Finally standing up to your boss - Coffee Showdown

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    Adam finally takes it upon himself to stand up to Rowan who is the literal worst boss ever.
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    1. Fre Sch

      Wow I feel so attacked

    2. 1313rosey1313

      Love you

    3. Chickenlad

      I legit suspected the ending

    4. John Ree

      Don't mess with a tech without coffee. Because he will change your password on your iPad 😉😜

    5. Shrek Shrek

      Dude I know it’s a skit but Adam should plays such a good “wimp”

    6. Nick Molliger

      Проснись, Адам, ты обосрался

    7. Run That

      “Im gonna punch you now” Got me dead😂😂😂

    8. Kaitlyn

      I love you Rowan lmao

    9. Etha Dusinta

      Typical rowan stuff

    10. Franklstein Wongberg


    11. Gab R

      looks like the gold shirt's buffs retained, oh, nevermind

    12. Asianplague

      Pay cut

    13. SB Plays

      I would actually want to see Adam stand up to rowan. Nice video love your work

    14. Jonathan Tyree

      Someone was almost ready for the "White Shirt".

    15. Anthony Urquidez

      That CoFFee intro was done purposefully. "Did you damage company property!?*"

    16. Pacó González

      He almost able to fight Karen

    17. Ramdan Random

      the videography is improved a lot. i like ir

    18. anume artz


    19. На Вдохе

      don't look longer than 3:00 DON`T look longer than 3:00 DON`T LOOK LONGER THAN 3:00, PLS

    20. Raaneking

      I'm not hiting any subscribe button untill we get a happy ending, and Rowan gets what he deserves😑

    21. Adish Jain

      You can't make a biopic on me without even asking me.... That's a super dick move VLDL😠😠

    22. Daniel Larson

      Yeah yeah, we all knew that would happen 😂😂

    23. siegeaye

      3:33 he made me subscribe... **whispers** dick move

    24. Testing 101

      That was awesome

    25. Marek

      Adam dodged paycut right there...

    26. Andy Smith

      Oh how i knew that was going to happen lol..good skit though!

    27. Adriel Sabido

      I remember when Alan used to be the Villain

    28. Matthew Rolling

      If only adam does that it would be fun

    29. vishwajit lohkare

      Rowan is a bully

    30. One eyedskull

      Love watchin thess after work

    31. Quentin

      lol no wonder adam caught his fist, rowan literally said he was going to punch him now

    32. A Q

      Mathaflaka Rowan 🤣🤣

    33. Zahid Ahmad Khan

      I couldn't believe my eyes until I saw the end

    34. The Anonymous

      This should have been a movie...

    35. Hap Hoppy

      He should of been like "Gross it is a Mocha."

    36. turtlerr r

      yey he did it edit: bs

    37. IRON V8

      And I actually thought for a moment Rowan finally lost for once against Adam of all people until I realised it was purely Adams daydream, the video was a dick move in itself in a way, good one!

    38. kws2534

      *me spamming the fight button even though it's not going to do anything*

    39. David Cox

      Am I the only one who always stops at 3:05?

    40. Moist nugget

      One time when I was a dishwasher, the maintenance guy was talking down to me. I punched him in the face and walked upstairs to drink my coffee while I waited for him so we could bring down some boxes. He bought me another coffee after

    41. Dalton Robert Pepple

      That cower sequence was a dick move Rowan. A dick move.

    42. Black Pepper

      I was like, "yeah finally wohoo!" but then..... yeah that would not gonna really happen. This one reminded me of Alan in that PUBG episode where he got just a pan...

    43. Сергей Новобытов

      That was expected.

    44. Macedon

      Finally well done Adam ..... Edit: i didn't watch the whole thing ... Adam You Pu$$y

    45. Francesco Valentini

      c'mon now, there's no need to get violent!

    46. Main Stay

      No sorry. From an audience point of view it's still getting old. I was hopeful but once again you guys went for the cheap writing option. I think I won't watch any more 'Boreds' from now on.

    47. Hawksquawks

      Rowan, after fight.... right massive pay cuts.

    48. Andre Lei

      Anime people: GOMU GOMU PISTOL meanwhile... Rowan: Imma punch you now

    49. derick darvin

      VLDL always reminds us that no matter how d*ck our manager is we still have to respect them.

    50. Shelly Wernette

      Adam is so good at body language and facial expressions.

    51. Nicholas Hoa

      Woah, I’ve been binging the older videos from 2-3 years ago and I gotta say - the production quality, especially the lighting and colour in this has really amped up! Proud of these chaps 🙌🏽

    52. Yoko Ono

      I really did think it was going to be a happy ending

    53. LethiuxX

      Yeeeah!! Go fantasy Adam!!!

