Having a co-worker that eats too loudly - Chips

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    Adam eats way too loudly... and he's just opened a bag of chips
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    1. Hap Hoppy

      he still has eating power from the golden shirt

    2. Иван Фролов


    3. orion cabral cabral

      bro wth alan is so scary

    4. Polar Flow

      This is why I hate chips, lol. Otherwise, I love em...

    5. San dro

      Can't believe Adam didn't add a loud fart to that.

    6. IRON V8

      Alan snaps when he gets angry, Adam cowers when he gets angry, Rowan acts dismissive when he gets angry but he usually does that anyway.

    7. Corsair

      Bro that warm color filter on alans monitor tho

    8. Purple Ninja

      Omg I hate that Americans call them chips they are crisps what do they call there actual chips crisps? xD

    9. R

      How much i can understand Alan... it´s so disgusting if the other people "eat" like cows. Ugh.

    10. Maciej Smykowski

      Alan needs sometimes go and have break for 10 min. ;]

    11. Cyrach Wisdom Susada

      Someone should do a alam kill count

    12. Alex Mort

      As someone who suffers from sensory overload, i totally relate to this.

    13. Leonidas Tullius

      It's so weird how my original culture is so similar to NZ... In Zimbabwe we called them chips too. But now I live in the UK we call them crisps.

    14. Jer ZJ59

      Sadly i have this sound disorder that makes ya go mad when hear shit like this lol. It sucks

    15. Marc Van Leur

      Anyone else reminded of How I Met Your Mother when it's pointed out that Lily is a loud chewer?

    16. King Zilla

      Adam was very annoying during this.

    17. Smoky Mountain Stitcher

      The part where Adam is cleaning his teeth and making all those dumb noises had me crying lol

    18. Cameron Jeffery

      How else is he supposed to eat them? hahah

    19. The Scotch Hunter

      That would bother the hell out of me lol

    20. Hannah Reed

      Oh a realtable joke... Nooooo its mouth noises!!!

    21. Dhruv Chaudhary The Great

      1:32 that's me😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    22. J K

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    23. That Guy

      Thats literally me if I am not crunching with the other eatter

    24. Uma Dubey

      It is the case b/t me and my elder brother ,it is quite relatable for me😂😂😂

    25. madaramax Anthonie

      Adam really really hits my nerve

    26. yully89

      Plot twist, rowan gave adam the doritos just to piss off alan

    27. Lux Sanitatem

      Perfectly acceptable reaction to loud eaters.

    28. Khallek

      Totally justified, he HAD to die.

    29. Alex Arizona

      Here is an idea, put on earbuds, and when biting, if the sound is too loud, thats beause you are.

    30. Captain Rodgers

      Holds a knife 🔪 to Adam. “EAT. QUIETER...... nod if you understand.”

    31. Fareedh Salavudeen

      This is why I hate eating crisps in a quiet environment cos even if you try to eat quietly it still feels so loud.

    32. Rocky Balboa

      There is a technique to eat quietly, put it on your tongue and slowly push it to the roof of your mouth as it gets wet. Then champ it.

    33. John Paul Florencio

      Alan is so scary when serious. He always looks like he is going to kill someone.

    34. Dargoneth

      Oh boy,it takes less and less for alan to snap :o

    35. Aaron Lopez

      I feel sad for Adam. He was eating chips :c

    36. Luis Martija69

      Did Hamish got his computer yet?

    37. Robert Davis

      Awww...he's like a little hamster.

    38. Yu Sochin

      Allan is just fucking terrifying when he's mad. Still remember the ENM episode where he snapped bcs of too much skipping.

    39. Jonathan Garcia

      Were those regular Doritos though??

    40. Berry

      Alan mad is literally, "your free trial of living has ended".

    41. Gian Lourido

      From now on you're going to chew quietly. Nod if you understand...

    42. that 50s iron guy films

      My brother and sister complain about me eating my food too load. And this video taught me to never eat in from of Alan if we ever meet.

    43. X Y

      total pet peeve of mine. i just wanna shoot those loud chewers

    44. sirius4k

      I want to loudly devour some chips now; Hey! He didn't even check whether the cable was compatible with this version of Homicide.

    45. Drumming411

      Alan picks up the cable Adam: PLEASSSE don't hurt me, I have a wife and child at home! aHU AHI AHU AHU

    46. engasal


    47. Steven Mullenix

      Now we know what made Crazy Al...

    48. someloser 2888199

      An angry Rowan is funny An angry Adam is confusing An angry Alan... Is scary as shit

    49. Finish176

      That's why rtx voice exists.

    50. Jess Z

      I unfortunately have to admit that sometimes I flip out when someone mouth smacks....*shamed*

    51. Alex Trill

      Killing Playtech employees - basically company property? Un-be-lievable.

    52. Among us guy

      this is exactly how i eat chips xD

    53. Rodrigo Vaamonde

      - "We need one more take" - "Please, I cannot eat anymore chips!" - "ONE MORE TAKE"

      1. Ryan Hammond

        ONE MORE TAKE! PLEASE NO! paycut paycut paycut

      2. God

        More like: - "Can we just do one more take please?" - "Why would we, this one is perfect." - "But I'm still hungry!"

