Karen vs Manager

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    The ultimate showdown is upon us. Rowan finally finds his biggest foe as manager. Karen.
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    1. Viva La Dirt League

      Steelseries are legit doing a very limited time special with us for 24 hours where you can get 20% off any products if you use our code VLDL20 at the check out. Seriously get yourself a pair of the Arctic pro wireless headphones before the offer ends. They're legit really good!

      1. aung soelinn

        Part two pls!!

      2. Mr. R

        I hope no one took this offer as Steel Series sucks, and 20% would still be overpriced for their shit.

      3. storm king

        This is the most chill Karen I've ever seen in my life

      4. Domikava

        Whe did the code expire?

      5. StormySky48

        I love how they're making their voice sound like they're out of Star Wars.

    2. The JexeR

      This is the greatest faceoff in history

    3. Pro M guy Skins

      I wish my boss was like rowan

    4. Collete Lim

      This should be in Netflix. Damn so intense

    5. Sora

      There are many jokes about some kind of people disliking videos but this surely has to be the work of many karens around the world.

    6. Agneroth G

      What was Karen doing with her hand and pocket at :31 ? Did her hand get stuck or something maybe?

    7. ramirezthesilvite

      Her voice sounds like she could be a Disney villain.

    8. Adriel Ferdianto

      1:56 Is it just me or does Rowan kinda speaks like Sherlock for a second here?

    9. Romeo Charlie

      Who is the lady?

    10. leduke

      what an epic showdown!

    11. Mauricio MTF

      Is she Ben's mother?

    12. SgCy

      When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object

    13. Ender Alex

      ehoever made this u need serius help

    14. Anett


    15. E B M

      "a manager's dream"

    16. A Human Life Form

      Her voice sounds so much like frieza. Especially at the beginning with that "hmf".

    17. Septian Kurnia

      this is the best boss fight i ever seen

    18. Θεοδόσης Κανάκης

      Rowan teach me

    19. Se Kirk

      The showdown of the century. This was so satisfying! I hate both of these characters but I somehow rooted for Rowan. What a performance 👏👏

    20. Hàn Tuấn

      would love to see some BTS of this episode, this is brilliant!

    21. Gabriel Navor

      POV:your scrolling to the comments while watching the vid

    22. Sir Pantsalot

      This was wonderfully done. The dialogue is a of straight up sword fight proportions. I love this.

    23. DarkMax666


    24. Midwinter

      Legend says, that Adam is still running to this day ...

    25. See Vang

      Karen movie!!!

    26. Stonewall

      Is Karen South African ?

    27. Dedorex Production

      This needs a sequel!

    28. gris186

      0:14 When your coworkers disappears after spotting a specific customer. Real life stories

    29. Connor Owen

      The karen intro music reminds me of 2014 godzilla somehow...

    30. THE DOGE MAN

      this womans son must be very sad

    31. SkyChrome

      I like the Sekiro poster 👍

    32. Taylor Jones

      She’s too good at being Karen. She must be real.

    33. Craky

      She looks like palpatine xD

    34. Shahriar Chowdhury

      the people who will be voting for trump this november

    35. James Justice

      Lady Ashvane!

    36. Claver D Canaria Jr.


    37. Mpotatoes16

      She sounds like Ursula from Little Mermaid.

    38. Ghost Hunter

      What Is Karen

    39. Ahmed

      Well she IS kinda right about wanting a refund...

    40. Mauricio Dávila

      Does anyone think that the music played when Adam is running is pretty similar to Halo's Reach theme?

    41. Hamza Abbas

      Awww man, they don't ship to pakistan.

    42. csc

      She's like one of those bosses in Dead Rising...

    43. Luciano Silva

      I need the bloopers of this video...

    44. Mastercyber

      Props to the lady for playing the Karen character soo well.

    45. MrKotorX

      Had a woman like this in my store loved how the owner ( yes the owner not manager) handled it she said she was friends with the owner he said I'd never be friends with you she said I'm calling corporate he said this is a locally owned buisness there's no corporate to call I'm as high as it gets baby so f**k off and have a rotten day b***h

    46. Kal

      looks like morgz mum lol

    47. Evil Gopher

      When you realise the whole video was a dramatic advert for Arctis Pro wireless headphones.

