When the quest reward sucks - Reward

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    Ben has finally finished the quest and is ready to claim his reward
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    1. Zaniel8

      id have killed that npc the moment he started to argue ..... lol

    2. Nox

      they should add, "watch the mission walkthrough to youtube"

    3. Huỳnh Đức Lê

      Load save or mug him,sell it for other merchant

    4. Craig Mushens

      Being screwed by Rowan twice in 1 day! (Re:pubg drop)

    5. Craig Mushens

      Reload, RELOAD!!!

    6. Johnathan Saegal

      When you use five thousand gold worth of consumables just to get that 200 gold reward!

    7. Blueberry Car Wreck

      "Hey...you see the that Blacksmith who admitted he'd give 100,000 gold for a chest? You know what we should do?!?!"

    8. Lay Menghuy

      Quick load !

    9. DemonDuff

      this really did seem like a side quest

    10. Edward Flores

      Rowan screwing over Ben... seems like there is a common theme here

    11. Alex Peck

      Just like both of the Destiny games

    12. Michael Jude Abina

      this is harsh but sometimes true

    13. Douglas Thompson

      Pick pocket option?

    14. Linda H

      Yep I know how this goes. I play Destiny 2. I go threw Hell and back taking out a god. And what do I get for my over the top hard work? Turn around, bend over and touch your toes. lol

    15. PigSaag

      disappointment waits in the chest. open it at your will.

    16. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng‌

    17. OwOberon CaBr

      "give me the 100000 gold or you're joining those souls"

    18. Bruh Playzgames

      I would kill the nox if I could

    19. Pedro A.

      EXCEPT!! kkkkkkkkkkk

    20. Harmthuria

      A MAIN STORY QUEST? The creators would get an earful from me, MINIMUM.

    21. ReneGrays

      So the BLACKSMITH doesn't know about latches. WTF devs! 😭😂

    22. Alejandro Aguirre Minotta

      Buy cheap, sell expensive, that is how they work

    23. Dante Bayer

      Just quick load and tell him not to open it

    24. Young Michalu

      GTA V, FIND 100 Pieces of shit on the whole map in random places, not even similar to things ypu are looking for, just to unlock ugly T-shirt that no one never wanted to wear

    25. Yanyan Sy

      Why didnt he do quicksave quickload?

    26. Vincent Thought

      When you want to kill a shit NPC and can’t because of plot armour. LOOKING AT YOU DELPHENE!

    27. Don Tamchello

      Omg just decline completed quest and accept it again xD

    28. SORROW Ω


    29. Matej Karackaj

      3:22 just quickload man

    30. K

      Rowan the manager XD

    31. ro onion

      It would be cool if Bethesda hired some of these guys as voice actors. Pretty sure that would double their voice actor count. and quadruple their good voice actor count.

    32. Infinity gamer

      Is there any game like this pls tell me

    33. Caleb Voight

      That farmers tan is killer

    34. Maubray Mzoma

      Did you save before meetng the merchant?? 😱😱😱

    35. Rough Woof


    36. Thuy Pham Thanh

      Stab him >:D

    37. Assassins A1

      Well. That sounds about right. 😂

    38. Will Ford

      Whatever this game is, I wanna play it

    39. Kyler Clemans

      Literally every quest reward in Horizon Zero Dawn.


      So true

    41. Snatesss

      That's when I decide that this specific NPC will join those souls

    42. Neevasha Rampersand

      Now that's a very dead NCP

    43. GearGaming

      Damb should have saved.

    44. Draco

      Irl I would’ve murdered that blacksmith😂

    45. Stammy_Kei

      Lmao this is happened when i was playing "toram online" I literally just beat so many monsters Its really frustrating And as a reward I just got a nice looking hat but the defense and stuff is shit

      1. Yukina Shitori

        True bro Tho i am not spending my spina in equipment

    46. Xean Frost

      Wait a moment, a *main story quest* which give you the task of obtaining a legendary rare item worth thousands of gold for then let you lose it? Seems like scripted to me :P

    47. Todd Foster

      Honestly, If this were a real game I'd stab him.

    48. Kai Bush

      So true

    49. Insignificant Gnat

      Well there's only one thing to do, lets go and put some new souls in the chest...

    50. ruste shackleferd

      After I got the experience I would totally kill the guy then resurrect him and kill him again and again until I got board.

