What taunting looks like in video games - Taunt

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    Taunt logic in video games is kinda of weird when you think about it
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    1. Dennes Alcantara

      I love your videos, guys. All of you are amazing.

    2. э чувак

      не "насмешка", а "провокация" мб

    3. mushnoodle

      You fight like a dairy farmer...

    4. SoohNabis

      haha at 1:54 that sound!!

    5. joshuasy10

      That is the most SAVAGE yo muma joke i have ever heard

    6. Gustavo M's Trash Can

      Mine just screams the n word.

    7. Alric Malicorne

      Now. Tgat's reasonable, when you're talking about a random grunt. But I don't think the eldritch abomknation destined to swallow the world is sensible to that kind of taunt.

    8. Amanda Samson

      ha ha ha omg!

    9. Ден. net

      Формат ничего, но старый лучше)

    10. Corsair Carl

      Man, you really told that dikked about his mamma poo poo.

    11. Sabin

      По смыслу речь не о насмешке, а о провокации

    12. Sarah Howarth

      This one proper creases me every time 😂😭 He could do the most serious and dramatic scene on the planet and I'll still imagine him shoutin Oi dickhead

    13. Doppel Dyne

      He prioritized all his ability points in his taunting skill.

    14. Felix Geez

      enemy succesfully taunted but not only that, enemy gain rage too xD

    15. Raziel Kayn

      I see Morty grew a beard 😂

    16. Tsriel

      When the tank is an 8 year old kid. 🤣

    17. Guy Buckridge

      Man, Hamish just has that special knack to take a dorktacular moment and turn it into something special. I'm not sure if there's even a word for it yet.

    18. William Brown

      a ten year old taunting?

    19. Murzilka

      почему такой странный перевод...)

    20. Alexander Scola

      Why would you attack someone when your tank/night dude can’t take 1 hit

    21. Luan Mello

      Thats gold

    22. Masked tuber gaming

      When you fight a higher level and you thought you could beat them

    23. Blizzardjin

      When you have no idea what to say on your enemy:

    24. Ryan Tang

      people insulting others back in grade one: 0:59

    25. Benjamin III Abestillas

      The voice he said *dickhed*

    26. VexGamer

      This was tooooo funny

    27. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng‌

    28. wishingwell12345

      Play as a bard, folks...

    29. Banana_Pancake

      Dragon's Dogma Shield drum.

    30. David Richardson

      I like how "holy nova" was used in here Nd was a mild green light but when he used it on Rowan in a couple other skits it was blinding him. Lol

    31. Joshua Garcia

      that scream at the end lmao

    32. Rote Grutze

      Why is Hamish always look blood shut eyes and drunk?

    33. Nikko Pastoral

      You have a Duck for a head ya Duck head come and fight me ya DUCK!!!

    34. Сэм Скромби

      Ору с русских субтитров

    35. AloQsh

      I thought the villian is ben lol

    36. BatboyNew 52

      A perfect example of why you should always reverse in gta V even better if you get out and pull out an rocket launcher

    37. Richard Reavis

      "I'll use vicious mockery!" "You Idiot! He's Lv 17, you're a 2 CHR Lv 1!"


      This became my newest favorite skit you all have done. There were so many great ones before it but this one has surpassed them all!!!!!

    39. Ben Moses

      Thanks to this video, I now greet everyone I know with “oi dick-Ed” 😂😂

    40. Rasmus Dahl

      😂 loved this

    41. Dan Small

      Hamish always cracks me up. But he could just do his dark souls smile to taunt 🤣

    42. Jonathan Hart

      best taunt ever

    43. Michael Sorensen

      ".....yo momma!" Yup. That's video game taunts lol

    44. Ikmalreza 1998

      That "arghggggggg". Just like in the games.

    45. B. Lambert

      That's exactly how trash talking works on multiplayer

    46. Dog God

      yeah, this definitely should be a thing in rpgs

    47. Cragmortis

      Enemy now enraged +5 to attack +5 to endurance +5 to dex +5 to fucking you up. +5 don't talk about my mother that way.

    48. Hronn Big Horns

      He should rank up his taunt

    49. Kaashif Ahmed

      Or as in Dragon age you just whistle and it counts as a taunt. Whistle..... like how eveteasing is done... to an armed qunari or templar

    50. Jeroen Honingh

      I once saw a big tauntaun on Hoth. That was more intimidating than this.

    51. ty s

      Hamish is hilarious lol

    52. SUIT Black134

      That holy nova was perfectly casted by Adam.

    53. DaDangerDog

      "Everyone knows your mama has a reputation for having the stinkiest poo poo's." hahaha!

