Epic NPC Man Supercut - Season 26

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    Loot rush, The Grind, Guardian, Perception, Mugging Air, Taunt, Cannon Fodder, Mugger Scam, Mugger vs Mugger, Clues, Payment, Level Up, Combat Tips
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    1. Michael Gee

      Filthy D'harin's.....HUZZZAAAAAHHH

    2. Calvin Butler

      Oh man I hate those intrusive tips/tutorials when I'm trying to enjoy a game. These dudes are spot on.

    3. Trx Dino1

      What game is this supposed to take place in?

    4. CptObvious

      "I'll show you the ropes" Was hoping he would take out a few types of rope :/

    5. Midnight Sun

      Cannon fodder is best one imo

    6. Sammej Elisa

      Charles is so smart. I bet he has 18 in intelligence.

    7. Corwin Keylon

      Those two muggers (well just the one) are unironically actually pretty smart.

    8. jey Lee

      "biscuit machine mannnnn, yeah!!

    9. Davionious

      Imagine if he had a proper space job in EVE

    10. KittenyKat

      I love DinkleDork xD

    11. The Aglobglobglob the Shribbleschribbkecharrble

      Everyone knows you take the reputation and then kill the npc for the gold

    12. Wolfy Playz


    13. Chris Organic

      Some much needed lols during Lockdown pt3, thanks guys

    14. Jake Doohan

      Love these videos but are they supposed to be based on a specific game or just general funny rpg things?

    15. K.O KiD BOSS

      I want to see them make a game with this concept

    16. Schofield Lancaster

      i don't even know what game this is but i love watching the videos

    17. Crazy Rabbit2244

      How do you make so really cool the episode "teaching girlfriend" like Bruce Lee's films? Or the 300?

    18. Ernesto Santiago

      Detective Dinkledork lol

    19. Z N

      That dude hamish was taunting looked pretty terrifying

    20. The gaming Doggo

      Npcs can’t die

    21. Jesse Walls

      whens the super super cut of npc man? all 26 seasons at once?

    22. corey dunbar

      profanity reported at 10:30, horrid language about my mothers bum bum

    23. Thomas Hildebrand

      Keep making these til the world ends please

    24. Sacred Fir

      Ok, dumb question. How do I watch their episodes in a row?

    25. Danny Owens

      Those taunt skills are too good. As a tank, I will now think of this every time I taunt.

    26. Artistic Mothimor

      12:51 put some avengers endgame theme in there

    27. Marty McFly

      These guys are awesome 😂

    28. Latonya McCAIN

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is killing

    29. fire winner

      I loved the one npc against dark lord😂

    30. Ender

      When only one of you passes the perception check

    31. Pedro A.

      I can't imagine they living normal lives kkkkkkkkk


      The first clip looked like the lord of the rings, when smegol fights and kills his friend over the ring 😂😂😂😂

    33. ThreiasFB

      20:55 I was expecting him to return with the guards to arrest the npc for murder

    34. Artemis


    35. tech support

      what game is this based off of

    36. Zipzac

      I love the reference to the cucoo in The Legend Of Zelda

    37. TheMasked_ Boi

      Mugger charles: Strength: 1% Stamina: 1% Luck: 1% Intelligence:99.99%


      You guys should make a video on why you should not be taking noobs into Quest that they're not prepared for

    39. madara

      Mine mine meme


      Wow those are bad muggers they didn’t mug em they killed em

    41. Givens Raymond

      Mugger hits chicken Flock: We are the god of life in death we hold your puny life’s in our hand. You have struck one of our own and for that YOU SHALL ALL DIE, SCREAMING!!!

    42. rome Medina

      I love how ironic it is for the fruit merchant to be a full out tank with a shield. The guy is a hilarious beast with his voice and facial expressions.

    43. Adrian Colot

      What could of done this

    44. Kent Haderick D. Lorbes

      What game is this reffering to,cuz it looks interesting to play

    45. Johan Kragt

      you should upgrade your speed stat

    46. thepizzacar pizza

      What could have done this?

    47. W.D Gaster

      As a skyrim player, I can relate

    48. Nobody Truly

      Muggers v muggers That was smart of the npcs

    49. Merik Lobo

      There's seriously wrong with Charles' AI. Its buggy as crap. Should put a dev on it right away.

    50. Lopoo Qwuyt

      How many skulls does rahoul have?

    51. Ergün Namaz


      1. Ergün Namaz


    52. Sans

      1:27 when you play co-op in an rpg

    53. Kamikaze

      Hamish is so freaking funny

    54. Giel Xhedrick

      Mug the air xd

    55. Giel Xhedrick

      "Lets mug em"

    56. danijel124

      These guys are really good actors :)

    57. J3llybean

      What game do they base this off?

    58. surya teja

      Is there a real game related to this video???

    59. Frosty the Snowman

      When he hit the chicken, I didn't know if it was going to be Skyrim guards or a horde of angry chickens. Either way, attacking a chicken is always a terrible idea in a video game.

