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    1. Lucas P.


    2. Smelter Skelter

      Absolutely brilliant, this made my day!

    3. James Thomas

      Agreed, fuck Dark Souls.

    4. M M

      Ben is a great actor, actually they all are

    5. Ввася Батарейкин

      Пришлось читать по губам. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

    6. Daniel McCallum

      I bet they laughed their asses off making this video.

    7. One notice Of many

      And he haven’t fight a boos yet

    8. Kevin Bowman

      Pleeeeease please please do more souls logic!

    9. Densetsu

      My only complaint is this is too accurate.

    10. Zheng Yen

      this is not Dark Soul, this is BOB when he fight boss from Epic dnd

    11. Billy Mondragon

      Anybody else expect that 'git gud' from the master? Maybe not in that way but the words themselves.

    12. CptObvious

      Geezuz this gave me anxiety :c

    13. moonlightberserker

      This dude really think he is The creator of dark souls bruh muzaki Is the creator of dark souls not you get good scrub

    14. Maxime Côté Gauvin

      Player at beginning : Ah! Lets see if you are that hard! Player at the end : I'm going to stay at the first bonfire and I'm not moving because f*** this game.

    15. Justin Orton

      This makes me laugh so hard! 😂

    16. Aaron Chapman

      wut about invisible wall ahead

    17. Steve Sarwens

      Can you please not kill the souls series, there's so much potential here... We want the Amazing chest ahead. We want to watch Ben endlessly parry Gwyn Lord of Cinders, and we want to watch Ben give up at sen's fortress. Btw love how he actually heads to his destination according to real game from the first bonfire.

    18. Jonny Hindu

      My Favorite Series of VLDL .. Hope they'll continue it in future..

    19. OreganoTV

      This is a masterpeice ❤

    20. Neptune Gaming

      When U dont Skill any vitality 0:00-17:43

    21. WiseSalamander

      Wait, how are both bells rung for Sen's Fortress if Ben hasn't gone all the way through Blight Town?

    22. Trumpets Call

      This ia my favorite series, DS is a lovely grind.

    23. Zero TK

      When in doubt join in some JOLLY CO-OPERATION PRAISE THE SUUUUN \[T]/

    24. Starry's Angels17

      Whoo! Been following VLDL on Facebook, and finally jumped onto the HUgets train! You guys are awesome! Thank you for the laughs and the seriousness!

    25. Delous Morgan

      I love Dark Souls, but Ben nailed how it can make you feel. Hamish and Rowan... awesome too.

    26. Stephen hawk Jr

      I mean it's no punch in the D like Tarkov but at least you hate yourself for going back again and again.

    27. Mary Schneider

      ...and that is why I don’t play Dark Souls and Nioh

    28. ghassen

      Mmmm that kos parasite roly poly

    29. Logan Nathaniel Robinson

      darksouls hard but possible final dlc boss you think darksouls is hard its impossible then its a old man with a giant sword XD and its way to hard.

    30. Hanifa Bharuchi

      Hey everybody unsubscribe because there making videos

    31. Tasslehoff Burrfoot

      Where is VLDL? Nothing in 3 weeks!!!!

    32. Kurzum Productions

      XD add the surprise Boss part

    33. George Hayworth

      These were so good man great work

    34. dark wolf

      Dark souls "nightmere difficuty set " Player " wait what? "

    35. Imsol Games Inc.

      Add russian subtitles please)

    36. TracerHD

      New video please!

    37. Phoner Sempai

      In the fires of the ROLY POLY

    38. Devon Lewis

      How this video ended is how my Dark Souls playthrough has also ended. After ringing those bells every area left felt rough and I needed a break to keep my sanity. Well, time for more pain!

    39. Andrew

      I love how, when fighting the mace knight, he eventually dies on the wrong side, leaving his souls behind the knight instead of in front of him. "That's game over" I said.

      1. Boid

        Don't you just hate it when there's a Cathedral Knight standing in the path out of Firelink, and just in front of your Souls?