    54. AT Stoodioz

      1:28 My face when my friends eating chips loudley.Oh wait.....

    55. NotAFK ً

      First world countries problems be like :

    56. Tamimplayz

      1:55 Now we all know where did Minecraft cave sounds came from.

    57. SHIELD

      people may not be aware but this is an actual disorder, certain sounds like the clicking of pens or chewing loudly causes INTENSE and VIOLENT reactions... you have been warned

    58. Hugo Baes Jr.

      Alan was the quiet kid in the school

    59. Christopher Locke

      so gross lol

    60. Raze Quitch

      Probably one of the best "perfectly cut scream" videos ever.

    61. Constable Constable

      This is like when my friend eats over the mic and I can hear the crunching, makes me want to punch him.

    62. The Jolly Johnson

      I have that one friend who annoys the fuck out of me when he eats with his mic on. I love the guy like a brother.

    63. NovaRedd

      Is this a asmr?

    64. technical boy 777

      Mortal of story never eat a packet of chips in front of Alan.

      1. technical boy 777

        @Tamimplayz . So, what?

      2. Tamimplayz

        Fun Fact: You are an Indian


      Thare is litarly a dorito on The floor next to my phone

    66. ImSo Average

      Misophonia is a condition in which a person is overly sensitive to sounds. Usually the trigger sounds are noises made by other people, such as chewing or tapping a pen. People who suffer from misophonia become disturbed or aggravated when they hear the sounds. Some misophonics avoid the irritating sounds by physically leaving the room, while others may display angry outbursts. 100% me

    67. Ifan Tirta Adi

      This is The Most ASMR Viva La Dirt ever

    68. Kevin HD19

      Wait adam sayd daug, is he franklin all along???

    69. Kevin HD19

      Aint it the way everyone eats chips?

    70. The Roman Network

      “Nice day for Chipping ain’t it? Hu-Ha”

      1. Tamimplayz

        It sure chips! Have a chyip day!

      2. Sans The Youtuber

        It's the town chipper man XD

    71. Relrousang Vaiphei

      Now im craving doritos

    72. RustySoul

      225 dislikes.... i reckon we have found 225 people who eat really loud and dont get the joke

    73. AZOG

      I didn't know Viva does ASMR videos

    74. Rob Watson

      You'd think at this point they'd have all realised that Alan has a bit of a psychotic side that you don't want to bring out

    75. To hell And back

      I feel like Adam had a good time filming this because he got to eat all those Doritos.

    76. DarthReluctant

      I'm mildly surprised Alan and Adam have desks to work at!

    77. shanon nuno

      Did anyone notice they all have matching tattoos?

    78. Adam 420

      Can I stop being killed, please? Rowan has resurrected me so many times. Every time I die, I go back to Hell but then I just come back. Is Hell really my punishment for my life or is my life my punishment? Is my punishment to be tortured by Rowan, killed by Alan again and again and then for Rowan to resurrect me just so I can die again?

    79. Kimbo__86

      Alan's reaction when he chews down on all the chips 😂😂😂

    80. PrimeZ Cloudsky

      adam should do asmr

    81. SergeantSilly

      I had to turn the volume down because of the chewing.......I hate that so fucking much

    82. leowolfe maximumis

      My dude ain't even swallowing he's just stuffing

    83. Fallen


    84. Cameronjhi

      Who is watching while also eating chips? XD

    85. Keith Skelhorne

      thems crisps!! kin colonials!

    86. ほんまささき

      To be honest I really hate people who eat really loud it triggers me

    87. Captain J Doodle

      Having a partner that eats too loudly... 😏

    88. DeLaw

      This was the norm in my school. Everytime we had an exam our teacher would take out his bag of chips and start eating.

    89. Ihavenoidea

      Id be more pissed off at that one loser who goes "I cant focus hes distrupting my education!". That shit was harmless

    90. Saad Rabia

      Did he dieded?

    91. Al Joon

      Alan is much scarier than Rowan when they become angry at some point

    92. Kendra Lancaster

      Chewing is the most grating culmination of noises out there. I cannot stand loud chewers!

    93. CyberToyger

      I feel Alan's pain, hearing open-mouthed chewing, especially when I'm not eating along with the person or we're in a quiet environment, drives me batshit crazy 😭 I have to keep a pair of headphones on me at all times to block out the unwanted noise, because hinting or teasing never gets the person to eat like a normal fugging adult for long.

    94. Miku Chan

      God this is relatable. Probably going to have to get noise cancelling headphones after corona is over.

    95. Dhruv Jain

      Good thing Alan did this when Adam was in Playtech because we all know how much of a gangster Adam is when he is not working

    96. rob linnen

      this was hard to watch as it to close to home lol Allans unite against loud eaters

    97. Han Lockhart

      2:05 A friend of mine did that- sticks his fingers in his mouth afterwards. I think he stopped after noticing how pissed it off it was making me. We were never taught to stick our fingers in our mouth after eating cos it`s gross.

    98. Half Death

      Adam eats like a Rat😂

    99. Guilherme Correia

      It was to be expected that Alan is a bit of a psychopath 😂😂😂😂 but adam is always going bad 😂😂 #Brasil #Riodejaneiro

    100. Alejandro Cisneros

      Adam you’re gonna eat your chips quietly nod if you understand