Attacked during a cutscene - Provoked

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    This NPC doesn't understand the rules of cutscenes...
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    1. kanon_77

      Reminds me of that gta clip where Trevor is just getting beat up during the cutscene

    2. Nina Razad

      Poor Hamish.. 🤣

    3. dan j

      This is how blm and antifa act. They think they the good guys while attacking innocent people.

    4. oresteez

      Would love to see the outtakes from this, how did they all keep a straight face, lol

    5. ThaWhiteKnight777

      This needs to be revisited.

    6. Johny Koukourakis

      That poor guy...they dont even let him seem like a bad guy in a sketch, he reminds me that fox in dora the adventurer

    7. AlphaBoi Games

      GTA Broken gltiched cutscenes be like:


      Rdr 2 in a nutshell.

    9. SnakeTheCowboy

      I had that sort of experience in Bethesda games not a single time... and got to stay till the end of dialogue to let scripts/triggers work...

    10. Aaron Bouck

      “I’m gonna eat an apple.” I’d do the same after beating someone up.

    11. Dalauan Sparrow

      0:52 LOL this is exactly how these situations play out , with the guy walking behind during the cut scene out of place and then teleporting as they camera pans. Fucken hillarious

    12. Sridhar Iyer

      Was that God of war??

    13. Mattbird 2676

      They need to make this into an actual cutsceen in a game

    14. maitre maestros

      De toutes les vidéos de viva la dirt league que j'ai vu celle-ci c'est celle où je me suis plus plié de rire

    15. Yasuo Pro

      Hamish punch the adventurer because he make hamish broke by selling gold skull worth 50k gold

    16. Commander Bacara

      isnt this supposed to be happens in gta?

    17. Annie Young

      I love Hamish HAHAHA

    18. Slater Woman

      I'm having flashbacks from Fallout 4

    19. Brigand231

      Such a toddler throwing a tantrum.

    20. Aidan Or

      Why does the garlic farmer mention vampires so many times?

    21. Talus Xelen

      No Sword of Grandohk?

    22. Zhoaib Akhtar

      Oii hes English is very good

    23. Hemi Mckinnon-Clarke

      It wouldve been great if the characters in the cutscene just went limp like a ragdoll but the dialogue continued and the angles still rolled

    24. Genki Girl

      That running punch killed me lol

    25. Justas Nedzveckas

      i know you from somewere :DDDDDDD

    26. Mr.micegan

      Talking in Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 1:00

    27. Crash

      "I'm gonna eat an apple.."

    28. Firedhel

      I was expecting the player to be killed from aggroing the mob due to poor programming

    29. Kelz Illa

      I've known people just like Hamish's character lmao.

    30. BGSLAM81 G.

      The fruit merchant has come along way from buying people's junk..... good on him!🤜😖

      1. BGSLAM81 G.

        @ElectroNeutrino well he certainly knows how to beat the hell out of people!

      2. ElectroNeutrino

        Eventually, he'll probably start MUGGING people. He'll be a mugger, and that's what muggers do, is mug people.

    31. NCOMP1337

      Fallout 4 anyone?

    32. anchuto

      The only episode of VLDL ever where Hamish stands his ground and everyone just ignores him...

    33. Hollow 666

      This guy needs to be in more videos

    34. Carlos Rainha

      I love this. Such a casual conversation. XD that jumping punch got me laughing. XD One bad day away from madness. Naturally he's pissed since he literally had to pay for everything Adam had in his bag. "Just murder my kids in front me, will you...?" XD

    35. Louis Seifert

      Lol, WHERE do they get the ideas for all these jokes???

    36. LazyGamer TEW

      man that guy really nailed down the character that you do not take seriously

    37. QUEEN Sammie Jewel

      I thought Greg was self aware?????

    38. ended - random story/animations

      Fruitseller tryin to get his revenge

    39. medexamtoolsdotcom

      They get to the end of the cutscene and mysteriously find they're missing hit points and if negative they immediately die.

    40. Andrew Beatty

      I'll tell you this guys got anger issues

    41. Sage2000

      0:57 hahahaha now I got it while watching for the 3th time.

    42. Gloweye

      Would be even better if he accidentally killed Greg, and then went "Oh no, who could have done this?"

    43. dope boiii


    44. j l

      Fruit Merchant is the best character lol

    45. Nathan Stafford

      This guy is a male karen

    46. 十三Francis

      Damn, Kratos just wanted an apology If you just apologized, he wouldnt destroy our world

    47. Isaac But Not

      The Most High Quality Fight In The Universe.

    48. Ravenaxis

      "Apology to me!" "Say sorry!" "I'm not a bad person!" "I only want you pay attention to me!" Damn, looked like some triggered person from Twitter or something xD

      1. Ravenaxis

        @dan j and that is precisely why i don't use twitter anymore. Internet's radioactive cesspool.

      2. dan j

        Lol oh ya conservatives on Twitter. Talk about the fantasy you live in Twitter is overrun by leftists. Dang man lol.

      3. Ravenaxis

        @Charlie Vetsworth Conservatives or Democrats, Right or Left, Red or Blue, Black or White, it doesn't matters, imbeciles and attention whores have no flag, they're aaaall the same.

