Forcing poor NPCs to pay - Payment

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    What's more important, reward or reputation?
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    1. Logan Ascheman

      Sure I'll give you 10,000 gold, but first you must deliver 10 stick piles to my nephew. He will give you a key to free an imprisoned elf that you will need to escort home in exchange for a magical rock that will transport you to the raging cow den where you will need to... 3 hours later before finally destroying the last of the undead hordes along with their leader, the Dread Lord of Armageddon, who guards the chest where I put the 10,000 gold. Good luck adventurer!

    2. STEVIE Tirado

      "That's an unfortunate wink" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Bagit

      I can't get enough of Rowan's model face

    4. N0bLy_Hades

      Damn, opponents killing them selves actually sounds nice!

    5. 177SCmaro

      Hero skins in Clash of Clans...

    6. Eclipse

      Me: Give me the 10,000g now Merchant: But a reputation, could last a long while and give you a warm feeling in your heart- Me: No, seriously. I need the gold, have you seen my repair bill we had to reset the boss over 4 times in order to get the mechanics right. Merchant: I..Uhh...Rep? Me: ...No. *Takes the gold.* Merchant: Bitch.

    7. Nirjhar Alam

      A sequel to this would be great.

    8. Real Arpita

      game name?

    9. Berkeley Pickell

      Baradun has a very different look. And sound. Maybe Baradun is a really common name in Honeywood? Cause it's got to be a different guy, right? It's like John. Oh Baradun? Baradun L? With the mole, like yea tall?

    10. Denzil Rodrigues

      I bet there's gonna be a "Reputation" episode next, Ben is having trouble playing the game due to his low reputation, Fruit Merchant comes to him all smug and laughs at Ben's misfortune but then Ben does a very simple task or equips something that increases his rep, and the Fruit Merchant loses, again. Ben then stabs the Fruit Merchant

      1. General Grievous

        I somehow had to laugh at: Ben then stabs the fruit merchant

    11. Just some random anime fan 1

      Wow he just can’t catch a break

    12. David Eberhart ii

      please do the sequel to this!!

    13. Mimi Heonsu

      I always feel so bad forcing poor NPC's to pay, so I usually don't make them pay and they usually give me potions in place of gold.

    14. Pantheon the emperor

      After 1 day Adventurer: hey can i get some apple Shopkeeper: yea sure why not its 1.000.000 gold per apple Adventurer: what tha fuck


      Isn't reputation a good thing you might get discounts in the store the more people in the respecting town like you or you're more likely to get a bigger reward from doing quests in Honeywood

    16. Darth Zayexeet

      How this would normally play out: PC: *threatens to kill NPC* NPC: gives him the gold PC: *kills NPC anyway*

    17. Darth Zayexeet

      "That'll ruin me!" "Perfect"

    18. Attila Kálmán

      I hope for a sequel for this!

    19. harun yiğit

      Lütfen türkçe altyazı ekleyin videolarınıza sizi çok seviyoruz♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷

    20. harun yiğit

      Lütfen türkçe altyazı ekleyin videolarınıza sizi çok seviyoruz♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷

    21. harun yiğit

      Lütfen türkçe altyazı ekleyin videolarınıza sizi çok seviyoruz♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷

    22. harun yiğit

      Lütfen türkçe altyazı ekleyin videolarınıza sizi çok seviyoruz♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷

    23. Finnius Minitus

      feel like in a lot of RPGs i play, often the reputation option could be a better investment😅

    24. NightfireOP

      By 2:09........oh for God’s sake NPC give him the fking gold already, it’s not like you don’t give 10k to the next adventurer anyways lol

    25. janabi bharadwaj

      What game is it???

    26. Jordan Vela

      my man really put all his points into the intimidate perk

    27. Whisper AGX

      poor man :( give ithe gold back!!

    28. Daniel Mejia

      Have you guys ever thought of making a parody video game based on these series?

    29. JuseBeats

      More Hamish please!!!

    30. MrVkull

      Best line: "You Bitch"

    31. Rick S

      Hamish: "It will be all of my more! It will ruin me." So he responds, "Perfect". 🤣😊 Wow, haha!

    32. Dumb dude Show

      Should have taken the reputation

    33. Q Emrys

      wow long time no see Baradun!

    34. erhan adeeb

      i want to see britt wear that bra

    35. MilkCreamCheese Cheese

      The fruit seller that children were terrorised was the person that keep selling items to them

    36. HFDLI

      I hope future npc will be like this not just a souless doll

    37. Christian Detweiler

      Tbh I feel bad for the npc

    38. Emily F Zse βrütãtœzPęršøń

      I always feel bad for the npc

    39. Papuna aspanidze


    40. Ikmalreza 1998

      Hamish is so goddamn pathetic in this.

    41. koujimoreno

      Reputation gives you discounts at every shop which is way more than 10k gold in savings.

