Explaining things to a woman - Mansplaining

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    Rowan needs to try to explain to Ellie what mansplaining is... and she's just not getting it
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    1. Clowny

      Why do y’all put the word man In front of explain and call it mansplain? Yes, some men do explain easily understood things to women but that doesn’t mean you have to call it mansplain. Are we just gonna put the word “‘man” or “woman” in front of every word that a gender does more? For example women tend to complain more, are we gonna call it womanbitching? No

    2. Yurii Mobile

      2:03 minecraft villager in real life starts here

    3. Aiden Campbell

      Don't forget manspreading

    4. BlindSide NZ

      🙏 hmm mmm

    5. Esme Mondragon


    6. Joshua Fox

      I was just explaining to my wife what mansplaining was the other day. Maybe I should break it down more and try again.

    7. Jotaro Kujo

      Mhm 🙏 Mhm 🙏 Mhm 🙏

    8. Jessica M

      I don't think the mechanic was mansplaining. I've had to take my brothers to pick up their vehicles before & the mechanic would always go over everything and explain what they found and what they did. Same thing with my dad & he's a rough & tough former Marine. The rest of them on the other hand...

    9. ZzolllozZ

      To Ellie : I think what happened here, the mechanic overexplained something you already knew, and then Rowan did exactly the same thing, mansplained the same thing, and the Alan did exactly the same thing and finally Adam just as bad as everyone. Does that make any sense to you Ellie ?

    10. John H

      So, in order to never mansplain, one should never assume common truthes such as that women largely more often than men, don't work on cars and thereby don't know (or care to) about the detailed mechanical workings of them? If that's true, women shouldn't assume that I (a man) don't thoroughly know about interests that are nearly exclusively dominated by women. Am I getting that right? Any women care to explain?

    11. Chris White

      Mansplain - the delusion that some women actually believe they're the only people who experience condescension and that men are the only offenders

    12. CaptainMisery86

      I am choosing to believe the guys knew that she knew what mansplaining was, but couldn't pass up the opportunity for some torture

    13. Robert Erdelyi

      Mansplaining...this word is so womened up!

    14. Hadrien Poudevigne

      i feel like they are in on a joke for poor Ellie xD

    15. cvele cvelevic

      Mansplaining : excuses Womansplaning: accuses

    16. Pin

      And then Ben the customer came in and said "Adam was mansplaining bla bla... "

    17. Давид Андроніс

      That face on 0:57

    18. Blackfeathers

      The manchanic mantalked through the manphone, mansplaining to ellie

    19. Armin

      Wow, Ellie is so confused here 🤔 I hope some day she will actually understand what they try to explain to her 👌

    20. Mr. Latrei

      Man Mansplaining the act of a Man Manspalining the Mansplaining of a Man about Mansplaining

    21. Антон Ман

      This is fun. But the thing is nobody listen anybody. I was a car mechanic. You talk with client, explain something, Then this dumb f**k ask you about the same. This happens every time. With mans, womans - both. Everybody thinks about something and just Dont hear you.

    22. I'm a retard, but

      Alan with the beard looks nice

    23. DarkScarlettVixen


    24. ubiquity

      It's really unfortunate That women don't seem to understand that men are really just there to help

    25. lavar ball


    26. MSQRD YB

      the world by a feminist THE MOVIE

    27. Kaimerah

      funny thing is woman do this too

    28. Keln

      I'd mansplain to my bro as I would to my sis

    29. Edsknife

      I grew up with 3 females and was the youngest sibling; the females frequently "mansplained" to me

      1. eksdee


    30. Saira Riluwan

      Womansplaining is also a thing

    31. Brock Kloster

      None of these men were mansplaining they were just being needlessly condescending. That condescending explanation could have just as easily been given to a man. Mainsplaining is when a man is condescending to a woman about a topic she would have little knowledge and zero experience of. Like how itchy balls can be for example.

    32. sonyericssoner

      We need to go deeper

    33. SORROW Ω

      It's funny because thers no such thing as Mansplaining.😂🤣see listen, it's like when a women thinks he's Mansplaining but hes really just trying to help her understand...do you see?...

    34. Anton Sjöstrand

      Mansplaining becomes mansception

    35. greg johns

      Mansplaining is a sexist term, used by sexist women and and the men they have brainwashed into believing their hypocritical BS.

    36. walter hicks

      Wow. These guys have gone full woke, haven't they?

    37. Andrew Way


    38. Kevin Graves

      I'm a guy. Once I told a (female) lawyer I would never vote to convict someone under a certain circumstance. She accused me of 'mansplainin' the Law to her. Nope. Just said what I would do in a certain situation. Sometimes (often in my experience) claiming someone is 'mansplainin' is just shorthand for "'stfu' I don't want you to argue with me."

    39. Asurtoris

      Ok fuck it let her be dumb if she wants to

    40. Kevin May

      Poor confused women 😕

    41. Kevin May

      Thats funny

    42. Sal Galeano

      Seems like it's a bigger headache complaining about mansplaining.

    43. Birki gts

      Since when is condescension a gender thing though?

    44. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    45. DerKaiser

      Huh, I did not know what mansplaining was but thanks for letting me know by mansplaining it to me. :D

    46. Морган Мэган

      бедная девушка.....

    47. Jonsin 1459

      But in real life 99% of women don't understand anything about how cars work or how to maintain them.


      Best satire I've seen this year.

    49. s1rius web

      Let me explain this: this video is funny, because i laughed, and it was about mansplaining.

