FPS Revive Logic - Downed

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    1. Evil Gopher

      I like how this is basically an attack on CoD WWII lmao

    2. E314

      You know I kind of find it funny that they take the time to make the animation of them getting hit by bullets, but not hitting targets with their bullets

    3. Antek


    4. LaneyStudios5

      I love the NPC repeating line, so damn true Like in Resident Evil 4 in the first village, do you think the other residents of the village get pissed off with the guy who never stops shouting 'EYY AHH ACHAA'

    5. Wraith

      I was hoping for FPS revival like Battlefield. I.E. a medic on the second floor of a building has his head blown off by a tank shell, blowing out the back wall of a house. You can then run up to his ragdoll where one arm is dangling off the second floor, jump, swap kits with the medic (which includes the whole uniform) from a distance, pull out the defibrillator (which of course can cure decapitation), shock him, and press the swap kits button again to get your old kit back.

    6. turtlerr r

      Germans speak english of course

    7. Kiro

      69k likes nice

    8. Michael holle

      yeah the great cutscene is driving you,see this needs too too be forwarded too hactovision.man no wonder I've been playing just fort and apex ohh pubg is cool.

    9. Ryan Hawkes

      This is one of my favourites, honestly had me in stitches 🤣👌

    10. 1-4-1

      🎶Im bleeeeeedin out🎶 Thats what i say when on co op

    11. Bogdan Higes

      Call of duty ww2

    12. GladiusDias


    13. Luna Margaret

      shorturl.ca/allsex උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    14. McGee

      Does anyone know the music from 1:49 ??

      1. Henry Cavil Gaming Highlights

        Macky gee - tour

    15. Smith Wesson

      "I'm bleeding out!"

    16. だーやま


    17. Glade

      I don't need your help Benjamin

    18. Kareem Killer

      As a Medic main, I can Confirm this is how we Revive and heal Each other. No, for real I am a Medic Man.

    19. Черный Ворон

      Private Morrisons life matters)

    20. Bittie

      I love this channel. Keep up the good work fellas.

    21. Alexander Edwards

      They somehow didn’t see the huge roadblock ahead lol

    22. Vtr Gm

      ahahah, I'm new to the channel but I love it right away, thank you guys

    23. Chris Diso

      What about call of duty world at war "grenade logic" or "veteran difficulty logic" it would be great

    24. Loránd Ternesz

      Such an awful graphics!

    25. Judge Grimrod

      Fun series but does the main character need to be such an Ass hole

    26. Sarcastic slob

      What about revives that are ridiculus like in haze or PayDay 2 Haze: *Taps on head, Little wave and No wounds exist anymore* PayDay 2: either yell "get the fudge Up", shoot a cop to be fine, x % chance to rise Up for No reason or stab them with some adrenaline... Any of these will work to be revevied 😂

    27. PitchBright

      Would have been funny if he died after taking him to the marker continuing the mission

      1. Ken Masters

        It also would’ve been funny if the player walked all over him, tea-bagged him and shot at him just for the fun of it like most gamers would do to the dying characters in Call of Duty.

    28. videogiocatore3

      nobody: Private Morrison: why would you even bother coming back at all bettjeman

    29. Cole Copsey

      I wonder if any of these props were fished out of the ocean... from after the New Zealand decided their citizens don't get rights.

    30. James Lopez

      Ah yes! The classic lone British trooper in the all American regiment.

    31. Ľubomír Kurpel

      Reminds me of Skyrim's "Dont kill me, I yield, I surrender".. and then 3 sec. later he attackes you back :D

    32. Bradley Popkes

      Foxhole was better before you guys ruined it!

    33. Nils Risch

      these Grafics are intense

    34. Justin Lloyd

      I've been playing FPS games since Wolfenstein and DOOM since 1992/1993. I am *really* burnt out on cookie-cutter FPS games just like the one depicted in this video. It's objectively true that all of these AAA FPS titles in the last decade are just two-dimensional, paper-thin illusions of mediocre crap.

    35. Lord _ Scrubington

      the attention to detail with the being faster than the NPCs and the standard walk be slower XD

    36. PK Avenger

      I give you another idea of making third person games logic too. Remeber when we used to play Resident Evil 5 and that black girl what was her name? ahh sheva or shiva whatever, and she always get in trouble and you have to revive her but then you start dying because you helped her and you will keep reviving each other because their is a blob of enemy around you and you cant get rid of them.

    37. Jamison Orth

      Anyone else notice that the German unit was the only non-Stormtrooper group in the entire forest?

    38. soundofeighthooves

      hiding behind a tree against 7.92x57 mm Mauser bulletd wont do much though

    39. Mia

      Theys are so good. laughing my ass off :D

    40. Jaylord Cabiguen

      "Mornin', nice day for revivin ain't it, hu-ha!"

    41. крымблянашик абакнавенный

      на моменте "MISSION FAILED" - ржал до слез!!!

    42. Raghab Mukherjee

      I hate Aiello as well and the guy with spectacles just never dies

    43. Jock McBile

      This is so GODDAMN HILARIOUS. It's so true!!!!!

    44. Namstel

      Haha, that loading screen tip, so on point! XD

    45. kuirkiz

      Missed opportunity for a T-bag

    46. Nick gee

      What a great budget!

    47. [MSF][Sergeant] Alex Mason

      *secretly this is how the new CoD WW2 (if they make another one) will look like and be like that*

    48. Jerry Green

      You were supposed to kill the enemy first, but quick enough, and only then survive the teammate. I think you'll get it right with the third load

    49. Pest

      Bruh the bell is gone

    50. Carl Sagan

      Looks like someone decided to come back to the frontlines!

