Dealing with Traders in Tarkov is very confusing - Tarkov Trader

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    Urgh. Figure it out. I dunno.
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    1. New safe Confinement 1

      I realy liked video, man!)

    2. Амиго

      Очень смешно вообще очечественая СССР логика, она просто нубиваема.

    3. TheObmennick2

      Сука это топ)))

    4. Jonathan Garcia

      Where can I buy that green shirt?

    5. ___P_y_c_u_4___

      Бляааааа!!! Ржу не могу!!!👍😂😂😂

    6. Polzovatel Youtuba

      это ингрэм мак 10 на 45 ацп рили парни я не играл в таркова... пс у него прямой коробчатый магаз...

    7. Xabos 56

      Я просто оставлю здесь свой русский комментарий

    8. Андрей Мащенко

      10000р is pretty low price

    9. Алексей Витушкин

      Потому что наши игры делают с душой, для тех кто играет с душой.

    10. Tobias Merriman

      Game with great gameplay goes out of its way to be terrible at everything else.

    11. Капитал Очевидность Канал

      Trade. Russian style). Только жесть и никакой жалости. Чего припёрся, бери или вали).

    12. BerryMaid

      I could just watch this one over and over. “What’s this? Dunno. Dunno? I dunno. Figure it out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    13. Worldowner

      how monopoly works.

    14. Blackfyre

      Why does the trader look like pestily tho

    15. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng‌

    16. Kawaisoni

      Объясните, что это за темные силуэты?

    17. Potassium K

      If only they made the snickers slickers

    18. ITreedWed

      Кратко о том, как я отвечаю учителю на его вопрос

    19. God With Me

      Tarkov is the stupidest fps i’ve eva seen!

    20. RaqRedOX

      This is just Fence on a daily... god damn Fence.

    21. Y O


    22. patcoc

      El que hizo los subtítulos sabe inglés pero no sabe escribir en castellano!

    23. Sister Numpsie

      that sounds awful.


      Should I press big thumbs up? I don’t know maybe yeah it’s a ~yeah I don’t know XD

    25. Reck Yourself

      I like these, but you actually can organize the trader's goods

    26. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for tradin', ain't it?

    27. Jay Kay

      Whelp, just watched a few Tarkov skits, never heard of it before. I decided to look it up, see how much it would cost to buy. Standard edition : 45 usd, up to the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition at 140 usd. And these bundles come packaged with...stash size? The more you spend on the game the more items you can hold? The more you spend the better your starting standing with traders is. Oh, and there it is, only in the EoD LE version, a Unique in-game ID as well as the season pass for all subsequent DLC. What in the world...

    28. Aleksandar Seslija

      please do more tarkovv boyss

    29. Ashish Dewan

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      1. damien mace

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      2. chris ahrens

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      3. Charlie Bennet

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      4. Brett Margules

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      5. Brad Silby

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    30. иван хребтов


    31. Чаёк Кофеёк

      ХаХахА )) Это круто. Я неиграл в Тарков, но это все равно очень весело :) Спасибо вам ребята!

    32. This Orion

    33. Nick Molliger

      Rubles? Wow, the game that is not a stalker with rubles

    34. Joystuk

      Я тоже хочу MAC за 10к ₽ 😆😂

    35. Blackinzone


    36. Cona 6789

      10k roubles for an automatic weapon? cheap asf gimme gimme

    37. Александр Чуев

      Тупая игра

    38. モールダース


    39. GamesFox

      Добрый день . КРУТОЕ ВИДЕО Загляни если не трудно . * *

    40. 黒髪


    41. TS AZ


    42. Константин Торопов

      Very fun! )))

    43. Tyler McKinley


    44. Teblenovlife Play

      ))))))))))) GOOD

    45. くまさんちゃんねる

      面白すぎるだろww これだけ字幕もつけてクオリティも高いなら500万回くらいは再生されるべきだと思うのだが…

    46. REAL LIFE HD

      Классно очень точно молодцы

    47. John Doe


    48. Jhonny Lee

      you know it just works

    49. Vekki

      that guy looks exactly like the pmc

    50. Travis Roberts

      Dude, I don't know. I put it there, take it or leave it. I dont know... I dont know... I dont know.. I dont know... Is that a member of my group, or an enemy? .... I dont know... If I take weird healing graphic am I going to just die 10 minutes later out of no where? .... I don't know Yep, it can only be Tarkov

    51. Алексей Горшок

      BSG - produсt ???

    52. Josiah Gorgas

      The banner photo for your channel should include Ben. He is so good!

    53. kyle finck

      lmao aint that the truth i have no idea what to do playing damn game

    54. keagan hainsworth

      should've talked about how most of the stuff is rep locked

    55. Александр Малашенко

      Так в голос орал с твоего видео. Просто потрясающе.

