Odd things you need for crafting - Ingredients

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    Some crafting ingredients can be really weird
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    1. Kelmen Wong

      Used condom not needed?

    2. Jean Donnel

      LOL, a blessed goblet filled with goblin feces.......methinks the black smith has a deal with goblin merchants. ;)

    3. kiwichris30

      Do we need to watch 2 goblins, one cup?

    4. ItsCaptainGamer plays

      Orc feces that just cracks me up

    5. waNekowe

      Me with FFXIV ARR’s relic weapon They might have changed the quest now with all the changes, but yeah ~abandon~ the quest was my answer bk then

    6. bad time

      I'm pretty shure he will eat all the food and sell the other shit

    7. NothingCanStopWhatsComing

      Cancel quest. Yup, been there done that. Help ticket: the person who designed this quest was mad at his girlfriend and high on mushrooms.

    8. kentucky 151

      It actually all makes sense though. The iron for the blade and tang, the gold for the guard and pomel, the emerald for decoration the dragons tooth to crave into a handle, and the rest it to be made into an elixir to enchant the blade with.the food items are for bodger to eat.

    9. EccentricM

      Makes me think of when a game's crafting/harvesting system asks you to collect something as simple as water, and there is water everywhere, rivers, lakes, etc, but it doesn't let you harvest it, but instead makes you walk around the most dry area of the map to try and dig for it in the ground.

    10. Samuel Chan

      the sword must be a smelly one due to goblin feces

    11. Drake Kay

      I thought he was gonna say holy water, but he fuckin says goblin feces!! holy fucking shit!!!

    12. Flixet

      I can make you this sword. All I need is an exact copy of it.

    13. Kaio Sodre Menezes

      This make me remember The Witcher 3 when I want to make the Master Piece Wolf School Set

    14. Nathan Gamble

      British people know exactly why Bodger needs mashed potato: to feed his badger.

    15. YongJeePlease

      Wait, I've watched this like 5 times now, and I've only just realised he said "Green Sapphire"

    16. baked beans

      I like it when an ingredient needs to be made from other ingredients.

    17. Mateo_76

      Make a sequel for this please!

    18. Ethan Warden

      A green sapphire. You know. Like an emerald one.

    19. Bobbi Camarata

      This makes me question how Ben got Honeywood 100% complete in another video...

    20. electrogestapo

      Screw all that, just get to the next level and Ashen swords will suddenly be all over the place you'll be tripping on them on the way to the outhouse.

    21. Eric Kolb

      I think Bodger's done with players' shit lol

    22. Brian Brueshaber

      Oi Rowan? You'd better hope noone on here gets hold of your shipping adress mate, you just asked us to send you a pretty rotten package. Not sure a half sandwich stuffed into an old shoe would hold up well in the post.

    23. Matko Smat

      Hen's tooth, good one :)

    24. olaf le flibustier

      Awesome ! It's awlaways good to ear this "yeah epici npc maaan" jingle ^^'

    25. Apex Dეmage

      Game name plz

    26. Heisenberg W.w

      i cant stop watching this

    27. Jean-Luc Martel

      You can tell the smith is trolling him🤣

    28. MAM saki

      That is to build a sword... imagine what did ya need for an armor... I played Mabinogi for a long time...

    29. OddTomato

      There should be an option in games where you can pay the Blacksmith extra if you are missing some ingredients.

    30. Novatrix

      Then when you finally get it, it ends up being worse than your current sword.

    31. Darth Revan

      😂😂😂😂 you had me at half a sandwich.😂🤣 So true.

    32. J R

      It is the quest of the ashen sword.

    33. Scott Stone

      WTF? Like really

    34. shawn barker

      Question why do you guys call it maths but say mashed potato? If its plural on maths then it’s definitely plural on mashed potatoes. Cause i dont know anyone who mashes one potato. But i do only do one math problem at a time. So explain this please?

    35. Grimmace

      This video is definitely in my top 10.

    36. Major Alex

      Fricken love this acting guys

    37. Riley Brucks

      Literally the shittiest sword ever made.

    38. David Lilley

      I wanna know the the pigeon wing and hens tooth would be for It'd imposable thanks to guards

    39. aciarduce

      He just REALLY didn't want to make that sword.

    40. Fistmybeer

      So true :P

    41. vasalem

      I would give money for a team to make a honeywood skyrim mod, with all we have seen so far

    42. TheMagnificentZoltar

      I wonder how many old sandwiches they actually received in their mail.

    43. WJ ZAV

      Would be cool if that was a Rocket Racoon situation. "Yeah, I actually don't need that goblet full of goblin shit. I just wanted to see you get it. Must have been hilarious to get that from the goblins XD XD XD"

    44. Cody Watson


    45. Wingman Russia

      But he didn't know this is a main quest

    46. David Lilley

      I can get the feces got load in my hair 😱

    47. Owen W

      At least he got the list upfront instead of only being told the next item after he delivered the last

    48. QNA Central

      My god, Roman has gained alot of weight lol

    49. Blue Dragon

      Forgot to include the crafting fee.

