Accidentally selling your best gear - Markup

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    Accidentally selling the legendary sword of Valadrin
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    1. Ángel

      I came for fun, I quit for rage...

    2. The Silenced

      Skyrim merchant: Yeah, that's gonna be Me: So, who is your next of kin?

    3. drom techmarine

      ya know not getting notificatings is kind of sad... cuz i think ya all died or worse and that there will be no more and then i go to watch the content that i found so funny again AND YES NEW STUFF LOTS OF NEW STUFF... yet i would rather get notifications and skip the part where some one abused you in a bad way and left ya dead in a ditch.

    4. John LA

      Funny I always thought of things like the "auction House" in WoW like going to a hock shop. You know some crack head sold that set of speakers for tree fiddy. But I will pay $45 USD for it in a second. Moral:? Every sho9p in a MMO will treat you like a jonesing CRACK HEAD.

    5. Chris K.

      GameStop be like:

    6. mieuxmoonen


    7. Noldor Ranger

      This is the point where you put a bucket on the merchants head and crouch behind him to loot all the stuff you sold and the stuff he has

    8. Zeev

      I have bought a year ago an item with confusing description in Elder Scrolls Online and had to chat with their support for more than one month :D In the end they have removed it themselves.

    9. DarkRonnie

      except 75% of games these days have buyback options :P

    10. Samuel Wilks

      Epic protagonist relies on one main weapon...very realistic.

    11. Dufoth

      I'm surprised he didn't go on a murderous rampage. He could go Rob Greg and sell him back all his stuff


      I love how Rowan pointed out the sign lol

    13. Michaels_World

      Literally happened to me yesterday in skyrim.

    14. Smookie

      That would be my reaction if quicksaves weren't in the game, lol

    15. Akshay Johnson

      "" Aaah video games.... "

    16. Randomclipsofmedoinrandomdumbstuffindifferentgames

      This one literally hurts the most!

    17. Manvinder Singh Walia

      Always quick save

    18. BlazeRhythmTV

      Diablo 3 is the only game I've seen that saves you from this

    19. Samuli Moisio

      Hate it when that happens in games! 😅

    20. Kyflie

      Now do this exact same episode in the Bored series. :D I think manager Rowan would do something like this, and honestly, nobody would feel bad for annoying customer Ben.

    21. Jeremy Scott

      If only games were actually like this... having to actually live with consequences for not paying closer attention to what you're doing in the first place.

    22. Stephen Guetterman

      Well all you have to do is lick the shield then its yours

    23. Nathanael Keller

      He needs to level his trading skill

    24. Pyi Nyein Aung

      you should add that Ben trying to hit the blacksmith but can't hit :D

    25. IcedFate

      this is why the "buyback" tab exists in a good many games. also, if they let you mark an item as "favorite", then this situation would be avoided

    26. cocogoat

      At least they had buy back feature

    27. Tevildo

      This skit is why the Gothic games have the best trading system. You don’t buy or sell items instantly, instead you have to move them from your inventory to the “trade” box, and you can “balance” the value of your items with the vender’s gold or items, and then click “confirm.” I seriously don’t know why more games don’t do this, it’s super simple and it stops you from accidentally selling things you want to keep.

    28. Tevildo

      Ben obviously forgot to take the Master Key as his starting item. Otherwise he could’ve taken the shortcut to get the Dragon Crest Shield for free. Then again, if he was heading in that direction, it’s only logical to take the Grass Crest Shield for the stamina boost. What an absolute noob.

    29. Aaron Carroll

      This is why I love Skyrim... Learning skills from NPC's then using my high sneak and pickpocket skill to take back the money I gave them. Rinse Repeat.

    30. ScottSterlingsFace

      This video made me unnecessarily upset 🤣

    31. Adurnis

      Oh shoot that’s the sword he stole from Rondor, and now he’s paying full price for it 😂 Sorry not sorry Ben

    32. Humorous Pixel295

      He should of quick loaded his save file instead😂

    33. roknor

      is that how he became a MUGGER?

    34. saltywalty

      Damn i would've in-game raged and tried to kill the vendor like killing a hooker in GTA that just 'healed' you and took your cash.

    35. stefoehmen

      luckily warcraft doesn't do that

    36. Didier israel Del angel Casanova

      ahahahahahaha i love this guys

    37. Jakob Strand

      I sold all my gear when I was drunk. I played in a hardcore raiding guild in WoW during Wotlk and had top tier, lots of mats etc. I quit playing the day after I found out what my drunken self believed to be a smart move.

    38. Pepe the Frog

      Well, thank goodness it actually isn't like that for modern games. There's still a bit of increase tho.

    39. Rezky Donny Putranto

      The Witcher 3 vibes

    40. Martin Shillitoe

      Ben is just superb in this

    41. BouncingBob

      kill the trader. done.

    42. imkluu

      does that happen in some games? I'm used to the ability to undo any sale as long as I haven't left the merchant.

    43. Jack Caudle

      It’s such bullshit that the vendors in games like this charge more something than they’d buy for it. I get that’s how you run a business technically but in games it just fucks you over big time.

    44. kolegovich

      Save/Load-Tactics man... Save/Load))

    45. Ocean's Blue

      those veins man...

    46. Clavicus Vile

      If only you had the Masque of Clavicus Vile to lower that price.

    47. Julio Gevawer

      The dislikes are the npcs getting called out

    48. gyozo kudor

      OMG dude just load the quicksave! :)

    49. Dasun Rathnayaka

      What it is this game?

