That co-worker who is the bosses favorite - Golden Girl

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    Ellie is Rowan's favorite and everyone knows it. Shes the golden girl
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    1. Knap Gamen


    2. Timothy Delvaux Rowan should work at Planet Fitness

    3. Harry1life

      What? So pay rises do exist? 0.0

    4. nextminigamer


    5. Волеслав Плечистый

      it's just that the Cup didn't belong to the company))

    6. siajiale

      Reason: both of the guys drop pens, Ellie dropped a cup. Its OK to drop a cup but not a pen.

    7. swaglordYOLO

      Oldest-middle-youngest child parent treatment exemplified

    8. XxunoriginalgamingxX

      Is Rowan a simp?

    9. michael rouse

      Can we get a video where Rowan gets demoted, Adam takes his position but Rowan refused to accept it and just continues to act like a manager?

    10. Y.S

      it was not a pen that ellie droped. Rowans can stand droped pen everything else maybe

    11. Jayden Greipl

      0:48 on the next edition of you can't hear images!!

    12. you shouldn't add zombot to this deck guy

      This is very underrated ;(

    13. Alpha sigma games

      Rowan like NPC, don't remember what was going on 15 sec before.

    14. you shouldn't add zombot to this deck guy

      1:39 why was ellie laughing there

    15. Christian Xiong

      Rowan is officially a simp

    16. Cullen Brown

      These guys are fucking legends. Thank you so much dudes /dudets

    17. hobbes 89

      I just realized I'm very jealous that they get to wear shorts at work.

    18. Fives CT-5555

      These guys Australian or british

    19. Norman Jablonsky

      this is easily my favorite vldl video of all time

    20. Martin372

      Lets be honest. If it were legal, I would actually punch one of my employees. And yes, I do have my favorites. You just "click" with some people and you simply don't with others. And yes, I have given a raise for those I enjoy working with. I'm not even sorry.

    21. Fabio13

      In rowans defence... alan was kinda trying to piss him off by dropping the pen

    22. Celt1389

      My boss dropped a pen today and I said the same thing Rowan said to Adam. Long story short, I'm in between jobs right now and currently unemployed. If you guys are looking for an intern let me know!

    23. TaniCorn

      This video exists: .... S I M P

    24. Russia BLOLIUM

      in school when they drop the pen the devils will come in

    25. Russia BLOLIUM

      i will give adam a money he is poor man

    26. Russia BLOLIUM

      rowan is an simp

    27. Russia BLOLIUM

      thats called simping

    28. fiction is good

      "I wanna punch you but I can't it's illegal" You literally murdered him but go off I guess

    29. Zagaara

      same shit happened here with 2 older sibling and the youngest brother/sister.

    30. Chingthangkhomba Irom

      What will happen if you keep dropping the pen Will it break rowan

    31. Vince Kyle Mancao

      Rowan is a simp

    32. Mr_Rooskie

      Since no one has said it yet...SIMP

    33. CornerRed

      Pretty Much, Rowan is a simp

    34. Laura

      So they're going to intentionally do something that they know will result in them getting a paycut and they're okay with that..just to prove a point

    35. Diavolo Fujo

      *Drops pen* *Boss awaken*

    36. Hamza Tariq


    37. Jared Young


    38. Jacques Celliers

      Matching tatoos! Nice

    39. ghost love

      Rowan's like a typical indian manager.

    40. Shuvo don

      Your video is healires but why use name ADAM plz stop using this name you are making funn of Islamic profat ADUM ALIHE SALEM. and that is bad.

    41. giriraj mantrawadi

      Do all of you guys have the inverted triangles tattoo?

    42. Mahesh Walatara

      Aussie chick

    43. Alyosha

      "You CAN'T hide this shit from me you C**T" lmfao

    44. jack crafts


    45. Liz Kinsman

      Those shorts tho

    46. Tim B

      "pay raise"

    47. Vishal Singh

      Morning. Nice day for AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!

    48. Joe

      Rowan: I wanna punch you but I can't punch you, that's illegal! Ellie and Alan: beat the crap out of Rowan Sounds about right lol

    49. Yondoofus Quill

      Yeah but like Ellie cute though the others arent

    50. Joetavius Southcoronaribus

      Why do sometimes they censor fuck and sometimes not

    51. thisbarb

      Ellie is my favorite, anyway.

