Selling Erangal properties in PUBG - Real Estate

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    Selling property in Erangal can be difficult. But one Real Estate Agent is up to the challenge
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    1. yeeter skeeter

      Here, I’ll fix your title: America in a nutshell

    2. lahiru eranga

      Bots when players aren't around

    3. Ritchie Greene

      Just love this skit.

    4. Fuller Lifestyle

      Great video, I love the content on your channel. I'm a real estate agent out of Chicago, recently launched my YT. Would love to support one another and potentially collaberate together in the future. Feel free to reach me on Instagram @fullerlifestyle_

    5. TheGamer

      Crossbow! Must belongs to Ben.

    6. Jeepers Creepers

      so basically any place in usa or middleeastern country which has oil supplies being FREEDOMED by usa

    7. Yzêt

      I love Ellie's shirt!

    8. หลังอาน หางดาบ

      The sorry guy always do great job!

    9. Max M.

      I have that same button down shirt

    10. Jerry Green

      They just ran away? He should’ve killed them in anger!

    11. FoxyPlayz


    12. preacherjohn

      Comedy gold from start to finish! XD

    13. Maharaja Kumar

      2:45 who else noticed that

    14. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng



    16. Subhajyoti Bhattacharyya

      Where is the glider

    17. Ajoy tan


    18. PvtMartin78

      When I saw the crossbow on the floor I was expecting one of them to pick it up and shoot the other.

    19. Maskito

      Try auto generated English in caption 😂😂

    20. Kharfre Wallace

      How have I never seen this before

    21. Adam

      One of my favorite viva skits lol

    22. Jay Kay

      Holy shit this video is magnificent. Honestly, that part with them ducking inside from the explosives was chilling. Could be cause I'm high tho, but that was an awesome scene. It felt like it'd be fitting in a movie, let alone a 4 minute YT comedy sketch. Props.

    23. digsnbones

      Adam can sell anything

    24. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for real estate, ain't it? Hu ha

    25. Stealth Attack

      Guys have you considered doing a video on Red Alert or Dune?

    26. Jefil Christian J Luna

      2:51.. You never told us there was an infinite ammo AK47 there.. Sold

    27. Ali Gurbuz

      Are his parents really passed away? It’s like a continuity thing with him It’s kinda cool and sad at the same time

    28. Aamir

      Complimentary crossbow 😂😂😂

    29. ALİ EROL

      slm mrb türk yabım we are waiting in the game zula videos.

    30. Carlo Munoz

      Man, these graphics are dope

    31. devil شيطان

      Where is Arabic calculate!

    32. PJ MAGDATO


    33. Master JAVZ

      Tnx for the TOP FAN BADGE on fb guys #GAMINGPC




        El mejor canal❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    35. Ayrus Mod

      please lag pubg in real life:)

    36. El Reino ArKadico

      This is less cringer than Rowan's training video for employees

    37. shamil qureshi

      Why are half of the houses missing bathrooms

    38. Pramudito A.N.F

      Siapapun yg bikin subtitle Indonesia di video ini, mantapp broo

    39. Pratham N U M B


    40. Bhole Bhakt


    41. crislyn ropal

      Well its Adam. What can i say? Im sold.

    42. Subhan Epic

      Please check Habi Omer channel please support

    43. Ahmed Mohamed

      Thats alot of teeeeet 🤣

    44. Эрмек Акунов

      Я куплю за ха

    45. Twix_show

      кто здесь знает ХОРОШИЕ русские слова?(наверное только русскоговорящие)

    46. Roberto Contreras-Mendoza

      I dont Know Why but I got a Far Cry Vibe from this idk why

    47. Rich Light

      The update ruined my favorite drop spot. The power plant just isnt the same anymore. Still some good loot but its not as fun to drop there anymore.

    48. Chadwick MacArthur

      Lol don't forget bout all the military surplus lol

    49. Raden Prasetyo

      Trying to sell a house in negorno karabakh

    50. Fritz Michael Gschwantner

      He reminds me a lot of Taika Waititi in What We Do in the Shadows in this :)

    51. Rotmg Troller Fan

      I thought this was an ad because I had autoplay and I was multitasking making a minecraft skin not looking at this video

    52. IRkorpus

      sometimes, i just watch for the out takes. shh!

    53. Peter Martin

      And now u can go on a cruise at novo! 😅


      Thats funny, every time he said Erangal I heard Portland or Chicago or New York or San Francisco.