    42. Wei Anderson

      2:19 that face tho XD

    43. DestinationVoid

      This should get a follow up video - Adventurer with poor reputation

    44. Ergün Namaz


    45. Demos Jeffy

      This poor guy lol

    46. Draco

      10,000 gold? It’ll ruin me! Perfect

    47. Blaze Osirus

      Just say: Scripted payment

    48. Valixeted 88

      So... that the start of their "darksoul"

    49. Space Wiz

      Excellent costumes

    50. IrishSniperN

      I think some of us would have taken the gold then mugged him for the apples too.

    51. cthrekgoru

      It is hard for Hamish to choose between Lich and Leech !

    52. Barra Aaufa

      Npc epic man😎😎😎

    53. Arcane Relic

      Whatever your thinking that's what it is.😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    54. llVIU

      next time the electricity bill comes, I'm gonna offer them to give them a good review on google instead of paying the bill

    55. Daniel Parman

      Ngl, the reputation would have been pretty worth it if we're talking about genshin impact :v

    56. TheLibran1

      Is there a follow up to this? I SO WANT ONE. That Hero needs to PAY MWAAAHAHAAAAA!

    57. arnab banerjee

      where is part 2 ?

    58. ruste shackleferd

      Why did the clearly wealthy Nobleman who had more than the reward force the dirt poor farmer to pay s reward he obviously didn't have?

    59. Kaashif Ahmed

      After pathetic cry, the unfortunate wink should be your next running gag

    60. woblr gaming

      Well I can give my self infinite number of anything in all games and I always attack other players so I see that I kill the sword guy and even if he didn't do that I'd kill him anyways

    61. ReaperSound

      This brought me back to Fallout 3. When you save the small town that Red is in charge of you can choose to accept caps or not and get good karma. I took the caps and used my [Speech] to double it. I then enslaved her later on with that mind gun.

    62. not me

      I really like how the comments here are not stupid

    63. Алекс Габр


    64. skyler mccullough

      I found a Cultist in farmland. up top, fork road close where you others. near a dead tank and burning tree. on him i found a rocket.

    65. G O D

      Everytime in Witcher 3 i do a monster contracts i make poor Villagers pay more for my effort. Guess i'm a monster...

    66. The High Pineapple

      "Whatever you're thinking, that's what it is....." Lol. Desperation at it's finest. 🤣

    67. Evil1Ogre

      +10000g, -20000 reputation - you are now hated, - gets rushed and killed by elite guards...

    68. cutiefangs

      I'm really looking forward to the reputation video XD

    69. Colin Boggs

      But any reputation could kill the small dark rumors I might spread about you

    70. Paul Beverage

      Every episode with him in it seems to break my heart a little more. The chest one was the worst...I literally had a wife very similar to that once.

    71. Srikrushna Mishra

      Man... I love games so much that i dont play the main mission ...

    72. Nazono

      Gosh, he really should have taken the reputation increase, after all, that unlocks one of the only places for a full heal in the entire game and you only need to arrive to Fred Orchidson and you will receive it. 10,000 gold just isn’t worth it when you compare it to practically infinite full heals for life.

    73. Brian Jones

      Lol, 'that's an unfortunate wink'. Lol

    74. CrawlingChaos

      "you'll ruin me" "perfect" lmaoo

    75. Death Ahoy

      Ahhh so he did buy the DLC


      i feel so bad:((((

    77. Boiled Crap

      Turns out this is a prequel and was the origin of the muggers.

    78. Parr0t Animation

      Glad i maxed out charisma now i have 20,000 gold

    79. Visitor

      2:55 his thumb is making me sick

    80. Justa Guy

      and.. the quest is repeatable.

    81. KasVos

      Fool! You can easily trade a sack of apples for more than 10k G!

    82. *Mihael64 SSS*

      I'd just take the sack of apples im sure there's a blessed apple in there somewhere

    83. Tommy Poison

      Poor Hamish 😂 😂

    84. WARFACE

      That wink had just a touch of seizure.

    85. Holymolie

      And, this finally broke Hamish.. Just look at what he's become in Dark Souls..

    86. Vindex

      The first guy looked so rich but the other guy was so poor lol. I know this is stating the obvious but i havent seen a comment like this yet.

    87. True Derp

      card declines

    88. RC Slyman

      If it gets me from Friendly to Exalted in one go, I'm game. Gimme the rep.

    89. BossieCloverTheDarkSlasher

      Non-StoryLine Quests in YBA (Roblox) be like:

    90. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    91. Qoy Sary

      Go PUBG in Honeywood

    92. Panagiotes Koutelidakes

      "Perfect." omg

    93. Derek Dumas

      I feel sorry for the npcs the freaking hero’s are the true enemies

    94. TheGamer

      This guy is fruit seller for a copper from another video. Poor guy lol

    95. Quick Review Show

      Ah no wonder he went to the dark side. 🤣

    96. Ⱬ

      Should have taken the extra rep.

    97. Laura Alba

      Idea for a sequel of this: for his bad reputation, anyone won't want talk with the adventurer, shops will be very expensive, the guards will follow him, and even the muggers won't try mug him because "they not mug trash".

    98. Kenshin Keast

      id take reputation so i could get stuff for cheaper

    99. G

      This adventurer is no better than that evil lich lord!

    100. Hollow 666

      i so want to see a follow up video to this to know what rumours he passed around