Bored 1-100 supercut

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    To celebrate hitting 200 episodes of Bored - we are bringing you TWO massive supercuts.
    Here is the first 1-100.
    With 101-200 coming soon.
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    1. Daniel W. R. Hart

      42:35 Dinkledork with his ring of charisma

    2. Илья Смирнов

      It was beautiful)) I want more! Mooore!

    3. - wiggy

      PUBG + penguin foot = dead game

    4. Baby Pink

      Very funny hahaha thank you.

    5. Destroyanad

      I watched the entire thing, i love it. The comedy is top notch for such a small crew and cast. Best series on youtube.

    6. sunitha rajesh

      56:34 it is emotional looking at his face

    7. sunitha rajesh

      You guys are awesome You guys have good acting creativity

    8. Melissa Wunderlich

      Five years later they’re all masochists because of Rowan

    9. Flame4You

      15:30 No offense to apple users, but at this point I became a huge Supercut fan. From Russia with respect.

    10. Ben Hinman

      So is dinkledorf just Rodney's Skycraft character

    11. Fiberrr 2020

      Excellent video. WHY AM I BORED AT WORK| BORED IN YOUR JOB. Click the Video Link.

    12. Jiri Wildt

      11:27 that Rowans face kills me :D :D

    13. Chloe Price

      I remember watching all of these durung my hangover days. Goddamit now I gotta watch them all over again.

    14. gage does cool stuff yea

      2:01:53 if rowan said Pay cuts for everyone

    15. smashmaniac2008

      The white shirt Saga is what broke Rowan, everything makes sense now.

    16. Rishi Durgapal

      9:04 Skrillex has entered the chat.

    17. SuperLastThing

      adam is so cute ♥

    18. Sam Phillips

      loved it from start to finish.

    19. Fishing With Jag

      Rowan you can't keep running away your the manager

    20. sharnua macminn

      BBBBrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sooooo good

    21. GrowWithGuitar

      Anyone watch this multiple times already?

    22. Warzone beast

      The magic trick and casual monday are switched.

    23. Marxus III

      Great ending

    24. The Shadowman

      Whats the music at 10:15

    25. Steve Byrne

      @Viva La Dirt League I have just happily just contributed 3:10:40 seconds to your channels watch time :D

      1. Cybolic

        What about the last second

    26. Madlinkers

      I feel the same sentiment when people tell me they play games of on ipad

    27. Quiet AndSimple

      Oh how do I love procrastinating while watching these dudes :D

    28. DigBick Shogun

      What happened to the new employee guy ? He just disappeared after the 3rd episode

    29. Игорь Руднев

      Sorry, english is not my native and i can't hear all words, it would be nise to see subtitles.

    30. Suchy

      holy Rowan is such a dick ain't he (huh-heh)

    31. Ben Wil

      3:45 I remember buying my first & last razer product. Blackwidow keyboard, broke for no reason. Never buying it again, fuck you razer

    32. Roanen

      In SC2 you can, in fact, control up to 400 units in a standard 1v1 match. And this is only if we do NOT include units that have no supply cost or structures.

    33. Spitfire HD

      I'm still curious about what happened to Zack

    34. Rusty musty

      1:03:48 And a legend was born

    35. David Parman 15 彭健豪

      Adam is probably the guy who got screwed the most

    36. cameron simison

      Rowan is a mega simp 1:27:11

    37. Tyler Hamilton.

      When will everyone realise Ben's and rowan's characters at play tech have to roomates messing with all the other employees to get a rise.

    38. IcedFate

      33:27 a Best Buy employee practically literally said this to me years ago . I was looking for games for my Mac and the guy was like "yeah, we make it a POINT not to sell that shit here" and i'm like "why not?" and he's like "because nobody buys them. . ." . . . . so I was kind of forced into switching to pc. . .

    39. Daniel Frankowski

      What happened to the guy who started the job in "The new employee" 59:00 ? He was about to steal job and we didnt see him anymore ;o

    40. DCduels

      Kinda feel for Rodney and how he just wanted to help Rowan feel better

    41. Nathan Laursen

      2:57:00 rowan a epic dance

    42. R3VSO

      There was only a few episodes I missed. I loved rewatching this again. I love you guys

    43. Jon Vander Horn / Apex Studios

      We need to get this view count WAY up lol. Don't like that number hahaha

    44. ETJ2002

      I like the phantom menace too tho :(

    45. Nathan Laursen

      1:20:15 cookie falls into Rowan's shirt

    46. Nathan Laursen

      1:16:36 death of hunger emerges

    47. Shuro ril

      why are these people in a closed store full of product placement?

    48. draconicisha

      phantom menace represent!