    60. Frosty the Snowman

      All the forced followers was 100% my last playthrough on Skyrim. I had Serana, Mjoll the lioness, a dog, a troll, a reikling, and some guy that you can have follow you for a vampire quest who I equipped with a super op sword, but he always has a torch and regular clothes, and talks about his dead family. Also, Mjoll has a giant club. All glitched, no hacks. 😂

    61. jeri Ngatai

      2 weeks? This the earliest Ive been. Everything Ive been watching is from 4 years ago 😂

    62. Evelien Cambré

      I live for character twists like these 12:50. Couldn't agree with Ben more at 13:07

    63. Cloud Xeno

      I'd really like to know what games these are based off of

    64. PsychoGamer2100

      12:51 - 13:13 when you mod conjuration and summon a group of Ebony Warriors.

    65. Sandee Dee

      The old "Yo Mama".... Yeppers... That is what caused my first fight. I was 11, he was 13 and he was a bully but I had fingernails and a big brother that taught me how to fight.

    66. Geister Hunt

      Is that kirito's dark repulser paint in gold?

    67. シNice

      4:08 this is me in ark lol

    68. Mac Mcleod

      The chicken was a nice callback.

    69. Gameman jr

      Imagine in real life people fighting on poopoo XD

    70. nico martinez

      Number one rule of games don't fuck with chickens they are demons

    71. TimberJackEB

      Your character is officially recognized as a tank, and you can take multiple attacks to the back, yet you're concerned with becoming a stealth archer to avoid detection... Just like how I play Skyrim.

    72. Coolman

      13:06 runs at the monster WITH A RANGED WEAPONS

      1. swag levi

        i mean to be fair the monster was flying so he could've gone under it for a weakspot

    73. Critter Whisperer

      6:43 unless you’ve leveled your sneak skill where you can stand in front of the enemy and they won’t know you’re there

    74. Ken Nguyen

      The part when Ben let the NPCs fight the boss themselves would end more epically if Ben did the last hit and get honored eventually

    75. Scott Meager

      I've wasted my life... ...by not watching these sooner.

    76. Ryan Staggs

      I really wish azerim was a real game

    77. kevin ayuban

      Ahh no hate just sayin but i really find this guys funnier than smosh.... Sometimes smosh is funny but this guys are phenomenal

    78. kevin ayuban

      Ahh no hate just sayin but i really find this guys funnier than smosh.... Sometimes smosh is funny but this guys are phenomenal

    79. SennonBoi

      Ah the legend of Zelda cucco reference

    80. Chartreuse Maiden

      Watched the 5:10 version before. Um, you know what is freaking weird? (And speaking from personal Xp) Is if A.) This other way around. And B.) Your boyfriend was into a different MMORPG and shit talked yours. Then when you agreed to do his but still keep your because that was you special sanctuary he NOT ONLY JOINS that but the same guild. Because your friend just didn't know due to you and hers busy work schedules. >:( I was so pissed I never did sign up for LoL. And it's not their fault. But I hate them! Because of him! Also don't play ff15 especially as a tank. Toxins everywhere and the moment you find tranquility there is always some there to stick their dick in it, and with inexperienced but all the ego fuck that up for you too.

    81. neoria

      12:54 i will fuck you up XDD

    82. Lucas Eduardo

      On the first one they should have mug him

    83. George V

      You guys should create a pc game

    84. ZeeTheFuture

      I hate that you have the arrow pouch on your back when it's supposed to be on your waist line. Hollywood made it on the back like the morons they are. Otherwise, hilarious.


      On the first episode just kill the guy

    86. The Bearded Gamer

      26:35 "pause the part with the popup spam and read each one. Some of them are hilarious!"

    87. Aziris

      I think it would've been funnier if one of them stabbed the other one, only for the survivor to end up opening a mimic and gotten eaten instead.

    88. Roger Plays

      I wish when i get a girlfriend he likes to play games as well

    89. bob joe

      "We all know your mama has the stinkiest poo poo bum" -hamish, last words

    90. Ken Cheung

      When they were fighting for the treasure chest, I was hoping for some patty cake hand slap action and I was not disappointed lol. Also can someone explain the cannon fodder ep for me? I don't quite get it… and yeah, I am not a gamer.

      1. Señor Isopod

        In Skyrim IIRC when a monster follows you and the NPC's saw it, they will attack it nonstop until it's dead.

    91. Mike wazowski_69

      I wish I could use "cannon fodder" in most games

    92. Cute and Fluffy Pikachu

      I just love the muggers they are my favourite pair definitely geniuses when it comes to mugging things ❤️❤️😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    93. Bim Sim

      I played an MMORPG with a friend new to the game and he had a great time I let him fight and helped him level up by being an anchor. I would help where needed but otherwise I would let him kill and just rush in to revive him when he got downed.

    94. Seth Willard

      I really appreciate that I actually know what y'all are talking about. You did good work making it seem like you're talking about an actual raid! Love it! 😄

    95. Andrew Kosky

      My brother just found the song VLDL uses for Honeywood on Spotify! “Cobblestone Village”

    96. Zachary White

      When you are a very high level pro player in an online game and your friend wants to join: You: Complimenting him while killing weak stuff because she is in the spawn area where there is easy loot but a bit hard to survive for new ppl, and then you get tired so you just let them smack you around because they barely effect your health bar while your friend gets excited about the animations and walking around and rolling and swinging and then you get enemies to low hp so your friend can end them thus getting loot and xp lol

    97. Bo Jittins

      Please put "Sur Perior" as a username in one of your videos guys! I will explode and die and be very happy!

    98. Blade

      Muggers are my favorite ^^

    99. Lazar Martic

      custumes are amazing

    100. Shhh Wolf

      This actually happens