FPS Logic Teaser Trailer

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    Get ready for some bang bang
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    1. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    2. Luna Margaret

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    3. Wesley the great gamer09

      Man its like cod ww2 but with logic

    4. WooshIfGay • 7 years ago

      *Not bad*

    5. Justin Ribeiro

      Please don't stop making these video's!! My father an I play an have played alot of WW2 FPS. We have a hell of a time laughing to these videos!! Yall are awesome!

    6. Nightfury oblivion

      Just wanted to know but is "FPS" an actual game they're parodying or it's just FPS Games in general?

    7. WandaII

      We honestly need a WW2 movie like this!

    8. Christopher Bentley

      FPS is THE BEST VIDEOS EVER MADE......I CANT WAIT..... Seriously....i cant wait...please hurry because the world of fps gaming needs to laugh as hard as i have with this series..........I LOVE IT AND I CANT WAIT FOR MORE....viva la best!!!!!!

    9. Kris Geusens

      Oh My God, for some reason this appeared on my facebook while scrolling, I'm so glad I checked Facebook, this is GOLD :D

    10. Michael Gordon

      Love y’all. Always make me laugh.

    11. TheUndefinedx001

      Just discovered VLDL. They really bring back some kind of nostalgic youtube atmosphere. Like the HUgets from 2010-2015 kind of content.

    12. GMan M1 Ammo Can

      Glad we get this during the quarantine

    13. kensuke1991

      I've watched all of your videos , followed all your series so far , but maaaan... this's gonna be the most awesome comedy series ever made :D

    14. Jungle Berry

      why the hell every comment section there is some guy or other making joke on nice day for blah blah blah ain't it huh huh and vldl keeps liking and commenting them well i dont saw this comment section so tell me if there is any

    15. Voxel

      Such an amazing trailer

    16. sirhana

      Wow, you really started be something like RocketJump in time of glory!

    17. RA GOLDEN

      The real content creator

    18. EthanGames13YT1

      It looks like a tv show

    19. The Enigma

      This is secretly the begining to Baelin's route, we are going to see him in the background somewhere

    20. Torte l

      This looks better than any movie with dwayne johnson

    21. Alessandro Salani

      FPS where 'F' is for Friends

    22. FGF_playz

      this reminds me cod ww2 lol

    23. Alex Potapov

      The song: Better Luck Next Time - Pip Mondy. You are welcome

    24. Tristan E

      This is awesome!!!

    25. E4 IVANN

      Olá eu sou do Brasil gosto muito de vcs

    26. Ravinder Sokhal

      Waiting for more of this...

    27. Theodore Friend

      This looks like a trailer for a cheesy action comedy and I love it.

    28. Charles Rogers

      You guys have the best content. There I said it. XD

    29. anshul jain

      The production quality❤️

    30. Je teamleider

      a teaser for a 4-minute video

    31. Yopi Apriliyadi

      RUST login please sir

    32. ClayGotTaken

      damn just what i wanted A Comedy movie In ww2

    33. dantles1992

      this will be amazing, I love this guys

    34. joe lim

      Did he say, "sorry? What were you doing while I singlehandedly *went* world war II?"

    35. Isaiah Delacruz

      I didn't know they have a yt channel i always watch them in FB

    36. The Persian

      Release it already.

    37. E Monster35

      This looks like it's going to be a movie

    38. Gary Hudson

      is this going to be a full length film?

    39. Luqman Suhaimi

      This is what happens when you fund VLDL with real money and not monopoly money

    40. Elotonics

      It would be cool if you had an actual movie like this with some humor but like actually telling a story about a famous event in ww2! I love y’alls work and the effort you put into it

    41. Brainy

      This looks pretty expensive

    42. Blackout Lol

      Can’t wait!!!

    43. Trenda Lee

      Can't wait!

    44. the rising sun

      The trailer is amazing really captivating

    45. jack packing

      I get it because the main character does all the work

    46. Stefan Emanuel

      Level up !

