Stealth vs Action in FPS campaigns - The Final Battle

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    To stealth? Or not to stealth? The age old question.
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    1. benedict so

      *me after playing on stealth and failed

    2. Nick Molliger

      *Shitty FPS logic

    3. Adam K

      Japanese RPG Lv 1: fetch grandma soup Lv 100 : Kill God American FPS Mission 1 : Throw Potato Final Mission : Sink The Tirpitz

    4. Adam Blevins

      I'm curious on the budget for this. lol

      1. Adam Blevins

        @Von Skyme wow

      2. Von Skyme

        From what I've seen on some other comments, about 35k NZD... if you trust random youtube comments.

    5. ゲームサバイバー


    6. tonytoñito el papu

      dont bad

    7. Ez Life

      I'd love to see an episode where he is on veteran difficulty the rage of seeing the same scene 50 times before you try 1 small change and it actually works

    8. Станислав Шайдуров

      Не плохо.)

    9. Harpreet Kaur

      Not bad

    10. Muelesa Riocontra

      Press F To Collect Respect Lol

    11. Antek


    12. Jyeoi

      Never seen machine gun support struts held that way before... interesting

      1. Von Skyme

        It's actually the official doctrine of how to fire an MG42 from the hip, using the bipod as a foregrip. Of course, there's a whole awkward stance to use, you can't do it walking, and the bipod is meant to be locked down, but grabbing it is correct.

    13. Amir Moezz

      Hi, Where can I find this machine gun sound effects?

    14. Ádám Pajor

      not bad

    15. Rahman Chaniago

      You must try veteran difficulity

    16. Rahman Chaniago

      *NOT BAD*

    17. zordja

      I'd be funny if you made a series of someone playing a WW2 game as a german/axis (non-nazi) soldier, hoping to see the other perspective of the conflict only to end up with shenanigans and allied Bias and etc but with a good ending like that german/axis soldier you play end up fighting the "last battle" of WW2 in Europe against nazis alongside german/axis and allied soldiers.

    18. Олег Иванов

      Это очень круто!

    19. stefan

      I love how he shoots the mg42 like you would actually hit something when holding it like that. I shot the gun multiple times and is has a nice kick to it . Love your vids man.

      1. Von Skyme

        To be fair, he'd hit SOMETHING. Many squirrels died to bring us this video. Although they got the bipod grab right, even if the stance is wrong.

    20. Christian Alexander

      First person shooters are meant to be played loud stop forcing stealth in them

    21. Shadow Fight


    22. svt fan

      this is so good

    23. Clayton Hunt

      That as gun looks a lot like a wild west red ded gun 😯

    24. Greymii

      That glasses dude looks like Stiles tbh (Cod ww2)

    25. Paul Martin

      Close eyes and listen to the shooting down planes part

    26. иван кладов


    27. FatBoySlim37

      The only things that really bothers me is the ww1 machine gun he uses to shoot down the planes ( browning m1917) is chambered in 30 caliber. Its a rifle round and wouldn’t be taking down planes like that at all. But still I really liked this scene. Good job guys🤘🏼

    28. Andy Wooten

      One question why are they using machine guns from ww1 instead of ww2?

      1. Von Skyme

        The M1917 served until the 60s, primarily on vehicle mounts. The M1917A1 variant we see here was actually developed in the 1930s and was widely used in WWII, it's perfectly appropriate for the Jeep. What it's doing on the AA mount in a German camp, on the other hand, I have no idea.


      Plot Twist: The best friend character is secretly working for the Germans

    30. The twenty first century Johnny Cash

      Please continue!

    31. Aether of the North

      Why does the support guy carry a bullet belt when his gun is the magazine fed BAR?

    32. kiana moli

      not bad

    33. Tom Flint

      I only got one thing to say Not bad

    34. D7

      Not bad

    35. Code Name Crypto

      LOUD AND CLEAR BOSS moments

    36. Apocalypse WoW!

      These FPS videos look great, I would imagine each one costs a small fortune to make. Thank you. lol

    37. Alessandro Mariani

      Bellissimo! Incredible! This is one step up from your older videos for sure. What if he choosed the stealth one i wonder ... can you do the other version pls? xD

    38. Irham Romadhon

      Saw this few weeks before I play COD WWII yesterday. And when I found out, I was dissapointed.

    39. Tasking

      i like the part where he said not bad.

    40. LOLOL veryfun258

      Him with the gun: struggling to hold the gun property In our mind: Dance our way through would holding double uzi The Planes: he is using auto

    41. Gaq

      God damn, this video quality is so good!

    42. Royce Hina

      Jeez there gos the German Air Force

    43. M Iqbal

      Payday in a nutshell

    44. M Iqbal


    45. Ricardo Pesenti

      Not bad^^

    46. yay i’m a dead meme

      *Kills the entire german air force* “not bad”

    47. cc gamer

      But the MG42 Doesn't even has an ammunition belt loaded in WHAT

      1. Von Skyme

        It has a Sturmtrommel assault drum on the left, hard to see from most angles as it's against his body. Of course, it's only a 50 round belt in there, so the duration of fire is... implausible.

