Being caught in a lie - Busy Excuse

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    Making up excuses for a thing you don't want to go to
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    1. Irwan Ferdian

      Dammit, I miss home now

    2. 황오현

      Aw....damn it I can't subscribe...Im planned to hurt my finger

    3. suzy1407

      OUTRAGEOUS! [ Insert pathetic cry ] kids, this is why you should never lie you look stupid when you get caught.

    4. Vicarious One

      I totally felt this

    5. Sammej Elisa

      As a person with Lupus. I found this hillarious.! XD

    6. shiran duarte

      I'm cringe allergic. Had to pause it so many times just to be able to breath.

    7. MindofMadness

      "Sure! Great and Congrats! I can't wait!" and simply not show up.

    8. Godfather9814

      That awkward moment when that person you don’t like just won’t pick up the hint that you don’t want to hangout with them 😂

    9. Patrick Rannou

      Which is why you first say yes and THEN later on (only a day before the event) you email that you won't be available because of "personal private family reasons". Vague but solid, and if the guy presses you yoou say it was a private family affair. If the guy say he came to your house and saw you doing nothing, well, you might be the big asocial jerk here, but that's legal! Meanwhile the other guy is a frakking stalking weirdo, time to call the police !

    10. FlipFlops

      Ah sorry man, i lost my hands. Can't find em anywhere

    11. Crated

      At least he is engaged now... it must have been a cold cold world before...

    12. Midwinter

      I cant see subscribe button sorry

    13. Eliejer Camo

      thats why you should be direct about it

    14. Jellal 1337


    15. Aman Rampuria

      That one video where Adam has the upper hand over Rowan

    16. Dayvit78

      just don't go lol

    17. DragonCryGaming

      is it me or was ally's voice adam's fiancé in this

    18. Fantasy Novels

      Adam... is she the bike girl in Badboy episode?

    19. GV_280

      Why would you want rowan at the party in the first place

    20. urgian

      Anytime? Oh well, I don't like rushing. :D

    21. Xander Younger

      You want to get back at that one asshole who always makes shitty excuses but’ll be nice to your face? Y’know, that one person you keep saying you’d rather they just be honest and tell you whether or not they enjoy being friends with you, and they’ll lie right to you about it no matter how many times you ask? Just come up with a fake event, tell them first and plan the ENTIRE thing around THEIR schedule. They’ll be so annoyed and even feel bad... and the whole thing could have been avoided if they were just honest to your face to begin with. And not jerked you around.

    22. j PiCKS

      The first "yeah" from Adam 😂 😂

    23. PheonixFlame156

      I feel like Adam actually knew Rowan was trying to eat his way out, and simply refused to let him.

    24. Attnar


    25. Chris Smith

      Sorry I am already Subscribed xD

    26. King Tut

      *This felt so much like an ad*

    27. Raka Pratama

      and now I'm expecting Rowan to actually not showed up in his engagement party

    28. Zakkrifice

      I love the "RowanRowanRowan" in the beginning

    29. Kevin Pangan

      Makes sense

    30. MickeyNZ

      Wait, are they kiwis?

    31. Amarendra Hikaka


    32. Zuperpro

      Moral of the story: ask everything first

    33. Vincent Gayder

      This was a funny video about a real funny event wasn't it? Btw, congrats!

    34. Darren Brown

      Tried to subscribe but have no hands

      1. Darren Brown

        trying elbows, legit trying elbows nupt hit tooo many keys triiieed to like but ujust got ***** bunch of ****** not shure how it alkl wkrs. Gr8 intro tho

    35. Akito Sorogoma

      Is non imposter Ben in the newest taco bell commercial? I swear it looks like him.

    36. Jeroen berkenbosch

      if all are oposits ........ then rowan is really a nice guy and the rest are the bullies . :-)

    37. Johnny Boii

      I mean at that point your uninvited tf

    38. AngryPotato

      He could have just listened to Adam and answer AFTER that instead of interrupting him... Oh, Rowan, you're such a Rowan.

    39. Vince

      Damn that's some crazy shit.

    40. Nick Paras

      I start see some white hair in Adam's beard!

    41. Amantha Gamage

      As an introvert, This is uncomfortable as fuck 😅😅😅😅

    42. Alainpbat

      This Mde me so uncomfortable within the first minute I clicked off and forgot to watch it after. Great job gang :)

    43. Krithik Virdikar

      It's never Lupus.

      1. kapitan19969838

        I understood that reference!

    44. Benjamin DeLaughter

      I've been in a slightly less exaggerated version of this exchange before. Boy was it awkward.

    45. Misses Witch

      Just go to the engagement party Rowan!!

    46. unspeakable's fan sub

      whenever i see these guys acting it feels like seeing another person acting

    47. rickadead

      rewatched Avatar the other day and had to pause it because who was sat in the briefing room front row... ROWAN!!!!

    48. geegamer 246

      Its like me making reasons to avoid our dance practise be like:

    49. I am trash

      the question is, why still invite Rowan when he's so clearly not wanting to go?

    50. Avinash Mishra

      That's me when I try to avoid something 😂😂

    51. Alex Trill

      Literally word-for-word of how my former classmates tried to invite me to a reunion. Fortunately, COVID struck and reunion was canceled.

    52. Myrthe Meerman

      This is why you should be Prime Minister! Ours, Mark Rutte is dodging every fucking bullet!

    53. Para Bellum

      Wait? Adam's not gay?

