Explaining things to a woman - Mansplaining

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    Rowan needs to try to explain to Ellie what mansplaining is... and she's just not getting it
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    1. Braeton Daskevich

      Danm all of you guys are babies they made a joke about mansplaining get over yourselves

    2. RussianReeeBot

      Mansplaining literally does not work, crayon drawings tend to work much better.

    3. Agadir Guides

      Without mansplaining, women would've never made it into the workplace in first place anyway, someone mansplain that to them pls

    4. Vivekanand R

      I just know what mansplaining is!!!

    5. Xeno Entertainment

      Mansplaining is so stupid...People interrupt and overexplain things to everybody, but only women seem to want to put a label on it and make it about sexism instead of try and understand that's just a shitty personality trait MOST people have including themselves probably

    6. Fiiish

      Man this woman is lucky to have such helpful men in her life. She'd be so lost without them

    7. Tyler Jensen

      Mansplaining is the dumbest shit I have ever heard in my life😂

    8. Pvshka

      Was the kaa paakd faa?

    9. Kosdan

      This was great. I'd have loved to see Ben come in and try to mansplain some more to Ellie

    10. dawg cat

      mansplaining is not a thing.

    11. hogphan75

      Why is it that everyone at playtech, especially Rowan are so unaware of everything all the time

    12. Mikael Meyerhöffer

      Because they got electrolytes

    13. David Smith

      Haha its so funny. Women are so thick

    14. The Infinite Mag

      I feel like men can explain the exact same thing as a woman just 10x faster

    15. DoubleD Prospecting

      It's basically required 92.3% of cases...

    16. Seb-harmonik ar

      is it unreasonable to assume that women know less about car maintenance? if so, is it also unreasonable for women to judge individual men based on generalizations/statistics about all men?

    17. eXDax

      0:33 is when it all started going downhill

    18. Jhon smith

      Wow it's so hard to be a woman you have to go through every thing men do but when it happens to you it's a problem lmao get over yourselves guys do this to other guys too

    19. Tiffany May


    20. akuciya akuciya

      Mmmm mmm mmm x)))))

    21. Cameron Muegerl

      Thoughtful dudes

    22. Alex Conaghan

      So called "Mansplaining" is just an extension of the liberal dogma social framework of political correctness and so-called white privilege. Because political correctness backfired with all the push back, the socialists and thought controllers had to come up with something more aggressive. Enter mansplaining and White privilege into the lexicon. It is meant to shade White heterosexual males and throw guilt upon them. It is just another attempt to ridicule and control primarily White heterosexual males through slander and ridicule of perceived masculinity that offends the feminine liberal psyche, which is always a self-inflicted wound of victimization (by choice). Mansplaining is simply a choice the listener makes to be a victim, who is often female, to be a victim of perceived White male culture (which is a term the media makes up). They choose to be a victim of god knows what - so they make it up. The key point is that you are a victim.

    23. EbanSoul

      Lord knows women NEVER do the exact same thing. Even though they talk thousands of more words a day then the average man.......

    24. AudieHolland

      I have to 'mansplain' to mainly male customers that the hardware they bought yesterday, won't necessarily cooperate with their computer from over 5 years ago. That it's 'USB' doesn't necessarily mean it's universally compatible. For some strange reason, I have rarely had any problems with hardware compatibility myself.

    25. AudieHolland

      Mansplaining is not just done by men against women, though. Before continuing, I think what we call 'mansplaining' is just a psychological warfare tactic to 'put someone in his/her place.' In the American Armed Forces, a Lieutenant may think he is briefing the troops but the Sergeant 'mansplains' it to the troops to let the Lieutenant know that he (the Sergeant) is the one actually running the show. From Thomas Yusha's channel: *The Different Types Of First Sergeants During PT Formation* example at 0:35 So it's definitely not just perpetrated against women by men.

    26. Randall Sanchez

      Never actually seen a legit manspalining situation. General the guys who explain stuff like this to women do it to men as well. They just think that they know more than the average person until they find out the person also knows about the subject. Like many other things, women just complain about it more. Ah, I can't wait to be accused of mansplaining here.

