Crazy achievements in PUBG - Achievements

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    Want some XP? There are some strange achievements you might have to do...
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    1. Krishna Rakwal

      Actually many times it happens

    2. İhsan Yalcin


    3. Producer Ast

      Купите настоящий uaz )

    4. Troy Street

      Did we just become best friends? I think so.

    5. Eder Diaz

      Haha. VLD is all about Adam and Alan as far as I’m concerned. Rowan can go jump into a shark.

    6. KingWolford

      Now THAT was alot funnier the the selling houses in pubg ending xD You dont need to cuss up a storm to be funny (not saying alot of your others vids werent, I LOVE the "mansplaining" one)

    7. Bim Sim

      I had this happen to me in a different game but it is amazing what people will do when you say that you are trying to get an achievement.

    8. The Rehal



      So wholesome

    10. a Bányászó Csákányka

      This video was very wholesome.

    11. world gamer

      Those kill massages y’all gotta read those.

    12. Henrik Skjolden

      This is how friendship is born. :'D

    13. The Beyond

      Achievment Unlocked Achievments Friends Forever Complete an achievment wtih someone

    14. Gurtington

      I absolutely LOOVE coming across an enemy and they help you out getting an achievement.

    15. Ws Nivia21

      You can't open the cars door physically in PUBG and You can't kill your teammates with guns, but with Frag Grenade you Can. Anyway nicest video ever 😘

    16. Christopher kyle Sedaya

      thats what happened to me

    17. The Za gamerz

      Watch the video

    18. Villiage Idiot

      I want the VLDL tattoo

    19. MbKaYa

      I Am Spending My Most of Time in "Recording", "Gameplay","Editing" And "Uploading". I Need All My Brothers And Friends Support ♥️

    20. ゆにまったり投稿


    21. XerxeS Gaming

      0:10 u don't refuel like that or DO U

    22. 0Zolrender0


    23. dpweston65

      What about a clip on jumping around to avoid being shot. That would be the funny

    24. Letty Marshall

      mobile gamer:NOOOO MERCY!!! PC gamer:hey bruh wanna make a trade?

    25. Nerd Chillin'

      Why did he go all the way around the car, then fiddle with the flap to fill the car with gas? He could just pour it on top. (In another video he poured gas in the flatbed of a truck to fill it)

    26. shafkat mk

      I came for copper But i found gold

    27. Aiden Lorello

      yooo that is scarily true.

    28. cyan10101

      the community around achievements is totally like that.


      Pretty dumb as well

    30. Aundrea Jacob


    31. Cmdr Exopeace

      This is hilarious 😂

    32. Youngsoo Song

      Oh no, Alan cheated on Rowan by dancing with Adam!

    33. World tour

      I am disappointed that Rowan didn't spoil the whole thing 😆

    34. SalSleeps

      This took a turn 😂

    35. Alexander Fukes

      i had to do an achievement that was marked as impossible. i did it on my first play "kill yourself using a grenade that explodes a car that gets you to less than 50hp then have a player shoot at you with shotgun" it wasn't on pubg but a similar game

    36. Lana Ceran

      When you expect someone to fuck it up but they don't and your faith in humanity is restored again.

    37. Dmytro Volodymyrovyč


    38. PS Arc

      ViDeO GaMEs CaUsE ViOlEnCe...

    39. Nagito Komaeda

      I need the "Sniping bird" achievement, Can someone help me? I have to shoot 5 people in the head in mid air with a sniper.

    40. Fontas Georgopoulos


    41. Martyn Currill

      Sometimes, really are like this. Great video!

    42. Mustafa DEV

      الروح الرياضية 😂😂

    43. Mahendhar Srisailam

    44. HAXXER 69

      Me:* gets the chicken dinner Also me: what? I don't even own game,wait , um everyone!

    45. Caio Ferreira

      Made my day lol

    46. Lee Wangshol

      Why didn't he fill the gas from inside the vehicle like a normal person would.

