Playing dress up in PUBG - Fashion

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    1. Keith Foreshee

      Hell yes! Caustic of Apex Legends!

    2. chaizewhiz

      Bulma dress up

    3. Daryl in Göteborg

      My pronouns are: fashion model and influencer

    4. lheydon

      Hate to break it to Rowan, but those spaghetti straps clearly make that tank top a ladies camisole :-p

    5. Warn Schildkroete

      Glasses B wears some employee at the library I'm working xD

    6. roger x30

      Legend says: that's how pubg dress up born.. Voice was awesome

    7. AnamolyZen

      what is that song

    8. Vortex Edge

      As someone with tons of cosmetic collection, I can relate this 😂

    9. stefoehmen

      i love the morgan freeman voiceover lol

    10. Frost Fire

      I used to have skirts in pubg

    11. Scarlet Ryeo

      This is me and my friends all the time. We also do dance and emotes battle 😂

    12. HalfbreedTrini

      The idle movement really sells the bit😂

    13. lemuellala2

      This makes me miss playing in a party and all that nonsense stuff you talk about before, in, and after a game.

    14. YourGamer Jamon

      This is like a add for a clothing company haha.

    15. The Essential Gamer UK

      Morgan Pub-Gman

    16. captainNomad

      1:44 YEAAAHH EPIC NPC MAN! hahaha what was good

    17. nick mccullough

      Ahh the good ol' Morgan freeman outro, Classic.

    18. Big Nose

      In World of Warcraft there's a micro-holiday called "trial of style" It's literally a dressup competition and i love it.

    19. Jan Angelo Caniedo

      This video was sponsored by barby dress up with men

    20. Fathul Heriansyah

      Somebody tell me title of the song (?)

    21. TigerLily666

      Adam King is a king size indeed 🤭

    22. Rohini J

      The moment on my 10th rewatch that I realize it's only when Alan plays along, they really snowballed into full dress up mode :D :D

    23. Jessica T

      You know I was afraid at first that this might be insulting, but it turned out surprisingly cute and wholesome! Would definitely like to see more

    24. Daniel Bennett

      I think this is my favorite PUBG video of all time!

    25. Mungoteazer11581

      "I don't care. Neither. Both. Whichever!" Love it 😄

    26. Brent Bazdar

      Goddamnit, years later they still know lol. Well played

    27. Dmitry Gryazin

      Everyone was pantsless but Alan

    28. DroneQuadrant

      Just Morgan Freeman casually popping by to do some commentary! xD

    29. Валерий Беркут3

      Молодцы ребята

    30. mrzub

      Am i the only one who noticed that adam has a friking nuclear missile in his pants?

    31. Brandon Eich

      Anyone wanting to know what song they used: La La (Singin' Like) - Elijah N feat. Ms K I really like this song!

    32. Gwyneth louxies

      The narrator is like from. Animal documentary

    33. ZX

      And who says men can't play dress up? 😂

    34. Stylianos Karagiannidis


    35. Onibyron

      That narration was good while they dressing up.

    36. Abin Joseph

      These videos are getting better and better

    37. Shadow Creature

      Yeaaaa...We’re guilty of this. Just talking and going through outfits😂

    38. RamjetX

      God I hope you guys love doing this as much fun as it looks doing errr this thing

    39. Jared Mitchell

      I feel called out

    40. Piggyhacker 1927

      Alan, Adam, Ben ... and Rowan69??

    41. Darwin Xavier

      WoW has a fashion event every few months.

    42. Amici Nybråten

      Yes, this was a FABULOUS editing! Very well done!

    43. TheWaken

      Caustic lmao

    44. Jesus

      This is mildly gay.

    45. Kampilan dela Cruz

      It takes me alot of time thinking what to dress that afternoon. I'm a man.

    46. Madashell1200

      We've all been there. Some of us several times.

    47. Kaila Hodge-McNutt

      Me on CoDM: Do I wanna go drab and tactical with something relatively grounded or be a neon clown robot? And then I have to make sure the backpack is an appropriate choice that matches in color and design and model. And camos for both my primary and secondary weapons. And also camos for both my grenades. And I have to name the loadout something funny, something that will fit with my character’s personality.

    48. John Simmons

      But we never new the price... Until we spent $100 playing the game ourselves..

    49. Taeufler

      To be honest: if they had a good time dressing up that´s all that matters.