    27. Nathan Hoker

      I just wanna hug Ellie.. She always looks sad. 😣

    28. Hakou

      Villagers in Minecraft be like 2:04

    29. Panda三さん

      . . . . . . . 🙏🏼🙎🏻‍♂️ *hmmm, mmm* *mmmmm*

    30. Gen Dawg

      Oh is this what Minecraft Villagers are doing?

    31. Kazmo K

      Can we get Ben in here? I still dont think she's getting it yet.

    32. donjen3

      When speaking about cars my wife insists that I simplify things for her. Good thing she doesn't want me to MANSPLAIN. OY-VEY

    33. Blackhole

      2:04 when villager

    34. silverblade357

      Rowan was serious. Alan and Adam were trolling.

    35. The Epic Boy



      2:04 They became Minecraft villagers at the end XD

    37. Jason Hyde

      Dude this has had me chuckling all damn day and night lol!! Bravo this is hilarious!!!!

    38. Xale

      This video is in my recommendation after the Pence/Harris debate wtf XD!!!

    39. Dragon Frank

      The level of irony is fantastic

    40. M41A-V AWV

      Ok but you but its his jod to fcking fix your car.

    41. Dalton Robert Pepple

      Mansplaining Mansplaining, Mansplaining, while Mansplaining. Impressive.

    42. 9latinum Studioz

      🙏 😂 "mmh" the ending almost killed me ☠️👻

    43. J Kefauver

      Lol i do that too. I don't call it mansplaining, i call it "I doubt i explained it right at ALL so here is another way." Lol

    44. John Doe

      Awwww poor women. The word panders to women for woketard bitches and beta soyboys. Best definition you'll find on da interzones.

    45. Alex Mort

      Try being a woman with an engineering degree and having a mechanic explain how a car works to you....

    46. dabradmp1

      I was working in the video game industry and I never mansplain anything to my women coworkers. I got into trouble because of it. It caused a 2 weeks delayed on the game. That particular co-worker was fired. My manager pretty much told me had to mansplaining to women because they don't know anything about video games. I left the industry after.....

    47. civil service

      4 people ,and still she had no clue.,and you know that i dont have to manesplain you why manesplain is necessary

    48. Michael Whitcomb

      I can care

    49. 01MEGABOB

      That’s all well and good. Except I’m tired of hearing “why didn’t you tell me?” Or “that would’ve been nice to know.”

    50. A.H Pourashraf

      Seriously ?so no women has ever explained something a man already knows to him? People are getting dumber and more ridiculous as we advance .

    51. Lindsay Orwig

      Correctile dysfunction

    52. dawg cat

      Theres no such thing as mansplaining or womansplaining or any of that shit.

    53. KLODFONE

      Knowledge of today. ManSplaining is the right and righteous way to instill knowledge, truth, and common sense into an estrogen bathed nuthouse of a brain. The only effective known alternatives are shock treatments, chains, and lobotomy. 👍😁👍

    54. Rose Skye

      When guys perform maintenance on themselves that's called manscaping.

    55. GJ M

      All the guys upset at mansplaining are mansplainers themselves. Hilarious!!

    56. Devilsfishstick Godlyfrenchfry

      Once I had a man try to manesplain to me why the word mansplain was a totally unnecessary word. I told him he was trying to mansplain away mansplaining and he just kept at it.

    57. Namit Sharma

      2:05 did anyone start nodding automatically watching this ? 😉

    58. Angus Porter

      Ron and Alan are mad-lads, they know that this girl is annoyed by mansplaining so they just keep on going, describing things that are simple ticking of this kiwi (Australian lingo for New Zealander ) girl. Give these lads an award. And post this on r/mad lads would ya!

    59. TheBlankStare

      3rd/4th wave feminist are about as real feminist as mansplaining is real. aka fake.

    60. dze zonja

      Mmmmm 👏


      They became minecraft villagers in End...... Humm...humm...


      Mansplaining is done by both woman and men when wonan call men sexist and say manplaining there being even more sexist in every way if I said womansplaning they would have marched to make people put me on house arrest

    63. Summer


    64. Dokkasan

      She clearly needs more Minecraft villagers.

