Stealth vs Action in FPS campaigns - The Final Battle

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    To stealth? Or not to stealth? The age old question.
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    1. Alex Mason

      1:44 Good work Rowan? Bettjeman changed names Ig.

    2. Ілья Роздобудько

      ты американец то как ты печатаешь на руском

    3. Jonathon Rodriguez

      Please make more love this

    4. WarpedPlanet

      Not bad

    5. ITM

      0:58 “Rowan”?? Isn’t it supposed be his character name than his real life name??

      1. ITM

        @Von Skyme ahhhh gotcha

      2. Von Skyme

        They're all using their real names so he's Rowan Bettjeman both as a character and in reality.

    6. B1oodyKiller37

      0:57 did he just said Rowan name instead of the character’s name?

      1. Von Skyme

        Rowan is also the character's first name - they're all using their real names so he's Rowan Bettjeman.

    7. Mr Flybacker

      This is all good, but other people will take over Berlin) Greetings from Russia)

    8. Ik Lull

      This one was the best series. Please make more of these!! You guys are amazing

    9. Ahmad Yuly Firmansah

      Feel like Rambo, Wild Ones.

    10. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    11. Fruity Boi

      Not bad

    12. Heidi Wilks

      Last gasp of the Luftwaffe :P

    13. vrtex17

      Not bad.

    14. Edmund Loh

      I know it's a parody, but after a while I realize there's more character development to these NPCs than those in Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. If there's another season and Private King really dies as scripted, I think I'd be really sad.

    15. Shuc Kid

      Liked the star wars reference, no im not gonna time stamp it just go find it yourself cus its an easter egg

    16. Metal Spork

      "You ready to kill Hitler?" !!!!🤣!!!!

    17. Lucian

      Not bad

    18. kids watter

      Watch this again, it's awesome!

    19. Red T

      Does this remind anyone of Call of Duty or Medal of Honor

    20. ice_wallow_come

      N o t b a d

    21. Shiny Mimikyu

      You forgot about “infinite ammo” with the npc’s

    22. _DessDimon _

      Not bad😂

    23. Sif

      Not bad.

    24. 95flareside1

      Not bad

    25. sleepy snoring puppy

      This is exactly how it went when I fought the Nazis in desert storm.

    26. Fariz Muhamad Ibnu Hisyam

      can't wait for the next episode

    27. Behn Smith


    28. Кто- то

      NICE PARTIZAN SS SPRING-AUTUMN, SOVIET camo on this Nazis...

    29. InstallShield Wizard

      The dude in glasses must have been standing right next to the turret that he suggested to use

    30. Pedro Caballero Clemente

      Morgen, schöner Tag, um ein deutscher Soldat zu sein, nicht wahr? Hu ha!....translating to .....morning, nice day to be a german soldier ain't it? Hu ha!

    31. Nick R

      Not bad...

    32. RedLeif1

      FPS Logic: unlimited enemies come out of a room, run in to see an extremely small room with nothing there.

    33. I'm a chicken LOL

      Not bad

    34. Glenn Cox

      This video was not that bad.

    35. WackyFlappyBobb

      I sure hope to see more episodes in the future! Great work guys!

    36. DaDynamite

      They need to do the part where the npc is talking and you just run off and he keeps talking like you’re still there

    37. Alexis Hernandez G.

      fortnite logic pls

    38. Captain Smith

      Not bad

    39. Boge

      These videos show exactly why I don't care for FPS games anymore. Good work.

    40. Messirve

      NOT BAD

    41. Cyber

      He has infinite ammo in his mg42

    42. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for shootin', ain't it? Hu huh

    43. Talbot

      Not bad.

    44. Marco Bergamaschi

      Hmm not bad

    45. Garmen Lin

      I see this is where Chuck Norris learned his "Shoot more bullets than the gun could hold" skill.

    46. 초코라면

      Not bad

    47. Dustin Wells

      What game is this so I can play it?

    48. Jay Pfeiffer

      Not bad 🤔

    49. TheJadeFist

      When you play on easy.

    50. Francois Pothier


    51. Game boy Next door

      Still waiting for Rowan to murder hitler

    52. Jordan Verbeek

      0:47 I always imagine this would happen even if you took out enemies one at a time with the knife.

    53. Iulia Rus

      2:28 Urghhh

    54. RamadaArtist

      "You're pretty good."

    55. EasyMode Gaming

      Not bad

    56. Matthew Lo

      When the game tells you that stealth is optional :

    57. Yokes and Spokes

      0:57 what a smart game! It calls you by your actual name, not your character’s name!