    54. Krussy

      I fking knew it was just imagination but regardless it was satisfying

    55. Bilal Fazlani

      Love u all

    56. Mr_NoBoDY

      I knew it that was going to happen in the end 😂🤣

    57. Brittany Goldsmith

      Oh no!!!! So close Adam!!

    58. Егор Сажаев

      Актёрская игра выглядит профессионально, мудак и робкий сотрудник вызывают сопереживание

    59. Bring me that Coffee

      At first I was like: "Yeee, Adam, go get him!!" and then I realised that he probably just imagines it. ;_; Kinda sad I was right.

    60. Trent Begnaud

      # luffy vs kaido fight

    61. TheMagicGamer69 Magic

      Rowan that’s totally not fair 😂😂😂

    62. Mussa Belek


    63. T S

      Loved it. Best end clip ever.

    64. Chinmay Singh

      Waiting for the Rise of the lower socio-economic Red T-Shirt class ............

    65. Troy C

      Thought the coffee was gonna spill down Adams shirt just to remind us Adam is still Adam 😂

    66. Tdawg Luxor

      Nice day for coffee, isn't it? hu huh

    67. Bryan Hansen

      Would be much more better if Alan did that

    68. KasperKnas

      Does anyone know what the melody is called, playing when he blocks his punch?

    69. Mapleman 003

      3:25 well i was expecting a grim ending because you do it every time

    70. Raafi Adi Nugroho

      even the shirt gone, the power is still there

    71. William Jason

      That Fist Was Not Even Directed to Adam's Face

      1. Sebastiaan Herlé

        @William Jason bruh sarcasm

      2. William Jason

        @Sebastiaan Herlé Cant You See The Punch Directed Above Adam's Shoulder

      3. William Jason

        Rowan's Fist

      4. Sebastiaan Herlé

        William Jason don’t know what you are talking about

    72. Harl Windwolf

      There's a happy ending, but it's not to be found on HUgets.

    73. Adam Davenport

      Well that was a bit of a dick move. 😆

    74. Christian León

      I was furious because he chickened at the end. 😡 Then Rowan appears and is even more asshole, but BREAKING THE 4th WALL. It turned my rage into a loud laughing. 🤣

    75. 대몬트리

      자막 단 새끼 나와라..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    76. Karyle Noel Avenido

      Jokes on me

    77. Isaac Moore

      Dam it Viva!!! I thought for once Adam would get one up. You got me there 😔

    78. Wai Yan Linn

      Started watching the show with epic npc man. Now the bored series is my favorite. Is there an episode where Rowan get punched in the dick?

      1. Wai Yan Linn

        Never mind. Found it.

    79. The plague Dr

      In an alternate universe, Adam does really fight back.

    80. Joey Andrade

      i want the happy final

    81. Barney Rubble

      I knew it before the skit was even over.

    82. CyberPrime 956

      Rise of the Red Shirt.

    83. Juliána Bocková

      Oh Adam.... one day, I swear one day you will do it!

    84. Vorper

      Omg I almost had a happy ending, seeing Rowan get what's coming to him. But no Rowan had to ruin it.

    85. Alyssa W

      I knew he would be daydreaming it 😂😂😂😂


      Welp, I shoulda known.

    87. Cytronik

      Thats the worlds smallest coffee

    88. Shadowsean78

      Can you make a video of "The battle of the manager and employee's".

    89. Stuart Hawkins

      viva la dirt league with happy ending plz

    90. TerraDoctor

      Quickloaded that huh.

    91. Aaron Taylor

      If Rowan was such a dick why would he warn that he was going to punch. Checkmate

    92. Jared Kotvas

      Rowan is Homelander

    93. mirrorsedgy

      click your own damn subscribe button

    94. Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Plot twist: *Everytime rowans does that in his mouth [**0:28**-**0:31**] he is trying not to laugh.. because i always sees his mouth does it even in different videos*

    95. Qwimpy

      I pogged IRL when he caught the punch

    96. VeNick

      Aww Come on! That is such a clishe! Adam should really uncage his badass person!

    97. Zack Zander

      HELL YEA, ADAM! Edit: 3:08 I'm just going to imagine that this is just IF Adam went for the other option and not that it is actually the only path he takes

    98. Kennelkiz

      It was fun while it lasted

    99. kayler ang

      Ahhhh goddd.....there goes the GLORY moment for Adam

    100. Skcarkden Harckootsa

      That plot twist is a super dick move. Damn it Rowan!