    65. Dokkasan

      Since when do women know how to change the oil in cars?! In this day and age, of p*ssified health and safety, nanny-state, and entire generations of feminized boys, most men don't even know how to change the oil in cars. How the eff are all these women suddenly becoming mechanics? It's now "man-splaining" to tell a woman how to change the oil in a car?! Seriously??? I think I don't want to live in this world anymore...

    66. Chellee M.

      yeah, this one hit my cringe level . mansplaining is the worst.

      1. PotBoyz


    67. BansaiiBerserker

      Now to rewatch the video about the politician who tried to use “Mansplaining” as a way to silence a colleague, all whilst being the very thing she herself had just condemned.

    68. ChaosNe0

      Omg xD

    69. Jeskai Adept

      i just shouted "Rowan, shut up!"

    70. Dolly Dearest

      Now that was funny 😆

    71. Brett Z

      Ellie is so cute.

    72. Евгений Романов

      У нас в России такого понятия нет. Есть понятие вежливости.

    73. ezzi

      this sketch doesn't make any sense because literally EVERYONE does this whether they are male or female. I would suggest sticking to what you know since this tends to come off as very polarizing it's fairly obvious you don't know how to do good social commentary. Although it is very funny, you don't want to split your audience.

    74. enkaperson

      Hm hm hmmm

    75. Midz

      2:04 When the villagers thinks you should trade your 5 emerald for a piece of bread.

      1. Corgerus

        why doesn't this comment have more likes

    76. Tim B

      1.6k dislikes are feminists and soy boys

    77. YourNickIsTaken

      Did anyone got hurt during this video?

    78. HHH son

      if women could understand things in time we wouldn't be talking about mansplaining. let me simplfy this for ladies: ... nevermind they won't get it anyway

      1. Rose Skye

        Hmm mm mm

      2. HHH son

        @Daniel rogers :)

      3. Daniel rogers

        The ultimate mansplainer, he doesn't even think woman can understand so doesn't bother lol

    79. Oliver roberts-hook

      You are all bloody magic. I always enjoy your videos and there is so much good content

    80. Wei Hong Loke

      It is so ironic that Rowan was mansplaining when he say that the mechanic is annoying he himself become annoying tio

    81. Milky Cereal

      Rowan wasn't mansplaining though... He was just being Rowan

    82. Cycy Saysay

      2:08 when two villager's talking to each other in minecraft.

    83. Link

      Bruh I’d literally yell at all of them if they did that to me lmao

    84. CozmicPlanet


    85. Danny Heywood

      After saying she knows everything about the maintenance it's a shame she crashed her car trying to park.

    86. kevinwx2

      I doubt they will ever be able to make ellie understand this....

    87. JimR

      That was exactly like a common situation with my siblings. Mess with each other all the time. Fun stuff!

    88. Maniae Magna

      Men aren't the only ones who do this too. People who work in customer service do this too. I find it very annoying where a co-work will think they need to tell me where something os because they are still "helping customers" mode. Both genders do this. I would be happy to pass a law that says you can slap people who do this.

    89. Filip Barac

      18 days later and after I showed this video to a female friend, I got accused by her of mainsplaining. I was actually doing an impression of Annoying Orange by explaining humor of something I quoted, now how do I explain this to her hmm...

    90. John Gray

      And nagging is not demestic violence... If your not entertaining a woman its "mansplaining".

    91. Simon Brandstetter

      Alan and Adam: * mansplain, proceed to turn into MC villagers *

    92. Ralph Ruffy Chan Vargas

      My mom has been mansplaining me for years now, i didn't even notice it until i saw this video.

    93. G Studios

      So Rowan is overexplaining that someone is overexplaining? Damn.

    94. Unironically A Blue Raspberry

      Why do they sound like villagers at 2:05

    95. Meliodax

      Minecraft villagers be like: 2:04

    96. Hel lo

      Get those employees some emeralds

    97. Luna Margaret

      shorturl.ca/allsex උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    98. Kevin Struß

      Showed the video to my daughter. Explained her whats happening. Got slapped.😂

    99. Boris Otr

      HAHA funny i hear womensplaining every day why its viewed here? i mirrored i think. peoply not se it from themselves