      1. Von Skyme

        That WAS the character's name, just his first name. They're all using their real names, so he's Rowan Bettjeman, and the other two are Alan Morrison and Adam King. We just don't see any other first names used.

    58. Osaias Fontanez

      275 bullets later and he still has not reload that mg42

    59. Fijan Valkenhim

      "Collect respect" made me cackle

    60. Happyk1nGG

      Yep he won world war 2 himself

    61. Rakasiwiii fiddihaq

      And where did u order that uniform 2:46? Must be hard

    62. Ayberk MİNAZ

      These guys really should continue FPS Logic series

    63. Ebrahim Mookadam

      Not bad

    64. Ryan J

      did anyone notice that Adam said Rowan when his name is bettjeman?

      1. Von Skyme

        They're all using their real names, so he's Rowan Bettjeman. Alan is his childhood friend, so used his first name. Not a mistake.

    65. Daniel Cheng

      Not bad.

    66. Stealth Attack

      god mode on lol

    67. Nescapre 16

      *me after playing on stealth and failed

    68. Nick Molliger

      *Shitty FPS logic

    69. Adam K

      Japanese RPG Lv 1: fetch grandma soup Lv 100 : Kill God American FPS Mission 1 : Throw Potato Final Mission : Sink The Tirpitz

    70. Adam Blevins

      I'm curious on the budget for this. lol

      1. Adam Blevins

        @Von Skyme wow

      2. Von Skyme

        From what I've seen on some other comments, about 35k NZD... if you trust random youtube comments.

    71. ゲームサバイバー


    72. tony el papu

      dont bad

    73. Ez Life

      I'd love to see an episode where he is on veteran difficulty the rage of seeing the same scene 50 times before you try 1 small change and it actually works

    74. Станислав Шайдуров

      Не плохо.)

    75. Harpreet Kaur

      Not bad

    76. Muelesa Riocontra

      Press F To Collect Respect Lol

    77. Antek


    78. Jyeoi

      Never seen machine gun support struts held that way before... interesting

      1. Von Skyme

        It's actually the official doctrine of how to fire an MG42 from the hip, using the bipod as a foregrip. Of course, there's a whole awkward stance to use, you can't do it walking, and the bipod is meant to be locked down, but grabbing it is correct.

    79. Amir Moezz

      Hi, Where can I find this machine gun sound effects?

    80. Ádám Pajor

      not bad

    81. Rahman Chaniago

      You must try veteran difficulity

    82. Rahman Chaniago

      *NOT BAD*

    83. zordja

      I'd be funny if you made a series of someone playing a WW2 game as a german/axis (non-nazi) soldier, hoping to see the other perspective of the conflict only to end up with shenanigans and allied Bias and etc but with a good ending like that german/axis soldier you play end up fighting the "last battle" of WW2 in Europe against nazis alongside german/axis and allied soldiers.

    84. Олег Иванов

      Это очень круто!

    85. stefan

      I love how he shoots the mg42 like you would actually hit something when holding it like that. I shot the gun multiple times and is has a nice kick to it . Love your vids man.

      1. Von Skyme

        To be fair, he'd hit SOMETHING. Many squirrels died to bring us this video. Although they got the bipod grab right, even if the stance is wrong.

    86. Christian Chappell

      First person shooters are meant to be played loud stop forcing stealth in them

    87. Shadow Fight


    88. svt fan

      this is so good

    89. Clayton Hunt

      That as gun looks a lot like a wild west red ded gun 😯

    90. Zativech

      That glasses dude looks like Stiles tbh (Cod ww2)

    91. Paul Martin

      Close eyes and listen to the shooting down planes part

    92. иван кладов


    93. FatBoySlim37

      The only things that really bothers me is the ww1 machine gun he uses to shoot down the planes ( browning m1917) is chambered in 30 caliber. Its a rifle round and wouldn’t be taking down planes like that at all. But still I really liked this scene. Good job guys🤘🏼

    94. Andy Wooten

      One question why are they using machine guns from ww1 instead of ww2?

      1. Von Skyme

        The M1917 served until the 60s, primarily on vehicle mounts. The M1917A1 variant we see here was actually developed in the 1930s and was widely used in WWII, it's perfectly appropriate for the Jeep. What it's doing on the AA mount in a German camp, on the other hand, I have no idea.


      Plot Twist: The best friend character is secretly working for the Germans

    96. The twenty first century Johnny Cash

      Please continue!

    97. Aether of the North

      Why does the support guy carry a bullet belt when his gun is the magazine fed BAR?

    98. kiana moli

      not bad

    99. Tom Flint

      I only got one thing to say Not bad

    100. D7

      Not bad