    54. Dustin Barlow

      So that is what the tank yells at the huge Lovecraft monster that you fight in the raid?!?!?!?! Party: "Tank use Taunt" Tank: "YOUR MAMA DOES POOPOO OUT OF HER BUM BUM!"

    55. Sacred Student

      heyyy!!! DickkHeaaaaddd

    56. CrawlingChaos

      last time that i checked holy nova was alot brighter then that

    57. Bastien Merindol

      Not All Heroes Wear Capes but this one does.

    58. j PiCKS

      that dudes tongue goes wild

    59. aditya rahman

      what is it again?

    60. victor paris llana

      I thought he was just gonna scream at the top of his lungs

    61. Dillon Schram

      Wait the healers teammate is an actor in the movie. Hunt For The Wilder people. He was the tech guy.

    62. Elis

      Still my favorite video. Hamish is amazing

    63. dimas ardianto


    64. Gamer

      +1 like. Забавно c:

    65. Wolfie

      yo momma... *slowly turns head*

    66. Alzea Lapis

      On avait dit pas les mamans T_T

    67. Red T

      Hamish definitely got overpowered

    68. Yan Strato

      Hamish got talent for Taunting bad guys but failed to get an attention with the other NPC. He should have stopped selling fruits long time ago. 😂🤣

    69. Logan Stewart

      "Your too far away" Said a guy with legs

    70. bruh

      The way how hamish says “your mommas poo poo” 😂😂😂😂

      1. derek hall

        Right outta her butt butt

    71. Toy-Yoda

      Tank: been tanking for 20 minutes. Healer: using complete heal once. Every mob in the area: GET HIM! (Using CH in Anarchy Online Shadowlands will taunt for 1 million, and no way to break that aggro)

    72. Jimmy Turner

      Telling somebody your moms poop stinks is the worst insult ever.

    73. Lvl100BossWero

      Hey skeever-butt, melon-nose, troll-bait and... hey ugly!! ÓoÒ

    74. Lt.ReubenRoze YT

      That was grade 1 me roasting.

    75. Jak Utso

      Your momma 😂😂😂

    76. Y Qisq


    77. Y Qisq

      LOL this is gold.

    78. Rose C

      As a fire mage, I can appreciate walking the line between "dps output is gud pls keep me I'm a useful vending machine" vs. "zomg the mage died *again* everyone sit around waiting while she runs back".

    79. Dudsmeister

      maxed level taunt

    80. Ruslan Kopeev

      Насмешки из тим фортресс 2 лучшие.

    81. HerrFinsternis

      "I did it I taunted him" 😂

    82. Ronald Volz

      Hamish came a long way from selling rotten fruits

    83. Samantha O'Donnell

      So this how tanks in world of warcraft works lol

    84. Troy Fabian

      Lmaaaaoooo can’t breath. “Your mama”

    85. Yu Jay

      Reminds me of my Final Fantasy 11 days before knowing how to write my own macros. :D Menu > Abilities > Job > Scroll down a hundred skills > Provoke. :)

    86. Edward Kenworthy

      This is junk, what a let down. Nowhere near the usual quality. Yes video game taunting is ridiculous but this is just moronic.

      1. Swordagrim

        your momma

    87. Redican Prime

      Loved all 3 of them lol.

    88. Mac Gameplayz

      whatever you do, never ever use the taboo skill/spell called "your momma". it usually doesn't end well. 😂

    89. Hunter Hagen

      Honestly love that armor hamish! Looks bad ass!!!

    90. Артур Мяки

      Актёры то хороши!!!

    91. Jerry smith

      Very good

    92. Eclispestar

      Taunt sometimes makes things worse. They rage and charge you.

    93. Robeon Mew

      but he's a HEALER

    94. Anne Reilley

      So funny seeing the barbarian taunted by the lisping little runt.

    95. tennots

      I am kinda saddened that this didn't show in my notification and only found it now. But glad i did find it now to cheer me up while i recover from a blood clot that made its way into my lungs.. And again saddened that its made me laugh so much that i am in agony.. But cheered up thinking of all the newbie tanks i have played with who was yelled to taunt, then died as ran outside of the healers cast range... quite often to be called dickheads....lol Thanks guys.. i needed this...lol

    96. WinDee

      xD Holy Nova, why do I watch this on the bus, people look at me like a laughing fool...

    97. Thanhxuan Le

      I love this guy!

    98. DM


    99. Mike Huffer

      Choked on my coffee when he first said dick head!

    100. qoo zord

      i love Hamish and his play