    50. Mad Student

      Mansplaining doesn’t exist

    51. James Senosin

      2:05 villagers in minecraft

    52. Red T

      Sometimes men need to pay attention to women

    53. Michael Cox

      Funny thing is that she brought the car to the mechanic because she couldn't do service the mechanic is doing, so how is him explaining what he is doing on the car mansplaining.

    54. FoodLiquorCool

      I still Don’t understand what mansplaining means. I wish there was a man in the comments who could help me understand

      1. Alix6x Gorg

        Its when a man talk

    55. Pizza Time

      mansplaining... how do they come up with this shit

    56. jankogo

      I just love when Rowan says: "Well, you do now..."

    57. Human Just

      I mansplain everything to everyone, both men and women. They find it annoying. I find it surprising they've somehow managed to communicate at all

    58. Igor Jurkovià

      To me you are Ali G 2.0, but i dont like when you curse.

    59. ashliski

      I thought 'mansplaining' was just a word made up by rude senators that want to make gender an issue

    60. J Rotela

      I only see 46 seconds of the sketch and allready nee for where the joke is going and i really laught jajajajajajja

    61. ᗰIᑎIᖴᖇIGO

      So a man that tries to being helpful to a woman is wrong.... ok woman

    62. Youtube Watcher


    63. Eric Bergstrom

      She's over reacting I feel like

    64. Eric Bergstrom

      At first thumbs down but it was funny thumbs up

    65. Anqi Fleming

      This is like 3 hrmmmh villagers all gathered around one Steve who has accidently killed their own

    66. Glenn Cox

      Shouldve had a customer, Ben, in the store who also came up to explain it to her.

    67. Joe M

      Just speak to women like anyone and give them technical explanation. If they don't understand, that's their problem and they can go to a trade school and learn it.

    68. kato093

      Wtf is this shit? Easily the worst episode ive seen so far.

    69. Joshua Lennep

      Its not mansplaining, it's being condescending. And both genders do it.

      1. Rance

        It’s a joke like I agree with you but this video just poking fun using a term,

    70. Hap Hoppy

      Elie having a phone call Alan never could

    71. Ozram Blue


    72. Kristopher Prime

      i never understood the point of the nonsensical word "mansplaining". why not just use an actual word like "explain"? and doing so doesn't imply an inferiority of men (therefore actual equality) as the term is used the same for when a man or a woman does it with the opposite sex. mansplaining just implies that women are "superior" in a way since there is a term specific to when a man explains something to a woman. never heard someone use the term "womansplaining", so why have "mansplaining".

    73. anonymous

      They are women am i right

    74. Manicca

      I just Smartsplain people since so many humans are absolutely dumb. Nothing to do with gender, I do it to any gender... and I am a female myself.

    75. mr. niceguy

      I love how everybody says Yes and it sounds "yissss" :-D :-D :-D

    76. Sam James

      How does anyone get offended by this video?

    77. ArdentLion

      Its funny because mansplaining doesn't actually exist.

    78. XXREDKILLA Vvvv

      mechanic jus doin his job lmao

    79. Clementine Schälchen

      Lmao I’m glad they do shit like this to make fun of those idiotic feminist and sjw type bastards

    80. 427IndigenousSkies

      My boyfriend used to do this and he didn't really know he does it. Smh. He stopped now that I told him about it.

      1. Jerome Deschênes

        He couldn't get through to you, does he? 😏

    81. ELITE_ AtHLEtE

      Sometimes there is only things that men can explain that women can’t , same thing for women to men. we are not the same, that’s just something we have to understand we would never be equal

    82. Caleb Sanchez

      So that how Minecraft villagers were made.

    83. Leah Stewart

      anyone else notice Rowans got a VLDL tattoo

    84. Liam Barrett

      I'd have loved if the 3 dudes could share that moment. A rare moment of solidarity.

    85. xXMrBroXx

      uhm hmhm hmhmhm

    86. A. Royden D'souza

      This is priceless!!!🤣🤣🤣

    87. Noah Rodriguez

      Honest question . ... but why is this a bad thing ? This sounds like super helpful and a good conversation starter like is it bad to want to analyze the situation that just took place ? I’m lost (I promise I’m not being sarcastic) 🙃

    88. Void Strider

      Was hoping they wouldn't go down this route. Inevitable I suppose

    89. Politically Incorrect

      *I never knew women like to be mansplained so much ;)*

    90. Graded_Pokemon

      I still dont think she fully understands

    91. Izuku Midoriya

      Why did this video get so much dislikes i thought it was best of them while including Ellie as main character

    92. Jay Kay

      I dislike that people have to come to accept this word into the lexicon, but there's nothing I can do about that, so fuck it.

    93. Muhammad Nur Qalby

      2:05 *2 villagers talking about how 12 wheats is more important than 1 emerald*

    94. Nekurad Moba

      so that how minecraft villagers do

    95. ItalianSSJ :D

      Can’t believe that that useless word exists

    96. Joackim Lauridsen

      mansplaining, one of the dumbest words to date :P just becaus a man explains something its "mansplaining" guessing if a woman does the same its called "womansplaining" then right? :P :P

    97. holet

      Oscar deserving performance!😆

    98. Tyna Stevens

      This video really fucking annoyed me 😂😂😂

      1. a b


    99. Runaway Riot

      I hate the term mansplaining. Women do it ten times worse😑😑😑😑😑😑

    100. ShutterPunk - Walks through Night City

      viva la mansplainer stance