Busy Gamer Problems - AFK Arena

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    1. Viva La Dirt League

      This is set in a parallel realm of Esperia where Thane still has both arms (our bad)! 😅

      1. Obi Dark

        @Tenma_FN Its trash and racist studio ... scammers on top of that . I don't even need to explain anymore because one of their ex discord mods already blew the whistle last year. They are sponsoring mods inside their games with unlimited resources thus forcing rest into spending more. hugets.info/show/kpipmNWdz5pkrH4/vide.html Also check blizzard vs lilith plagiarism case... Crooks all around. I would most certainly unsubscribe from viva next time if they don't start doing a bit of research before promoting this kind of stuff... what a disgrace 🤢

      2. Ana Zlatanovic

        Afk arena gg viva la dirt league gg

      3. Teh Pan

        My youngest son is named Thane

      4. Billx Pyro

        @One and a Half Peasants I read this as “lads and laddies” smh

      5. Frantikat

        @iwan tiedema Merchant tab, Destinies choice option, tap the character you want, click claim. Done.

    2. Sara Gibson

      Adam, please grow your beard back ASAP.

    3. Robert Dehnel

      Who is the Archer girl?

    4. Lemonsausage


    5. alireza abp

      Imagine seeing this after Markiplier's fake trailer for AFK arena😂

    6. vossler25

      Now THIS is how you advertise

    7. Gabriel Garro

      Didn´t feel interested on this game before seeing VLDL sponsoring it xD

    8. I’m not a dunmer You are

      I love how Beene dressed like a character from the wrong game 🤣

    9. Drake Kay

      Don't feel bad Commander, I have long blonde hair..

    10. Victoria Rose

      Those are some quaaaaality cosplays oml

    11. Herman Wong

      that, was, amazing!!!!!!!!!! the props in this was.... just... damn..... was that sauron's mace?

    12. Markis Miller

      Lol the witch lady really like showing off her legs I dont blame her shes got some marble on those legs.

    13. Markis Miller

      You guys are lucky you made this add cool because afk arena is marketing twords kids and microtransactions.

    14. Fireplayer Idk

      Atleast its not raid shadow legends

    15. jon s

      I just got all Lightbearers charterers today. Thane was the last one.

    16. Gergő Nagy

      I have 2 really tiny minor issue 1. Thane has 1 arm 2. Lucius has a mace not an axe other that that really amezing i love you guys and youre skits

    17. Gamer War

      First markiplier now you guys come on

    18. Kucing Kampung

      THEY BOUGHT YOU TOO GUYS OMG AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA .... I wanna see you guys in Mauler Fursuit

    19. Psieonic

      I dig your work guys, but seriously, f@$k AFK Arena and every aggressive fake-advertising mobile game out there. They're a literal cancer. I got an AFK Arena ad and legitimately thought they'd just stolen your work, as there was no credit or anything. :(

    20. Ryan Holmes


    21. Mat Langevin

      The last people I expected to see take part in the freaking internet cancer... this breaks my heart guys.

    22. M 2

      Guys AFK arena used their video

    23. Ahmad R

      alan accent...

    24. Alexandre Charest

      Those cosplay are thight

    25. Eckie Fleckie

      You guys are making ads now! Congrats guys!

    26. Emmett Dogbite

      So where's the Baelins route at?

    27. Peices of Metal

      Epic NPC man collab in the works!?

    28. Anjounet Leavell

      This is such a sad truth about adulthood that shakes me to my core. Real life doesn’t compare to this.

    29. Siddharth Sarwate

      When you want to level up asap so you let them battle until they die.

    30. Stormer

      Wow that video is so awesome! The qualitiy is just insane! Keep up the goodwork

    31. MQ

      Never seen such a wholesome ad for a mobile game. I know it's jsut gonna be one of those ones where you gotta pay to play, but now I kinda want to check out AFK Arena... I mean, it's gotta be good if VLDL made something this good for it!

    32. Nithin Ravi

      This video is so relatable it hurts.....

    33. Gatial Raseta

      Ben nailed the accent ❤️

    34. Tunoi Veil

      that discount Britt though....

    35. penezu

      Devs: How do we beat that raid game? Also devs:

    36. Kiehnwerder Serra

      This is smooth advertising

    37. The Core

      wait did i just watch a mobile ad?

    38. Maya M

      1:27 oh my dear god!!!! This is what I've been living for!!!! xD

    39. Highlife Gaming

      God I'm sooo tired of seeing this AFK Arena I thought you guys where my safe zone😔 lol


      The struggle is real, and try having a child as well :'(

    41. PORG

      that red head girls LEGS OMG

    42. Omega Legion

      When I saw this clip I downloaded RAID lol

    43. MrAussi

      1:21 music?????

    44. Slapchop LeDüge

      great vid as usual but that made me hate that game even more.

    45. ErrorOptik

      Oh no, not you guys too!!

    46. J. C.

      Good lord! That costuming has hit another level.

    47. Soldyn

      whats the name of the song at 1:25 please ?

    48. Ceyhun Hasanzade

      Thane is an amputee, he has one arm in the game. Totally unwatchable

    49. Prabhu Das

      Minecraft also

    50. Vitcher

      1:08 yeah, that me, completely useless in work when i think about things i did not finished in eso or wow...

    51. david eberhart

      Outfits spot on! This rocks! Also big props letting the "garlic farmer" be Lucien in the "Parallel Universe". Way to give him a hero moment.

    52. Marko Hrvacic

      I am so hoping that AFK Arena pay you guys damn well, cause this sucks..

