The trouble with finding yourself in a good position - Stay Focused

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    You and your friends get easily distracted? Getting into the zone early might be a bad idea.
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    1. Dan Pryal

      Stay frosty lol

    2. kalmesh Vagadargi

      Those kill messages😂😂😂

    3. Mr Chokun

      2:25 no way that chuck norris beat covid-19 now

    4. BlindSide NZ

      2:41 what does Rowan say?

    5. Hyper

      Who else saw someone killed COVID-19 very happy that’s finished in PUBG XD

    6. JohnWayne9

      Skkk a parte da frigideira é a melhor

    7. Dani Estu

      This was the fuuniest video for months! I laughted a lot! 😂 😂 😂

    8. BlueKR2019

      2:24 Chuck Norris killed COVID-19 when it tried to infect him 😂😂😂

    9. Richat Tree

      Indonesia mana nih

    10. Captain Pasta

      Raid Shadow Legends How many of you got that ad ?

    11. Alex Mort

      Baradun killed Eugene after getting creeped out that they look too similar: class :)

    12. Epic Gaming Ect

      where do these guys get the stage guns soo realistic ??

    13. MercifulSnake Snake

      Pretty much that

    14. Cody Peters

      Chuck norris kills covid hahah 😆

    15. steliocontos82

      😆the kill feed " Chuck Norris killed COVID-19 when it tried to infect him"

    16. Yis Yis

      Weapon: has a vertical grip. Adam: *puts hand behind grip instead of gripping it*. Weapon and vertical grip:are we a joke to you

    17. The Nagual Zone

      chuck Norris killed covid 19....THE best quote i've ever seen! lol!

    18. CJ Satnarine

      Me and the bois doing assignments be like:

    19. Firestar4041

      need more wholesome party members like this

    20. Ws Nivia21

      I pray that whoever Like this will be successful in life

    21. Juan Pablo

      Son muy buenos la verdad casi unicos

    22. Tarun

      That grenade guy is probably a hacker! Jk


      Nice day for staying focused you but pubg is the best part of my you💓💓💓💓💓💟💟💟

    24. Hassan Mohamed

      What's up with Chuck Norris and Covid-19

    25. Hello World

      3:14 lol look at english automated subtitles.

    26. CandidlyOpinionated

      3:27 Game of Thrones?

    27. Blackvoid25

      This guys really hit gold sometimes

    28. Skyler Stevens

      Chuck Norris killed COVID-19 when it tried to infect him. Unlike Leroy Jenkins some jokes don't get old I guess lol.

    29. Lixeon Sabers

      I just realized they have really bad scopes except for the sniper

    30. Micha Kowal

      Swapping Q and E is fucking genius! Thanks for that advice!

    31. Nijay 1987

      2:24 chuck norris kills Covid19 made my day! thanks guys!

    32. Муроджон Ибрагимов

      Like my squad )))))

    33. Markinator 9000

      Chuck Norris is too strong for Covid

    34. Joel Ellis

      Wait! I thought they were in the center!

    35. Alex Zer0

      Right, but WAS the staircase new or not?

    36. Phuckseeds

      To be fair, everyone else was taking forever to kill eachother

    37. Richie MaramisOK

      1:04 Scar-l with 4x Me:Haha recoil go Brrrr

    38. Henry Wang

      this seems to be so much more fun than staying focused

    39. Call Of Jury

      “Chuck Norris killed COVID-19 when it tried to infect him”

    40. Farah Siddiqui

      How does a have G36c on Erangel

    41. Phlegethon

      Only. 1 person died the whole time they were wasting time

    42. Ethan Jarred Diaz

      Hahaha Chuck Norris killed Covid-19 hahahah

    43. Anonymous Libertarian

      🤣🤣🤣 priceless!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    44. M10 BadBoy Pubg

      Hello Guys I posted some of my gameplays if you like subscribe please thanks 😊

    45. Krishna Vasu

      How is there a G36C in erangel?

    46. Garth Boehmlehner

      Haha the best part is no Brit or Aussie or Canuck or anyone could actually do this because you guys don't have real combat weaponry. Only Americans would survive such a thing. These videos are great though!

    47. Dwarfbomb Gaming

      Ugh Rowan's lack of a helmet bothers me "Well looted" my arse 😂🤣😂🤣

    48. The Developer

      Sometimes when I have tons of time in the middle of the circle I just continue wondering around.

    49. Dwayne Venzon

      I like how little people are dying while the zone is already small

    50. someloser 2888199

      3:27 are they talking about the office? If so, then I agree

    51. Sasha Makeev

      DAMN! Thank for Q E swap!!

