Getting someones name mixed up - Wrong Name

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    Rowan mixes Adam and Alan's names up all the time - and he wont admit he's said the wrong name
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    1. Joseph W

      He’s been in the cupboard for 10 months

    2. Csaba Bánki

      2:07 That's exactly the mugger persuasion expression.

    3. Wyrmshadow

      1:37 My grandfather would do exactly this when I would be eating.

    4. Christopher Hood

      Alan's response to stocking the shelves killed me

    5. Warn Schildkroete

      Rowan has serious issues with his memory. At least he didn't mixed Alan's and Ellies names up. :D

    6. kdbublitz88

      Lol, Rowan must be a God at surviving, his employees haven't managed to kill him yet.. Also, Ben doesn't even work there..sooo?... 🤨

    7. bacca1990

      I love how Rowan and Ben just roll with each other's crazy. Like they don't question it, but accept and work with it. The morse code, the licking, the kissing, the cupboard, and now Ben answering to Ellie.

    8. VeeL -

      tbh, if a month goes by and i didnt watch an episode of bored, i forget who's adam and who's alan

    9. Commander CheapSkate

      Ah.... So that's why Ben hasn't been causing so much chaos lately... This series has more depth than the MCU...

    10. Nexzor

      gosh the face expressions in the last scene XD don't know what was going on but that was great!

    11. Rizwan Shaikh

      bahot harami ho beta 😂

    12. EnderNate

      The Rowan-Ben interaction is very reminiscent of the Muggers lol

    13. JustAMan Bros

      Rowan and Ben reminds me of Charles (or chester idk) and Bernard

    14. JustAMan Bros

      1:44 I've never seen alan being so furious

    15. Panzer

      So what your telling me is Rowan was keeping Ben under the stairs for 9 months. Hmmmmmmmm

    16. Adurnis

      Everyone, I've got it! I've figured it out! The name thing, everything! Rowan is an alien. He doesn't have the human capability to recognize faces or voices. So he asked Rodney to reforge the Playtech shirts, and run ultraviolet threads through the uniforms with the names of the employees on them. Adam and Alan must have swapped shirts prior to this episode, probably because they saw Ben and Ellie do it and Alan didn't wanna be left out. It all makes so much sense now.

    17. Bobbi Camarata

      You should do more videos like this, Markiplier.


      I just love how 'adam' came running

    19. Comrade SKYSVR

      *Ben is still in there?*

    20. psycho 007

      Rowan vs ben.whos is craziest. That's B E N

    21. Bryan Chris Malaque

      so ben works in playtech now?

    22. Eric Kim

      1:24 People don't realize that Rowan is finally using air quotes correctly

    23. jack ph

      How is he still alive..

    24. Ftg Metal

      Como me hacen reir estas personas. Gracias. Saludos desde argentina

    25. juliano montini

      Ben and Rowan were about to mug someone

    26. Chris Lei

      Lol Ben still "working" there :D

    27. Master Cricket

      If Rolan had been wearing the gold shirt, they would have had to assume the others role

    28. Zach S

      I love how true this series is! 😂

    29. Joseph L

      My last boss forgot my name while I was having my first performance review, he was super embarrassed because he was just telling me I was doing a great job. He gave me a $2 an hour raise at least lol

    30. Porter Finstad

      When Ben came out that made me laugh so hard. I forgot he was still in there

    31. Jonas Mikkelsen

      At least he got the "Air Quotes" right

    32. Серёга Счастливчик

      А почему на русском больше нет субтитров?))))))

    33. MaDviKing

      Holy... Holi shit. Ben is Vali?!?!?! From Almighty Johnson’s?!?!?!

    34. Ender404

      2:17 no it's B-E-N

    35. Andre Lemos

      Lana , Lana, Lanaaaaaaaaaaaa......

    36. Shluppi

      Ellie’s got a new hair cut I like it

    37. Vinícius

      "But I'm hungry"

    38. Anthonie Madsen

      This is my fucking boss!!!🤣

    39. LongLei

      Rowan going techno viking.

    40. Channel Name

      My name at work clearly doesn't state Eric. I get called Eric by the new guy. Lol. I answer as Eric now, because I'm done fixing my name for folk

    41. Bassitoo Channel

      1:30 Alan's blank face literally got me every time i see it. Never laughed like that my entire life

    42. XFrozenAshX


    43. Razkanaz

      I thought he was the mediation guy???

    44. Red General

      The whole thing about management telling you to do the thing that you're already doing is TOTALLY accurate.

    45. Park The Penguin

      My friend’s name is Halle, whoever pronounces their name right on the first try at this point deserves a freaking medal

    46. Austin Theng

      Wait.. So if Ben has been in the teaspoon dropping cupboard since that fateful day.. Who's that other ben customer that still comes to shop?!! Ben has a twin?? Karen has twin boys?!!!!

    47. Ten-Dimension

      Looks like Rowan is using Air quotes right after that incident

    48. Nepeta Ikutsi

      Ben is even still wearing the old shirt, brilliant!

