Sacrificing yourself for your teammate - Sacrifice

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    Sometimes you need to sacrifice yourself for the chicken dinner
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    1. Udalix

      Why are these guys making pubg videos still... isn't the game pretty much dead? There are other more relevant battle royals they could lean on.

    2. Avanish Pati Tripathi

      Wow these guys are good actors...

    3. Travis Romberger

      Attachies.... don't forget them.... or spend most games on croutch or prone.

    4. Civa Parivel

      Guys try cosplaying Valorant next time 😉

    5. Asianplague

      So majestic

    6. Michael Hernandez Cuevas

      Bro if I had a dollar for everytime one of the boys have self sacrificed on my behalf so I can sneak the win id still have friends 😆

    7. Gab R

      that "sorry" just doesn't cut it.

    8. samir patil

      Nice team work

    9. LUSFER

      Example of Call of Duty Mobile 😂😅

    10. Irfanisduari Raihan

      You just can shoot the goddamn windows

    11. Akai Ricsi

      Wait Rowam have feelings?

    12. Jacob Katana

      The first ten seconds reminds me on a movie scene...the mimic, the setting... I just dont know which movie it was😳

    13. juged gamers

      A video on shadow fight 3 plz

    14. Μαριλου Δ

      Pubg mobile gang!!!

    15. FUNLAND Dunya

      Amazing script...

    16. LUSFER


    17. Jawsak


    18. Miguel PH YT

      It's a bot 2:07

    19. Islom Shirinov


    20. Mike R

      I loved this one. I have rewatch this several times, especially the last 15-20 seconds.

      1. Mike R

        "Team work mother ******"

    21. Troy Street

      0:43 start of “I have been and always will be your friend” moment

    22. Herman Wong

      I thought that ending was gonna be a 'shoot the car and it explodes' ending

    23. Herman Wong

      damn that was dramatic. You guys are so GOOD at cinematography

    24. daxterman97


    25. Rendy ChannelG

      He say "Sorry" LMAO 😂😂

    26. OMEGA

      Plot twist the last enemy is a bot

    27. Âditya Kâlhâns

      Akm recoil op

    28. Luis Carlos Abarca Fernandez

      Pan de cada día con estos mancos

    29. Mahin All GAMING


    30. Carlo Mozar

      I always love their acting

    31. Leffert Karunia

      Always Like That In Every Last Game With My Buddy 😂...

    32. Thor Surya

      Top class ending

    33. No Pity

      No wonder Rowan became elite. He didn't want to put Adam through that again.

    34. jeff_ the_killer


    35. Go internasional

      Plus emoticon 😂😂😂

    36. Hidan


    37. Master JAVZ

      Tnx for the TOP FAN BADGE on fb guys #GAMINGPC

    38. Ridwan Aldi

      Wkwkwk.akm the best

    39. l Blasting l

      I sacrificed myself on r6 siege, I layed on top of a grenade to save 2 of my teamates. I feel adams conflict

    40. Stephen Kendrick

      No surprise at all ending, lmao.

    41. Cobalt Monkey

      do one where the ring is closing in and then and a squad are moving in; one guy in a ghillie suit set to win the game. just finished a scrap on the side of a hill moving down into cover, ghillie lines up a shot but boom; gets hit by a sniper on the flat. they start running into cover the sniper missing his next shots. they get a moment they heal up they're doing everything right they're not in the snipers los and the snake in the grass doesn't want to give his position away. but they're stuck in cover and the ring is closing in fast. Then the lone wolf bro shows up in a car as the ring closes in past their cover spot and they get in the car. only for the snake in the grass rise to a knee revealing his t1 armors and unload 4 shots from his kar98 into the drivers seat, as each squad member takes the wheel, one after the other.

    42. Broke Mr Turtle

      Dude I actually got pulled into that one

    43. Harry Playz

      Hate it when you get trapped in a big building like tv Station or hospital and you're touching the gas pretty much

    44. Shivam 243

      ow shuks😂


      Loved it!

