The Tarkov creators had a clear vision - Dev Meeting

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    The Escape from Tarkov developers want us all to suffer
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    1. M4-Variant

      I only have 2 problems with the game. Its the... you are going here now (quests). And the you will never survive, not because its 11 players and IA but because it will be sweaty sweats with 3+ dudes doing the same quest so you can actually use ok guns. Like in the beginning of the game its horrible. But later i don't see why not.

    2. Tr!xless

      whether you think its cancerous and unenjoyable or as good as being punched in the dick. You have to agree that the atmosphere,the tension and the fear of your first few raids with your starter gear is insane. eventually you get rich,learn maps, and you become the hunter. but yet still those feelings of your first raid come back to haunt you. The tension when you find an expensive or quest item and need the FIR status, squad wiping, extracting after 40 minutes of hell is unparralled, no game makes me feel so sad,mad,frustrated,proud,scared,confident,happy and fulfilled as this. The moments when you clap a geared guy while on your death bed or get 1 tapped by a shotgun scav who is fighting for his fallen breathern or for Lord Nikita. No game brings this much emotion and situations in one 19.7 gb package. for only 30eu and 4 gb of ram. From bsg games (read policies and terms of servics- no refunds- undisputed tax 10eu) Buy now. pog

    3. Алексей Архипов

      Thanks!!! =) You feel my pain...

    4. Brian D

      And yet it Still shits all over most of the AAA shite that gets release

    5. I M

      What I hate the most about Tarkov is how it cherry-picks which elements it wants to make hardcore. Real firefights are based around semi-auto fire, suppression and flanking. Meanwhile, every engagement in Tarkov is won by having a laser-accurate bullet hose and spraying down everything and anything in your path. Rather than careful planned movement all you need to do to win is hop around, sprint mindlessly and , of course, ADAD spam.

    6. Joshua Thomas

      was this supposed to be a parody? because it turned into a short documentary

    7. Adrian Kim

      They just don't get it

    8. Adrian Kim

      Yeah they don't play tarkov enough

    9. Doctor Danger

      Unrealistic, where is the vodka?

    10. Cragmortis

      Gets shot in tarkov. Character yells out in pain. Bleeding. Leg broken. Get shot again. Helmet stops bullet but now there is a ringing sound in my ears. Trying to limp to safety. Cursing and yelling obscenity. Gets killed. Its like being punched in the dick.

    11. John Wick

      Yesssss Agree!!! Tarkov cool but at the same time horrible survival/action game due to excessive hardcore level. I am again banned on EFT web ))))) because again was trying to knock DEVs that they 5 patches earlier turned to during way in development ha-ha )))))

    12. kakokapolei123

      Tarkov is that abusive spouse that you love too much to leave

    13. ThatOneGuy4740

      It's supposed to be a very realistic first person shooter. So yea it's going to be complicated, but stop whining, suck it up, and learn how to play the game. If u don't like it then just don't play it, easy

    14. N0 XxM3RCYxX

      i like the confusion and complexity of the game. it makes it feel better when you figure it out. i felt mad and frustrated when i first played... and now i know alot more and enjoy it by finding it out on my own. i love the game. people complaining. idk go play cod.

    15. Jim

      Pretty much dead-on accurate. 10 out of 10

    16. Exxiff

      In Tarkov there are two main halves. The ones who get punched in the dick, and the ones who do the punching.

    17. Ars Hell

      Игра которую сделали Русские и которая нравится русским)))

    18. Crazii

      This is funny, i love it

    19. Brian Jackson

      2:41 had me rolling. His reaction was so good.

    20. partyboyCS

      The games really not that hard when you can get tens of millions of rubles in a single day. Everyones rich its so easy

    21. Juan Andres Agosto Conrad


    22. Max Alekson

      You can't play any other fps after eft

    23. Max Alekson

      No pain-no game

    24. Bddidish

      Есть кабанчик!

    25. AngusCNH

      Tarkov logic: 1) Infinity bag in the bag? 2) load ammo in the mag when healing? 3) secure container can't loot? 4) drink...drink....drink.....drink....still drinking?

    26. AngusCNH

      In my opinion , tarkov have some logic which is weird , but it is much more fun to make tarkov logic vs COD logic

    27. Rapture of Music Gaming

      The main question of entire game is - have been a real player shot from a real gun?