    48. Andruw Ingram

      Not bad

    49. chouchoue48

      This video is... Not Bad !

    50. kingkurtzig

      You should have done more of these FPS shorts, they are hilarious!

    51. nathan time

      when they say go to berlin everyone:yay! historians:??? whaAaAAA?????

    52. Star Man

      Why the people don’t use stealthy

    53. DBuilder

      Well what do you know? Pvt. King survived.

    54. CORPSE MAN

      no bad.

    55. Mandorle21

      You obviously never played Post Scriptum.


      This video is disturbingly accurate

    57. REAL LIFE HD

      Супер молодцы отлично здорово великолепно

    58. giriraj mantrawadi

      Adam calls Rowan "Rowan" many times instead of Bettjeman.

      1. Von Skyme

        @giriraj mantrawadi in most FPS games you don't enter any of them, you're assigned a character. Several such games have you referred to by different names depending on who's talking (for example, in Wolfenstein you can be Bill, William, B.J. or Blazkowicz depending on timing, location or speaker). Edit: and I'm not saying Rowan the player entered his own name as his character's, ALL of them are using their real names, not just him.

      2. giriraj mantrawadi

        @Von Skyme Isn't this video supposed to be a game-play? In what game, Do you enter first and last name?

      3. Von Skyme

        Yes he does, because he's a close friend and it's his first name. They're all using their real names so he's Rowan Bettjemen.

    59. rishav raj

      I can never understand why missions in the game used to be solo, duo, or trio in war.

    60. Zack Zander

      What do you want from me?

    61. DixieBoy 4630

      You've got an important decision to make. We can either go in the safe way, or... UNTER BESCHUSS! MG42 goes off.

    62. Kono Dio Da

      The way Rowan says Urghhh in 2:29 almost killed me

    63. Xilla Stephan

      Wait was there more than 1 LMG, lol did 1 of em break?

    64. KrutoiPersonazh

      Just to know. Soviet intelligence had multiple possibilities to kill Hitler. They didn't, because: 1. most likely they would instantly got blamed of aggression by ALL of western countries 2. it would change nothing in nazi German politicy.

    65. ronalgamerxD

      Thank you for translate spanish.

    66. ゲームサバイバー


    67. Audun Skree

      Commander rolls up, wanna commit a warcrime? Yup, this is a videogame alright

    68. Moon Zay Moon

      Not Bad.

    69. iExcigy So2

      Im a little bit curious... Why does his MG-42 doesnt even reload?

      1. fredener1

        A MG42 can be equiped with a 250 round belt, the question is how he was able to shoot without the barell overheating

    70. sirius4k


    71. 或る稜閣

      Not end, Not END YET!!!!

    72. Nico Rozner

      If he was playing on Veteran, he'd be long dead.

    73. alisson estefanski

      if he had fail the mission after all that would be funnier and better(because he did not get the intel)

    74. Vi M

      You guys have the best FX for firing a weapon

    75. MultiPisuke

      You are in other fucking level guys!! Regards from Barcelona!!

    76. RA7581

      как в этом видео :)

    77. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    78. partical7

      Seriously, who in there right mind in a video game would NOT pick up the big gahoona and go full blown Rambo...🤣

    79. Станислав Шайдуров

      Мастер зенитчик уговорил, я пойду смотреть весть Playlist!

    80. REC RUIT

      Pls part 3

    81. Taurick

      Not bad

    82. CT-2913

      Not bad.

    83. Cool Swag

      did my guy just turn a 1896 gardener gun into a AA gun


      Have u made p2w vs f2p?🤔 Followed from fb honestly relatable yet funny skits

    85. Demon Rocrip

      Well done.

    86. Connoissuer_Of_Classieness

      50 round drum Over 1000rpm 33sec of continuous fire He fired no less than 550 rounds in that time. Still has ammo...

      1. Von Skyme

        Must be from the Wolfenstein occult bits. 4-dimensional übersturmtrommel.

    87. Armorpiercer

      the very manifestation of 'stealth is optional for this mission'

    88. Matt Tsui

      is anyone else suprised that the planes havent dropped bombs or the planes falling trying to hit them just wut

    89. isaac malcom

      This video was, "Not bad."

    90. 1-4-1

      "not bad''

    91. Die Zando

      Not bad. And that's said, why are we always the bad guys? 😅

    92. LEO the commando

      player: shoots down the entire german airforce private morisson: 𝗻 𝗼 𝘁 𝗯 𝗮 𝗱

    93. I am Poltergasm

      HUgets: What did you think of this video? ☆☆☆☆☆ Me: Not bad.

    94. Panday - PUBG MOBILE

      Not bad.

    95. Viking Kiwi

      He protec. He attac. But most importantly, not bad.

      1. CVI GAMING

        @Jo Theunissen u just don't get one

      2. Jo Theunissen

        @CVI GAMING He protecc He attacc But most importantly, not badcc Happy?

      3. CVI GAMING

        That doesnt even end with cc, bad one

      4. AryaN_87

        not bad

    96. Dauren Igbayev


    97. Qorygoreng

      ..... Not bad

    98. Junki Lee

      Not Bad

    99. Matej Martinović

      Not bad

    100. Simulated Foe

      Not bad