    40. OneDay

      You came into my mum's work the other week and you were apparently looking at oven with your mother. When she text me and said you were there i freaked out. Your my favorite youtube channel!

    41. João

      these guys are so funny! they should make a youtube channel

    42. Leonel Dio

      NPC Girllllllll

    43. Jeremiah Pierce

      Smough n ornstein pog

    44. Just a peace of cake

      Sorry for your loss 😔 starting 2021 with a bad start. Sorry for being rude and saying this 🙏

    45. Stanislav Vladev

      Hey VLDL, I have an idea about an "EPIC NPC MAN" video that I think you haven't covered, but it's out there already. It's about an escort quest - the adventurer takes the quest, and begins to escort the NPC. When they almost reach the destrination where the escort quest is completed, the adventurer gets killed and the NPC runs back all the way to his cage, therefore screwing the quest. Like this - one of yourescort videos covers the "slowness" of the NPc, but not if the adventurer gets killed.

    46. HoldMyParachute Ark

      7:35 wrong, he would jump back them roll behind you and do a 5 piece combo then 2 more enemies come and whoop your ass

    47. music lord

      I honestly felt that pain when he lost all those souls

    48. Krit.9112

      Funny "10/10" Production "10/10" quality "10/10" NPC smile "10/10" Dead "More than 10/10"

    49. Janitha Prasad the INTP

      There is no sign of a new video. Why...? Have you been nuked or something?😪

    50. Martin Serious

      Can you do Fallout 4 logic? Do the mayor one first. When you enter a town, you encounter the mayor. If u attack him, he will engage you and one shot you with a punch.

    51. Alex Gutierrez

      Please do a supercuts of Monster Hunter world

    52. ImNaked

      @Viva La Dirty League can you do SUPERCUT about Hunt: Showdown....! I think it will be a very good one

    53. Андрей Бочаров

      Hi guys. Pliz add Russian sub

    54. D3athShade

      Dark souls pvp rules: the less clothes he has, the more dangerous he is

    55. Nancy Boy

      Виски Мальтера, ты тут?)

    56. Kristian Vik

      What's going on guys, are you on a brake?

      1. Kristian Vik

        @Marek i guess i missed it

      2. Marek

        Even litle Ben knows, they are on a break 😂

    57. Johnathon Peacock

      continuity issues if you didn't make it through Blighttown you didn't ring both Bells so the gate to Sen's Fortress has not open yet

    58. Johnathon Peacock

      Number one lesson here always Fear The Naked invader

    59. Stephen Van Bellinghen

      Does he just live next to a castle or something so he makes dark souls videos?

    60. Logan Butcher

      I was hoping the souls video was gonna end with him running up, grabbing the souls, and then running away screaming like a little girl.

    61. Chris B

      I discover you guys. fall in love with everything you make. run out of shit to watch.. and now you guys stop posting. WTFFFFF is that about

    62. gd19881995

      Please join Rumble, HUgets is a censorship platform

    63. Myself Thethird

      still waiting for the day we will see a mimic :D !! let that anger flow !!

    64. Cheems

      Bruh, literally ive died more times falling than getting killed by enemies.

    65. Matheus Santos De Oliveira

      I've just killed the guy in Firelink Shrine. He seemed to be suffering.

    66. Chuck M

      I don't know why 2020 has been the Golden Age of Dark Souls content, but I love it.



    68. Dmitrij Kozliuk

      This is so marvellous 😂

    69. Dead Russian Liberal

      Ben’s “I’m gonna kill everybody!” is so well acted, I felt that.

      1. KOBKED-X

        lol I actually did that in Morrowind, I killed everyone, even Vivec , then the game crashed...

    70. Alexandre Cybis

      Dark Souls isn't that hard... To tell the Truth is an Easy game,that got it's dificulty OVER HYPED because ppl just got "lazy" with casual games over years. Dark Souls is not even compared to games like Ninja Gaiden/Contra in dificulty.

      1. Angry Wrath of the Raging Fury

        entertainment bro. although i agree souls isnt that hard but its not an easy game especialy for the one that new to the genre.

