The Tarkov creators had a clear vision - Dev Meeting

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    The Escape from Tarkov developers want us all to suffer
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    1. Tide

      it’s true does anyone actually like the graphics of the game?

    2. meh3

      When i first played torkov i spawn into a game and i get a sniper shot to the head in the first 2 seconds

    3. 21joebloe

      git gud Ben

    4. Slaven 1

      "getting punched in the dick"

    5. bumble

      I hate the sound of this game; 10\10 will buy this game.

    6. Whos There

      This video was a punch in the dick...... They did there research

    7. Clint Poncy

      But realism!

    8. Punisher6791

      New working title: Escape From Dick Punching.

    9. KomPo

      Eft is too much fun.

    10. Carmelorofresco

      I uninstalled and installed this game in pure rage like 4 times now. Still like the experience, but goddamit, everything kills you so damm fast.

    11. Iñigo Zapata

      Add to that the price for the game doesn't include VAT AND every payment type has an added fee (literally ALL of them) until you are ready to purchase. That also punches you in the dick. As I don't like to be punched in the dick so many times, I decided not to purchase it.

    12. Phoenix x

      Ironicly this video gives you more enjoyment. Than the game itself.

    13. Wilko Stomberg

      No one cares about Graphics these Days - sad truth And nobody cares about good Games anymore.

      1. TehButterflyEffect

        Yeah, Fortnight and Minecraft and the endless clones have proven that. Consoles and 'phone gamers' are ruining that side of the industry.

    14. Дмитрий Беспрозванный

      Пф. Казуалы

    15. munky munk

      This feels like an Australian version of Monty Python and I love it!!! Spot-on fellas, well played! (edited spelling, i have fat fingers)

    16. Lemtem Poktui

      Tarkov is the only game where I'm happy that I'm upset while playing. Amazing.

    17. xFactions7

      I kinda feel like I have been punched in the dick

    18. Everard Santamarina

      Clumsy gamer here. I thought PUBG was too difficult for the non hardcore gamer and then Tarkov came along and said "Hold my beer." Seriously, this game as zero appeal to me. Although now I play least we have teammate tags....and diarrhea. There's you're realism for you!

    19. John Oster

      *Bank out for Gen4, Altyn, VAL w 30 rd mags/7n12s, Grizz/Surv12, VOGs, and a GSH* *insta-Scav buckshot head/eyes from Reserve observatory while at Shoreline rock passage* *Angrily start scav run*

    20. trinso

      A damn good game though

    21. Hempy308

      You guys remind me of modern day whitest kids you know, boy how I miss Trevor and the gang

    22. Cyber Nike

      Спасибо :) за позитивное настроение :) вы как никогда правы :)

    23. Ivan Zykov


    24. NEO AKA 9

      Tarkov is fun

    25. Scott Harrison

      Just bought my first gaming pc....can't wait to get punched in the dick... 😂

    26. Mossy

      Yet people love it, I guess gamers are a bit smarter than AAA game studios would like to believe and enjoy a real challenge!

    27. GunForHigh3r

      "Guys, we want to create an extremely competitive environment where less than a second of indicision can mean life or death". Tarkov: 16 tick servers it is!

      1. 0xsergy

        hahaha. The servers are especially dogshit recently. I quit over a year ago due to shit servers and probably will do so again soon, goddamn game is so frustrating when you feel like you didn't deserve the death.

      2. tarron diehm

        Yep, and also having to have your volume high enough to damage your ears.

    28. Plexpara

      i play for some weeks i am a newbie. feel like a child and the game is my mother.but this mother got no love for her child. its cold,harsh and mean. you actually got to spend hours reading about the game and study maps. it is a die simulator...but the damn item addicted to collecting stuff. they should do a single player for this game.would be amazing.

    29. Old Sport

      Their description about COD is getting further from reality as time goes on.

    30. Adrian Cigher

      3:30 That's a clever joke.

    31. Utka Bulka

      On one of the russian podcasts Nikita said that tarkov is designed to be painful and hard. He also said that if you don't want to feel pain and lose a lot - you shouldn't buy this game.

    32. Magnus Skipton

      Well this just proves brits are boring

    33. Анатолий Хрустачев

      Ведущим явно понравилась игра про побег из Таркова, ну и нравится удары по яйцам.

    34. marsupio marsu

      So true... and it's the points that makes this game the greatest... Does it mean that i love being kicked in the dick ????..... Well....

    35. V. S.

      Но ведь вышло)

    36. sled necks

      Why do these brits hate Tarkov so much? Lol

    37. sgtarpin

      Laughs in Eve Online.

    38. Zaphod Beeblebrox

      I feel like "getting punched in the dick" is more of a euphemism when describing Tarkov...