    28. Sora Hidaka

      oh those russian

    29. Tom Watson

      Hardcore shooter, not for everyone

    30. The Magnificent Bastards

      Not going back to tarkov until they add a faction system, stop the bear on bear and usec on usec violence, it doesn't fot the narrative of tarkov.

    31. Sl33p3r

      Dont forget. Being banned for "cheating" when you have only made 4 kills the entire game.

    32. Pokemon Pixelated

      And because of this they made the Perfect, real Military sim game hahahah

    33. Trevor Sommerfelt

      Ugh Ben shut up

    34. Alex Kerby

      Try ARMA3 VTN, kids.

    35. graey

      drinking game: take a shot every time something accurate is said

    36. Logan Cattanach

      Remind me of watching the good place. The bad place apparently is BSG, good to know

    37. PlexiglassNoodle

      It's sad cuz it's so fucking true

    38. PepEGAaIIm

      The games not for casuals, please don’t bitch n cry if you can’t handle what it has to offer, in hopes to alter where it’s heading :) nice video though

    39. Azam Samad

      Nikitas multiple personalities talking to eachother

    40. Александр Куликов

      ugh! the most terrible of all that I saw about Tarkov from you!!! fuuuuuuuu

    41. Scrait Stressin

      This was a great tarkov ad ☺️ima definitely go get involved with the experience 🚫🧢

    42. Coder

      It feels so horrible that now I want to play it.

    43. s c


    44. SwaggyPee

      This is why we love tarkov

    45. Aécio Telles


    46. Mr.Frank

      Но игра еще в стадии разработки!

    47. Keys. Noot

      Yeah this is 1000% percent accurate on every spot whatsoever

    48. AussieBoss1337

      That last line got me fucked up!! 🤣 Was almost as good as a tongue punch the fart box.

    49. CTA SITREP

      Funny enough this is one of the best games I’ve ever played and for the most part everything I’ve asked for in a game. Now it we can get more teamwork, less shoot on sight, late spawns for player scavs, and better networking we will be set.

    50. aim desch

      Everyone can knock a game but in the mean time when’s yours releasing again?

    51. click trEsni

      And its the best game available at this time.

    52. Chris Klugh

      This is the video that sold me to try Tarkov. I'm now level 21 and addicted to getting punched in the dick.

    53. Виктор Ермоленко

      кто-то должен был написать что-то по-русски

    54. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    55. Wilhelm Ballhausen

      Can't relate best Game ive played in a long time

    56. N1CKNAM3

      You have to be really committed to have fun in it.

    57. Why God

      Too real

    58. Aelanna64

      So, out of curiousity, if this game is so confusing and unenjoyable, why do people play it?

      1. Aelanna64

        @Clawz Dayz ok... good reason.....

      2. Clawz Dayz

        Because its the nest fps out there.

    59. Mack Jones

      Waiting for the Mug or T Shirt that says Oye! "Feels like I've been punched in the dick!"

    60. NeightWolf49 Survival & Military Gaming

      You guys are absolute geniuses. Nice work!

    61. Andrew Vu

      pls dont do tarkov like they did fortnite game devs, pls

    62. Randomizer

      Realistically tho, the one thing that holds you back to the game is the satisfaction after killing 5 to 10 to 20 players and AI's, getting high tier loot and successfully extracting as scav or PMC.

    63. Leonard Winchester

      Some people just enjoy getting punched in the dick.

    64. SgtMonkeyPirate

      Brand new to the game. Played for the last three days. Between lazy devs, a steep learning cliff, a broken game, and a cancerous community it really does feel like being punched in the dick.

    65. S Powell

      The most immature, unfunny video I have seen in YEARS.

    66. Soy

      naaailed it

    67. Red Francisco

      Amazing, never seen someone capture the feel of a game so well.. I can't actually still feel my dick throbbing with pain...

    68. taothor

      I guess we, the tarkov players, are the weirdos huh...

    69. AlbinoDino

      I hate this game. But I can’t stop help me.

    70. Dylan Camp

      Oh man, I wish I could have fun with this game. I know this is tongue-in-cheek humor, but it rings so true for me with no other side of it being actually fun. I know there are die hard fans out there, so it’s just my inability to find enjoyment. This must be how all those people feel that I’ve seen over the years who’ve posted similar sentiments about my favorite series: Dark Souls.