    50. John Hinton Hinton

      so i just looked up the song , and by itself the song is not as awesome as this video

    51. 沙田小龍仔

      do among us logic

    52. CloudsHideTheSun

      Brilliant! This one really made me laugh out loud. Thanks for adding a good giggle to my boring day of admin.

    53. Sketchy Animations

      Do ya'll still play PUBG?!? Shit dawg, been years. Do you play GTA5 still too?

    54. Cherry Bomb Studios

      PUBG Dressup is definitely a game I would play.

    55. Elbert Lim

      Love the detail how Alan become garlic farmer and do the pose 😂

    56. Mike Robert

      No one makes me laugh like you guys do. Off to Pat to send support. (Finally.)

    57. Gerald Jade


    58. Just some random anime fan 1

      Wow Rowan looked really good in those skinny jeans

    59. c42004

      new game for $60: pubG dress Up with microtransactions. no combat. just dress up. lol

    60. Bin Hong

      Adam looks packed down there.

    61. Iam creedzm

      😂😂😂😂😂one of the best videos on the channel

    62. Grapy's notecook

      One of your best episodes!

    63. Method

      How I've described all cosmetics since day 1 in all BRs. Well done, gents.

    64. JornBebar

      Actually, the skirt totally looks great on Rowan ! He HAS to wear skirts on a daily basis. Fashion needs him to (and this is a commentary coming from France).

    65. Fauzie Leonhart

      1:44 garlic farmers

    66. Muhammad Zakiy

      1:41 that sound like optimus prime

    67. Seifix Network

      Garlic farmer clothes i will buy in pubg also if rowan face in pubg lol

    68. Jay101

      That was too funny!

    69. YOUR NAME.

      May i translate to my language ?

    70. Ye Lin

      Denis intro

    71. Love Nicholson


    72. Catholic Conservative

      Alan got his Christmas work uniform.

    73. Mean Joebean

      Now we need a redo of the outro shot with the four of you slow mow walking in the field but in your dress-up outfits and guns.

    74. Garth Palmer

      Player Unknown's Dress Up

    75. PewJihDun

      I remember when sometime i spend hours dressing up with friends on pubg i mean hours lol the dressing was funnier than playing lol

    76. Hollow Eyes

      You guys had to spend at least a day just changing in and out of different outfits. Don't know whether to commend your determination or condemn you for inflicting self torture. I do know however that I loved the video,so here's a like for a job well done.

    77. a Norwegian

      Thats basicly Destiny though...

    78. Alexander Fukes

      one time i had a team mate that played dress up for like 5 minutes then everyone left the lobby. they ended up looking like rowan in his animal suits at the end

    79. Daniel Z

      Loved the Morgan Freeman thing in the end. :D

    80. Mr. Bigglesworth

      Love your stuff

    81. Mikko Rintasaari

      Rowan doesn't even come to the set anymore, unless he's allowed to take his top off.

    82. Zachary White

      It is fun to play the game dress up, i also love the smurfs reference maybe..? The music reminds me of the smurfs.

    83. High Tier Loot

      Always goes for the green shirt

    84. vangelaobli

      EEEEEEEPic NPCeeehe MaahaAAAAAAAAN! 1:44

    85. Sir Sandman

      can't imagine how long this took to actually do just from the viewpoint of changing clothes so many times

    86. S T

      ヾ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ♪\(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ♬└( ^ω^)」♪~(´ε` )(^3^♪

    87. Brandon Hank

      Imitation Morgan Freeman for the win 😂

    88. Joel Please

      These guys are legends, the last 4 PUBG players in the world still holding in there. RESPECT!

    89. al nats

      Dat voice is morgan freeman?

    90. Koustav Polley


    91. Merrclaw

      Epic )))

    92. binod yumnam

      Who even play the game memore?

    93. RevivedRain300

      That NPC Man outfit is so Awesome

    94. HoldMyAWM

      Ye BABURAO ka style hai

    95. ShadowXWip Gaming

      Love the vids keep it up!!!❤️❤️❤️

    96. Bugs

      1:51 This Rowan! XD I'll take it XD

    97. павел олдаковский

      Its top 🤣🤣🤣🤣😎🤘

    98. Beserker Tenshou

      I think this are the only guys that still play pubg

    99. tobi ferrer

      if this was an official release, i'd play it for sure.. runway losers will get shot, severely, for wearing ugly clothes.