    51. Alexander Fukes

      enemy team hp: 50 your hp: 100 your team's hp: forget it

    52. Roger ElPeligroso

      Idk if y'all ever played global terror but that game had pretty good A.I teammates none has topped it

    53. Шаттык Туманчаев

      that feeling when you're a beachman

    54. Nathan


    55. MarcoEnricoTM

      Press ['F'] to pay respect.

    56. jackson schumacher

      ok im am mostly fine with this skit, but why the fuck are you acting to reload the gun like its a bolt action? It chambers the next bullet after you fire thats the entire purpose of semi automatic. This is just too unrealistic for me I have to unsubscribe.

    57. Dhenta Jhon

      hahaha XD

    58. Matthias Johns

      Literally almost dead. :Argh, help me!" "I'm bleeding out, I'm bleeding out!" "I'm dyin!" Revives him: "I didn't need your help Bettjeman"

    59. jhack


    60. Hamish Neilson

      My god these are amazing

    61. DixieBoy 4630

      Help him! Help him off the road! Help him! Help him off the road! Help him! Help him off the road!

    62. Andrew McQueen

      So Morrison goes down after 1 shot while King can take repeated hits to the chest and not feel a thing?

    63. Ariana Ariana

      оу бай зе вей юр эбаут ту гет шот XDD

    64. Harith Gaming

      Actual name: bettjeman What im hear: b*t*h man

    65. Justus Bowman

      You guys are too good at this. Sometimes when we're bored, we get sucked into basically clicking through whatever, watching whatever, but this is actual quality content. Thanks. Also, no thanks, because I could be cleaning my room!

    66. William Jefferson Clinton

      Yeah this touches those tours in Afghanistan and Iraq nerves, those f'd sense of humor nerves.

    67. Sir Prize

      Nice day for COMING BACK AT ALL, BENJAMIN, ain't it? Hu ha!

    68. Sir Prize

      "Help him!" "No.. No, I don't think I will."

    69. john gideon

      I hate it in RDR2 when your in a gang heist if the moron with you dies you've got to restart. bugs the heck out of me.

    70. samuel rodriguez

      Logic fps is wonferfull

    71. Sora Pantsu

      Owh.. this fucking game!

    72. William Stevens

      God I hated this so much in COD: WW2

    73. Antonio Loco

      I cant tell if he is saying Benjamin or Bitch man

    74. Rumuel Nathanael


    75. Justa Guy

      Hmm maybe next time point out the lack of consistent dmg... a shot to the foot instantly puts you down but a head shot you can walk off.

    76. James Harrod

      Where’s the run where he kills Morrison before the enemy can?

    77. Moses Prefor

      When Rowan said "Oh this F**ing game" at the end... I felt that xD

    78. Mr.Skeemz

      This reminds me of our snow ball fights hahahaha

    79. randomdude games

      This was totally aimed at cod ww2

    80. Vishal Kadu

      Why u guys r not famous?? Ffs


      That Tip had me rollin

    82. John Manning

      Best friend character getting riddled with automatic weapons fire, and he just stumbles a bit, while delivering lines about "the old days". AHHH I LOVE IT! LOL

    83. Nico Rozner

      My teammate: *Gets hit in the forehead by 105mm artillery shell) A singla band-aid: I can fix it!

    84. Zak Kaufman

      The "childhood friend" you really don't care about being the bullet sponge And the hardened veteran who goes down after taking one hit to the anywhere

    85. Ralphael

      Now their aim is good,last time they can't even aim😂😂

    86. McKellar

      Oh God this was hilarious!! LOL!!!!

    87. Luke McNamara

      I cannot express enough how excited I am to see this through! You are making a legit story out of this series!

    88. Paint Mixer 73137 Hawk

      why is the help him off the road line so funny

    89. Randall Parker

      This isn't even right how quickly these guys have become one of my favorite youtubers! Fucking love these guys!

    90. Freddy Aamodt

      The walking speed of npcs...so good

    91. Karl Malone

      Help him! Help him off the road!

    92. crazybrickstudios

      You missed a lot. For example: •most video games depict grenades as *much more* explosive than they really are •If you get shot IRL, You’re incapacitated. If you Get shot in a video game, Wait 2 seconds and you’re fine. •getting shot in the leg or foot is considered non lethal, when in reality, there’s major arteries in your legs •In video games, Automatic guns click repeatedly after they run out of ammo •they use terms like “Assault rifle” and “clip” (when referring to magazines) •AK-74 is usually considered a sub machine gun •guns have to be balanced and therefore usually get unrealistic. For example, in COD 4, they gave the M249 a 100 round box mag, when in reality, the M249 has a 200 round box mag. •suppressers/silencers don’t actually decrease the ranges of weapons IRL. You should know that, video game developers. •Suppressers don’t make guns that quiet, either. •things that don’t make sense happen because of plot •reloading a gun with ammo still in a mag will magically make the bullets in the mag that you just threw away go back into another one of your magazines. •I don’t want to think of anymore and it’s been like 10 minutes already but I assure you, there’s *a lot* more

    93. richtankone

      NPC getting sprayed but can’t die!! Cracked me up!!

    94. Gonçalo Carneiro

      At least one of them seems to tank damage well.

    95. Builder Builder

      PLEASE more FPS Logic !!!

    96. Enzo Atencio

      Arma 3 parody

    97. Obsidian Animation2112

      -Press E to revive- _Drag his body to a white area_ *100% heal*

    98. Andreas Wolfes

      Sounds from Brothers in Arms?

    99. Ronan Tam

      It should of been “how was private Morrison important would he fly and shoot later”