Sacrificing yourself for your teammate - Sacrifice

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    Sometimes you need to sacrifice yourself for the chicken dinner
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    1. Neptune Ψ

      Stupid Akm recoil

    2. Latviec

      Its okay, babe🤣

    3. EXport Gaming

      Cant he just damn go outside the zone and run outside the nearest exit he can heal if hes low 😐

    4. P.I.N NETWORK

      The emotion when he walked into the blue🥺

    5. Ne1LL PH

      I thought they gonna Argue!! About unbreakable window😂

    6. F L • K i T T Y 〆

      ugh I hate AKM

    7. Chickita Panda

      this is so funny and amazing i wanted you both to win so bad lol

    8. Sai Dwarakanath

      Guys, the akm recoil is nothing compared to the beryl

    9. Funny Quarantine

      His cry! 😭 I feel him 🥲

    10. Ahs Oei

      I never really played PUBG before, but couldn't Rowan just shoot the glass?

    11. M.Grey

      i played to much pubg to relate to this

    12. Cornell de Bruin

      Why dint adam trow a grenade

    13. Happalula

      "yeah, you didnt distract him enough, adam. massive paycut"

    14. Sam Rowe

      I do not play pub g or cod or anything similar to these games so I do not understand the significance of the blue barricade or why when he steped thru it he started taking damage

    15. Choco iron

      the enemy is bot

    16. NEliminator

      I was so invested, it actually hurt when he went into the red T-T

    17. Smol brain human

      You guys ever have a freind with you that always becomes the distraction in a pubg match.

    18. mukta mithu

      It deserves an Oscar

    19. Стас Бутхаев


    20. XEON Lite

      In pubg there are windows you cannot vault through but you can shoot through basically all of them

    21. Thorin Skeggs


    22. firstbluethenred

      This was ever so accurate hahaha.

    23. Alexander Scola

      When your playing mercy and you revive someone but then die

    24. Ishaan Drawz

      U could have just ran

    25. shenpai

      my friend:Jus go on without me me:ok

    26. Kenon Action

      No sacrafice is to big no mission too small

    27. Zeki

      Facts I can control akm better than you.

    28. MJ HUNTER

    29. Yanzhi Aquino

      My team mates: Noob somebody i always have to heal and somebody who doesnt help the team

    30. Yuelsa BRO!!

      Поэтому я ненавижу аку

    31. Yuelsa BRO!!


    32. dark land

      Noooooooo thats real the other day i played pubg then that happened so real

    33. Ninjabeam

      I can't stop laughing

    34. dispidido

      still a better love story than twilight

    35. shammu mon

      Movie name

    36. Man of culture

      Where's the stims?

    37. Cloud Na9n

      0:17 I thought it was Dream

    38. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng


      Good video XD.



    41. djoker96

      Never heard Adam cuss that is definitely a favorite

    42. NightStation Nightcore

      Feels like akm with 6x scope

    43. Trolling noob

      I did not expect the end so funny

    44. Mani Awan

      1:50 bot firing.

    45. NinjaOXO

      This is me playing codm i know this is a pubg video but this is me in codm when My Teammates go to the wrong place i came to help him i Don't care if i die i need My Teammates

    46. Amrendra Srivastava

      I was literally drinking milk and when Rowan missed I spilled the milk out like akm recoil😂😂😂😂

    47. Prasad Ch

      Akm recoil bro

    48. kyle009 00

      I used to be in this situation lol

    49. AcidPandaGames

      Any one know the name of the music used

    50. Timothy Lalmalsawma

      I really love the ending😂😂

    51. ꧁Eva nuel꧂


    52. Siddtharth Gautam

      Me and my friend actually use this baiting strategy when playing at last in duo or squad, one goes around running and other waits to kill the one who shoots at him. Kinda risky but works most of the time.

    53. ♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫

      AKM = Maximum recoil

    54. Tess Ress

      that's because of your bad language :)

    55. kiven amery


    56. saad legendary

      Me; nades my teammate every time

    57. subzzgaming

      Do you guys know there's something in the world called smoke grenade

    58. The Almighty Snipper

      I sacraficed myself many times on gta

    59. Pedobear

      Where is PUBG logic playlist? Bring it back!!!

    60. Preet Agrawal

      How did Alan not fire until when he actually did? Rowan should be clearly visible to him from before the video started!

    61. Umar Azmat

      The expression was priceless. and funny in the ends. and so true with Akm, m762

    62. feblix custodio

      Haha it's the fault of the ak47

    63. Hector Martinez

      😂😂😂😂this made my day... I thank you

    64. WarwoLFromYT

      2:25 this is why i dont like spraying bullets when using AK47 this happes to me all the time 😂🤣

    65. agus setiawanwa

      I love pubg

    66. Вадим Киров

      Где перевод под видео

    67. SHADOW. IQ


    68. lxOMARxl BPA

      Jajajaja 🤣

    69. Discrucio Disperdo

      Hahah that last bit could have been me XD sometimes I'm just shit at aiming and shooting when I have to .. 🤣

    70. Bazilishek

      Girls playing dodgeball: *chatting* Boys playing dodgeball :

    71. Гусенечкин

      Where is the translation into Russian

    72. Ign Sword

      Love these pubg videos x3

    73. ميمز ببجي موبايل

      EXE pubg 👍😂 🔞😂😂😂😂😂😂😅🐸🥳

    74. ميمز ببجي موبايل

      😂😂😂👇👇🔞👇👇😂😂😂 pubg exe 🐸

    75. Art Art

      AKM? recoil = RiP


      It’s true when you take the AK47to shot the target by auto mode it’s shake.

    77. Lemuel Saunders

      hahahahahahaahahaha so freaking funny!

    78. BlueDude1998

      The ak bit made me chuckle

    79. GamingPanda


    80. GamingPanda

      Abune olarsan

    81. GamingPanda

      Abune olarsan

    82. DærkSøùlSYT2

      Adam was firing an UMP but it sounded like an M416. 😂

    83. i am a streamer

      There's got a be another way

    84. FV


    85. Stylianos Karagiannidis

      So true... 100% true xD Especially the recoil part

    86. Pako simracing

      1:44 so nice representation of the PUBG physics when you strafe A and then try to W :))

    87. zekri amine

      1000 ammo ??? lol

    88. Elantra Dude XD


    89. Kristian Mingl

      Fr thats the AKMs recoil tho

    90. Dustan Parker

      I have been on both sides. Of the wall. And this was beautiful

    91. Dany Beaudoin

      That was so good guys!

    92. Raees

      Pubg = Reality But such level of incompetence wasn't expected by him 😓 how could he take killing him so lightly 🤷🏻‍♂️

    93. Blackinzone


    94. Ambia Gaming yt

      So sad😭😭😭😭

    95. RoleplayRyan

      I now want to play PUBG

    96. Markinator 9000

      By far the best movie I’ve seen

    97. Osaias Fontanez

      I bloody knew it

    98. MrMichael8806

      That was awesome!!

    99. timothy huff

      the needs of the one...outweigh...the needs of the one...

    100. Cao jidan

      This video could be better. After Rowan felt sorry for Adam death, then blue zone shrinks to the point where Adam is the only one who can survive, then Adam felt sorry for Rowan, then Rowan and enemy have gun fight, then enemy kill Rowan thinking its over, but saw "2 alive", then enemy saw Adam, (godlike drama for enemy and Adam)(let both actors do whatever they want) while try hard to shoot the impenetrable bullet proof diamond glass. Finally Adam/enemy wins depends on the "feel/reaction" of viewers.