The rules when you get left hanging - High Five

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    Adam gets left hanging by Alan, and as per the rules of high five must keep his hand up for the rest of the day
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    1. Omar S. P.

      Damn, that low high five was epic!

    2. DiamondHelmet909

      Thought he slapped a sticky note on his hand that said something Rowan-like

    3. Rafick Moon

      Reminds me of Dota 2 ;/

    4. Praveen HB

      Rowan doing something nice for adam.(or anyone) Me: What is his evil motive for this?

    5. Joe Chip

      yay Adam is being respected

    6. Bob Smith

      He looked like he really had to pee

    7. Fajar Ramadhan

      Finally, rowan!

    8. mcc4m1sh

      Rowan saved the day!

    9. Atom Smasher

      Aww, how nice of Rowan! Finally... Lol.

    10. Jesse Ball

      Rowan has obviously bumped his head

    11. Darkvoid

      1:36 Is that Rowan singing that song? So they have to listen to Rowan, even on their break?

    12. jammin

      Ngl I love when Rowan is a good guy

    13. Odette Brock

      Awwww so sweet.

    14. Fighter 2012

      **repeated crying sounds**

    15. Mashal Khan

      What's the world come to? Last three videos I watched, Rowan is the nice guy.

    16. ColdManJenkins

      Best Rowan moment hands down

    17. Adrian Kurek

      Rowan being nice feels so wrong, that I had to rewind it and check if he can do it again.

    18. zx1048216

      Rowan briefly broke free from the influence of the black shirt

    19. KRZCasey

      Now that's a friend 2:05

    20. Oskolok

      great ending xD

    21. Raphael Johnson

      Rowan just got bored seeing him in pain all day... Besides, now he owe him one... Muhahahahahaha... This needs to be revisited as a "Oh yeah, remember when I didn't leave you hanging mate? So (insert do bad thing here)" LOL

    22. GasmanOAV

      He’s dreaming at the end. Rowan would totally leave him hanging.

    23. Numenore

      çeviri yapan arkadaş allah belanı vermesin

    24. Mr Hutchinson


    25. elvin bautista

      Me everytime

    26. Ha Ge

      Some how make my heart an itch

    27. Red Raven

      Shoulda went to Rowan from the start who was literally the only one paying attention lol

    28. Tholgrim Stonebeard

      Rowan, you left him hanging for hours. 🤥

    29. Kelly Sue Grimm

      ✋🤛 , first bump hi five, totally accidental but still an appropriate response

    30. Jason

      Not all heroes wear capes.

    31. D C


    32. Michael Shelton

      That's beautiful

    33. SamieVisual

      The first good gestur e from rowan

    34. Speld Rong

      That's sweet. They had to make it so Ellie couldn't even see him all day as opposed to everyone else declining the five or just not not noticing (Alan) because that's the only believable way for her not to have helped Adam out.

    35. кот чеширский

      Ах, какой финал!!!!!👍👍👍

    36. Let’s pray and fast together

      2:07 cue 80’s music ending

    37. Micah Graham

      "the colossal prick even managed to sound magnanimous"

    38. BlackCursedSword

      He could have just hi five himself

    39. San dro

      Surprised Rowan did not give a paycut for hanging on work time.

    40. Imperial Guard

      he doesn't want to high five because of social distancing.

    41. Aaron Rubin

      Single nicest thing Rowan has done for his staff.

    42. Deezaurus

      My first thought after seeing 35 seconds of the video was: Kill the witness. But I guess this ending is ok enough.

    43. Ly King

      Lol that was nice

    44. Linden Killam

      And then Rowan whispers *you're getting a pay cut...*

    45. tuukka falck

      Something good on Rowan after all :D

    46. Francisco Melo

      I cried a little

    47. Mitchowski

      Rowan whispering "I wasn't gonna leave you hanging" made me so happy, that was a happy ending, truly a Bro indeed

    48. Siddiq Hameed

      I wasn’t gona leave u hanging ✌🏼, rowan 🙌🏻👍🏻

    49. Stuart L

      Rowan is a hero in this episode!!

