Busy Gamer Problems - AFK Arena

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    1. Viva La Dirt League

      This is set in a parallel realm of Esperia where Thane still has both arms (our bad)! 😅

      1. Eddie gunslinger

        ooor This fight might be before the mauler rip the Thane's arm and killed Baden :v

      2. Cesar YF2

        Let's not forget this costume design is incredible

      3. Teh Pan

        My youngest son is named Thane

      4. Billx Pyro

        @One and a Half Peasants I read this as “lads and laddies” smh

      5. Frantikat

        @iwan tiedema Merchant tab, Destinies choice option, tap the character you want, click claim. Done.

    2. Unknown

      im glad i see this ad. LOVE THIS GAME.


      .....Thane grew his arm back...

    4. LeoN ArD

      Lol, Thane has only one hand

    5. Quentin Styger

      I imagine Henry Cavill can relate to Rowan on this one.

    6. Fyane Gaming

      Ben wirh assasin creed costume is the best

    7. Nathaneal Scott

      "AFK Arena for Busy You?" like.... an auto-battle AFK mobile game??? "Gush, way to spend all my hard earned cash on a mobage AFK game that I need not play but constantly give away money on." That's some new low right here.

    8. mayakayahawah park

      Thats sad

    9. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    10. tarun maravi

      pls turn on the laptop 🤣

    11. Faith Crisis

      All of your costumes were on point, I miss raids

    12. crossrazor

      I didnt get the hero but its pretty cool game

    13. Adam

      Anyone else notice the laptop wasnt on? Guess Rowan will be missing the next battle and have to explain why ;)

    14. Mr Welder

      Please do Ark survival game or Dayz

    15. alex wolf

      Your videos are awesome, (i still dont like afk arenas most ads, your ad is the only one that doesn't get on my nerves..)

    16. Max Rojo

      Is that the night which took Bens Souls???

    17. Bill Cipher

      When will alan shows up in shop on afk arena

    18. Mihai Graphster

      Awesone guys! haha)

    19. ron camp

      Nice costumes:O

    20. Dr Hapi

      That witches legs haunt my dreams.

    21. Anton Smushkevich

      First and ONLY add for mobile game I enjoyed watching :)

    22. CrawlingChaos

      anyone know the name of this song? i hear it all the time

    23. Rafał Nurek

      When can we expect the AFK Arena team as plushies?! I need that in my life.

      1. just a really sad panda

        Ikr? I would buy those lol

    24. Michał Sokołowski

      Best AFK arena add ever...

    25. Alan

      Is this supposed to make the game look fun? The game happening without me doesn't really seem like an advantage.

    26. Vamcan

      The production value on this holy shit. You even got Ezio in on this!

    27. Whats up

      Damn that lady look a bit like scarlett johansson. Also I wouldn't mind adam or alan doing some long silky hair commercials lmao.

    28. Kgotso Koete

      Brilliantly illustrated!

    29. Arch Anjel

      Hey! You on the right. I don't know your name but you are perfect charakter to assassin. Really i think you look like Ältair. I swear.

    30. Isnamereally thatimportant

      What is the song that played at 1:22?

    31. Shaka07

      What's the name of that black magician woman? ...she is lovely 😉😎

    32. Abdulrahman Dia

      who's the THICC maiden

    33. Stag

      Not one of their best

    34. Kevin Meisenbacher

      I wish I had time for MMOs.

    35. Oliver

      I expected a video mocking all those afk arena ads lately. Dunno what to think about this

    36. Stefan Batara

      i want some death by snu snu by that megumin with heavenly thighs

    37. Abroad with the Burrells

      This is too true, lol

    38. Boxxy

      I don't like afk arena but this was really good

    39. LEVI

      The production on this was fuckin A1

    40. Abhinav Nayana Sailen

      What is that wizard lady? She looks young but also looks like an aunty.

    41. Prantik Roy

      someone pls reply the background music on this video. it's amazing

      1. Goat


    42. Hell Seeker

      Rly afk shitrena ....

    43. TrustfulRainExpert

      I am looking forward for more of these from VLDL definitely 😂

    44. deadspeedv

      So after so many big names such as Markiplier and Viva had sponsorships from this game I decided to give it a go. However after getting my characters to level 120 and a couple of Legendary's and the rest Elite+ I can safely say I find this game insanely boring. You get to a point where harvesting XP is very slow unless you throw some real life cash at it.

    45. Noel S25

      Downloaded AFK after watching lol

    46. Oliver Janeba

      This is how you make an ad for a sponsor

    47. Vikanug

      I wish more adverts were like this.

    48. 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧

      “Did you see me kill that one guy with my hidden blade? I stabbed him right in the throat, it was awesome” LMAO 😂

    49. Jay Kay

      No...please no...so many hours wasted in this game...so much money thrown into the wind at wild fantasies of getting good units and making strong teams and winning anything. So many hundreds, and hundreds of dollars... I'm starting to feel sick just being reminded of it... I mean, it's a decent commercial, and the ONLY decent commercial for this game, but having been sucked in by this boring ass game before, and remembering how much money I wasted on it...I am still actively repulsed by it.

