The worst corporate training video ever

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    Rowan has decided to make a Playtech training video to help the employees work harder and faster... but it is the literal worst
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    1. MrRushSkies

      1:28 classic Rowan repairs a pc.

    2. Thom Morden

      So how is PlayTech not the most successful business in Kiwi history at this point?

    3. Tomáš Král

      Jesus this is so cringe :D.

    4. Craig Slade

      can work at play tech

    5. Funny

      am i the only one who gets what's happening in that video package?

    6. That Guy that was awkward to watch

    7. Josh Hodkinson

      The background music is "Calabasas Cruise Control" by Forever Sunset.

    8. Domitori P.

      Noooo. I wanted to watch it again...

    9. TC Gamer

      Lol editing that on your own won’t cost more than 20 dollars depending on the editing software. Even buying a video camera that records in 1080p will cost only around 500 dollars or even around 100 dollars. It sounds like to me rowan pocketed the rest of the money.

    10. NineOf8

      I like how one of the credits was “Costume Designer: Rowan” and he is just wearing the uniform Playtech gave him. Lol

    11. jeremy burch


    12. Alltaira

      Wished some companies I worked for had training videos this good....

    13. Ottoman Empire


    14. Ryuk Shini**mi

      AHAHAHAHAH you acting cute Rowan? Im scared hahahahaha 3 of them just like "give us back that fucking 2 minutes "

    15. iRax

      Why Does Rowan Look Like Mr.Bean To Me

    16. King Sage

      This training video is actually educational. If you pay attention Rowan is telling the employees the things he can do that they can't. Sowwy no gaming on the job .

    17. soulJ

      this is the type of video that rowan inspires me to join playtech

    18. AudieHolland

      That's what you get when people become too comfortable in their position. Start getting ideas above their station. Why are your employees sitting in those same awesome chairs? Instead of looking grateful, their facial expressions are of disgust and disapproval. Take their chairs away.

    19. Joshua Childers

      Exactly seeing as you guys like it so much pay cuts for everybody

    20. Andy Sho

      Im spechless.. 🤣🤣🤣

    21. FireOccator

      I've seen worse.

    22. Brent Osterkamp

      I'm a model

    23. Shiki Yora

      50 grand on self produced video. Wonder why Rowan's wallet is thicker than usual

    24. Leo Liang

      How did it cost 50 grand if he did everything as the credits suggest?

      1. Dis Belphegor

        Pay for Rowan obviously

    25. Shelly Wernette

      I imagine at this point Alan is recording everything that Rowan does in order to launch an aggressive coup that convinces the Playtech supervisors to fire Rowan and promote Alan to manager.

    26. Mike Darnell

      Okay but the camera man ever got any credit??

    27. Dustin Barlow

      WHO IS WATCHING THE REGISTER!?!?! All of the employees are at this meeting!

    28. Rousell Reeve Rosario

      What's the video presentation's soundtrack?

    29. David Cavanagh

      Learnt so much from Rowan's video!

    30. MAGWITCH

      Hey VLDL! I really want to know, where did the music come from? Did one of the team make it, did you buy it? It is so spot on, I would love to know it's origins, and perhaps even play it at special occasions

    31. Starla Bradshaw

      By Gods, he is so.good at being awful, I was actually embarrassed watching this. And I'm alone right now. >.

    32. Engthawla Bohia

      Let's watch again... If I were there,I would be literally crying 😂😂😂

    33. Nathan

      gonna be honest, his name as music composer actually impressed me.

    34. Derpy Dilophosaur

      i thought the looking at the camera bits were an 80's sitcom intro and i was waiting for the actual thing...

    35. Jeremiah Hessian

      I was scared when I thought we were watching it again. LOL

    36. CCPJAYLPHAN1994

      I actually liked the music lol

    37. Ryan AmSa

      I liked the music. I really did.

    38. RobotJ12 1

      Love how he didn't mention the camera man in the credits

    39. 1

      Cant wait until RLM finds Rowans Training tape during one of their Black Spine Editions or Wheel of The Worsts.

    40. Hawksquawks

      Clue is the the name Play tech, You work hard, and play harder.

    41. TerraDoctor

      Well that worked. Now I feel annoyed too.

    42. Hashmeera Kumar

      Rowan is the bessssttt and the funniest 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. TheDragonPlayer TDP

      I JUST REALIZED PLAYTECH IS A REAL THING! sure I live on exactly the oposite side of the planet but still

    44. Sword Fastic

      when you started a company and you decided to make a video for the new workers about the company yourself and that your the only person who has experience

    45. Ragnarok

      Rowan is my spirit animal

    46. thisbarb

      Can we just appreciate the silent protagonist in this long-running series? PlayTech.