    48. GM PH

      one word GOLD

    49. Morsurator

      *Angry Karen noises*

    50. Nick Wells

      That fact that Rolan is actually sticking up to Karen for Adam shows that he does care for his employees. Only he can belittle them. Looking forward to a part2

    51. Ash World • 75 years ago

      Best manager ever 10/10

    52. Mr.Potatomas


    53. W.D gaster


    54. Dagmara

      That looked like a movie good job man

    55. Jim Burrows

      She'll be back...and in greater numbers 🤣🤣🤣

    56. Bobbington

      Dislikes must be from Karens

    57. Bobbington

      Part 2?

    58. Fherzzy

      Top 10 anime fights: top 1 - Karen vs manager

    59. Keven Boisvert

      How come this doesnt have tens millions of views Right Now ????

    60. CaloblovesJapan n

      cant wait for part 2

    61. Mr WavesPlayz


    62. Olivier L.

      3:37 that sound is just amazing

    63. SBinK

      200 views til 1,000,000

    64. Horace Simon

      So funny

      1. SharkTank

        it is

    65. Mustafa Altun


    66. Tanana M

      I thought the use of "Mars, The Bringer Of War," from Holst's, "The Planets," Was especially effective. Like the "Imperial March," long before there was such a thing (one might accuse John Williams of ripping it off, if one was petty).

    67. Eden Levi

      man... the audio quality is spot on!

    68. عادل أمجد

      Part 2 pleaseeee

    69. Shota Jolbordi

      Honestly they should have removed a poster. It is like a "fine print" on contract, a legal scam.

    70. GamerLord The Best

      That’s how you deal with a Karen

    71. Reinaldo Torres

      Do they actually work at playtech? 😂

    72. Aqil Redzuan

      hahaha petition for part 2 please!

    73. John Ree

      It reminds me of a science fiction movie 🤣

    74. Livewyr7

      Excellently done!

    75. Dream bug

      *chef kiss*

    76. Lord Fifth

      Rowan might be and asshole to his employees, but atleast he protects them from assholes customers lol. Awesome video. Edit: wait, the earphones on 20% off is real???

    77. Lhanz

      Best bossfight I've ever seen

    78. Ronaldo Pineda

      And I thought Rowan was gonna say "God i wanna punch her but I can't because she's a customer". Lol.

    79. Thyco2501 of the VKP

      They've won a battle, but the war isn't over.

    80. Latchflex

      Where is the sequel to this? I want it.

    81. cordis die

      Need to rewatch to know what they both said. Now that quantity

    82. Nicht genannt

      Battle of the giants...! Most epic video ever maden in human history.

    83. Joe Cur

      Had been waiting for this one

    84. yuan de arce


    85. War Horse

      Just came to see the run at 1:36

    86. klarenz cobie

      This is better than most of the films in netflix

    87. Joe Chip

      if anyone doesn't know the definition of Karen, don't look it up on google, just type it up on youtube @viva la dirt league

      1. SharkTank

        whats your discord name

    88. The Real ICE_COLD_KILLA

      Karen must be Ben’s mother with all that “have you read the consumer rights act” thing

    89. Fred

      Ha! Looking forward to the Karen horde

    90. tobias ripper

      amazing hahahaha !!! maybe i'd have liked a "run you fools" line in there but damn that was good material there. perhaps next time for the second coming of karen. hahaha

    91. Brandon Cobb

      I've rewatched this more times than I'd like to admit.

    92. Trae War

      Great as this video is, I've worked lots of retail over the years. I have never seen a company refuse a sale because someone asked for the promoted sale shortly after. I don't mean a day after the sale, I mean a few weeks. And all the owners were completely fine with it. Keeps the customer happy, keeps the employees treated nicely by customers, that's what actually mattered to them. Nor have I ever seen a company until recently not take expired coupons. Idk maybe it's just the town's I grew up in are different than most the country. But at the same time after 13 years in retail over never witnessed a Karen. But again, never seen a store intentionally create one either

    93. far22186

      I love the planets

    94. Marcus Price

      I think we all can agree. That this is the only Karen any of us wanna see again LOL

    95. MrSpooky Spare

      top 10 best anime fights😂

    96. Azazel Dreciare

      *YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE!!!* Edit: You gotta have a sequel for this. Not rushing. I know just how hard to make these. You do your best just like here. Keep it up guys.

    97. tHE HECk

      Epic and classic.

    98. mr. cartoonist

      you should make a video on ''loot the airdrop''.where you pick up the things from ground instead from the airdop and put a scene where one of your teammates bag is full and he is dropping the thing to pick up a scope and ememies kill all of you.....

    99. Pedram Bn

      Well she's actually have point