What taunting looks like in video games - Taunt

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    Taunt logic in video games is kinda of weird when you think about it
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    1. william hickman


    2. Agadir Guides

      man i love that taunting guy xD, always landing it

    3. Wraith540

      I hope Adam cast Holy Nova on Seamus, after.

    4. The Husky

      My names Adam too bro... :D

    5. Gaming Savior

      Yo mama

    6. Adit Kumar Parida

      Your own size he said. lol

    7. Lord Ardvark

      That scream.... damn Hamish you crack me up

    8. david william

      Allt tack till #cyber_scott5 på instagram för att hjälpa mig att återställa mitt instagram-konto legitimt och prisvärt

    9. Deathy Kat

      Normally in videogames my character just laughs at them with a maniacal laugh since I'm a jester lol

    10. Dylan Craig

      A little “level up” before he said your mama woulda been perfect lol

    11. Alex Novikov


    12. Milos Schaffner

      🤣 hamish... I can't hold it back anymore 😂🤣

    13. Master Konzu

      When you piss off the light spamming highlander:

    14. Red

      "I fart in you're general direction"

    15. enlamanièrelaiteuse

      I've never been so happy to hear the words poo poo 😂

    16. dominichokage

      Even demons and monsters cannot ignore the 'poo poo butt butt' taunting.

    17. Channel Name

      The guy getting taunted, he has the perfect look to play one of the brothers Magni or Modi in a live action God of War

    18. E No

      Shout out to the "taunter", just seen Hunt for the Wilderpeople. I didn't recognize without the beard but have a very recognizable tone. Edit: For those interested in finding him in movie, look for tech cop.

    19. kewish guy


    20. nikolaj xD

      Looks like a buffed and older ben😂

    21. carlos lopez

      He sounds like rocko from rocko’s modern life

    22. hidden 0996

      Where is my comment ?😂😂😂

    23. David Wang

      "I'm a healer, I shouldn't even be attacking". Laughs in FF14

    24. Vermino

      When spamming taunt to save the healer

    25. anatron4

      Best episode in NPC series.😄

    26. Navy Bo

      "Yo mama" the greatest weapon of choice

    27. straxacore

      I did it I taunted him. I laughed so hard at that.

    28. Michael Whitcomb

      Poo poo head that was funny

    29. Sven Helge Håheim

      Every episode with that guy is just brilliant :) he needs to be on the permanent team.

    30. Akt A.T.K.


    31. BobCat Man01

      😆😆 when he said dick head

    32. Osama Rawwagah

      every single letter comes out of Hamish's mouth is even funnier than seeing rowan wandering naked in the streets of NYC with that great Terminator mode he got 😂😂

    33. Abdul Lawal

      I love Hamish

    34. TheJECNova

      Trick situation: Their in a PvP zone and big dude is about to Aggro them to death.

    35. TruePHYSX

      If I could be taunted or humiliated in any game, by anything or anyone, I want it to be Hamish doing something like this.

      1. Giuliana De Milano


    36. Jeffrey 778

      Finally! taunting thanks so much, could have been a bit more harsh just to really drive it in lol

    37. TheAssening

      This is not a comment

    38. Random NAZI gas mask soldier

      We need that boss guy in more series, he is scary af with that sword.

    39. sykoo

      he played the moma card

    40. Ilya Gvrlv


    41. Benjamin Taylor

      🤔😳😲😯😮😱 Too far Viva La Dirt League to far never bring momma's poo poo into this ever.

    42. muckymcfly

      Crying laughing at Hamish's scream.... so good!

    43. BossDoogles

      Best Episode Ever

    44. prodygee iidx


    45. Martin Juhl Jørgensen

      I'm looking forward to Viva La Dirt League playing Mordhau

    46. Arfarfarf arf

      I LOVE when Hamish is in a skit. Everything he does is gold.

    47. Cct Sensei

      Harmish is one of a kind 😂👍

    48. Alexander Edwards

      Why does Ruben look so tall lol

    49. Wissam وسام

      ولله أساطير 👍🏻

    50. Judo Chop Master


    51. kiddo280

      Me, at Adam’s face when he screams *USE YOUR TAUNT!!!* .. 🤣🤣🤣

    52. 7A_Alexander Brigg

      I love Hamish's lisping accent especially

    53. 7A_Alexander Brigg

      I preferred Hamish as the merchant... "I've never seen that much money and now I'm giving it to you for a dead man's glittery skull?!"