    49. FlamesAndShadows

      Literally every new person (except 2) in my life. 1. 2. 1/3 Are you sure your name is not X, Y or Z? Argues not wanting to hear I'm sure. Asks a few more times. Forgets. Learns and uses it maybe once a year, even if we talk all the time. Now I covertly prefer not to even go there before determining if we even gel in some way, because its repetitive and exhausting, and people get self-ridgeous or annoying instead of just continuing the nice chat or activity we started with. Repeats all of the above, the ordeal somehow taking 5-10 minutes every time if I tell them. Kills the conversation. Other people: My name is X, I hate it! Me: I like it))/ I like you.

    50. Simone Pagnotta

      I'm curious about the backstory. Is Rowan like the owner's son/grandson/son-in-law or something? Because why else would he be the manager with how obviously incompetent he is?

    51. Stephanos Demetriou

      wow.. Hamish is being really mean to his employees

    52. Mike Line

      ive never identified with rowan more than I do right now. k cept one skit. but you can't prove it.

    53. Sunil Mulgund

      Now I am confused who is who..before I wasn't

    54. Yoda The

      Ben did such a good job at the end wrapping that up for us. It was, TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS

    55. Askl Qwop

      Me:so did you finally learn how to use air quotes right?(1:26) Rowan : Yes. Me:At what cost? Rowan : My friendly nature,my girlfriend....EVERYTHING😭😭😭

    56. X Yellowcard X

      As a trans woman... I highly relate

    57. 95flareside1

      Easily Bens best outro ever

    58. miranova

      Adam is getting really fed up with Rowan these days, sheesh

    59. Adrianox

      That must have taken a lot of tries to get it right.

    60. Stephanie Dee

      Literally my boss.

    61. kamakazi gamer

      How long has he been in that cubourd

    62. TL;DR

      I was expecting it to end with Adam getting a massive paycut because he was being indignant to Rowan... [Real Adam offscreen Eugene-cry noises]

    63. dark gamer

    64. Pokemc0831

      This is why real retail workers wear name tags

    65. Nun Yuh

      How long has Ben in the teaspoon dropping cupboard now God damn!!!!

    66. Jon Ragnarsson

      Why hasn't this been picked up by a tv station? This is some The Office quality writing/acting here.

    67. TJ Knight

      O wow he's ben in that cupboard for awhile, is he officially a playtech worker now.. whenever he comes out that is

    68. Ordinary Boy

      in some point of this video i was sure Rowan will tell ''what are we'' and Ben will respond ''we are muggers'' lol

    69. J Sae

      So roan is a jerk because he knows he’s in a web series right?

    70. Riemon Asis

      "Rowan" is like a male version of "Karen", except that Rowan is a manager.

    71. Drax

      Someone can explain me this cupboard thing?

      1. Ss Subway

        Check their bored "imposter" episode

    72. Alejandro Contreras Cu

      I'm so glad Rowan learned how to use air quotes

    73. gaming with yoyojrap

      Or the other way around I don't care but please

    74. gaming with yoyojrap

      You can bring back a new shirts to please

    75. gaming with yoyojrap

      Gray shirt super-mega manager

    76. gaming with yoyojrap

      Blue shirt Mega manager

    77. Ariana Meinking

      At this point, they could make a full length film and I will pay to watch it.

    78. Corentin Deredec

      But who is Rowan? Is he Rodney?

    79. TsoliasPN

      But you were in the sketch

    80. Diarrhea Splatter

      Anyone else hear that low LFE rumble in this video?

    81. Despair Dragon

      I got to say, I was feeling really down about things tonight, but your videos made my night a little better. Thank you for making your great videos! Always so funny

    82. sPaAsM

      Thanks for this episode, needed it when i first started watching. Took so long to not get the similar names mixed up.

    83. OverNine

      I had a friend in school, his name was Peter. It was really surprising for me to realize that everybody outside the school were calling him Jacob. Honestly there was no reason for that. Just because.

    84. Leonidas Daemon

      Where the hell is Byron???

    85. MacaronBella

      I love these videos! 🤣🤣🤣

    86. Miguel Ramos

      lmfao did no one catch the boom mic shadow on Rowans shirt at 0:53

    87. The Invoker Dark Soul

      Ellie is sure hella lovely.

    88. Koto Foxchild

      Ben and Ellie at the end just made that whole video. 😄

    89. Unknown

      I am seein Rowan getting beat up by Alan 😂

    90. sasha_ytube

      Allright Ben, we'll subscribe

    91. Shane Nadeau

      It’s funny because those are literally the only two VLDL people who I constantly get their names mixed up.

    92. NoLuckScape

      This is a reference to Rowan misstaking Alan and Adam names in real life

    93. cannibalbananas

      One of these days they may rise up against Rowan. Hope he has a stand-in that day

    94. Levharius

      Not gonna lie I used to confuse Adam and Alan

    95. Shav0

      hes still in the cupboard!!!!!

    96. Konecta aí

      Hey, I had an idea, what's about a crossover between epic npc man and playtech characters? Maybe the playtech characters could be playing epic npc man game, or something like that.

    97. Mucurini

      Teaspoon drooping cupboard RETURNS omg that was fun xD

    98. Aadam Soomets

      I like how Rowan says Adam's name

    99. Phantom Games

      Imagine if they open up an actual Play Tech store