    51. DeciNarx N/A

      Idk about you, but I'd have killed him after. Loot his corpse and get my reward that way

    52. Banana_Pancake

      Kill em.

    53. Nox Echo

      this shit is why i kill npcs, and i mean over the top, like high level spells/bombs/etc. just fucking nuke em.

    54. Alex

      Should have killed him after completing the quest for being a dick.

    55. Billyplayz 744

      The npc looks like luke from outside xtra

    56. 7kocaao

      Now it's just the abandoned chest of souls

    57. Jack Black

      Why didn't he kill him after the quest was completed and looted him 100k gold AND the chest from his bloodless corpse?

    58. Sharvay Kale

      Was that guy playing doom

    59. Danny Owens

      This hurts my soul...

    60. BeaRiuM

      Don’t worry, just reload save :)

    61. Lucas Eduardo

      Man what an asshole... you guys should do a episode when he pays for all

    62. Alice LéStrange


    63. Encryst Animate

      Just want to say, that blacksmith is asshole

    64. Badly Drawn Turtle

      I would consider the reward to be "saving a bunch of souls imprisoned by a demon lord". But I guess I have more empathy than most RPG players.

    65. Bongo Bongo

      Every single mission in rdr2 online.

    66. Xx-Sky Hybrid-xX

      *Me:* “quickload” *Me:* “it has an easily openable latch, be careful with that.” *NPC:* “does it?” *Me:* [skips all text] *NPC:* [opens chest anyway] *Me:* [kills the NPC] *Me:* “so don't f÷cking do it again.” *Me:* “quickload”

    67. X

      This is EA games' new tactical approach

    68. Doodoo Water

      I would have stabbed him after completing the quest

    69. Funkytrip73

      Red eyed Bodger was high on some weed it seemed :-D

    70. Xrelent

      _Saving game..._ _Game saved._ Pulls out claymore

    71. underestimated bread

      Am i playing Diablo 3 now ?

    72. Taylor Ashwood

      Hurry do a quick load!!

    73. Ikmalreza 1998

      At least you get experience.

    74. Dan V

      You guys should have one with like an admin cheats. Like fly around anywhere, get free money, and another cheats.

    75. Andrew Blake

      Is that meant to be a poor attempt at a Scottish accent?... 🤔

    76. Kevin Graves

      Sell the chest. Kill the smith. Take the chest back. Seal the smith's soul in the chest Take chest to another npc and sell for 100,000 gold.

    77. Giant Devil26

      Quit the game and start from the checkpoint.

    78. Film Fan 1234

      Poor guy

    79. Stale


    80. Kevin H.A

      *draws sword* *QUICK SAVE*

    81. Richard Reavis

      "How much XP for the blacksmith?"

    82. Haruto Kissey

      Aren't all NPC have infinite gold? It's part of their program, right?

    83. U P Schütt

      Ben should get back to his last quick save before returning, and only hand it to Bodger after getting the gold.

    84. Daniel Francisco Arias

      How I will complete the quest? My sword will explain you that

    85. Chris Katz

      That's when you kill the merchant afterwards.

    86. LowlyGrinder

      I was actually getting mad watching this, I must have repressed memories of this happening to me.

    87. Pepe Habichuela

      Great stuff guys, thanks a lot. The harsh 'yaahs' at the end were simply awesome.

    88. Cameron Wiley

      Funny if blacksmith says "skip".

    89. QNA Central

      I have alot of fav VLDL vids. But this one tops it lol

    90. Saint Noir

      Kind of reminds me of the quest i took for captain fairgraves in Path of Exile.

    91. Avee Rambi

      This is GameStop's origin story

    92. The Observer

      I'd kill that fucking blacksmith and sack his store.

    93. Scott Porter

      What is sad is there is probably a future quest to put the souls back in the chest. So the Adventurer will have to rebuy the chest for 20 gold.

    94. Machado

      This is where I kill the NPC.

    95. StudleyDuderight

      Mods can fix this problem if you're playing singleplayer.

    96. Norber

      He must kill him after finishing this quest.

    97. Columini

      12 gold is a pretty good price for an empty chest.

    98. archam777

      Abandon quest go do it again......skip dialog 2nd time through. The 2nd times always faster anyway.

    99. Alex Rankin

      Yeah, Bodger the Blacksmith, he's the best...

    100. Artyom Arty

      Fallout New Vegas has a very long quest like this (on purpose). Has to do with collecting "special" bottle caps