    50. damnfunnychicken

      dat finger xD

    51. bfrfoxtrot

      Time to load that save file.

    52. Chaos Stream Network

      Market price is price lad

    53. AlteredStateGaming

      Uhhhg the amount of times I've done this by trying to sell things too quickly! 😣

    54. 42paparia42

      Nooooo, STAB THE BASTERD!

    55. Mr_NoBoDY

      Ben just got hamish'd Edit: Also loved the darksouls and bored references

    56. Donbros

      NPC knows economics

    57. RECRUTA R6

      That' why any rpg game must have the choice of killing any npc's

    58. Keereal Yo

      Why to suffer? Let me teach you some Cheat Engine magic

    59. Ignacio Krichman

      gladly many games now have a Buy Back pane were you can revert your accidental sales during the transaction XD

    60. David Montgomery

      This is how a vendor gets killed in my games.

    61. Harriett89

      I have some Kingdom Come: Deliverence vibes here.

    62. The Portrait Dude

      Someone's been playing Baldur's Gate III lol

    63. Marcel Beinroth

      Why is this soooooo painfull , AND WHY ! Do Games do this

    64. Fauzi Al Kautsar

      ah i can feel the pain

    65. Nathan Gamble

      Player: Shopkeep, help, I am on a quest to save the world, and I need the best equipment in order to defeat the ultimate evil that threatens our town and kingdom. Shopkeep: Don't care. You pay full price.

    66. Isaac Schauer

      Worse when u cant buy it back

    67. Fabian


    68. Ion Meth

      So glad my MMO have buy back option which is the price you sold ot for.

    69. Chris L.

      alwyas F5 before buying or selling

    70. Stefan Williams

      Hahahahahahaha classic

    71. Alice desu

      Why you not lock your weapon Ben lol

    72. NarcøleptiK

      I swear to god this is a skyrim paradox

    73. Ivan Ivanovski

      Epic NPC Man makes wanna get into some Skyrim or some MMO again.

    74. cannibalbananas

      That's why you loot everything, Ben. Then you have more coins/caps then you need. However, after I spend all that time selling to the different merchants - the thing I can now afford isn't there anymore & you have to keep coming back to see if it's in stock yet 😓

    75. Lietajúce Mačiatko

      Load a quicksave

    76. Roisome 5000

      Assuming a Golden Skull of Rauhl is 50k Gold, Usually there exists a Skull of Rauhl, or a Dirty Skull of Rauhl. If a Skull of Rauhl is 10% gold of the Golden Skull of Rauhl, then it’s 5000Gold. If the Dirty Skull of Rauhl is 1% of the Golden Skull of Rauhl, it’s likely around 500 Gold. That’s right, an old man’s dirty skull is worth more than everything you have sold.

    77. pennywise 4


    78. Dr Zoidberg

      Is Bodger secretly Griswold in Tristram?

    79. Howli Wolf

      Ben being suspiciously calm....

    80. Takashi Shiro

      Quick save

    81. John Casper Necor

      "what is this, a crossover episode?"

    82. Jonathon Polk

      This is what quicksave is for. Either to prevent such mishaps, or to sadistically murder the blacksmith over and over and over...

    83. Vandos

      I dont like this music they put under the skits now

    84. Wot Player

      You could have just killed him and take the sword back and steal the shield.

    85. Angel Kitteh

      That quick 'huh?' from Ben and his face got me lmao. First time I hear him said it.

    86. lsq78

      This is the moment I open cheat o matic and add a million gold because f* this shit

    87. SlygoneLive

      Happens in Skyrim all the time.

    88. FoxtheImpersonator

      I like how he went “oooh 30 gold!” Like that’s a lot or something 🤣🤣🤣

    89. bryguy Masterraskal

      Should have sold it to the poor merchant

      1. dont need to know

        @Dragon Dude but he could save 1 of his 5 children and possibly by his house back.

      2. Dragon Dude

        He'd still ask for 3000 gold.

    90. plaxis _exists

      just reload the save smh head

    91. Adobo208

      This is why you select all the items you want to sell first, then press the button sell to get it done much quicker.

      1. Adobo208

        Forgot to say you should lock your item, so you don't sell.

    92. Jeremy Gray

    93. Tankkizzle

      Diablo 2 is the worst at this... can only sell at a maximum of 35,000. Merchant will sell that same item as 1mil at times.

    94. James Hobbs

      Why is the top comment not, kill the vendor and take it back for free? Seems the most obvious choice to me...

    95. Dragon Dude

      Do one where you sell your stuff and the merchant instantly equips/wears it and won't remove it and put it in the store until you sell him something better. (Elder Scrolls 3 vibes here)

    96. Contessa Adella

      Yep...Skyrim to a tee. Totally does teach one to be careful huh!

      1. Dragon Dude

        Morrowind is worse. They'll equip it.

    97. CyrusHalcyon

      Pretty sure the shop keep dies in my single player rpgs (elder scrolls, etc.) to get my weapon back and the shield after this kind of mistake. It started as a oopsie for me and now you have to die - which is why many games implement the buy back feature.

    98. Heeded Shadow

      That's when you decide to go on a murder spree-

    99. knight Walker

      This exact thing happened to me once in a video game

    100. Ed Sychra

      This is why I sell/save/assassinate/reload the shit outta Belethor in Skyrim, and sleep like a baby afterwards...