Karen vs Manager

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    The ultimate showdown is upon us. Rowan finally finds his biggest foe as manager. Karen.
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    1. Viva La Dirt League

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        Im literally dying for it


        Please make a part 2

      3. thesinaclwon

        It’s been 3 months we need to sequel lol

      4. Outlaw Story’s

        The revenge of Karen

      5. ItsCaptainGamer plays

        Where is part 2

    2. Audun Karlsen

      So staged.. but so GOOD!

    3. Lostpause Jr

      Part 2

    4. Gambit Pileup

      We need a sequel to this.

    5. Viper 247

      A part 2 is needed

    6. Nope Dude

      This is like Star Wars


      Where is part 2

    8. edmund woon

      for the first time ron is the hero

    9. Patrick John Fajardo

      I really like this

    10. Sargent Bacon

      It would have been way funnier if when he said the day has finally come they both pulled out lightsabers and battled 😂

    11. Luke Shocker

      Those Karen who disliked the video. Pathetic!! Erroneous!!

    12. Sphoxros

      Anyone else get a *Mass Effect* vibe at the end of the video :D lolz

    13. Ryan Gay

      And that's why he gets paid the big bucks!

    14. Dolores Last nameo

      I am now prepared... Thank you

    15. Alex -

      This is solid gold 👌

    16. Vladimir Titov

      Man... This Karen might be great voice actress in some games!

    17. ProNoober

      Sad story is KARENS ARE NOT A MYTH!

    18. Keriomas UwU

      I hope that there will be a part 2 of this absolutely amazing

    19. Andrena Tuthill

      At start I thought the Manager was god

    20. Roxanne Causing

      Karen is worst

    21. Xeptor King

      Imagine how the karen would react if a super manager or the golden manager would come out.

    22. Blind Light Demon


    23. Semolous Van Dess

      I really hope you're working on a sequel to this lol

    24. CentralAviation

      The way Rowan said "Go f*ck yourself" was so GOD

    25. Dafarentaurus

      The only thing they fear is Karen! The Doom Rip and Tear would had been perfect for Karen :D

    26. Mikasa Ackerman

      Top 10 Epic Anime Fights:

    27. Alex McClead

      Irrelevant and erroneous are magic spells.

    28. Ultra Instinct Karen

      *You should beg for mercy here and now... No store manager can stand up to me now.*

      1. LawEnforcer98

        Never. You’re no match for the super manager.

    29. Vyper7289


    30. comrade santa

      Next time on karenball z

    31. Ocean Wolfie

      Laughing 100000 Times Is a disease

    32. MikeCZ


    33. SCP-3812

      Everybody gangsta till the Karen is also a Manager

    34. Danil Smith

      My mom is like this, sad, plz help

    35. Grahalt Mills

      Come on next episode please

    36. AtlanteanAngel

      This video and the other Viva La Dirt League videos on "awkward cutscenes" and "psycho NPCs" are my favorite!!! hugets.info/show/lZx7h8TXvGuhuag/vide.html hugets.info/show/spWBmaiczox7tmE/vide.html

    37. Hermione Granger

      Karen: I don't care what the date is the poster is STILL THERE. If I was the employee or the manager: Okay bitch so the poster is your problem? HERE *rips it off and throws it in the trash*- its gone now.

    38. Beerf

      So this is why Rowan is such an asshole....he's preparing his employees for the Karen's of the world.

    39. Toby Lam


    40. Balázs János Dominkó

      The legend came when he was needed, attention, respect him

    41. Plague9945

      Wow, lady performance was strong A+.

    42. G S R

      Subscribing because of this video One of the awsomest video youtube has to offer.

    43. Hugo aleando

      Marvel fan: Avengers endgame is the biggest crossover ever Me:

    44. Yellow Chemist

      Why do i have to watch Avenger when i can watch this instead

    45. Hikuro Ookami

      Karen is a perfect villain! Watching video for 4-th or 5-th time. Still quite enjoyable! When will we get episode II ???

    46. lucifer rabten

      Please more Karen Vs manager. Plzzzzz

    47. Brae’s Trains & Emergency Vehicles

      The brand new Star Wars Trailer looking amazing!

    48. Gokul Kanna

      No one can ever defeat rowan unless THEIR name is 'B E N'

      1. MyVanir


    49. Wyatt Horn


    50. minecraft stev

      this is so good i've watched it 4 times

    51. Gustasthing

      Why the hell did you not catch the rare pokemon karen...