    46. Noah's boat 2.0

      Dont u need to realode in that game?

    47. NO

      You guys are the only real pro gamers.

    48. Offtothenorthforwarmth

      When there is VLDL, why do we need Hollywood?

    49. Bam Janssen

      The AKM really do be like that... Idk how some people snipe with that thing

    50. Deathy Kat

      That's the manliest thing adam has ever done

    51. chiến ngáo


    52. EvIL DRACULA

      That's why I dont use the AKM XD

    53. Daniel


    54. Sanwill Komaruddin

      Was it at Target store?

    55. CPG

      Why always character be a sad🤣

    56. ضالم الجن

      Halb my

    57. ضالم الجن

    58. ccc310

      This is exactly what happens when two incompetent teams remain in the final circle xD

    59. Ajc 7575

      Wait if Adam was only knocked then why were there only 2 alive?

    60. Charli-Jay Blake

      I don’t even play video games, but I fucking love you guys and everything to do 😂

    61. TinyCurry

      This is the saddest movie ever

    62. Annie Zuma

      please do this series a lot more like you used to please

    63. Vire

      Any chance for "Among Us"?

    64. Shahzo Bhai

      I see why PUBG has brought in the bluezone jammer pack. They took inspiration.

    65. nova clan

      Nice face moves

      1. nova clan

        Srry dance😔😔

    66. SJ Creations

      pwoli sanam myru....

    67. Hugo Burton

      The alive counter should still say 3 when he gets knocked out. Since he's still alive.

    68. Killu4real Lionheart

      Omg I was looking for a epic win haha 😂

    69. gakoma DV


    70. Justa Guy

      I think a neat idea would be what if a Bot wins a round?

    71. Isaiah Fuentes

      Akm recoil be like

    72. Terra Mobile

      This is easily the most dramatic video on their channel so far

    73. Hussein_ Sarmed

      العربي الوحيد 🤣

    74. drew nielsen

      Y'all should do an Among Us video!!!

    75. ConThe _Content

      I have lost a friend because of the blue i hate it

    76. HARDMAN99

      "Warzone" pls

    77. Bray Bill

      lmao dude it is so funny ..

    78. Ben Douglas

      Rowan can’t shoot straight......and I love it!!!! :) no offense, man ;)

    79. Logan M416

      That AkM recoil in the final 😅😅

    80. Gardix Tv

      Rowan is a bot 😂🤣

    81. Ferdaws Hamza

      Damn the last oart was too funny

    82. BadassBobY

      The fire rate of that guy is a proof that he was bot

    83. IMMORTAL

      The opponent was using M249 magazine in scar

    84. PK playz

      This is so awesome gayness

    85. Average Gabe

      The ending 💀💀 😂😂

    86. Aeri

      wait kill feed is right this time !

    87. dek ko

      Rip aim 😂😂😂

    88. Rosu Dakusan

      1:43 no homo but this is cute

    89. Ralf Meyer

      Pubg is more dead than Adam.

    90. Viet Nguyen

      Missed a chance to make an "Enemy at the gate" reference for that sac

    91. Pratham N U M B


    92. Siddhant Pandab

      Pls among us

    93. Squishy Farts

      In MW Warzone, we can break windows..

    94. Mr Epicc

      The fact that he took 30 bulls to die is true teamwork

    95. hachibee pc3

      i thought all of drama in the end the safe zone end up in Adam's position..

    96. Alan J

      lol, these videos are great

    97. Daizy Dixon

      Quality acting. Better than 90% of Hollywood. Take my thumbs up

    98. Adam Terasek

      Hey guys, I really love ur vids. Ive been watching for a while. I also love pubg. Plz keep it up and have fun! U guys have an awesome job 😁😁👍🥇👏

    99. Dustin Goodman

      love it\

    100. Coder George

      Don't those bullets hurt?