    39. Bobby D

      I love this game. Guess I'm into being punched in the dk

    40. eatafox

      I dont get it. they keep naming core aspects of the game that gives the game its appeal as if they are negatives. If I wanted to play cod I would play cod.

    41. orion p

      And i still love this fucking game

    42. Epclaymore


    43. DirtyGerty

      hahaha this is so great!

    44. Robert Baird

      The pain is the good part.

    45. Bel 4 Vel

      You wouldnt want to be a soldier irl, so why not in the game?

    46. Dovakhiiin

      This meeting is very much resembles with my meetings, and I'm Ben all the time...

    47. gudwint

      Нытики - CSдрочеры

    48. legendary gaming

      If only the game came out in steam I usually don’t buy games from other websites so unless it has steam release I think I will wait



    50. Pablo Sarlo

      Gtfo es más difícil igual


      Hehe.. in Soviet Russia, game beat you...

    52. issmaster

      So in a word realism

    53. edgar zolotuhin

      This is my favourite video from you guys at least atm xD .. but we love TARKOV 😇

    54. Nicholas Johnson

      I've never enjoyed being punched in the dick. I'd compare Tarkov to heroin more than that. You love it until you actually realize that it's destroying your mental health, but even once you realize that you keep going back because you're a sucker.

    55. jackson martin

      Yup that's how it feels but I think of you are looking for one of the most realistic shooters this is it I've played a few games and only made it out 2 with barely anything but that feeling is really great if you want to buy watch a lot of videos and guides before hand and don't freak out if you die you can play a scav ever other round almost with random loot to get you back in

    56. keiffer_adam

      hahahhahah soooo true Difficult video to make?? was it like punching yourself in the ......?

    57. Bourinos02

      Well, to be fair, if we wanted some looter shooter with 6 years old audience and red arrows to determine where are the enemies... We'd be playing these and not Tarkov. Every single kill is rewarding in Tarkov (or other games like it), in Call of Duty you're barely having a good one when you're top of the server...

    58. MINY

      Именно так это и работает...

    59. Armando Marino

      А вот тут друган мой бывал точно

    60. The Green Teabagger

      battlefield and cod are making their games too fun? funniest shit ive ever heard

      1. Le Akahoshi

        compared to previous battlefield and CoD it actually true tho

    61. chloe kaftan

      And yet EFT is one of the most played games on twitch and is beating every fps game in terms of its complexity and realism, squad comes close but not quite. so kudos to battlestate for making such a hardcore game.

      1. 0xsergy

        Yeah, go play it yourself bud. I just got shot around walls 4 deaths in a row. The netcode is shit, and I quit over a year ago for the same reason. 2k hours, etc. The netcode is worse than its ever been right now. Seriously, it feels like nothing has progressed in the year I didn't play.

    62. tasidar3

      I can't play this game anymore, it's so fucking frustrating and such a time sink. The wipes just ruin it for me, why am i dedicating so much time to just have everything reset. Looking forward to the eventual release of the game and thats when i will play since Nikita said they won't have wipes once the game is fully released.

    63. Джесс Инферно

      Nikita Buyanov have a very good tuning AK-74

    64. PanJake

      Every single subject they discussed was there reason why I love this game

    65. Anthony Guzman

      This is so right its crazy.

    66. deathsdoor07

      Why do people play this game?

    67. LegitimateCockroach

      yeah but what if i like to be punched in a dick along with thousands of another players? and got tired of arcade shooters?

    68. Molandria

      "Nice day for game development ain't it? Huh HuhH!"

    69. MAGNUM44

      EFT's devs have two other game designed before this one and very similar. You want to know the maps and the mechanics you can play Contract wars Client for free.

    70. francesc orts

      yeah you get punched in the dick a lot but the gunplay and the reward feel is worth the effort

    71. Stephen Dela Cruz


    72. Pantless NInja

      BSG: "Fun is just a buzzword."

    73. Karl is Karl

      В0 чем смысл твоих видео?

    74. NeQ


    75. koma photography

      Stress level going up while playing Tarkov. Specially when I got shot in the leg, and the extraction zone is all the way on the other side of the map.

    76. anonymous Citizen

      The only thing I hate about tarkov is al the esp cheaters that always go unpunished cause the company honestly does not give a damn.

    77. Funkky Monkey

      This game is the dark souls of FPSs

    78. Courage NotTheDog

      Tarkov = A punch in the dick.

    79. Eugen Serow

      Это русские игры, что вы от них ожидали?) Русским нельзя быть весёлым, только страдания, боль, и тоска.

    80. Delson

      Maybe it's not fun but its HARDCORE

    81. Duplexlamp 18297

      Dark Souls in the background laughing in the darkness

    82. Zen-RPG

      100% accurate

    83. Der Richtige Arzt

      I mean, yes, but thats whats fun for me.