    50. I am Murf

      Such an awesome Bromance story

    51. Chris Dragon

      the most moving moment in theatre history

    52. Dark Bez

      No Rowan No!! Why?????😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    53. ACE savage

      Poor Adam high five✋

    54. Steve Kaser

      Hi Guys

    55. Satyam Singh

      First time every.. Rowan is a good guy😂😂😂

    56. シRyder

      That’s painful Edit: how nice of rowan

    57. jess Patton

      Loved it totally 80s movie ending.

    58. Jonathan Manson

      Remember all to high five Rowan In the face With a brick

    59. matt lam

      so rowan is a good guy indeed

    60. Bobby Shek

      Omg the happy ending Omg so heartwarming

    61. Alfren Aiza Tv

      I started to like this idiots. more videos pls.

    62. Wandering Soul

      High five from the US Adam! ✋ I won't leave you hanging

    63. Adweit Gharat

      Rowan wasn't being Rowan.

    64. AgentlolzYT

      first off: that was smooth second of all: that was a low five

    65. Marc Mc Dowell

      Most Bromantic scene ever

    66. maro


    67. Jeremiah Francis

      Helping your friend after a whole day of laughing at them

    68. Brian Fricke

      I couldn't love this video more.

    69. Avos Cast

      I liked that ending. Finally Rowan wasn't a total jerk lol

    70. dark thoughts242

      Lmao that ending tho

    71. SINz Tou

      2:07 when my friend got knocked and he said you ready for a new game but i revive him before he died

    72. M

      The most believable explanation would be: That's not rowan.

    73. Uzair Ahmad

      ending was good

    74. Victor Baerner

      Oddly life affirming moment coming from Rowan. I feel weird.

    75. QwertyMAN Games

      Я заплакал

    76. Jacques Channel

      1:17. *Male cat sighing* on caption

    77. Me Myself And I

      I hope im not going crazy, but the first customer in the skit, kinda looked like Cherdley..... was that him or am I just seeing things?

    78. BOLTR0D_ __

      What’s the song Ellie was listening to? Sounds familiar

    79. Ankit Kshatriya

      Inspired by how I met your mother

    80. SilencedTruth

      Rowan: I wasn't gonna leave you hanging. Also Rowan: Now you owe me.

    81. James Yeoman

      "I wasn't gonna leave you hanging"... what about everything _up_ until that point?

    82. Odin021

      0:56 frankly the most impressive thing about this video is how fucking pristine CLEAN that table is. Give Alan a raise.

    83. GameRobo

      Best episode ever

    84. Namstel

      Those captions... "*Male cat sighing*" 🤣


      Bromance. Bros never leave you hanging.

    86. Shadow Moon

      Rule of my friends: we scream, I gotchu homie threw the whole room, run across it and we slap harder than german troops poland in WW2

    87. Arvin Singh

      I wasn't gonna left you hanging, hu ha.

    88. Jian Bruce

      What a happy ending

    89. Mia

      Actually makes me want to work in this warehouse :D

    90. TheBootsand

      What computer case is that at 0:56 ?

    91. Ixy

      Rowan your a legend

    92. Soul Of Cinder

      Is this rowans kindest act?

    93. Christopher Wilke

      So much awesome! One of the best so far 👋🖐️

    94. xXMrBroXx

      OMG SUCH A NICE STORE!!!! I Wish store like that existed in my country... 😔

    95. Kerwin ryan Cooper

      Lmao omg that was so awesome

    96. Fake Person

      Now that's a BRO

    97. Matthew Keen


    98. Evan Daar

      If you turn on captions, one of Rowan's ooohh's gets identified as a male cat sighing

    99. Joris Ressing

      I am getting some serious pathfinder/M.R.V.N vibes from this

    100. Ooboodo

      Thank goodness no sue is side.. Thank goodness he wouldn't be let HANGING.