      1. Jay Kay

        Also, yet more Lightbearer special treatment. What a load.

    50. zuzzone gelataro

      afk arena is the most pay2win game ever made paywall everywhere you can enjoy it ("fake incremental") only at the first stages. then..or you pay ... or you are ultra stuck.

    51. Justin Pierce

      Awww this was unexpectedly wholesome ♥️

    52. ELAD

      well this game call AFK arena

    53. Jeff Doe

      Something kind of sad about this.

    54. LykanBluePaws

      Those costumes are impressively similar to the characters in the game, well done guys x And all this time i thought Thane just had his other arm under his cloak lol

    55. Guschti Vatsug

      Did you just dry fired your bow to add cgi? o.O

    56. AngryGamer 0503

      Most shit game of all time. Worse than rage.

    57. Jones Kleid

      That was surprisingly wholesome

    58. Sheherazahde

      Amazing costumes!!!

    59. Mac Gameplayz

      Ben looks good in the Assassin robe. Insieme per la vittoria!

    60. Father Fox

      I hate afk arena , not because I've played the game , it's because there's a billilion commercials about it

    61. Arohk

      That's an ad.

    62. l p

      U guys are owesome

    63. mcbaltz

      Holy Mother Earth! Great cosplay!!!

    64. Karl Matrix

      AFK ARENA: You don't even have to play, and you still win..lol

    65. Some Guy

      Ironically this sponsored video points out why I don't play those games, it's like having your whole clan fight a new raid day 1 while you are at work, just don't see the fun...

    66. Raeku

      Oh guys.... really?

    67. Shade Keigar Blacksky


    68. Jānis Muzikants

      Okay, now this is a proper commercial for AFK arena not these other ads we've been seeing pop up on HUgets.. Might actually consider downloading it now:)

    69. lord buss

      The design is completly different from Azerim/Skycraft.

    70. Luciano Cavazza

      Did anyone notice that Ben is cosplaying ezio (but he's using Altair's gauntlet)

    71. I Watch Everything

      Now I want Assasin Creed Logic starring Ben

    72. Isaiah Rose

      I've never downloaded this game in the past, but because you guys are behind this, I will download it now! Keep up the epic stuff guys! :)

    73. Charlie Callanan

      This almost wants me to get the game

    74. Heide Knight

      Congrats you guuys. Just saw a portion of this as an add and it was great. Watched the original and had to say something here. Knowing it is you guys makes it special.

    75. Elliot Negron

      He's actually playing on his mac.

    76. kraanz

      Wait, Rowan's married? Someone actually married that dictator-level ego?

    77. Henrik Persson

      Man, I'd love to download this game but there are already so many games I'm not playing, I just can't add another game to not play on the list. When your best selling point is that you don't actually have to play the game you don't have much to offer.

    78. B d

      not how that ends. it ends with a girlfriend boss level fight about "that stupid game"

    79. marduke45

      whos the witch the legs?

    80. 十三Francis

      Rowan could always use his macbook to secretly play at work....

    81. fatso792

      This was so thrilling and entertaining i almost wanna download that game and play a game i dont even like

    82. Swordsmen

      Dammm what is this production quality 😂😂😂

    83. Kleiner Teufel

      I don't mind that is was basically a commercial for AFK Arena. Smart move on their part to get the VLDL guys and gals.

    84. maybetoby

      Who's the redhead?

    85. S o L o

      That witch tho

    86. Jonny Hindu

      1:33 oh man !! 😘

    87. Tristan E

      This was insane!! Amazing outfits!!

    88. Papa Dalbo

      Why severus snapes became a DOD 🤣🤣🤣

    89. Zwenk Wiel

      As much as I like you guys this game and its ads are pissing me off, so dislike but don't let that reflect on you (just try to find less annoying sponsors XD)

    90. Naděžda Staňková

      So AFK arena replaced raid shadow legends and is now gonna be in everybodies video ?

    91. lorena mae duldulao

      very charming Mr Adam. I love all the costumes though!

    92. Sara Gibson

      Adam, please grow your beard back ASAP.

    93. Robert Dehnel

      Who is the Archer girl?

    94. Lemonsausage


    95. alireza abp

      Imagine seeing this after Markiplier's fake trailer for AFK arena😂

    96. vossler25

      Now THIS is how you advertise

    97. Gabriel Garro

      Didn´t feel interested on this game before seeing VLDL sponsoring it xD

    98. I’m not a dunmer You are

      I love how Beene dressed like a character from the wrong game 🤣

      1. melyssa null

        The ezio character is in the game, all of them are cosplaying characters in game 🙂

    99. Drake Kay

      Don't feel bad Commander, I have long blonde hair..

    100. Victoria Rose

      Those are some quaaaaality cosplays oml