Bumping into your rivals - Mugger vs Mugger

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    Charles and Bernard meet their mugger rivals Richard and Alfred
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    1. preacherjohn

      For those of you who missed the first VLDL / Epic NPC-man Chicken Meme when it came out 4 years back, here you go: hugets.info/show/pXaflrHDq4Cn1qA/vide.html

    2. Merryface Gaming


    3. Felino Calderon

      Never kick/hit the chicken.

    4. HoiusH

      Guys, PLEASE do more skits in Darkwood. What would the muggers there be like? What would they mug from people? Would the mugged person go into a werewolf frenzy and tear them apart from the inside out? We need to know!

    5. fafiklata

      It was nice. :-D :-D

    6. Tidus Vahn

      In honeywood chicken mugs you

    7. Daedalus Raistlin

      More impressive bird visual effects than Birdemic. These ones don't look like they're done in MS Paint.

    8. Ole Jørgen Rønning

      These videos actually remind me of monty python.

    9. XEON Lite

      Charles and bernard are my favourite muggers

    10. Just some random anime fan 1

      I wish they sold a shirt that said “LET’S GO MUG THEM”

    11. Nick Kertzer

      I never realized how much my campaign needed a team rocket analogue until now.

    12. Dragon Earth

      Me thinking if I have seen this play out in Back to the Future.

    13. Requiem Arrow

      Woken in a Nutshell

    14. Stephen Pike

      Clever. They were, in effect, "cock"-blocked by our favorite muggers. 🐓

    15. Blake Wilson-smith

      the power of the coocoo

    16. Buffbud96

      Charles and Bernard mugged a wagon for, what, millions? I think they are the best muggers...

    17. ???

      Didn't they mugg a literal wagon?

    18. Guilherme Borges

      birdemic vibes at the final

    19. Chris K.

      We should do a petition to make angry chicken armys a part of every rpg that gets released from now on. Doesnt matter if fantasy or scifi or whatever. Angry chicken must somehow be a feature

    20. Masked tuber gaming

      When you get higher level mugging by getting sneak level 100!

    21. Ahmad Yuly Firmansah

      Weird, I can Understand them like when I watch Minions.

    22. Martin Gouws

      This reminds me of a PS2 Samurai Jack game I used to play. If you attack a chicken it turns into this HUGE monster chicken that kills you with 2 or 3 pecks🤣

    23. duane ruiz

      muggers vs karen

    24. Hairu TheNinja

      Zelda logic for the win

    25. Alex Shapsenzon

      I expected a hoard of guards, but that was good.

    26. UnVivid

      When smoking is better than becoming a mugger

    27. Pencil

      In rdr2, bumping into some o’ Driscals (i spelt it wrong) just makes them either beat you to the ground or shoot you dead.

    28. computernerd1101

      If the flock of chickens heard Charles inciting violence against their chicken comrade, then they might see Charles as and accessory to the murder committed by Richard and Alfred, and attack all three of them. At least Bernard is innocent, if only in this particular scenario. Before anyone says that chickens aren't that smart, that may be true about most chickens in real life, but these fictional chickens did not attack every living thing in their path. They completely ignored Bernard, as well as Charles for some reason, and went straight for Richard and Alfred.

    29. Rich Hopkins

      Zelda chicken nightmares

    30. Mediados

      In hindsight, how many skulls does Ra‘ul have?

    31. HesZedJim

      Wasn't sure whether to expect Zelda chicken logic or skyrim chicken logic

    32. Dom Lemon

      Ah yes the most fearsome foe in zelda

    33. Tice

      You see that? The goose did just MUG US!

    34. Roi Aldrich Eclevia

      They two are the best muggers in ther

    35. BattleChaing

      Mugger Group 1: **hits a chicken** Mugger Group 2: Here it comes! **Chickens have joined the chat**

    36. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng‌

    37. SabsC

      It's a tough lesson, but everyone's gotta learn it

    38. Dark Heart

      I used to think at the end it said, YEAHHH THICC NPC MANN

    39. Glenn Cox

      See that man standing there by the entrance ringing a bell? Yeah... Let's mug'em!

    40. Lord Zamasu Vegeta Black Fusion

      Those chickens gave me Cucco flashbacks.

    41. BenjaminGessel

      I love how muggers always sound rough and Cockney-ish, Scottish accents, etc., and knights and paladins, etc. sound aristocratically English (and French)... 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    42. Diamond Frieza

      is that actually the same music false swipe uaes in his pokemon videos? so... how good were these muggers ACTUALLY?

    43. F5xToRefresh

      The muggers have always been my favorite

    44. Nameless Shadow

      Demonic Chickens going Bawk Bawk Bawk Bawk Bawk at the same time.... Doctor: Demonic Chickens aren't real. Legend of Zelda Cuccos: My Sleep:

    45. Bael Darkwind


    46. Kristjan Peil

      Bravo, fellas, bravo! (the orchestra music was irreplaceable here, too!)

