When the quest reward sucks - Reward

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    Ben has finally finished the quest and is ready to claim his reward
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    1. SvenicusGermainus

      He should have turned in the quest, taken a couple of steps backward and autosaved.

    2. Dash Dash

      Reminds me of Assassin's Creed Odyssey lmao

    3. Former Auror

      And here we get to see an NPC hitting "skip" over and over as the player blathers on about his quest

    4. MAXNAZ 47

      Can i make one suggestion? (as if i'm not going too anyway) Once he had sold it, the merchant should have re-opened it and as the all the souls came back, said "Oh look at that, if you open it again, all the souls come back" and then when he goes to look at it again at the merchant, it's now worth 200,000 gold 🤣🤣🤣

    5. MAXNAZ 47

      Hello DOTA 2 my old friend!

    6. botanich

      "Hey, blacksmith" "Ya" "This is the last quest where you take place, right?" "Yes, you are right... What do you mean?" "And as you were about to buy this chest for 100k gold, you has these money at your place?" "Ye.." *Shoves his sword right up to the blacksmith's ass*

    7. M Kamal

      Imagine if a game dev out there actually makes a scenario like this in their game, long side quest, shown reward in the journal with lots of prizes, at the end of the quest only gives 1g or something

    8. space jewel

      It was funny if he said you can buy it back 20 gold

    9. DEGEL

      Yeah buy one chest with 10.000 gold and sell 42 gold every game be like

    10. qe qe

      Complete the quest and slay the blacksmith. Then revive him and do it again. And again and again.

    11. rifty da best

      I would kill that npc

    12. Seymour13

      Lol moments like this one and shade away are why rowan's characters are my favorites. x'D

    13. Seymour13

      You break it you buy it. *_draws sword_*

    14. killer freddy

      I wish they actually made an RPG game that was based on all their episodes

    15. Andre Kaparang

      bdo valencia 2

    16. Jeff Plays games

      This is onnets 2nd star quest in roblox bee swarm simulator, ive completed the quest and it took 4 weeks, what i get is the worlds trashiest loot

    17. Patrick Collins

      Rage moment

    18. dawg cat

      I felt his rage

    19. Josh

      With is why having storing switching is a good idea. Like if he decided to pay someone to put a lock that can't be broken on it. Yes, it might have cost almost as much as you were going to get. But the souls don't get release, and you get the true ending.

    20. Tellminator

      worst part about this types of quests, after you just sold it to him for 12 Gold it's now available in his shop and you can buy it back....for 1000000 Gold.....

    21. TheEvilBere


    22. Alexandros Gkikas

      Save game -> Kill the Merchant -> Kill the village -> Load Game -> Give the chest with a grin on your face -> Save and Exit -> Look the shortcut of this game on your Desktop for 6 months to a year without clicking it and say "mehh"... -> At some point enter back in -> Relive the moment while you are logging into the main menu -> You are ready now, you know what happened and accepted it, you are ready to give this game another chance -> Continue game -> Look at your Quest Log -> Look at your Inventory -> Shit...you don't remember anything -> Try a couple of dialogues in the village -> What the hell was going on? -> Restart game.

    23. Fledderling

      remember the borderlands mission, where u have to listen to the story from this granny, and the reward was %&/😂 sorry no spoiler for them who playing it rn, if u know the mission u know what i mean😂

    24. Mario Sebastiani

      I recall when in Morrowindl you could get tasked to retrieve the duke's armour, but since it was a sidequest and it was the best one in the game...

    25. QUEEN Sammie Jewel

      I was raging the whole time watching this...

    26. LeRohlik

      Just load The last Save :/

    27. G Studios

      This is so freaking relatable.

    28. Swigwy

      "open the chest" "souls return in the chest" "Made 100k golds profits"

    29. Joshua Maxwell

      You give him the chest, get the experience, crouch, walk behind him, and pick pocket. If sucessful? Save game and kill him, just to see if he's essential. lol

    30. Awesome Rara

      O U T R A G E O U S

    31. ha u got snipe Xbox for live

      He could've reloaded XD

    32. grim potato80

      Haha noob everybody knows that you can find better loot at ashen Volcano Why even stay there

    33. Арина Котова


    34. Vidhun R

      Just delete the game

    35. A H

      My weapon from a shop: +100 attack quest weapon: +10 attack but +90% crit rate Also me: ...

    36. Perseus Arkouda

      damn that lens is OP

    37. Theangrybinmanshow

      Oh this is just fucking perfect man, this is like a big ol taco for the soul

    38. Logan 121505

      I would’ve turned around charged into the blacksmith and pushed the chest inside of him then proceed to beat it out of him and then sell it to someone else and restart from a save file

    39. Sabalghoo

      See this is exactly why you should do a manual save after every encounter

    40. froggy gun

      But you can load a save!!

    41. Owen Cummings

      Rick? Is that you?

    42. Michael Sanft

      ~ player.additem f 100000

    43. RyanVader5

      Assassins creed origins in a nutshell once You hit level 28

    44. Ansonridesfast

      The merchants shirt tanline

    45. Invid of INP

      We all know he just mugged someone for that.