    52. Krapoutchniek

      I don't see why they pretend Ellie is the favorite one. They are just jealous, they should have a massive paycut for being such Rowan...

    53. Ellsworth Davis

      Men think with their genitals.

    54. Teuronium

      Are Pay cuts legal in NZ ??? This is Hell.

    55. Pranshu Gupta


    56. peeler


    57. HyrulesOverlord

      I love how she says "no" 🥰

    58. Billy Bob Joe


    59. Katelyn Arkanoff

      It’s a sad fact that some managers bully / “hate on” responsible diligent employees & get away with it.

    60. Travis Swentosky

      Just going to sit here and drink this beer while watching my favorite HUgetsrs...."GOD FUCKING DAMNIT ALAN!"... I'm still cleaning the beer off my screen and keyboard

    61. Bradley Popkes


    62. BeastKiller935

      0:48-0:51 “GOD-F*CKING DAMNIT ALAN!” This is not PlayTech Rowan, this is Rowan when he’s raging at the squad at PUBG

    63. NPC #19378

      Rowen’s a simp

    64. Harry Pooper

      Rowan calm down pls 😂😂😂😂😂

    65. nickgonezapolis

      At this rate, Adam's pay is going to be smaller than Alan's shorts

    66. Ruan Lategan

      I died when Rowan just cussed tf outa Alan 😂😂😂

    67. バロ吉


    68. Bryan Park

      Stop droppin shit and get some feckin work done.

    69. aegismsg

      I think rowan leads a very stressful life outside of VLDL, he is literally venting his stress in these skits lol.

    70. M

      how do they differ "can't" from "cunt"

    71. Mark Arce

      this is better with subs like those in fb

    72. Theo Productions

      ngl this is one of my favorite videos i keep laufhing when alan dops the pen all i heard was GOD FUCKIGN DAMMIT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALAN i keep dieing on that part like HOLY SHIT AHHAHAHAHAHAH love u guys keep makeing fun stuff

    73. Christopher Jonasson


    74. Jakub Keller

      The cute girl at work is always the boss's favorite.

    75. Jeffrey

      Please make a HQ gif of this (I made this real quick cause I wanted to use it haha)

    76. AR gamer

      Would rowan be mad at me if I dropped a Like?

    77. Evan Daar

      At this point they are paying Rowan

    78. Irma Castro


    79. Palm


    80. hvad skal vi hedde

      he be simping hard for those feet pics

    81. Ramngachan Tungshangnao

      Yeah this is gonna randomly pop up in my head the next time I drop a pen.

    82. pakcik enddoy

      one of my favorite episode . made my day always

    83. Ankit

      Pens are sacred. If she dropped a pen instead of cup, Rowan would have punched her for real.

    84. Draco Rex

      It's just like if Gordon Ramsey went into retailing.

    85. ajconnor1983

      Lmao 🤣

    86. gavingtr

      0:47 that was loud

    87. Markus Gold


    88. Joshua

      This is literally all my brothers getting in trouble vs our sisters getting in trouble.

    89. The Jolly Johnson

      As many pay cuts as these guys get I'm surprised that they aren't slaves...or killed someone

    90. brandon gates

      Ellie looks like a worm

    91. -SMP- scientific method perspective

      😂 he told them to clean it up after her

    92. craig harrison

      Out of curiosity how does Rowan react if he accidentally drops a pen 😂?

    93. Avikshit Basak

      This is just an advertisement Of Rowans amazing, facinating cussing skills

    94. DDC ll

      Rowen raging Alan: ...ok... ._. Alan raging Rowen: shitting his pants and nodding to every word Alan says

    95. Brendan Rickey

      This is probably one of the funniest ones I've seen yet! Haha he grilled Allan. I swear sometimes I feel like Rowen at work, no one can make me happy.

    96. Sam Loni

      In the 21st century, sexism goes both ways. I dont want to see women complain about sexism when these sort of things also happen. When no one gives a shit about mens mental health and they commit suicide left and right. When they do all the back breaking labour work for minimum wage while women stand around david jones getting paid 30 an hr. Lets not even start with divorce settlements. Sexism has largely been eradicated in modern western societies. Now both sexes are getting fucked over equally.

    97. A

      After all those massive pay cuts over the years, the real question is what is Adam and Alan’s hourly rate now?

    98. ꧁AQUA꧂

      Equality right...

    99. 029 20

      i think we can all see why she is Rowans favourite! huhah!