    54. Leo Vice

      This right here is an introverts nightmare. When someone just would not let you go

    55. ThomasMX

      Egy is that it’s always Rowan that has to be the dck though ?

    56. Louis Napoléon III

      I unsubscribed and resubscribed to subscribe to VLDL anytime.

    57. animattronic

      I’m down in Wellywood, we should catch up. 😅

    58. Colinator4321

      Had a concert that I wanted to go to coming up in a few months. So I asked my manager if I could have that day off due to the concert. He knew exactly which concert I was talking about without telling him the artist, and he was going as well. So glad I didn't just call in sick that day...

    59. Transmissional

      take the invite dang it lol!

    60. Elvern Eng Hui

      Adam win this time

    61. Mister Kitty

      At 1:58 it sounds like he says Viva La Didly.

    62. Ry-Sky Skeliton

      Bro 15th of June is my birthday

    63. Caca Rot

      Now you can make "playing rpgs with your wife" videos Congrats btw

    64. belgariad

      How come you don't wear masks?

    65. Chris

      Would be sick to see another giveaway =)

    66. Kirstin Rose

      Wow I didn't know he was actually getting hitched. Congratulations

    67. HonestEagle98

      Mornin! Nice day for a wedding isn’t it? HU HA

    68. pineapple party

      I'm a pretty anti social person and this reminds me of a time at work. These two gay guys that were regulars were going to have a birthday party at their house which was one street away from me. They invited me to their party! lol. I barely knew their names let alone what to bring as a gift and I knew no one else that would be there. Just typing this makes me feel weird and anxious. I felt so bad declining their offer like they might think I don't like them or something, but at the same time it would be so nerve wracking to go to a party full of strangers lol. Silly memories.

    69. Blake Armentrout

      lol see this is why you should always just tell people "no fuck off I don't like you" its much easier and less painful like ripping off a band-aid :D

    70. Michael Grady

      Garden parties and engagement parties.... Come on dudes - some of us are still in our 2nd Covid lock down, and some are heading into our third.

    71. Dan Draws

      I wish there were more of haymish :(

    72. brianbp4f

      Should have known. It's never Lupus

    73. Franky Magic

      That voice at 1:46 sounded suspiciously like Ellie... Is Adam engaged to Ellie now? When did that happen? :O

    74. I Have No

      Hole-E-S#!7 that was frustrating. Good job. Perfection.

    75. DVCasey0311

      I will not subscribe.

    76. Emon Khan

      play more among us

    77. DarkRaikon

      also adam knew and tricked him

    78. DarkRaikon

      this is why you wait till the last moment to lie

    79. Apple


    80. OpLapDancePikachu69

      congrats Adam on your engagement!

    81. Du bist genial!

      AHAHAHA heftig gut!!

    82. Iashanlang Dkhar

      We miss Brit!! 😢

    83. Spencer Game MEON

      You guys are great keep up the good work mabye one day i will see you guys that would be cool

    84. Zack Garrett

      Really like this role for Adam, the sarcastic win at the end of the bit was perfect

    85. demonflux957

      So I was correct you guys do live in nz

    86. Marcus Vinícius

      Ok God Dammit, u got me. I subscribed.

    87. RubyLion

      The ending. Me: Oooh, I can't.. Cause if I do, I'll be unsubscribed, and that's not what you want... I'm already subscribed.. 😏

    88. Stephen

      What is the game of npc is it on appstore

    89. Kyosuke Machii

      Congrats with the engagement, Adam!

    90. Alpha Chad

      Are they in America now? Looks very American

    91. Vinicius Dias

      Moral of the story: Either keep calm and don't be a Rowan or if you are going to be a Rowan anyway be Playtech Rowan and shout at everything.

      1. J S

        This was far more interesting when rowan and alan were still friends like first 30 or 40 episodes

    92. Yasmine S

      If it was Playtech Rowan, he would have accepted the invitation, forced Adam to make him the best man (or else, paycut), guilt-tripped Ellie to go with him as his date, given an unrequested awkward and condescending wedding toast, gorged on food, wine and champagne, hit on every single lady - and perhaps even some taken ones, told all of Adam’s friends and relatives really embarrassing stories about Adam, photo bombed a lot of pictures, fought the single ladies for the wedding bouquet and be the one to “coincidentally catch it”...then as he’s giving one last congratulations to the happy couple as they’re on their way out to their honeymoon, he would have said: “by the way, Adam, you’re getting a pay cut for today and your entire honeymoon period because you didn’t give enough notice. Have a good time, byeeee 👋🏻.”

    93. Magneto

      My birthday is the 15th of June

    94. 35_Somesh

      Sorry man I can't subscribe I don't have a HUgets account

    95. benjamin hoogvliet

      Thats a real rowan thing to do 😂

    96. Saul Newman

      Which is worse? Rowan, a professional actor, unable to improvise his way thru a lie, or Adam, who can't take the hint.

    97. Chris Saiko

      Jokes aside I sometimes do lie like I'm busy, don't feel well or an emergency when I don't feel going to an event or something. Pretty hard to directly tell people that I feel lazy or not in the mood couz it may sounds rude. Thou my closes ones don't mind when I frankly tell them, lucky enough.

    98. Noah George


    99. Darth Zhyrâkh

      I can't subscribe, I'm so, so sorry! But I'm already subscribed :P

    100. Russian bot

      15 of June is my birthday :D