Stupid guards investigating a murder - Perception

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    When stupid NPC guards can't figure out what's killing them. What could have done this?!
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    1. Dash Dash

      Every stealth game ever. Yeah I'm looking at you assassin's creed

    2. Bryan Min

      I have been a big fan of VLDL, and it only hit me after watching this video three times - props to you guys for reusing the old costumes from Legend of the Seeker TV series.

    3. Nakk Njr

      That’s not what happens in skyrim one time i was along and there was no one there them I killed him but some how they added a bounty some how

    4. Stasis Danauskas

      А как же лут??

    5. Kevin Bui

      Looks like Rowan finally switched from Xbox back to PC

    6. TopazTK

      Where is the Epic NPC Man though.

    7. Vermont Bouldering

      That first guard to say what could have done this looks exactly like Patrick from Schitt's Creek. The second guard to say it looks exactly like Ryan Dunn lol wtf

    8. Hirluin the Fair

      It's been about 12 years but it seems Rowan hasn't learned his lesson and is still murdering D'harans...

    9. Gen Dawg

      Great day for Fishin ain’t it? *HeHap...*

    10. Paul Martin

      This is alot like that tomska skit. What happened? Well you see he took this gun and...

    11. Chenterr

      Logic of among us

    12. Towsif_8_12

      What could've done this video?

    13. Sean MSW

      *Shoots arrow into guard's back* Why would Rowan do this?

    14. bryce kurtz

      What game are they making references from?

    15. Michael Denison

      Pretty much the recent Hitman games: **take out terrorist** **henchmen start panicking** And you either need to take them ALL out or risk getting your cover blown.

    16. pat135xz

      I like the uniforms of the guards, very D'Haran of you, Darken Rahl would approve.....

    17. Travis Deines

      Skyrim in a nutshell

    18. Fighter 2012

      +10M XP

    19. Khono

      Who could have made this!?

    20. WolfOfTheBlood

      Should have ended with a stealth achievement

    21. Viktor Bryce

      Would've been better if Rohan had actually ran out of arrows the we get captions Out of Ammo.

    22. angel737103

      That cracked me up! 🤣🤣🤣

    23. Alex Burr

      it might be rats

    24. Anton Szander

      Finally, epic npc man changed his costume and his position

    25. Rich Hlywka

      ... Production value is going waaaay up.

    26. shadrock99

      Totally lame when your behind a fucking WALL and murder a guard or civilian and your reputation still drops. Do better devs

    27. redbaron 162

      For the alliance!

    28. Anonymous_Buddha

      Are you actually firing those arrows into them? How did you get them to stick without hurting? Or was it just really good CGI?

    29. Robert Bogan

      The pile of bodys is what sells it.

    30. Apof

      Meanwhile on hardcore difficulty: "There is a droplet of sweat that doesn't belong to any of my men, ring the alarm and shoot this tungsten wall, the assassin is hiding behind!"

    31. i have no soul

      How to play Skyrim 101

    32. Hayden Avellona

      There’s only one question I have: *WHAT COULD HAVE DONE THIS?*

    33. Marci Szegfű

      Nazeem is dead. I'm going to find whoever did this, but surely it wasn't that strange guy who arrived to Whiterun two days ago and stole every single belonging of every citizen then sold them all to Belethor then served jail time and ended up profiting 10000 gold, while also having a seemingly intensed hatred towards the perished person and also couldn't be bothered to tell the Jarl about the dragon attack on Helgen.

    34. Leroy van Genderen

      That one guy: 'Shall we gather for whisky and cigars tonight?'

    35. red devil87

      there is always that last guard that just appears out of nowhere.

    36. Ironic Cookies

      Must've been the wind

    37. Justa Guy

      The funny thing about this is it's usually the worst in games that Hype up their stealth elements like MGS or those assassin games.... But then again your obviously not hiring the brightest of people when you pay 20 guards to randomly stand in the forest I guess.

      1. Emperor Pabslatine

        MGS actually historically has had some of the aware guards in videogames.

    38. RandomTortoise

      "what could've done this? "

    39. The Devil of Stories

      Playing sneak archery build on skyrim in a nuttshell.

    40. Doc Lazer

      I wish you would use your "Delivery guy" from the shop videos, in the gaming videos. I love his acting/reaction. especially in the video where he realizes that the packages doesn’t go to the dump. etc.

    41. Anonymous Libertarian

      Reminded me of Skyrim!! Too funny!! 😁😆😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. Ganiur Rahman

      What's the name of this game..

    43. I Draw 4FUN

      Odyssey guards are so dumb its fun to play

    44. Courtney S

      An accurate representation of how I play Shadow of Mordor 😂

    45. Kristin K

      I was waiting for the last guard to stand in front of a huge pile of bodies, then turn around and say "must've been the rats".