      4. Charlie Vetsworth

        Lol you're right, weak conservatives are usually like that!

    49. I May Have Miscalculated -

      "Where you goin'? Don't you ignore me. This is a perfectly good moment to throw your life away."

    50. casey mclerie

      Omg that smile after the double smack is so classic, trying to keep in character

    51. SkyVolt 256

      Tbh it looked like it was equally his fault lol

    52. Kryptone

      “I’m not a bad person!” He says while punching Npc man.

    53. GaliciaArt

      Hahahaahaha omg i love this

    54. Boardgames India

      I thought the Player Character will kill the NPC with his Sword, after the Cutscene ended, for being arrogant.

    55. Grimm Reaver

      "I'm not a bad person." Punches them over a shove he could of avoided.

      1. Charlie Vetsworth


    56. UGLY DUCK

      i would like to just happen a cross people doing this in the woods hih

    57. Corthmic

      This reminds me of when I was talking to a settler in Fallout 4 about a raider problem when a Deathclaw just ran in out of nowhere and started slaughtering everyone behind him and the dialogue didn't end, he just stood there staring at me while I hovered over the dialogue choices until the Deathclaw ran up and chucked him into a tree

    58. Andrew 10ww

      Well it's actually very rare for something like that to happen,but it was all so funny at the same time 😂

    59. Robson Costa

      that happened to me, when a dragon wat attacking a village, then that dog Barbas started talking to me, damm Barbas

    60. bent toe


    61. John Doe

      Haimish is the Micheal palin of the group

      1. John Doe

        @Ryan Thompson Guitarist yeah good fit for those dorks💯💢💥

      2. Ryan Thompson Guitarist

        So who is the John Cleese? Rowan?

    62. thian han

      This is maybe what Hamis should do to Rowan when he insisted to pay 2000 for plastic bag.

    63. warhammerfreak 111

      OEYYYY!!!!!!! YOU'RE AMAZING!!! OEYYYYY!!!!!!

    64. Brett Z

      Hamish is so good 😂💀

    65. AT Stoodioz

      0:44 How did you not laugh at that...

    66. cipher88101

      1:37 Thud-duk

    67. XenzardZ

      Not accurate without MISSION FAILED. (CHARACTERNAME) died.

    68. Boba Fett

      One question HOW CAN THEY KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE?!?!

    69. Exile 1994

      Alan how you were able to do all that with him in your face without laughing i will never know, my hat hat off to you because would've cracked the moment he did that 😂😂😂😂

    70. WolfSheep

      I thought epic npc man would turn around and one-hit the annoying npc after the cutscene ended

    71. jacob hammonds

      Sounds like an anime bully imo XD

    72. Gacha zero 34

      When your parents are talking to someone and they are ignoring you be like

    73. Kyaw Soe Naing

      The first adventurer who don't skip!

    74. Oskar Egner

      He was the one walking into him

    75. The_MultiverseWolf

      Has anyone noticed it kinda sounds like epic np semen

    76. Ikmalreza 1998

      Yeah. Loot. The bane of friendships.

    77. Nyarlathotep

      Basically Fallout

    78. Andrew Galt

      Anyone hear "YEEAAAH, this can be semen!" in the outro?

    79. Jonathan Bourret

      It's nice to see road-rage isn't just a modern phenomenon.

    80. daverage47

      Man, sleeping in a large chest and losing everything has really pushed the fruit merchant over the edge.

    81. Clembu

      I love Bored, but this is definitely my favourite VVDL sketch. “I’m not a bad person”... punch!

    82. mike epps

      I hate when this happens and the game allows you to die🤣🤣

    83. Luke_

      almos 666k vew

    84. Watching Shows

      I think the fruit seller still holds a grudge

    85. mcdls5

      I have new heroes.

    86. Matt

      The punches in this sound much better than any Hollywood film ... Damn

    87. Paul Mast

      I cannot imagine the amount of takes they needed in order to A: Remain in character without breaking up laughing B: maintain their lines without fudging it up. Bravo Gents, Bravo.

    88. Griffin Johnson

      If pay attention and only listen to greg he just keeps saying the same 3 lines about garlic and vampires I watched this 100 times before and just noticed it

    89. Sean Skatoff

      Everyone who disliked is the fruit merchant

    90. A. Nunny Mouse

      That NPC might be Too Much Coffee NPC

    91. Voice Crack

      Hamish is so fucking funny

    92. CapREX77

      Anyone know the background music?

    93. natern

      That was just amazing. Haven't laughed that hard in ages. Great work guys!

    94. Constable Constable

      *Accidentally hits a chicken with a arrow during a dragon attack* "You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people what say you in your defence?"

    95. Nyan Cat

      I m hitting the like button before watch I tried to like ad xD

    96. the guy who loves logic

      That bold guy was a halo 2 legendary jackal sniper

    97. Gordon Brown

      The next time I want an apology, I'll start throwing punches too 😂

    98. Almendras Clintt

      Oiii 😂

    99. Kacper XXX

      Same thing:

    100. CyberPrime 956

      GTA 5 Cutscene!!!😂🤣😂