    54. April Smith

      You know yall need to do a skit about lalafells in ff14. Like joking about their height and how adorable but spritly they are. That would be super amazing to see!

    55. Matthew Burchfield

      Love the slight nodding after he went to your momma like ya I went their

    56. Helder Oliveira Channel

      Still waiting for a sketch about aggro aka the logic of complete strangers trying to kill you for no reason

    57. Phizlls

      Hamish for the win!!!!

    58. Pascal K

      The scream at the end.. brother what have you done to me xD xD xD

    59. Vitcher

      1:09 always work :D

    60. billydiaz09

      Ahahhaha he is good. I remember him acting as a wizard lol

    61. Игорь Тимцюрак

      When you roll 20 with one level in taunt skill Also,holy nova spell was nerfed,it doesn't blind anymore

    62. Santtu Kähkönen

      Edit: meh, someone ofc beat me to it. I was expecting "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of Elderberries" 😂

    63. Sara Fimm

      When HUgets forces you to use a child of 3's taunts, but I choose to believe Hammish's Player is probably a 10 year old kid with the cussing ability of a Naval Sailor that he picked up from older players. I hear a much more satisfying taunt that way.

    64. Nonsense

      It took 5 stinky poo poo days for this to get to me

    65. cannibalbananas

      Tis but a flesh wound, Hamish

    66. Joe Fresco

      I could watch videos of hamish trash talking all day

    67. Its Just Me

      *I didn’t like Hamish’s potty mouth* but the concept was funny

    68. AgentlolzYT

      what are you doing, blind him with HOLY NOVA

    69. kiddo280

      Lmao 🤣

    70. Scream.

      Every taunt is a yo mama joke

    71. James Foronda


    72. GearPlayz

      Help me reach 1mill pls

    73. Satya Dharmawan


    74. Archie Toy

      Fight someone your own size! ****while holding a kid's size sword****

    75. Whaffled Narp

      Yeah... when the healers spells are more powerful than the tanks aggro because you’ve simply got better gear than the rest of your sorry crew lol

    76. Fusel

      Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberry!

    77. Duchess Van Hoof

      The dramatic music confuses me, this series has moments when things are really really epic then my immersion is broken again and again. It is a strange experience.

    78. Duchess Van Hoof

      To far away? Just walk closer then?

    79. Me Ro

      you guys are awesome

    80. Mandy Shultz

      He must be a new player. Everyone that is old uses curse words for their sentence enhancing Taunts. Grunt sounds too!

    81. john bird

      found the taunt button but forgot the block/parry button for shame. Oh well lucky for him the priest can a ressurect him.

    82. Power Mic

      one of the Best acting video 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    83. Blue

      I... uh... I think Hamish earned a little choccy biscuit for that.

    84. bill burke

      Saw Hammish in an episode of the Monkey King great seeing you guys in other things

    85. Sir bon Bon

      Everyone’s Gangsta’ till someone says your mom is

    86. Ash Ukihime


    87. Destin High

      Omg Hamish is the best!

    88. Mastadon King

      Protagonist used taunt...it was TOO effective.

    89. Steve Burns

      Did Ben and Byron have a baby together with accelerated growth?

    90. Jerrod

      This is factually funny. You don't have to be a gamer to get it. I love you guys. Great work, always..

    91. Mahvimcoo

      I have but one question for those who gave this a thumbs down: Who hurt you?

    92. Dynamik Falco

      The biger dps you do, the biger threat you make.

    93. Alex Müller

      Love it

    94. Herman Wong

      Who's the new guy?

    95. david ross

      clearly he represents all the squeakers....

    96. bejaises1

      Cop from Hunt for the Wilderpeople??

    97. Sketchcook81

      Lol, "Everyone knows.".

    98. abugina

      Wait? When was that ? When Hamish wife left him? I missed one? Well, gotta rebinge all of them again! YAY!

    99. kordulus

      With Taunt and holy nova spam they could have trolled that boss into giving up easy. BUNCHA NOOBLETS!!