    46. Kingstad

      good/bad AI makes or breaks a game for me, somehow though they are almost always shite

    47. KuraMad2000

      Meanwhile, off in the distance..... "AH SAW THAT!!!!"

    48. The Arnold Army

      Take me with you....

    49. Animal Cartoon Channel

      First of all. Why is the player afraid of the guards if they're stupid anyway?

    50. whoami

      God old thief

    51. Canadian Goose ehg

      hawlo peeps

    52. EmperorSilas

      Honestly, Rowan shooting the bow throughout this video looked satisfying to me.

    53. Basically RANDOM Animations

      1:16 I expected him to be like: uuuuh... What could have done this?

    54. Codeツ Rємү

      You guys can make a movie... Hope you make one

    55. Lohkie2_ _3

      Yeah.... I used to know what could of done this.....

    56. olaf le flibustier

      great work ! XD

    57. Marius Desu

      can you guys do a skit about train'ning(to train mobs for pk, don't know how to write it in the way as to not mix up with training) in mmo

    58. azygen

      Unlimited arrows?

    59. RJ toby


    60. PG Plays Video Games

      How did Rowan get so many arrows? He must've bought a whole bunch of lootboxes

    61. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග3

    62. Alpha Gaming

      The best acting happened in the dog pile.

    63. Hussein :7


    64. Jet Todd

      Use gamertag Draekain in a future video!

    65. Robert Wright

      *Arrows - 10000

    66. Sapphire The Alpha

      I like it that Alan is always, like always the NPC😂

    67. The OCP

      Hey, We need YOUR help to get our subs up!

    68. Kuro Ken

      Guard 1 : killed Guard 2 : what couldve done this? Umm, anyway...

    69. Terell Williams

      this is why I rather go in guns blazing

    70. m0L3ify

      I love it when two NPC's are sitting by a fire in Skyrim, chatting, and I shoot one of them dead and the other asks "Is somebody there?" No, genius, your friend just spontaneously took an arrow to the head. It's a congenital condition.

    71. GustaviusII

      guard: "oy i heard something" (guard walk forwards over 30 dead guards and looks towards the player for 10 sec) Guard: bloody rats making noises again (guard spots the 30 dead corpses) Guard: what the Guard; who have done this (then spots next corpse) Guard; what the and he gets stuck doing infinite what the´s and looking at dead guards

    72. crayzsmoke

      In the end I thought Rowan was gonna say to the last guard as he looks too the pile of body’s : what could have done this ?

    73. Либералы мусор

      Typical assassin's creed situation...

    74. xef234

      me when i play hitman

    75. Red T

      156 dislikes - the families of the dead guards. Wives cry, "What could have done this?!"

    76. Benjamin Greene

      Like the fact that some of the guards are wearing D'haran tunics! Nice touch!! #LegendOfTheSeeker

    77. Molpe the first Siren

      #Stealth is everything :D Love it ♥

    78. Jānis Edgars Pommers

      Where did the “must have been the wind” go???

    79. Zoram Pavalai te

      What is the name of the epic npc man game?

    80. Ashutosh Goyal

      Me: Failing grades because of neglect of studies and being lazy Also me: What could have done this???

    81. Joseph Campanil

      Is this a real game its very funny or not a real game

    82. Mr.Blunt Addiction

      who's there? must've been the wind

    83. codeNINE

      Motion tracking on those arrows are not up to the mark bouy. Contact The Corridor Crew for VFX. awesome video guys.🔥🔥 I want to see honeywood♥️🥺

    84. FEA tutorials

      just like in Hitman. piles of guards.

    85. reelkena

      What could have done this video?

    86. Aidan303

      Looks like Rowan switched to mouse and keyboard

    87. Tetorras Girk


    88. Megane

      Rowan's aiming really improved. Guess he's using a pc now.

    89. SuperFlyinPwrs

      It’s all fun and games until they bring out the dogs and/or have armor on

    90. Ozi Oktaviano

      Must be the wind

    91. Narcøleptic SkunK


    92. Ivy Blue

      I like this but I really miss the npc man! You were the star of this series, please do more of the npc man again you are far greater than rowan or the other guys!

    93. TrDickens

      What could have done this?

    94. Nathan Siepel

      The arrow shot into the guard at 0:16 is so smooth and sexy, that this video should be marked as NSFW.

    95. Ode to a Grasshopper

      Honestly, if VDL ever made a game/mod based on their skits I bet it'd sell.

    96. Fredrich Legnemark

      Hehe! What's that then? There's someone prowling around 'ere...

    97. Sammit Fat

      Спасибо за русские субтитры!

    98. Kevin 94

      A Plague Tale: Innocence in a nutshell

    99. The Indian Boy

      Where is honeywood 😭