    49. Neo Newland

      We need t omake gangs i shall start the Alan gang

    50. Neo Newland

      Was He A Rober?!? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    51. WilburForce

      How many of you just want to curb stomp Rowan by the end of this

    52. PorcoDaNet

      22:56 first time i felt bad for rowan

    53. Elazul2k

      Wait... hold up a minute... Rowan was replaced by Rodney early on? So I've been watching Rodney instead of Rowan? I didn't start watching until way later so I'm a bit confused watching this early episode lol...

      1. Filipe Lobo

        The true Rowan wasn't that bad

    54. Kellan Feng

      I now feel bad for tne mac players, they get abused so much...

    55. Plastic The Bag

      The whole new menace skit is basically how your treated for being a conservative christian, and daring to have a different opinion. Episode 1 Phantom Menace, is now my favourite movie of all time, fight me!

    56. aaron flemming

      Watched the whole thing in one sitting 👌

    57. Satan

      Nowadays the only dogs you see on Reddit are either furries or yiff

    58. aaron flemming

      What game are they meant to be playing at 13:50? Video title is Bandits. Thankyou in advance

    59. Tobias Hagenhoff

      44:50 oh a german car. Diese Kommentarsektion ist nun Eigentum der BRD

    60. Peter Lawrence

      Rowan playing COC is worth a ton of dark elixir

    61. Robert Campbell

      What would you like to buy sir

    62. Maryum Maryum

      Plz urdo

    63. Enzo Atencio

      Subtitulo in Spanish please

    64. Blazing Blade

      53:33 u got the titles wrong its meant to be the other way round

    65. DarkJedireaper

      Why does Alan put up with Rowan?

    66. mclions18

      I don't know what happened. I started watching at 10:30 and now it is midnight and it felt like it's only been 15 minutes.

    67. SirSCP aLot

      How high do you have to be to make these

    68. Pramienjager

      All these shorts about how addictive reddit is. It is almost nice that the owners all shit the bed and added RPAN and v.reddit and all the stupid algorithm trash that makes reddit barely tolerable anymore. I have so much more time to play video games.

    69. Bordo Klavyeli

      this is so great that i turn off adblock first in my entire life please do more im begging

    70. Elwirfy

      I love the Day 9 and HuskyStarcraft easter egg and their love for Starcraft 2, also the Metabolic Boost shirt

    71. swag levi

      i don't think you can kill rodney he just comes back

    72. B20C0

      1:08:00 is the episode where Rowans transformation to modern day Rowan happened :D

    73. Aioken

      Lol, if i ever had gotten a costumer saying something is free because of no price tag i'd just stop with logic and say i do not care, you are not getting out of the store without paying it xD

    74. Kyaw ye Htut

      The battery life of Rowen's MacBook is INSANE !

    75. YOLO MAZE

      Did anyone else see the cat in 17:00

    76. Mike And Guns

      I love the lord of the rings refernce

    77. Justin Sturgess

      MERRY XMAS ALL!!!!

    78. WzR

      don't know if it's just me, but in certain episodes I just see young Kevin Spacey in Rowan, great acting!

    79. Leon kTelos

      You are awesome guys from the first episode to the last

    80. Joshyboh

      Around @405 I am like that on the looking at youtube

      1. Joshyboh

        4 minutes 5 seconds. I dont know how to do the clink time thing.

    81. HulkHollow /No00Bs_GoD

      i want to thank you for existing !!

    82. whydoineedaname11

      I'm dumbfounded that I made it to the end of this.

    83. Bedless Jax

      I’ve watched every video

    84. The Wanderer


    85. Walter Zering

      After watching most of the series "Ghost" is still my favorite by far!

    86. Matej Klimek

      42:00 This is how to do product placement in movie :D

    87. Elias Salazar

      Had a damn Kit-Kat commercial tell me to take a break to realize how long I’ve been watching lmao wow

    88. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    89. Bruno OM

      This marathon was totally worth it. Now to the next supercut.

    90. the lockster

      wait is this from nz?

      1. the lockster

        well crap i live there too

    91. Mark Anders

      Background songs ????

    92. yiban di

      Rowan:We need weapons! Pots! Pans! BroomHandles! Adam: Oh no I cant find any of that! All we have are these guns! Rowan: Dammit that'll have to do. XD

    93. sleepy snoring puppy

      Who caught themselves whistling at a 1:21:45 Also what is the goddamn song because I can't stop it

    94. Станислав Родин

      Ребята, вы красавчики! Так держать!))

    95. Станислав Родин

      Роуэн, что ты здесь делаешь?😅🤣

    96. ETERNAL Uzair Gaming

      I really like adam

    97. ETERNAL Uzair Gaming

      I really really like adam

    98. Fish Lives Matter

      why when Im watching this it feels like 30mins from start to finish? o_O

    99. Shane Greer

      This is how it feels to be claustrophobic TURST ME