When saving your team is impossible - Boxed In

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    Sometimes your team are beyond saving... good luck explaining that to them
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    1. Paul Reynoso

      lol outrageous

    2. fuzzy pizza

      Just noticed the sweet vldl tats

    3. Roman O

      Very tragic😢

    4. Check Games

      Rewards: 69 *funny number haha*

    5. Kabeer Ahmed

      3:15 But how did he shoot???

    6. Михаил Плотников

      Это просто офигенно!!!

    7. the goof of doof

      in your videos rowan is either the best or the worst no middle

    8. Richard Short

      Love y’all’s videos. If y’all played pubg for real I would play with ya

    9. Gamegod Suhail

      How is it possible to kill a teammate?

    10. madutzu spoiala

      This is oscar material

    11. M Web

      "Not like this..... Not like this....."

    12. Kelvin Lin

      How is he still alive and how did the guy who is knock out shoot him

    13. Alex Mort

      these are just too good.


      Top 10 Anime Betrayal

    15. iPool

      3:53 i love the repeat thing... 😂

    16. Eli Sst

      lesson learned: Kill downed teammates cuz they will shot you in the back at blue zone.

    17. LJN Studios

      Nice reward when you all died 😏

    18. Emre Uzer

      Show this to your gf if she cries you know you pivk the right girl

    19. Teaya Brown

      Awww... Rowan couldn't kill Alan.

    20. J. McConnell

      What music did they use?

    21. Chong Li Yang

      bruh ive been res from the blue zone and you just gotta be quick with the medication

    22. Mitchowski

      Ben gets shot: "Outrageous"

    23. Alexander Licorish

      feels so many feels

    24. Niro Max

      This acting deserves a Grammy ❤️

    25. Angelo Wico

      I don't wanna do it but say goodbye to Been.

    26. Ally B


    27. haapy siksha

      The punisher

    28. AgentlolzYT

      Shouldn't rowan have died like 2 minutes ago

    29. Aleks A

      Какая драма!!

    30. Me1ted M005e

      Man that blue zone does about 0.000000000000000000001 dps

    31. World War HEROES GAMING

      can you make a skit on hopeless land game and world war heroes game please

    32. De Gaming Tube

      Oh rowan got a tattoo of viva logo wow. Didn't know.

    33. Jurassic Dano

      Imagine just walking down the street and u see this

    34. TheEvilBere

      "Rowan killed Adam like this"... rofl

    35. Carlos Aparcana Coria

      No puede disparar alguien noqueado : /

    36. Zunaed Aman

      Rowan killed adam like this xDDDD

    37. Matt In_together

      One of the best ones yet. I really like the dancing one too. Toss up in my opinion.

    38. 存在意味が無い

      1:26 That's spot on for their acting, I like it

    39. Ren X

      Outrageous 🤣🤣🤣

    40. chciekn

      That awkward moment when chciekn die in the blue zone

    41. phantom ski

      How does a slowly dying person survive in the place where you slowly die

    42. Alexander Edwards

      Top 5 anime deaths, Number 1: 1:26, Number 2: 1:48, Number 3: 3:16, Number 4: 3:36, Number 5: 3:44

    43. Alexander Fukes

      i came for the laughs but i left with sadness ;-;

    44. Prajwal Pagar

      Where's the kill feed for Rowan? !

    45. Alvaro Ahora

      1:30 outrageous

    46. Mouad Yousfi

      That must be a sentimental spoon made from sentimental steel.

    47. Eric Cartman

      This is pure quality

    48. For AFriend

      There’s so many movie references in this lol

    49. Michał

      Rowan should've randomly shot Alan in the head without even looking when moving away xD

    50. gareth roberts

      Carol baskin killed her husband pmsl!!!

    51. Sunita Yadav

      Well ...... that went dark

    52. SimpleSetting

      Rowen is gonna get banned lol

    53. Evan Sarasin

      This would make a good movie

    54. Michelle Tuxford

      Ow ... my feelings!

    55. Ivanskiee Subiron

      “If you love something, you gotta let it go”

    56. Cesar CL

      The drama kings mate

    57. Mico Rivera

      Lol if that was me i would wip out my pistol and make them dance survival of the fitest bois

    58. NightfireOP

      high maintenance teammates like this happen all the time in BR games, they're really annoying especially when they cry like a bitch knowing that if you have to go back into the ring/storm/blue-zone, they'd get everyone killed.... >_

    59. S. spoonkiller

      this makes me wanna play pubg... but not really :D

    60. Immortal Fruit

      UMP sound like UBZ

    61. Carlo Senpai

      So no one's gonna talk about how sad this sh*t is?

    62. Steven Kamer


    63. kornilios gaming


    64. Keira W

      there like dogs asking for food like they dont shut uppp

    65. jar mar

      I love these guys. They are good actors. They need to star in Hollywood.

    66. Ariana Ariana


    67. Rabeeyah Macabangkit

      ben should have said fuck ur balls

    68. Eric Fouch

      The holding your teammate back by the legs thing needs to be a thing. 🤣

    69. Albert Gomez


    70. teejus101

      Had two teammates get destroyed out of nowhere and were both in buildings seperate to me and we had no idea where they were killed from, i fought to stay alive but eventually the guy killed me too. once we were all dead, my two teammates came into game chat to shout at me asking why i didn't res them. This is all too relatable 😂

    71. Radionixix

      That's the best and now my favorite video of vldl

    72. King Zerk

      Lmao the end ROWAN ROWEEEEEN0

    73. Felipe Robles

      Better love story than twilight

    74. JooJoo Flop

      not like this!

    75. Lostpause Jr

      The gruesome side to battle royal the movie

    76. The great taco man

      So true

    77. MrBrucelee117

      Alan?! Where’s the “ROOOOOWAAANNNN!!!!!” scream? Edit: nm you did it in the outtro lol

    78. John Doe

      lmao epic

    79. Mob Singson

      Anybody noticed Rowan tattoo

    80. Dust Devil


    81. Nageen Affaq

      Ronan has a tattoo of the sign of the channel

    82. OG

      Ben in next game: *oUtrAGeoUs*

    83. Givemeurhats

      Ben always acts so mean that I bet he's really just the nicest guy

    84. Mihin Tai

      2:06 When you notice we can see the camera from reflection

    85. daker falah

      3:27 how did he do that though

      1. Aidan Templeton

        Alan and Ben are hackers.

    86. Antsy Just Antsy

      I love when the accents randomly go southern

    87. Alex Tim

      Да это же ШЕДЕВР!!!

    88. Elias Mühlack

      The Betrayal in Bens Eyes

    89. David Stockdale

      "Tell me about the rabbits lenny"

    90. Manta

      и как после этого, скажите пожалуйста, мне их не шипперить? я держался. я терпел до последнего... :D

    91. cringemonkey 507

      He played us like a damn fiddle!

    92. LITEGAME

      2:30 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    93. xtgaming mobile legends bang bang

      It is sad tho it is like a movje😅😢😅 Movie

    94. Leon Hoffmann

      Better acting and plot than the sequels

    95. Depress Studio

      Im crying

    96. asriel_glitchtale fan

      You guys reaaaaaallly like Matrix, don't ya?

    97. Sir bon Bon

      Lol the upper corner when Rowan kills them had me dying

    98. Андрей Михайлов

      Jump? No?

    99. Akiiiraaa Kuruzuuu

      2:07 that was so sad

    100. Jayanta Baishya

      How could the downed fellow shoot?