    71. Tom LeBaron

      Lol the fast vs mid roll got me 😂

    72. Fabian Grosch

      Lost souls yeah i love it. One time ive lost 22million from These point it dosent matter how much you lost. Ive lost it by falling 😅

    73. cholland67

      Still active on twitch. Due to various countries have lockdown it's possible they may not be able to meet up and film sketches. Wishing them well during this time

      1. FT W

        They live in NZ and we don't have any restrictions here so that's incredibly unlikely

    74. Michael McCracken

      Where tf have you guys been for two weeks. I'm dying lol.

    75. Ace

      Just grab the souls run away.. homeward bone. Easy.

    76. MegaMisch

      Hamish's laughing/crying is so good. Really is great acting.

    77. Mike Farside

      Guys, I studied british english launguage and i love so much your comedy. I'm from Russia for a minute. We are the same in our situation and laungauge, reallt guys and Ellie, you are awesome. Sorry for my English. Hope you will get the best of this 2021. Love you. really.

    78. Илюха

      круть, пилите еще больше!

    79. Stephen Rhodes

      I still think people are over exaggerating over this game series...

    80. Traian MaxIm

      Too bad I can give this video only one like, cause I saw it more than once and laughed every time! :)) I really appreciate the quality and work that your team has put into making all the videos!

    81. PipityPopity YourVerginalIsMyPropety

      You are the best, guys! Hello from Bellorusia!

    82. Saumya singh

      You people should make videos like if npc meets the game devoloper what happens?😂🤣that would be fun

    83. The Song

      Does this supercut mean you're already done with the series? I hope not, there's a lot more worth making videos for.

    84. Silver Raven

      I wish I could have my 1st Dark Souls Experience again

    85. Glowing Kestrel

      Man I made the mistake of accidentally hitting a friendly npc by a everytime I spawned they killed me. Welp

    86. R VB

      Great job Ben !

    87. Rupert Rosse Lachenal

      you on break guys ?

    88. stormbringer

      Then there is you opening a door for 40 mins being smashed by that same knight and taking no damage. IFrames are the best yay!

    89. Ragemage

      I want this Mace o.o

    90. Александр Трошин

      Блэт, это пзнц как круто)))

    91. Brady

      Big fan of the souls games and I just loved this video I legit lol'd when he dies right when he finally makes it to his souls

    92. KiWi Dragon

      I just started dark souls for the first time last week and tried to play it without a walkthrough. I'm sure you can guess some of the rest. Although for some reason I thought the path leading to catacombs was the only one. I kept going at it over and over, trying to kill all the skeletons in the graveyard. By the time I reached level 20 I decided this really was the hardest, most unforgiving game of all. Not that it isn't, but as soon as I found undead burg I blazed through areas for hours feeling like an accomplished player. I fought my way through some more areas before I decided I was just going to use a walkthrough after all. The game just stressed me and scared me too much. I couldn't go on lol

    93. GamerHatch

      In the first one, it should’ve been like, I’ve the best in the world! Then a huge boss comes out and crushes him

    94. Griffin Johnson

      Hope my favorite HUgetsrs drop a new video soon i miss the laughs.

    95. Ken Ken

      Hey guys? Why vldl dosnt have update for 2 weeks?

      1. Lorquin

        Xmas holidays that's all, back next week!

      2. Ken Ken

        Well, i hope they doesnt get any problem

      3. Tawuse Melek

        Did something happen?

      4. Thiccy Niccy

        I was looking in the recent comments to see if it was irregular

    96. chy03001


    97. STARSRav3n

      Should do another grinding montage but make it like Darksouls2 where the enemies stop respawning after 10 kills lol Underleveled? Cool go grind! Ohhh still underleveled? Well ya gotta just go at that boss until ya kill it. Good luck.

    98. hello there

      So I'm watching some Spartacus and what do you know, Rowan appears! Did not expect that! Netflix - spartacus - S03e08 (Balance) 1min 30 sec.

    99. Kausar GAMER

      someone agrees for GTA 5

    100. Lion_ Cactus_Pepper