    46. Zeyad Abdel Baset

      Just quit before it autosaves

    47. Jordan Roberts

      He should've immediately offered him another quest to go recapture the souls. That's usually how it plays out.

    48. Jacob Chesser

      Me: QUICKLOAD!!! NOW!!!

    49. FrozenShadow 007

      Pro tip, kill them afterwards

    50. theDemolisher13

      I'm sorry if quest giver is that dumb just swap to rogue real quick rob him for all it's worth than kill the quest giver after selling him the chest.

    51. Isabel Larah

      Is this a dark souls 3

    52. Martin Dirk Zimmer


    53. Adomas360 360

      Maybe anyone cab tell me similar game name

    54. Lewis McGregor

      athena voyages in sea of thieves are like this

    55. ThatOneGuy

      Whats that game called again?

    56. Benl686

      that blacksmith can SHOVE THE FRICKING THING UP HIS BUTT now to the point adventurer just quickload

    57. Devin Morales

      "Well at the end of the day, souls are gone lets move ... on"

    58. kristo martti kukor

      Is this game real if is then i wants this name

    59. Starteller

      Wait a minute. That means the NPC has 100,000 golds in his pockets

    60. Komjáthi Mátyás

      Destiny 2 in a nutshell lol

    61. muhammad ariq

      Just go to previous save game bruh

    62. Marijn v.d.Sterre

      Kind of suspected that after it was sold, he would open the box again and all the souls would return into the box. xD Now that would be nasty. (And smart business ;p )

    63. Mark Gearing

      “Let's not bicker and argue over who killed who.”

    64. Alex Awesomesauce Beaudry

      He had a point with the easy latch Would want a hard one to open if something is good inside

    65. Mr. Thamuz

      Is this a role play of diablo 2?

    66. J CC

      When you use thousands in gold worth of potions and consumables just to get a wimpy +2 dagger of fire.

    67. Puyuan Zhang

      Minecraft Dungeons irl

    68. Asa Hoffman

      i was expecting him to put the npc's soul in it

    69. Mirza Iqbal

      Plot twist : the blacksmith guy actually able to get the souls back to the chest so the player just got scammed 😂😂

      1. ElectroNeutrino

        Yea, that sounds like a Bodger thing.

      2. Varindred XD

        I guess that is actually true. If that chest had souls in it then it means it can trap souls which a normal chest wouldnt be able to do.. so basically that chest is much more worth than he told to the adventurer

    70. CAP198462

      What the NPC says: here’s your reward, I’m sorry it’s so little. What the player hears: please rob me, anything in my home not nailed down is yours.

    71. Czech Weeaboo

      I remember playing Torchlight and even the loot from the quests were much MUCH better and valuable than the awards

    72. Joel Ellis

      What's really ruinous about this is the fact that the NPC is actually meant to open the chest of abandoned souls leaving the hero with a pittance reward. Devs are freaking sadists!

    73. Bearly

      1:38 onward missed opportunity to say "and now it's kind of a chest, that has been abandoned."

    74. Drone Wars

      And then he comes back and kills the NPC to get the chest or steals the chest

    75. Stryker Nine

      Quick save ?

    76. Makarov Fox

      i will sold it and kill after that so i keep the nice chest

    77. Makarov Fox

      i have a chest like that

    78. RKNS

      Here's the sad thing: i have coworkers exactly like this....

    79. K RAKESH

      That's why I do a quick save

    80. WexMajor82

      That reminds me of a FF8 quest where at the end the quest giver showed me his open palm. That was the reward. I don't even know if there were other quest there. I simply got away.

    81. Drowe71

      It's at that time when the forum pages get flooded with hate and stock shares plummet.

    82. Tomi V

      Just kill him after that and take it back

    83. RetroBass


    84. Himaji


    85. Lofote

      Very unrealistic... ... ... ... ...i mean in "real life" you would load the game before he opens it, then tape it shut and then redo it ;)

    86. Azure

      How to complate quest Use console command

    87. XSpike

      Was hoping that the blacksmith had opened the chest again at the end letting more souls out. ''Oops, must of had more in their.... Well it's empty now.''

    88. GlitchGamer

      I'd put his fuckin soul in the box

    89. pirvu mircea

      I was half expecting the souls to return to the chest after he finishes the quest what a bummer.

    90. Gadget

      well ... technically it IS the 'chest of abandoned souls' the souls did abandon the chest after all

    91. Bubba Gurt

      He went on an epic adventure and didn't find any other good loot? Probably skipped all the cut scenes that showed him hidden treasure, lol.

    92. Viper Zero

      the sound track for him explaining his journey...please tell me lol

    93. Kevin Waldman

      So always

    94. Andrew Tiono

      Plot twist: the souls were still inside and that was plainly air

    95. Bryan Park

      Love this. Big kudos to all of the crew. This is the only thing other than playing games that bring me some happiness these days. Thank you all.

    96. Justa Guy

      I can't help but figure the end would of been even better if the XP reward was like... 10xp.

    97. Jonathan Matthews

      Love the farmers tan!

    98. Hank Forge

      I love how game developers are betting on the chance that you get great loot when doing the quest.

    99. Michael Roberts

      I have never felt so much real hatred towards a fake game.

    100. James Moore

      That’s when you abandon the quest and start over to get better loot the next time around. Lol