Attacked during a cutscene - Provoked

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    This NPC doesn't understand the rules of cutscenes...
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    1. Mr. Crowley

      Imagine Greg actually snapping at the end and goes psycho and pulled out a knife on him.

    2. Kail

      This might be the continuation after the fruit vendor stayed inside his treasure chest.

    3. steven shar

      Towards the end I can see Alan trying hard not to laugh

    4. Alexandre Cybis

      Why would an NPC do what you want Sir?

    5. BlueEngland

      "god dammit shut up i'm trying to listen to this long and boring speech!" -Nobody, ever

    6. Apple


    7. jack joon

      They would of started wrestling while the audio is still playing.

    8. blazen710420 blazen710420

      Hamish 😆😂 what a demove he bumps into Greg the garlic farmer he bumps into Greg and he expects Greg to apologize 🤣 what a Rowan lol

    9. Sebastian Kurz

      I like this episode the most

    10. Amy Stanfield

      Me with my family

    11. Teku Meku

      *Comes out the cutscene dead from the damage he did to him during the scene.* Player: *SKIP*

    12. Hollow 666

      i wonder if he had a good apple ?

    13. max dota

      did he get the gamer pc tho?

    14. mike lai

      He hit wrong guy.Should be rowan.

    15. Krogan 26

      That was funny but nothing could have made it better than if as soon as cutscene ended the Player immediately whipped around, decapitated the fruit merchant and told him that he wasn’t sorry at all before calmly strolling away.

    16. Niko Carcosa

      Holy crap, that’s some goddamn fine work.

    17. ItsCaptainGamer plays

      This is what happens when you have siblings

    18. clhromeo

      When he punches them both at once rofl

    19. LOS SANTOS Tv

      hi your videos should be view by french people . would you like i make the translation for you ?

    20. Wolf Edmunds


    21. MyOneAndOnly AndYoursTruely

      You missed the part where your character is in a cut scene and they die in the middle of the scene while everyone is talking. XD

    22. Genmar Vocal

      Hahaha this looks like in gta 5 when you accidently bump someone then this happens while your on a cutscene

    23. Marsel Egan

      I'm looking at you fallout 4

    24. Maubray Mzoma

      After the end of the cutscene I'd kill him.


      What are you doing I thought we were allies says ostrava of boletaria from Demon Souls when I'm trying to hit enemies that are attacking ostrava

    26. I'm a retard, but

      hey the npc looks like alan from VLDL

    27. Lewd Icy

      There roleplaying are so good

    28. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    29. Louis Phellyppe

      That time when Trevor visited Franklin when the game bugged and some thugs started to punch him while pretended nothing was happening

    30. galaxyflair

      SAYYYYY!!!!!!!! -_- SOORRRRYYYY!!!

    31. Bill f Brasky

      More hamish.

    32. Mudivhi Munzhelele

      haha this brings back gta memories

    33. Henry Stickmin's Twin

      The way the angry AI moves is so accurate.

    34. HALLOWICKED 999

      Lol I love that I’m not a bad person lol

    35. Nezar King

      This is one of your guys his funniest videosI absolutely love it when NPC’s interrupt. The cut scene or conversation clips

    36. Demos Jeffy

      “I got some fresh bread right here for you”

    37. nothing

      Bruh just them getting punched while talking is so funny 🤣😂😂

    38. DeMonLord

      Jokes on him, he just entertained that player during that long ass dialogue.

    39. Don Tamchello

      Oi !

    40. dantheman007a

      Really expected the player character to turn around and kill him as soon as the cutscene was over, lol.

    41. Keyondre Athaullah

      This remind me of GTA 5 just NPC attack during a cutscene

    42. Sunlight

      That man's the Demoman

    43. hollow_ king_

      видео идет 2:33, я смеялся минут 15 и чуть не умер от смеха...спасибо ребята, вы улучшили мой ужасный день!)))

    44. Max Shaw

      the strong do not apologize to the weak

    45. Lucky Bacon


    46. Jiayi LI

      I am annoyed by the vid..

    47. BattleChaing

      Player: **is in a cutscene** Villager: **evil laughs**

    48. Eradicator 5000

      That may be even funnier if they killed him at the end

    49. Brent Jones

      I got some fresh bread RIGHT HERE RIGHT HERE!!!