      1. Nathan Crause

        Well ... plenty more UPvotes than down, soooo ... maybe you're the one who sucks?

    53. mostafa mostafa

      like always nice !

    54. J Niemelä

      Who is that redhead :o

    55. Adam rowan

      I still don't know what afk mean, Is it a free kill?

      1. Adam rowan

        @Solo Passenger that can do

      2. Solo Passenger

        Away from keyboard

    56. Amenoxiel

      Now I am hooked on the game...and is completely YOUR FAULT! ;-)

    57. GameRobo

      Nice costume guys

    58. Emerelle

      Is there an ref-link for iOS too? Just clicked it on PC and it leaded me to google play store.

    59. EssexLad

      I love you guys

    60. Pinguin the Penguin

      1:29 Um

    61. Pinguin the Penguin


    62. The DeadSlayer

      The game is not available in my country 😢

    63. Rafael Jamas

      Kick ass outfits

    64. DeemedTV

      New idea for muggers they get mugged by a bank

    65. Jeff Witteman

      That moment he sits on the chair and treis to move it but can't and he's like "mweh'' and sits uncomfortable.

    66. MironxTrygon

      Rather strange decision to include Mirael to the hero team, isn't it?

    67. dark hour

      Y'all still good in funny videos haha keep it up mates

    68. Omertahun

      There is nothing VLDL in that. Sad

    69. Ana Zlatanovic

      Imma try name all rge charecters we got Lucius Thane The boy from assasin creed Thats it

    70. Ana Zlatanovic


    71. RKong

      Not gunna lie that was a nice looking desk lol

    72. DubidQuack

      I went into this expecting it to be a brilliant mockery of afk arena as it is a joke of a genre. Coming from you guys I would have expected you to be on the gamers side.

    73. D Ss

      capitalistically aussie

    74. Everfire

      I mean... to be honest, for a, and I apologize, 'glorified commercial', this was really fun to watch. It was fun and kept my attention. Good on you fellas for respecting your sponsors, and still making something entertaining out of it.

    75. olio

      Ghost part 4

    76. Александр Малахов

      Well, I know that this is money, but still a little disappointed by such an ad instead of vldl common video...

    77. Lidge1994

      Better than every single idiotic AFK Arena ad I've seen so far

    78. Mark Sanfelipe

      which TSFH song was that at 1:24?

    79. Teh Pan

      You guys have been my primary form of entertainment for about eight months now. Thanks for the steady quality content

    80. Don Duke

      No idea what that game is but I love the look at camera action sequences.

    81. Gastroesophageal Reflux

      Wow. You guys became a disappointment. Great. Another one bites the dust. Just sad. Real sad. Such good hopes for you guys. What a horse shit. Wasn't even real content. Just different angles of fancy effects. Not funny. No acting. Just plain out money making. Wouw. Screw you too. Giving up on your fans like that.

      1. Henry Cavil Gaming Highlights

        Wow. You guys became such a disappointment. Great. Another one bites the dust. Just sad. Real sad. Such good hopes for you guys. What horse shit. Wasn't even real content. Just different angles of fancy effects. Not funny. No acting. Just plain out money making. Wouw. Screw you too. Giving up on your fans like that

      2. Gastroesophageal Reflux

        @Henry Cavil Gaming Highlights I notice that you never let an idea interrupt the flow of your conversation The trouble with you is that you lack the power of conversation but not the power of speech

      3. Henry Cavil Gaming Highlights

        @Gastroesophageal Reflux Why don't you actually answer my questions instead of googling novelty pseudo insults?

      4. Henry Cavil Gaming Highlights

        @Gastroesophageal Reflux why would I want to be president? I'm not even American... you're seriously reaching with these insults. Sounds like stuff you'd read on a jokey birthday card

      5. Gastroesophageal Reflux

        @Henry Cavil Gaming Highlights You would rather be right than be president. Luckily there is no need not trouble yourself, you'll never be either

    82. Jah Re

      We need a dimensional Rowan with a frying pan as SI :)

    83. madzapple

      I get hit by so many of these ads these days but it's nice to see them supporting the Dirt.

    84. Eduard Šajgalik

      1:28 Best act of 2020

    85. metin bahtiyar

      Witch stole the show. Curse me all day witch lady, iam so fine with that.

    86. Chihab Une

      😂😂😂😂😂 i really thought there is rpg game like this i was so happy Then i found out its mobile game and its 2d 😢😢😢😢😢

    87. john walking

      if only these were the ads shown by youtube

    88. Ivan Barabanov

      Guys and girls, you are Awesome!

    89. Ts Bs

      Promoting one of the worst P2W games..

    90. Akash Shah

      loved ben's assassin costume!

    91. pblogic007

      Wow, that redhead is a knockout.

    92. Fistfullofboomstick

      I know where to buy Rowan's armor if anybody cares... Also how was it Rowan? Comfy? Sturdy? Worth the money?

    93. Chris Gray

      I was hoping he would go to work at Play Tech

    94. rion roben

      I must say. the production level has gone up massively over the last 18 months

    95. Rick Ridger

      Love the equipment. So high quality for only one video. But i feel like this was an advertisement...

      1. Kukri187

        Now that I see it's an advertisement, the video makes more sense.

    96. Bobro Bobrodobro


    97. DX29X

      Damn, these are some Epic costumes 🤩😎

    98. Mengamuk

      Why is no one speaking about Allan’s fabulous Lucius cosplay?

      1. vasilis kolompouros

        Exactly my thoughts

    99. Te Di

      I think I'm in love with miss Witch

    100. Jojo Tagura

      I'm looking forward to a parody video of "among us" for your next content guys keep it up 😂