    84. Paleis Heuwel

      sounds like a good game

    85. Roman Gogolev

      thats actually moto of russian gamedev to be honest

    86. A M

      this is why I play idea but its way to complicated and not much fun

    87. Mihail Park

      This game is not for casual idiots from warzone but you still can enjoy the game. Actually it is really amazing feeling to escape with lots of nice loot.

    88. GlebVelikiy

      Так и проканало же, вся эта мультяшная ваниль так заебала, реализм фишка

    89. z4kio

      The fact that your PMC - (Private MILITARY!!!!! Contractor) - does not know how AK74 looks like, fucks with my brain lol you have to identify a shampoo bottle to know what it is??? What?! Maybe we should be the other way around? You play as a scav at the beginning, when you reach a certain level of skills, you'll be PMC??? I just I can't get the feeling that I'm a Strelok in stalker that has fucking amnesia except I even forgot how toilet paper looks like. The game tries to be a realistic hc shooter, but come on man, really? identifying stuff like that? I know you'll probably say "It's a hardcore shooter piss off" and I completely understand you. I'm more like laid back Fallout guy who plays on the hardest difficulty. But these types of games. Man... you'll spend the same amount of time learning about the game for 3months where I could enjoy my fallout or stalker run, and ACTUALLY ENjOY IT! I'm not judging people who play this game and having fun going through its hardships. BUT WHY??? ITS JUST A GAME...

    90. vasia pupkin

      Это что за Встреча разработчиков? Кто такие, эти люди, которые не разговаривают на русском? Ведь разработчики- российские, компания из Питера - Battlestate Games. Руководитель- Никита Буянов. Херота какая то.

    91. CakMaiKoc laksuh

      the rarer the reward is the more people seek it

    92. Tag

      Damn you guys did well

    93. Vulture0899

      I remember when i started playing tarkov (before the persistent health between raids) and i would knife run factory over and over to learn the basics, I learned through suffering. I refused to watch videos because that seemed too easy, not a challenge. When my friends started playing, the only thing id bring in for their first dozen raids was a Toz for them (id take one too) because only through suffering do you learn the quickest of your mistakes. The beauty of tarkov is the challenge, the fact that it doesnt hold your hand whatsoever, and it hurts me when I see people ask for it to be simpler or easier. If its too hard, go play COD

    94. apenas um nome de canal

      My favorite punchs in the dick(new player ^^): 1-Having no clue were the extractions are just by it's name, and having to google for a map that is more confusing than any map I've saw irl. 1.1-Cell phone unavailable so I became MIA in factory after reaching the extraction point with 3 seconds left in the raid. 1.2-Same thing to mission objectives, like that thing I tougth was a hunting cabin but that had mines around it. 1.3-Extraction needs something I don't have and I have to found other. 1.4-Realizing thanks to a indian youtuber that outskirts was not near that tower next to a APC were I blew up a leg and then was shooted by a scav snipper. 2-So what's the key? At least my friend stored them for me. 3-I don't have the basic equipament to go to a raid, but then I'm full and have to use all my equipament angain. 3.1-I have to store all the trash I found because I don't have any clue to what I will use it, but I'm almost sure it will be for a quest or for the hideout, and it will be hard to found if I sell. 3.2-I can only kill scavs because PACA eats the ammunition I have acess to. 3.3-Some scav weapons have insane recoil, but they are all I have since I don't want to use that cool AK yet. 3.4-I can't complete some missions because I just don't have how to buy the things to complete them cof gunsmith 1. 3.5-Google says I can find the itens I need here... 4-I spend more time looking to my teammates than around for enemies, because if they take a hard turn I will be completely lost. 4.1-I wanted at least something to say the azimuth to them :( but I'm almost there, I just hope the compass is something I don't lose like armbands). 5-Why the scavs are shoting me? Well I've did the same in other raids because I confused my fellow friends with a PMC, but this time I did speaked russian to them :( 6-When I need to not die my head grows 120% 6.1-I really spawned in gas station? There's already someone shoting me. 7-Do they really hear me here? 7.1-This game accoustic is weird, those shots felt closer than they were, because of the headphones, but I need them to hear sneaky breeki dudes. 8-Why my character is not reloading the sks? I'm liking the game so far, it's like a fast paced Arma with more sadness.

    95. qqq w

      Госпаде, хуле вы ноете, играйте в свои батлфилды и пубги и не ебите мозг окружающим.

    96. ROFL CopterPlays

      The most over rated game I have ever witnessed. Gamers are weird. This and RUST are popular....why I will never understand I would rather have a colon exam

    97. ZackHietala

      Oh. For some reason I am now interested.

    98. Sweet Scum

      Думаю вы точно описали процесс разработки 😁😅

    99. Karazjabr obichni

      Видос от казульщиков с консолей, привыкших жать крестик

    100. J Bone