    52. McKellar

      Wow! And I thought I had focusing issues due to my ADHD, guys look like you have it worse than I do! LOL

    53. thebigcnel

      "Chuck norris killed COVID-19 when it tried to infect him." LOL

    54. Channel Name

      How did no one die during their spongebob montage? 1 person in at least 5 minutes.. Aight

    55. Vlado

      rowan dude be more normal.....jesus........always cursing, behaving badly........showing mid finger, imitating porn film moves.....keep up the GOOD work guys, you are awesome, I admit .... :)

    56. Ranto Jefri


    57. Jasvil sheng

      The problem with the difference with pubg mobile and pubg pc/console is that mobile in first circle is just gonna have 20 people left

    58. Dr. Meme

      Where did you get the guns?

    59. friendly911

      this game is 95% waiting and 5% playing, no thank you, I have better stuff to do than waste my precious fleeting moments on earth.

    60. Teh Tehhome

      Did anyone see the Baradun killed Eugene

    61. __ Hempstead


    62. D Alan

      I like the kill count at 2:23. "Chuck Norris killed Covid-19 when it tried infect him". LOL

    63. Nepe_BB

      That Chuck Norris thing made me laugh like crazy🤣

    64. Ali Dowlatzada

      in 2:24 see COVID-19 kill someone

    65. Timur Ismagilov

      This is so fake, they played monopoly and still stayed friends afterwards.

    66. K Kundera

      What the hell did Rowan say at 2:38? Lol

    67. Stuart Hawkins

      "Chuck Norris killed Covid-19 when it tried to infect him" hahahahahaha

    68. Rotmg Troller Fan


    69. Nazmul Pranto

      They were playing for so long yet the players didn't decrease at all from 48.

    70. Kevin Espinoza Vlogss

      Diead by covid 19 loby

    71. Gralmeidan

      2:38 what did he say?

    72. Jayanta Baishya

      Just a single person died the whole time they were playing around?

    73. Vampy Chan

      rowan dont even have a helmet and a backpack... hes definitely not "well looted"

    74. Tahmid Chowdhury

      2:25 covid 19 😂😂😂

    75. Sudip Biswas

      where is this location ? Country name also ?

    76. I Watch Everything

      Is this how it feels like watching their stream?

    77. Mohtashim Chowdhury

      1:00 bro you literally have a grip on that

    78. ŽÏÄĐŒ Ase

      and corona nooo

    79. BasarTHE Warrior

      2:40 everyone would have broken focus

    80. ZAZA dAb

      Почему нет субтитров? Хотя даже не понимая что они говорят все равно смешно

    81. A T-rex with internet

      All that time they spent procrastinating and nobody died

    82. Ahti Köxi

      2:24 Chuck Norris killed Covid-19 when it tried to infect him

    83. TheShamansQuestion

      "Bake me a bake as fast you can" hahah Alan

    84. oxoConstantinEoxo

      2:25 CHIUCK NORRIS killed COVID-19 When it tried to infect him.

    85. Austin Peters

      I love how they hit the nail on the PUBG experience. Everyone has wierd helmets and wierd camos and equipment xD

    86. Iver Daza

      damn, i'm getting really interested in playing PUBG now...still, maybe the ping would be high :(

    87. Kolya07 Maltsev Kolian Korp Industres

      Где русские субтитры?

    88. JoIsALegend

      0:27 That's... not how you hold a gun...

    89. Ryan Rai

      Their props are getting better and better. 😂

    90. oni hossain

      3:08 this is the best part 😅😅

    91. BoNo prasetio

      Wk wk wk wk😂😂😂

    92. Why Try

      Can anybody tell me what does it mean: 2:00 "You guys hit the doing friends raining"?

      1. Why Try

        @whimbird much obliged! thank you!

      2. whimbird

        "Did you guys hear they are doing a FRIENDS reunion show?"

    93. Shit History

      Go pubg

    94. Masud Rana

      you should make Videos on call of duty

    95. Lance Joven Oreta

      A kar98k (my fav gun) is very rare to find in pubg, but Ben always gets one lol

    96. Platipusz

      Poor platipus 2:57

    97. User 123

      2:26 Chuck Norris killed COVID-19 when it tried to infect him

    98. theothergh4st

      Where r u get that kar98,its nice bro,,, my fav rifle,,,where can i got that

    99. BubbyKiddo

      0:30 G36C and Scar L on same game, it's not real

    100. Edison Pang

      1:44 lol I remembered that