    56. The Spark

      Computer stores, you often run into the same thing. Me: Do you think I should run 32 gigs on quad or dual on this mobo? Guy: ?? Me: My new case is relatively small? Is CPU down throttling a risk with a single fan water cooler? Guy: ?? Me: Does this mobo have a backup bios in case things go wrong? Guy: ?? Me: Was thinking of delidding this CPU, will it break the warranty? Guy: ?? Me: They told me you were an expert. Guy: Frowns, gets angry and fetches someone else equally dumb.

    57. ReNeC 125

      ага а еще самое тупое что он тебе не показывает дорогие вещи! типо я тебя еще не знаю что бы продать тебе АКСУ, чувак я сейчас пойду на завод, умру там и по сути ты меня больше не увидишь! какого хрена тебе просто не показать мне весь свой хлам и не поднять цены в 3 раза? а с уровнем лояльности давать скидку? . and the dumbest thing is that he doesn't show you expensive things! like I don’t know you yet to sell you AKSU, dude, I’m going to the factory now, I’ll die there and in fact you won’t see me again! why the hell don't you just show me all your stuff and raise prices 3 times? and give a discount with the level of loyalty?

    58. katzen kampf

      "and bring your best kit while figuring it out"- veteran tarkov players

    59. Blackfyre

      This trader looks like pestily

    60. Lucas Blanchard

      I didn’t know they made an Onyx the Fortuitous character in the game! I dunno. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    61. Erikas Erikas

      I expected fir roasts

    62. Noki

      На 0.55 я сразу подумал что это коллиматорный прицел. Оказалось нет(

    63. Drake Mallard

      Ma perchè a volte scrivono i titoli in italiano?

    64. JerrytheBaum

      I dunno..

    65. shait

      Guys, if you think that you can buy UZI in Russia for 10000 rubles- you wrong

    66. John Doe

      friggen hilarious....the whole concept of having to identify items seems pointless imo.

    67. Command12000

      What happens if you just shoot the Trader and take his stuff?

    68. MegF

      Horse toys 🐎 make perfect sense.

    69. emmawisdomo

      Lemme know if something takes your fancy

    70. CS:GO Noob

      Actually fucking funny

    71. Hellomynameisnevermind

      Rowan at the end shrugging and looking around is engraved in my mind as one of the funniest god damn things I’ve ever seen

    72. TheAngryAArdvark

      So Rowan from PlayTech is now a Tarkov trader??? Same general knowledge on what he's selling.

    73. Виктор Лебедев

      Guys you are best))

    74. Alex Maiers


    75. Rik Holden

      thought i would leave a comment or whatever i dunno

    76. Zytha

      he doesn't know because with those shades on everything is just a silhouette

    77. Lucas Nolasco

      Over here, stranger Got some rare things on sale, stranger Is that all, stranger? Come back any time

    78. Haragoth

      I think the ending of the video was the best part, it played into the joke so well.

    79. Leopoldo3

      game is literally "in real life, everything is shit and sucks so we decided to make our game hyper-realistic every game mechanic will make you want to invert your cranium"

    80. Lucky Seven

      Plot twist : he's blind

    81. LoneWHunt

      Ben actually looks like the Skier Dealer in the game.

    82. timothy twogood

      Shoulda went to buy it, but it was out of stock. That's what really happens after you inspect and item and go to buy from fence.

    83. onemax s

      Русские субтитры топ

    84. Semi Beautifstron


    85. JsixFoR


    86. New Vegas


    87. ຖίຖزส


    88. -VeLeS -

      Is russia baby , ( только вам американцам нужно все обьяснять , русские уже знаю какие патроны нужны и что в руках , каждый русский узнает сам , а если он не знает то это позор )

    89. Daniil Tersky

      Эта механика реализована для лучшего погружения в тактико технические характеристики оружия. У игроков появляется мотивация изучать оружие досконально. Это gunporn.

    90. Purple fury

      The game sounds amazingly stupid 😂 love it

    91. Noobfest

      I thought shady dealer Rowan was amazing but mixed with Playtech Rowan? Perfection

    92. 5tyxxx

      This is brilliant! So relatable :D

    93. NapFloridian

      Would you recommend ESCAPE FROM TARKOV? I DON'T KNOW

    94. NapFloridian

      LMFAO... that initial bater trade had me cracking up... Yes that is fucking Tarkov... Its pretty much "Yes go fuck you dude"... Until you hit flee market

    95. as5454

      Me: *Wants to reload a shotgun mid-fight* My character: *What is a magazine tube?*

    96. DaftDragonPanda

      These silhouettes making me think they painted everything in black 3.0

    97. Mechamorph TY

      So we'll I don't like the fact that those two end up togethet😧🤢🤮