    55. ZebraUp


    56. Space Game

      The guy: this is the worst place to live Me: uh uh SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

    57. Tony Johns

      I love this! Love that you're mixing it up!

    58. Misses Witch

      "The cars aren't very fuel efficient" *shooting in the background*

    59. Brandon Murphy

      I probably still couldn't afford one...

    60. Dean Mark Mejiano

      Damn the cinematography is so good hmmm mmm(chef kiss)

    61. Joshua

      He should have said, "Reminded me to edit this out latter."

    62. Dmitry X

      All of you are wonderful actors, but Adam is my favourite.:)

    63. Ken Plays

      What do they say the camera man wins the game

    64. Some dude -

      When I was about to play my PUBG and when I went in the app my progress was all gone...

    65. NO

      I thought this was an add at first.

    66. tv producerssuck

      Do real estate in the battle field lol

    67. Patrick Schuster-Wiley

      So, if I watched this on Facebook but like the video here too without watching does it still count? Or do I need to watch the video again here?

      1. Patrick Schuster-Wiley

        Watched it again anyways 🤣

    68. Neko

      Not insulting, but isn't that houuse basiically every houses in australia

    69. Zahid Hussain

      Those kar98 shots I can hear in background 🤣

    70. John Samy

      For real guys I really love your videos ❤ Keep it up

    71. Dayta Fanboy

      Haha Hmmhmm yes twas funny 👏👏 I've Liked your content and have granted you my quest? If in the near future there is one or more content of this "Selling houses" but it's with other games, then you will be rewarded with: 🏅My following via Twitter 🎟 7 tokens guaranteed for Likes and Sharing on any content. Simply add this 🎟 too any of your future pinned comments so I will know to have Liked and Shared that content! I'll update you via Twitter that the token has been used and you now have 6 tokens left.

    72. أمادو

      only problem is blue zone .. all other problems can be worked or neglected :D

    73. Daphne Grass

      Such a Terrific actor 🙌🏼

    74. akiva k

      Is there a Playtech store in Erangal? I would hate to use mail orders.

    75. Michael byrd


    76. christian camilo maldonado contreras

      Excelent actor! it can of reminded me Sharlto Copley on District 9. Really.

    77. Sparrow

      Looks like a real estate commercial in israel, lol ;)

    78. Francisco Velasco


    79. PewPewsAlote

      most successful property salesman in erangal doesn't mean most properties sold, it means actually convincing costumers to come view your properties in the middle of a warzone.

    80. 🔴ORIGPLAY🎮


    81. AlexSolva

      Do one in karakin! 😄

    82. Derek 600


    83. Prince Royce

      *Please make video on Among Us*

    84. Linkachus 17

      Finally ADAM sells a property on PUBG

    85. Thusal99

      I think we've all felt 2:55 at times.

    86. isaiah johnson


    87. The Incredible Mr Joe

      Anybody else get a realestate agent commercial before this video? Friggin youtube targetted ads are hilarious.

    88. BobGeanis

      It's not free real estate

    89. cannibalbananas

      At least it's cleaner and brighter inside than a raider home/hideout in Fallout 4. No decapitated corpses dangling from the ceiling 👍

    90. Chona Noval Gelbolingo

      I love you Adam ❤️❤️❤️

    91. xolani Hlatywayo

      You guys are the best HUgets channel

    92. Joshua C

      The acting is so great 😂 loving the content

    93. Smoking Saturn

      Can yall do among us that would be awesome 👀

    94. norgi

      "There is a lot of natural light comes through these windows, AT ALL TIMES OF THE DAY". Polar circle life.

      1. Glenn Cox

        There's alot of natural light that comes through these windows.. Umm those are just big blown holes in the wall.


      How are the indians feeling after watching those memorable places....😅

    96. Joshua Hurdle

      Master of hurdles? I think not!

    97. part23

      Haha i love this Video pls more PUBG Videos xd

    98. Michael Sedzikowski

      After Karen and this one I think you are ready to make a full movie. Can't wait 👍👌👍

    99. SaavySHere

      And pochinki got some creative indians.

    100. Dare ka

      I find every major updates to the mobile version quite funny and sad. Several months ago Erangel has some basic houses scattered around the map. Then, suddenly there were half-constructed houses in some areas and isolated areas have more buildings. Most recent updates showed a lot of houses painted in horrendous cyan and there are more car wrecks littered about. I find it sad because it feels like the locals returned to resume their lives only be wiped/pushed out out again by another catastrophe.