    71. nighttrash3 /\

      Beta 😐😐

    72. Thigikna

      Wow, its almost like they're trying to make a realistic simulation game!

    73. Zaphod Beeblebrox

      Streaming is the only reason the game hasn't faded away. It's unbearable for the casual gamer.

    74. J K

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    75. MercenaryJames

      I love Tarkov but, this is actually pretty spot on (malicious intent aside). Game fucking sucks, in that damn near everything is a chore. You are likely to suffer and be screwed over more often than not, and there is almost zero quality of life features to speak of. Some say that's what they wanted, some would call it bad game design under the guise of being a "hardcore" experience. No matter how you look at it, in the end, Welcome to Tarkov.

    76. Slick Nick

      lmao this is great

    77. Fabio SH

      have u guys ever played Dayz? kkk

    78. TheBurntCookiesHub

      I know this was satire, but I actually agree with most of the ideas stated lol

    79. Dz Ark

      Zacząłem grać w tarkov i czułem się jak owca wrzucona nocą do zawilczonego lasu. Jak owca, która dostała w jaja, bo zupełnie nie radziłem sobie z menu, leczeniem, przewidywaniem, dobieraniem broni i amunicji. Ale jak się trochę pogra, bo ma się jaja w które da się kopać to można mieć przyjemną satysfakcję kiedy stajesz się wilkiem, a inni mają jaja, żeby w nie kopać 😁

    80. Alex Reeve

      Dude you guys went into a savagery mode on tarkov lol. For damn good reason. Keep it up LOVE the content.

    81. justice delashmutt

      Just head eyes a guy on a scab with a shotgun after he killed about 3 players

    82. Joeyfridays

      you forgot about after you get punched in the dick and cheater comes in and takes all your stuff

    83. Lethal

      It actually sound like fun. I love the game, if you shoot your team mate, bad luck, just play another round.

    84. Mixa REGRET

      BSG: We need to make the player feel pain before buying the game. It will be so real.

    85. IJ20 MAN


    86. Zero Nine タチツ

      Rowan looks like Player Unknown

    87. KuuBluhKahn

      You could add call of duty into this and it work even better lol nice punch in the dick

    88. ArshXDアリサ

      Tbh the first match I simply "survived" with zero kills and with nothing to show for it but nuts, bolts, and a lightbulb felt way better than any win I've had in any other modern shooter.

    89. Stuart Cates

      You can tell these guys don’t actually play the game or follow the dev team, because there is literally Nikita and that’s it

    90. taurenos

      This is a russian game.

    91. jay sullivan

      When “gamers” think CoD is more interesting and fun than Tarkov is, you know the audience has regressed. It’s all sheep following breadcrumbs left by greedy unimaginative corporate heads. These kids would play Super Mario Bros. for 20 minutes and cry about its lack of an easy mode.

    92. alexrider711

      Honestly. The game isn't hard. The feeling is great. And I like that u can customize everything and everything has info. I actually commit to memory everything I inspect forcing you to actually experience the game and items. The inventory system balances out the game. U can't have to much or too little. And you are always risking something when you go raid 5/5 demanding something from your players is not a bad thing at all.

    93. alexrider711

      Honestly. The game isn't hard. The feeling is great. And I like that u can customize everything and everything has info. I actually commit to memory everything I inspect forcing you to actually experience the game and items. The inventory system balances out the game. U can't have to much or too little. And you are always risking something when you go raid 5/5 demanding something from your players is not a bad thing at all.

    94. Антон Егоров

      Игра в escape from tarkov это как мастурбация наждачной бумагой, сначала тебе очень больно, но со временем ты привыкаешь и тебе это начинает нравится.

    95. Dirty Kirky

      Do one on Rust!!!!

    96. Матье Балл

      Все правильно хуле

    97. Lobo Gaming

      Me at 8 pm: hell yeah Tarkov time! Me at 8:30 pm: curled up in a corner in Dorms holding his nuts, legs crippled surrounded by tushanka and Mosins "a..are we having fun yet?"


      this is a realistic game ... "punched in a dick" is the right word to describe surviving fire fights in real world actually worst

    99. Francesco Salvadori

      "Noone cares about graphics these days".... What?

    100. Torkil

      hey hey i feel like you're not being inclusive to us masochists who just really love being super confused and angry.