    52. Samuel Thomas


    53. Brandon Christy

      All karens in a nutshell: 0:26

    54. Sultan Hamzah

      The star wars music is top notch

    55. Kanna

      This karen vs manager battle are more epic than meliodas vs escanor s3

    56. Bunny Killer

      absolutely awesome... if managers in real time in stores would handle things as it was done here, Karens all over the world will quit being Karens because being a Karen in the presence of this manager would prove useless to persue the issue All Hail the Super Manager!!!

    57. Itz lexa


    58. ANGELOstyle8

      help the corona and defeat karens then lets kill corona

    59. avan plays

      Lol karen be like im speaking to all your people

    60. Dave Redacted

      "I am a registered Google user!"

      1. Dave Redacted

        @Michael Shea Yeah, that's the joke.

      2. Michael Shea

        So is everyone in the comments

    61. The Poland Roblox

      The karen be like: Oh- You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me?

    62. Veljko Stejić

      That is how i imagined every karen to act like

    63. Anonymous

      Meh, even though this is a parody and based in a fictional world of your own creation, you sabotaged the "Karen" aspect of the video by also creating a law in which the Karen is following and the store is not; therefore she can't be a Karen. Karens are Karens because they're wrong, not because they're correct and assertive about it.

    64. Im Back Baby

      This is pure gold cant wait for more

    65. Tide Pod • 10 years ago

      "10/10 best short movie" -IGN

      1. Michael Shea

        Never trust the critics

    66. Ebbrok

      Avengers something

    67. Click Bater

      Last video with a rus subs, Whyyy? I don't understand english(

    68. Paranoid Diutube

      Lord of the rules: Consumers vs Companies

    69. RedPill Popper

      Pure genius! Omg! This was fantastic!!!!100000 stars!!!

    70. Sinead Kiely

      Now this is content

    71. TheGamer

      The best Karen cast ever.

    72. Uriel Waknine

      Well if the date doesn't matter, then so does the discount percentage. 20% off? How about -20% off?

    73. aquaramses

      0:17 why do i hear boos music?

    74. aquaramses

      The battle aginst karens are getin more and more brutal...

    75. Yafo Kristian

      This is the only time I see Rowan being helpful and stands his ground, positively.

    76. Golpo Gil


    77. mike lai

      The day has finally come.

    78. mcc4m1sh

      I like the bit where he used magic to teleport her to the door of the shop.

    79. Marli Harper

      This video is god damn brilliant I love it 👍

    80. Mohammad Irwadi Haji Zaini

      The Karen character is spot on!

    81. houcem moulai

      Cant believe I used to hate rowan 😌 This was satisfying.

    82. בן רוזנר

      i had a terrible karen once it was so scary and they absolutely nailed this O0

    83. Alif Amirul

      The Karen Saga is confirmed. They'll need the power of the White Shirt for their next battle.

    84. 90 dni

      I love Yours videos

    85. Calvin M.

      She will be back and in greater numbers 🤣🤣 that got me

    86. DarkVaderSon1 dark

      I wish karens would behave better like in the video instead of attacking and hitting people

    87. Nostalgia critic Devil

      She actually makes a good point

      1. PericIesI

        she would if the date wasnt on the display. If the display is valid so is the expiration date

    88. React And Laugh

      why does the Karen look like the receptionist from Monsters Inc.?

    89. Milly Fee

      "How do you sleep at night?" As a person who has worked in customer service I've asked that question every day Lol

    90. Ethan CLARKE

      What did she even want???

    91. NawPawK'Lu Taw

      My ethnicity is known as "Karen" and we call ourselves "K'Nyaw". We're indigenous to Myanmar and Thailand. It's a shame that the name of our ethnic group is associated with a negative thing that we have nothing to do with. There are so many other names that are not associated with indigenous ethnic groups

    92. Brandon Hufnagel

      so true lol that is how i feel when ever a Karen comes in my store

    93. Frozen Germz


    94. Jotaro Kujo


    95. H D

      All the people who disliked are Karens.

    96. Unkempt Jargon

      Lol someone should tell Karen all she needed was to lick something.

    97. Kharnes warhammer.

      Give that woman playing KAREN a goddamn oscar. She was on point!

    98. Goobstudio 1234

      That was the best film I’ve ever seen!! 😂

    99. A. Faris

      I now Proclaim to the enemy forces of karens, a Declaration of War!

    100. I've fallen and I can't get up

      Karen's mouth is as wide as the space between her eyes...