    47. xDEADPOOL21x X__Xsuka


    48. Raleigh

      I was just expecting him to get snipped in the head the whole time

    49. dave flounders

      So polite and a code of honour too 👍

    50. theredbaron20

      I love videos like this

    51. Abner Schmidt

      Crispy friendship.

    52. Da Dmitri

      This is so wholesome and so cursed at the same time.

    53. Ozer Heroyumi

      when the newbie got new friend

    54. Ki Ki

      Honor among gamers

    55. King Lynel

      I didn't play pubg when I saw this I was excited to play just because if the detail that you can put diesel like that way. Now that I play it I see I have been decieved

    56. Zwenk Wiel

      This video proves videogames dont cause violence. We'd all be absolute psychos if they did XD

    57. Senpai mew

      I play pubg Mobile u don't understand how many times ive given enemy players rides in a vehicle n dropped them health just to make it fair to fight them in the safe zone ppl actually do it too

    58. Zalmoxis Dacia

      Now that's CIVIL war.

    59. Brawl Stars TV

      Ok you can burn me alive now :D!

    60. James Franklin

      Trump 2020. Don’t like it don’t spam Biden shit.

    61. Vytas

      Achievement for filling up a car. Modern mediocrity rewards!

    62. glitch gamer

      Wtf he is wasting fuel u obviously need to sit in the car and put fuel in there not the freaking outside of the

    63. sirhana

      brilliant :P

    64. BigDaddyK

      For real stuff like this happens all the time . #honorkills

    65. 0707565

      Was funnier if the avhievement pupped up

    66. Magenta Fox

      1:43 Now that's some ultimate stoicism. I can only hope to be so stoic one day.

    67. Vincent Urquhart

      1:30. Ok if its all the same to you do you mind if I burn you alive

    68. Claudiu 0909

      The funny part is that this happened to me once😂

    69. Æ ziz

      Music name please

    70. Spandhan Khanal

      It's just two men vibing

    71. Drake Pryce

      The only thing I don't believe is how nice the Land Rover is. Lol

    72. Kevin Goetz

      Just like life insurance. It doesnt count if you do it yourself.

    73. Razaak Zenuule

      I love how you share the infinitly stupid logic of modern video games.

    74. Gideion

      This is strangely wholesome, lol I love it


      the killfeed is the best thing about these videos 🤣

    76. Han Lockhart

      Sigh... Gamers these days where completing some pointless vacuous `achievement` becomes more important than the actual game itself.

    77. Kyoki just uploaded some pubg y'all

    78. Arthur Morgan

      1:04 animedisneyfreak killed some1magic with a battering ram 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    79. Arthur Morgan

      0:13 crazy noodle head killed Roman zombie with crazy noodles 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    80. Beth Krager

      This was as wholesome as cottage pie.

    81. Keereal Yo

      Its true and sad

    82. Lee Wing wah

      Do u guys play pubg mobile because I want to play with you

    83. Kiro Perida

      That’s physically impossible, Adam.

    84. Roblox Gamer


    85. Abdullah Eren Ayaz

      Altyazılar çok iyi yaa. Kim yaptıysa emeğine sağlık.

    86. Alex Runkin KR

      Please don't shot me, i have the wife and child in my home.

    87. Christophe Ducas

      Just imagine this guy watching from far away

    88. Righteous Karma

      jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja!!! xD

    89. mostafa mostafa


    90. ZAWA YA


    91. CYTA Ackermann


    92. Сека Абдыров


    93. 3.6.9 VEGETA GAMING


    94. bumble bee

      C'mon man,this video is totally fake.we all know they aren't really burning alive.!

    95. khôi nguyên lê vũ

      Stop using door, tp out of the car like normal people

    96. Annelie Holm

      So darn polite, the both of you. 😅😅😅

    97. kiddo280


    98. FaTTE

      Soy de esos maniacos q completan misiones, apesar de que su equipo este muriendo😅😅

    99. - Phillis -

      True dat