun

      Puşt ya haha alt yazıları ben yapıyorum diyor kskskk

    31. s R

      Pubg: you can teleport stuff bag to bag, but you cant teport yourself out of BR arena. Realism 😉

    32. John Bernard Cabras


    33. SINz Tou

      2:23 me when my mom asks why my grades are so low

    34. Chris Maylor

      duke nukem was gold

    35. Hinata varte

      Dementia killed Scoopskipotato with uh....I can't remember 😂😂

    36. King Bob

      how did you find a bag under a tree in the open now that's magic for pubg

    37. mrinal Saru

      Does anyone notice the kill feed its more hilarious

    38. Reihannullah budiyatno


    39. *ShadowDasher /Geometry Fight*

      Like a normal person!

    40. Erebus Khan


    41. CableG

      Does anyone have a playlist of all the Ben and Rowan game mechanics videos?

    42. Esa Yli-Vainio

      I am still waiting that Alive counter to say Han Solo killed Greedo by shooting first.

    43. Horde

      "Because that's how you transfer items" That actually killed me

    44. ഭ്രാന്തന്റെ ഭ്രാന്ത്

      0:41 Hmm 😐 20 minutes =80 alive

    45. Will Marsden

      Using my falangies 🤣🤣🤣

    46. Ally B

      Ben and Rowan skits are the best skits 🤣🤣🖤

    47. Anfalas

      IAM SORRY BIN ! "that's okay" xD

    48. Ryan Jay Briones

      1:56 this is so funny hahahah

    49. ImSo Average


    50. Adam Jeffery

      You guys got to start doing war zone videos

    51. Polycatmagic 12

      Gotta be honest, probably coulda finished putting the items in the bag manually by the time Ben finished explaining 😂

    52. KirelRed


    53. Korgan Sorensen

      It has been 20 minutes but only 20 people have died ok sure

    54. ほんまささき

      "filageees" New Word Acquired

    55. bob joe

      #1 rule in life: if Ben says something, assume it's true.(besides the eat the glass vial incident)

    56. tim eustaquio

      horse pocket like a normal person!

    57. Wazein A.

      PUBG: triggered* Turkov: What teleport?

    58. Xue Lee

      Tarkov! no backpack swap?

    59. Boaty Mc boat face

      Magic and teleportation are different and anyone that says different is a PUBG hater.

    60. ChaiseL-aw

      These two have a great click, always funny. Rowans constant niavety and Bens condasending disbelief.

    61. Omar Medina

      I really love when you both are in these kind of videos talking about logic XD

    62. Kyuss Whitford

      Tarkov vs. Pubg

    63. Bryan Ong

      Poor Rowan just doesn't know

    64. shadowingyou

      I love how in this series, Ben knows it all and is such an arse about it. Wouldn't have it any other way! Especially with Rowan xD

    65. Tarun

      "...the loot I've been collecting since 20 minutes..." *80 alive* These guys probably playing comp or something.


        😂😂😂 exactly

    66. Nugitha Nenuja

      I love all 4 of you

    67. William Isenhower

      These are literally my favorites of.these.

    68. Eduard White

      the gold pot is real

    69. ComfortablyNumb90

      These seem to never get old. Different arguments, same ending. Ben is always right.

    70. sylvainrty

      Those argument are so precious LOL 👍👍👍👍like forever

    71. Wraithe

      I think my favourite might actually have been the outro. Lol. Come watch me on twitch. Noo come watch ME ON TWITCH, NOOOOO come and watch meeeee on twitch! Actually no! COME WATCH ME ON TWITCH. 🤣

    72. CMC Account

      This has Horse Pocket allllll over it! I love it

    73. Max Media Solutions

      OMG, rewatched this like crazy. My favorite series.

    74. Myrkur_CxL

      2:17 Loved the kill feed

    75. Xhyllos1

      Rowan and Ben banters are the best episodes

    76. DayFox • 7 years ago

      Virtual games in the future be like.

    77. tshewang riggdzin

      What the hell

    78. Blair Short

      Backpack teleportation? You know what you should doo... lets mu*bang*

    79. Bang Supa

      I hope the time has come when i have this problem in the future game.

    80. GammaComet24

      Oh sure, backpack teleport, next you'll be telling me I can pull a horse out of my pocket

    81. Maarten5FDP

      Does it have a horse pocket too?

    82. Anonymous Libertarian

      Omg these Brits are naturals at comedy!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆

      1. Steve Smith

        ....uh...they are from NZ

    83. Metal Mannequiin

      Surely enough Rowan will be right one day and thus he can say unbelievable and walk away.

    84. Keereal Yo

      These jokes are all the same

    85. Mehmet Kaya

      Aga bunu Türkçeye çevirseniz daha çok izlenir mq

    86. Carmella Laater

      teleport like a normal person 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    87. Sweet Chilli

      I once forgot to remove my items from my own backpat at home and when I went to the store to check out other backpacks there were all my items which were at home

    88. Linken08

      Whoever writes the killed by lines is a fucking genius

    89. George Patrick Lumjod

      I can hear allen "epic Semen"

    90. Kg Ow

    91. Çizimlerim


    92. Karl Jeon

      *sees Ben & Rowan on thumbnail *turns speaker knob counterclockwise

    93. Yalçın Örkün

      Bu adamlar çok iyi

    94. Wade Barnard


    95. Nelson Gray

      I love their arguments are so funny and ridiculous.

    96. Furkan Karatepe

      Çok güzel olmuş

    97. Нико999 Рудольф

      Где перевод


      Pubg in 2020 ? I think u think only about skyrim and epic npc maaan

    99. QaLeQ

      the shot of Ben went "what happened Rowan?", just sold it to me.

    100. ricky jiang

      Ciao Ok