    50. 100 Penyamun

      Hamish is gold

    51. Shirley Lin

      How I feel like when people don’t respond to my messages or text

    52. Tyler Goodrich

      I love Hamish.

    53. Oliver Policarpio

      idk why this man cracks me up all the time.

    54. Don Sauyce

      How long is that cutscene?

    55. assai74

      He will never get his PC delivered...

    56. Rusty Blader

      Still more realistic than being attacked in a ubisoft cutscene

    57. Hussein Babar

      Hamish can actually get scary 😂

    58. vincenzo012

      Hahahahahha it made me laugh hard, for real.. hahahhahahahaha i love that guy ahahhahahah

    59. Son of Sanguinius

      Ohhhh the guy that sold him golden skull of rhoull....then stole it back lmao

    60. Alen Fora

      The bald guy has freaking eye intense


      What i would have really liked to have seen is the adventurers health bar going down and him unable to skip through the conversation...then he dies as soon as the conversation is over


      Another fabulous Hamish this guy =)

    63. rocketeer101

    64. Mr. KrakenGärd

      Me roleplaying on kik in a furry chat Just punching and act like this merchant I need to eat a apple

    65. StudleyDuderight

      Then the cutscene ends and the player kills the random ass NPC for its transgressions because the player is using a killable NPC mod.

    66. Mathieu Lefebvre

      Feels like when i talk to my wife and i get kids aggro

    67. jnd 141

      I love how he hits the adventurer just because he may know him from somewhere 😄

    68. Ranger Kwok

      lol the poor fruit merchant😂😂😂

    69. Indarionnnnne

      I wanna know, how many takes it took for this one.

    70. Yunsano

      I know you from somewhere killed me 😂😂😂 cause he is the one that made him buy all his stuff hahaha

    71. ꧁crosfy꧂

      It is often in gta gamez like tbis

    72. archam777

      He has got alot of pent up rage from losing all his stuff and his wife leaving him.

    73. Siren Melkherisa

      Bethesda's ears must be tingling 🤣

    74. Alex Rankin

      Напоминает мелких плешивых гопников с района в детстве.

    75. Jefferson Lima

      "I'm not a bad person" hahahahaha

    76. RG

      lol Hamish :D

    77. Super Max

      Лысый самый прикольный в этой команде.

    78. KazeTheForsaken

      When she's on her period but you're in a raid with the boys

    79. Chase Syma

      Wtf is a wendy's chicken wars

    80. Vandoeun Long

      Genshin Impact.

    81. Touraj Tayebi

      @1:38 That double punch though!

    82. Sercan

      why arabic lol xd

    83. Tiamat worshipper

      After having the same problems in Genshin Impact, its fucking hilarious.

    84. Benjamin Martz

      This is a common walk in walmart

    85. Finski1213

      Wish cutscene woulda ended and hero would stab him down😁

    86. Mitch V

      Good show lads. 😂

    87. Rawr Rura Vtuber

      It like in GTA 5 😂😂

    88. FaberFest


    89. Evo Evolver

      Hamish ftv

    90. Bizatchtheking

      Adam always has to fix his hair lol

    91. jack ph

      Viva La Dirt League "Ruins Hamish Live/life".

    92. desaperu

      Hahaha! Poor little man. Nobody pay attention to him.

    93. Elias McHarris

      /watch?v=GCIodi5KQJY Meanwhile in GTA V

    94. chris cardwell

      I laughed so much. Awesome

    95. gonxa coxax

      Am i the only one who remebered Assassin's Creed Cinematics after escape from guards?

    96. Sara Crysis

      I swear the first thing I do after this cutscene is to drive a blade into Hamish, twist it hard, and slice it through until he never thinks of asking for an apology from me again.

    97. Youtube Watcher

      Reminds me of GTA when those NPC won't stop bugging you after you punched them lol

    98. Vergil the legendary dark slayer

      1:20 autosave in progress... game saved 2:07 quest failed, the merchant died

    99. Ww Jnz

      When that happens, the irate NPC normally gets slaughtered... right before pressing F9 to reload the cut scene.

    100. Nate Taylor

      Days of Oblivion......