    47. Moisés J. Bonilla Caraballo

      Haters will say that the chickens are CGI

    48. Richard Klosterman

      A tiny bit disappointed that they didn't get attacked by every villager in the town, but I guess they wanted to do something different.

    49. Caelan

      I remember this when i killed a chiken in zelda. Flocks of chickens comes flying to attack me.

    50. Luis Villarreal

      More of the 4 Muggers pleaseeee

    51. Александр Зардинов

      Первая серия где аши старые друзья грабители не тупые

    52. Ranger Kwok

      lmao😂😂The mugger bros never disappoint me! Wish to see more their videos in the future lol!

    53. Red T

      Bernard: precisely there are already in the game they know what's up let's go mug them

    54. Joshua Smith

      Love the ending

    55. Kortanis

      300 gold off of a paladin? Didn't they thing to brag about how much they got from mugging a wagon that one time? :P

    56. Natree Penwolf

      why raul has so many skulls


      lol the old legend of zelda chicken swarm XD i remember doing that on the super nintendo

    58. archam777

      "We mugged....The Watcher." "Of coarse you realize, this means war."

    59. Hazard tool

      moral of the story !! never touch the cock !! ha ha

    60. lolschrauber

      Haha I loved it when the reference clicked, good one

    61. Mbc Nomads

      That happens in zelda

    62. David Peterson

      I can't wait until you put the mugger characters in your dnd channel.

    63. Super Red

      Them chickens are burgers to mug

    64. ChickenMaster06

      Charles is the smart one

      1. ChickenMaster06

        I said this before viewing the video

    65. N30N_C1T1

      hahhahha "I said....your shit" hahha

    66. Lukasz Mexyc

      Alan and Adam are amazing here!! 🤘🤣🤣🤘🤣🤘🤣

    67. September2091

      I was expecting the whole villagers from Honeywood to come out n beat them lol but chickens are good too

    68. spyke6662006

      I have been fucking waiting! took you guys what 10 years to do the chicken horde!?

    69. 88kjk75

      Birdemic Shock and Terror

    70. Kirill

      Why when he mentioned they cannot mug the chicken i immediately thought of skyrim... Hmmm When you hit a chicken in a skyrim village all residenced startet to fight you.

    71. SoulSlayer Knight

      hmm, The watcher could be the rival mug right there, same character model after all XD

    72. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      1:19 when you suddenly can only communicate in dubstep

    73. Fluttershy .Windwing

      Killed by an army of chickens, perfect punishment

    74. Galagoz

      LMAO the army of chickens

    75. Miyuden

      The Fable Hero would not have come far in this town.

    76. Survivalist _988

      idk if its me but i wanna see them play as orcs

    77. Sly Ngn

      I guess you can say that was a... •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Fowl play.

    78. Viktor Reaper

      1:39. "....And we got his watch!!" I was not prepared for that, it seems Alan over-preped for this role and is now robbing innocent LARPers.

    79. Arthur

      I trick my sister into killing a cucko once. That was 20 years ago and stills hates me for it.

    80. laurent delaunay

      One of my favorite vidéo!

    81. Shadow Hunter

      And homewood here is the only village in the game with a chicken. People call this unrealistic, but it's understandable... So many accidents involving chickens could happen everywhere else

    82. Сергей Кондранин

      Chicken revenge!

    83. Zachary Bufton

      I honestly was expecting a "whas 'at then?" and for Rowan to pop out as the King's guard and mess them up when they hit the chicken!

    84. Tyler Lastname

      Medieval problems require medieval solutions.

    85. Brandon Gentry

      Dude... You NEVER hit a chicken in an RPG. Proves they're shit muggers. 😏😏

    86. IndigoGollum

      Is there a reason you couldn't film in the normal Honeywood?

      1. Dragon Dude

        No doubt they were showing off new areas of the village.

    87. Ninja Turnip

      lol wasn't a chicken, it was a cucco

    88. Malcolm Perez

      So I still have a question. How did they escape the loop? I need answers!

    89. Lt Shinymagikarp


    90. Llywylln Gryffyn

      The chicken looks at the two fallen muggers and says, "U SUCK"

    91. ans boon

      They forgot the most important rule in any game : don't kill a chicken

    92. Isaak Ivey

      Zelda reference!

    93. Smoke Jensen

      See those muggers over there? Let's mug them!

    94. Patrisha Funk

      Who else remembers fucking around with the chickens in ocarina of time 😅😅😂😂😂

    95. grandmaster yoda

      NEVER fuck with bernard and Charles

    96. Rusty Blader

      Zelda logic best logic

    97. Alex Vmen

      for this, we invented language, i needed it

    98. Plaag Geest

      *”Well well well if it in’t Richa’d and Bedarb”*

    99. Discharm

      "We mug the watcher" "Well, we mug your mum"

    100. russell zhu

      he finally did it, he finally abused the game mechanics