    47. random dude on the internet

      I was waiting for "who the fuck is that idiot?" At the end lol

    48. Magic

      Without context, this music is really cool. Almost like a 80s martial arts training montage

    49. Derrick Whittaker

      Totally a modern day "clerks"

    50. Tim Leshay

      Rowan you creep

    51. Obadiah Brown

      I thought Rowan was gonna say something like “Due to low budget, you all will be receiving massive pay cuts!”

    52. Dreydon Stanford

      Are we done? *wipes nose*

    53. Allan D.

      Rowan... the master of cringe.

    54. Rocky Balboa

      This reminds me of the office.

    55. Brantley Cooley

      Love how the camera looks smudged to make the quality look old.

    56. Marco Antonio Díaz

      kojima style


      if i ever see u in public, imma punch u

    58. シRyder


    59. lostMind Shoes

      This reminds me of when I worked for Walmart!!! The worst fucking store to ever work for ! Just wanna punch 👊 someone in the face

    60. I'm Watching You

      Is Byron the one recording? Coz I can't see him

    61. Jacob Wilde

      Anyone know the background song?

    62. Gadget

      this looks like something my boss would come up with

    63. R03VG

      Кто все переводит на русский язык?

    64. Spyro Luver09

      Did he just say no breaks 😂 you have to work? 😂😂😂

    65. cody allen

      Your awesome rowan I'd like to work with you

    66. Dominik D.

      I fcking love it! U are best guys :)

    67. top hat

      The highest up guy in my walmart dc made 1 where he followed a tractor trailer on horse back

    68. Crispy Business


    69. Andrii Nazarov

      Can someone tell the name of the soundtrack from Rowan's video?

    70. Iogann Broger

      It reminds me of my previous boss. Im feeling very uncomfortable now...

    71. Alexander Fukes

      we are learning... learning.exe has crashed random videos of boss doing bad stuff active good day

    72. Alexander Fukes

      1:25 rowan has himself as an avatar or is that ben

    73. Shakir Zufayri Mohamad

      just like they said "Rowan had the most punch-able face out there" 😂😂

    74. Dylan Kern

      I’m always impressed by actors who can play bad actors

    75. Doiz-GD

      Oh my gosh, that was the best thing ever! Lmao

    76. I'm a retard, but

      no one: rowan: *chuckles*

    77. Fei

      Are you really working for playtech in real life?

    78. Evan Daar

      Imagine getting brought back to life only to not have your vital organs

    79. Alnel Vincent Alico

      Reminds me of Saul Goodman lmao.

    80. Squertingo The famed surgeon?

      NGL my eye started twitching half way through

    81. UGNAvalon

      The real question is: Who was operating the camera during the panning shots?? Is there more than one Rowan??

    82. sirius4k

      Having to watch this should be considered a violation of human rights or something.

    83. Enclave

      Where were all the massive pay cuts for everybody to cover the cost of the instructional video?

    84. Alexander Edwards

      Amazing how Rowan was able to get those moving camera shots all by himself

    85. Koshy M.G.

      CGI Alert: Rowan is seen working in this video.. 😂😂👍

    86. TheEvilBere

      Funny enough we had something like that in my company recently. XD

    87. San dro

      3:28 Man I love snarky remarks like that. But so true on so many companies.

    88. Conwera X

      There in New Zealand right so what side north or south

    89. Michał Skup

      People who worked at corporate don't laugh at this video. :D

    90. Opinionofmine

      I notice Rowan has no last name...

    91. Irishyeti

      God, I hate these kinds of videos when work makes us sit through them, they are some of the most irritating part of any job. But hey, they nailed this, down to the dumb music

    92. Fedaykin24

      Just for reference $50,000 NZ Dollars is roughly equivalent to £12.50 GBP Sterling or $27.99 US Dollars

    93. Cody Rauh

      27k+ people love terrible training videos. :)

    94. vivieta mihmih

      step by step intro

    95. Linkachus 17

      i like the credits

    96. Garry Superales

      I liked the part where Rowan smiled at me.

    97. WOJness 12

      I once had a south Korean friend in the Navy(English was rough. You can imagine) came up to one day in the Pway looked around and whispered very quietly "do you have any training videos?" I laugh and said in my loudest voice. Training videos?! You mean porn? He shook his head yes timidly. I laughed again and said yeah I'll get you one. This. Ain't Korea bro you can just say porn that's all I could think of when I saw this title. Hope someone gets a laugh

    98. CorsairZRG

      Bravo Rowan that was really good to be honest.

    99. Paul G

      music composer: rowan... thats probably his best talent then