    50. Sasindu Gimhana

      lol tf2 crafting in a nutshell, mittens + sandvich = scrap metal

    51. OytheGreat

      Bodger "And that's how you scare away adventurers who ask me to make something I cannae"

    52. Malia McLaughlin

      I wish they had another adventurer walk-in with all those ingredients.

    53. Roboute Guilliman

      Goblin feces... wait, i think i have that! 😂

    54. MuR Ch

      A broken guitar... Ah C'mon A half eaten sandwich... What? Mash potato... Hold on 3× I like these guys WOW!

    55. The First Attempt

      That’s going to be my response when someone asks about my ridiculous requirements for something: starch.

    56. Andre83925

      Hens tooth xD

    57. Ramgladore

      Or you could buy an ashen sword off the auction house

    58. calar8

      Im pretty sure at one point that ingredient list just evolved into a lunch order.

    59. prestok

      What shocked me the most was that mashed potatoes from New Zealand includes beans

    60. Lazy Crow

      it’d be like that sometime, and the worse part is that you can’t even skip it

    61. Steve B

      These guys are the best.

    62. Demetri Night

      I have have to wonder how much was scripted and how much was ad libbed?

    63. Cute and Fluffy Pikachu

      I have an old shoe a mashed patato and an old sandwich here right now 🤣😂🤣

    64. PalmQuigley

      Man rowans got that accent on point

    65. Aelfy Carcini

      And still, you can see others swinging that sword...

    66. Wyrmhand

      Future monster can only be defeated with Ashen Sword

    67. LHAV 89

      lol love it

    68. Adam S

      Those ingredients sounded all reasonable to me

    69. SoraNoKenshi

      "hen's tooth"

    70. ʂɧąɖơщʄơҳ

      A hen's tooth 😂

    71. Krensharpaw

      Yep, this is what quests are this are like. He should've asked what he needed those for and he should've gave some reasonable answers to them to add to it I think.

    72. Kayenne54

      That's me, in Archeage. Upgrading equipment. Rage quit. Then come back. And rage quit again. And again.

    73. Jackzoob

      Expected him to say he can't work on an empty stomach or smth 😅

    74. metalhuntsman


    75. WiedźminWilk

      And you can buy them from me xD

    76. BlackFalkon

      nice day for crafting aint it

    77. TheJadeFist

      I laughed so hard at "Starch".

    78. Tommy P

      Reminds me of the intro's to Kenan and Kel.....aaannnd I just reminded myself that i'm in my 30s

    79. Yellow


    80. Kisama

      Woulda been excellent if another player came up next to him with all of the ingredients.

    81. Kieran Hood

      Intense rpg with animal crossing voiceovers

    82. sgthunt118

      Hen's tooth for the the like!

    83. Yo Dawgz Gaming

      Love seeing more Bodger skits!

    84. Jourdan Plays!

      Make a video about needing 25 people to raid.

    85. EvilCupcake


    86. AtomBombBart

      HAHAHAHAAAA "You know it dog"

    87. Young

      So why do I have to slay 8 different spiders to gather 8 spider legs when I can just get all 8 from 1?

    88. Alexander Fukes

      imagine collecting them all and then its only 1/3 of the entire sword

    89. Joseph

      I’m most offended by the iron ingots... what smith doesn’t have metal on hand

    90. Hugo Baes Jr.

      Mashed potatoes goes well with nuggets and biscuits. MMMMmmmmm!!! Yum yum gimme!

    91. Crim Zen

      He should have asked for a crate of fish lish.

    92. Crim Zen

      "A green sapphire" so an emerald.

    93. Dan Rebeiz

      Please don’t ever change. You all are pure gold

    94. cheese3821

      If I got stuck in sao the only thing I would say is fuck it

    95. TheExiledNacho

      epic npc man more like epic semen

    96. Inside

      Just buy it from the auction house.

    97. Sin Zero

      Bodger looks a lot like the fisherman, wonder if they're brothers

    98. germanvisitor2 - Sen'Dschini

      Old potato, mashed sandwich, half-eaten shoe. Got it!

    99. Donk T

      Do they have bodger and badger in NZ and if so, is mashed potato a reference or coincidence?!

    100. Seelie

      Meanwhile gunpowder ingredient, potassium nitrate: «Niter-beds were prepared by mixing manure with either mortar or wood ashes, common earth and organic materials such as straw to give porosity to a compost pile typically 4 feet (1.2 m) high, 6 feet (1.8 m) wide, and 15 feet (4.6 m) long»