    47. Bima Wicaksana

      You guys definitely need to make a movie

    48. Bima Wicaksana


    49. Asian console Gamer

      Ya know this could just be an original version of cod.

    50. Lee Rempel

      “Bitch man” I like it

      1. Asian console Gamer

        He wasn’t saying bitch man he was saying bettjeman which is rowans last name.

    51. Anomen1010

      Epic !

    52. Risto D.

      Is Ben officially in Vldl yet? Better get him in or youre gonna lose to those germans

    53. Daniel a

      welp. I'm hard.

    54. JoystickJoyrides

      Can't wait for a quickscoping logic video...

    55. Sprite Cranberry

      This looks like a trailer for a ww2 comedy

    56. Josh Enriquez

      Reviving a teammate but you just lend your teammate a hand they get up and when you dont they bleed to death :/

    57. Josh Enriquez

      FPS LOGIC your gun shoots at the cursor but not in front of the barrel of the gun.

    58. fcfdroid

      This is looking crispy 😎🔥🍿

    59. RangerLeaf

      This looks like a comedy that would be on tv

    60. Jadon Berg

      Always a pleasure to see people spending waaaay too much to nail down good looking reenacting uniforms

    61. Ivan Aniki

      Man the budget for videos is increasing. LOVEEE IT

    62. Maximus Productions

      This is perfect since im playing cod ww2

    63. Yahweh's Warrior

      It's almost Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

    64. Gaige Terry

      It’s amazing what you are capable of, you’ve come so far!

    65. trevor bond

      What game is this from ?

    66. Jason LIng

      There will be a scene where they have a clip with like 50 bullets, fire once, then reload. calling it now.

    67. Adela Lozada

      2017 call of duty ww2

    68. Greyhound 750

      I’m ready for this

    69. Khobotov

      Nice Teaser, but the recolliess BAR at the end triggers me more than it should.

    70. Joann's Lovely Channel

      I'm excited

    71. Benjamin Damien

      Saving private dirt league... ;-)

    72. Meredith Jones

      Isn’t it Friday there? Let’s go!!!

    73. Travis Linton

      "Sorry, what are you doing, while I singlehandedly win WWII?"

    74. seandiezel501

      Wow, you guys just get better and better

    75. Ron Plays

      FPS logic... OH fuck...im shot...gonna wait it out...yeah...rest and quiet...much better

    76. ROWDY Prouty

      Im SO hyped for this!!!!

    77. syed Ahmad

      why you guys dont make a film??

    78. Jeremy B

      The look of this new show is top shelf. Nice work guys, looking forward to watching.

    79. Matt S

      Gotta do them likes and comments so you know Imma be watching this.

    80. Vrf Kan

      This is cod ww2 irl

    81. Historium Retold

      The new Band of Brothers spin-off sure looks very different to the original, though who are we to question a Spielberg production, carry on...

    82. TurboP

      i remember that saving private ryan was different

    83. StiffJOHNNYP

      Oh hell ya!

    84. Balin's Bane

      Band of Gamers

    85. pandanimations

      love it

    86. King_of _Venice

      this look epic asf

    87. Sy A

      Apple is pushing itself into gaming. I wonder if we’ll get any new skits after Apple becomes a proper gaming laptop. 😅

    88. Fran Knežević

      Where did you get that Jeep!?

    89. Dravious

      The real queation is: will there be any fishin?

    90. Сергей Новобытов

      Abso'fuckn'lutely great acting!


      Corona wants to know your location

    92. Chris Agius

      Loving this!!! Really loving this!!!

    93. Timothy Arnold

      What a fantastic way to get epic free Halloween costumes

    94. Mr Lemonad

      Well, this seems *interesting*

    95. Alex Man

      Call of Duty WWII Logic

    96. robert mccracken

      Buzzing for this. I can't wait

    97. J

      Man the graphics for bad company 3 look insane o:

    98. ytdlder

      you should definitely do Arma3!

    99. Random NPC

      That's some impressive amount of props there, and quality ones too :o

    100. Ricardo Borsato